Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Delaware

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Delaware:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gregory A Bahtiarian 19958, DEFamily Medicine1295738250
Mark A Sordi 19958, DEFamily Medicine1083617047
Christine Edith Kershner Horah 19711, DEFamily Medicine1760484018
Lisa Ann Martin 19966, DEFamily Medicine1427050665
Paul W Ford 19904, DEFamily Medicine1053315531
Marc Kattelman 19975, DEFamily Medicine1104821198
Andrew S Reisman 19810, DEFamily Medicine1841295912
Jeffrey J Heckert 19958, DEFamily Medicine1386649390
Sridevi Donepudi 19720, DEFamily Medicine1629073606
Catherine O Deluca 19958, DEFamily Medicine1548265580
Prentiss Wayne Adkins 19939, DEFamily Medicine1174528772
Rebecca Jaffe 19808, DEFamily Medicine1275539033
Miriam J Mullin 19707, DEFamily Medicine1235136870
John Eric Hale 19958, DEFamily Medicine1417954009
James Kirkland Beebe 19958, DEFamily Medicine1881691442
Theodore W. Michell 19809, DEFamily Medicine1417954983
Constantine W. Michell 19713, DEFamily Medicine1558368035
Sally Hamel Dowling 19975, DEFamily Medicine1922005255
George A. Namey 19702, DEFamily Medicine1346247699
Maria W. Michell 19809, DEFamily Medicine1336146661
Mark Stephen Trochimowicz 19720, DEFamily Medicine1447257498
Gary M Piekarek 19963, DEFamily Medicine1770581290
Robert K. Palandjian 19809, DEFamily Medicine1164420360
Brian K. Janney 19713, DEFamily Medicine1598763724
Glen D Rowe 33027, DEFamily Medicine1225035181
David G. Reyes 19971, DEFamily Medicine1962400390
Harry Charles Anthony 19947, DEFamily Medicine1770580805
Oluseyi Nutayi Senu-oke 19802, DEFamily Medicine1235137613
Roberto M Villasenor 19973, DEFamily Medicine1497753255
Kathleen Willey 19707, DEFamily Medicine1821097114
Bonnie L Kelly 19707, DEFamily Medicine1891794186
Nancy Squires 19939, DEFamily Medicine1841299906
Karen L Mcghee 19713, DEFamily Medicine1174522288
Curtis Alden Smith 19956, DEFamily Medicine1053310995
David Stephen Estock 19803, DEFamily Medicine1275533135
Edward R Sobel 19803, DEFamily Medicine1215937230
Mark A Glassner 19711, DEFamily Medicine1396746293
Julie H. Prosseda 19808, DEFamily Medicine1538168208
Vincent E Schaller 19707, DEFamily Medicine1730180696
Judith Carol Wollman 19803, DEFamily Medicine1447242474
Narinder G Singh 19711, DEFamily Medicine1689666588
Bonnie Lynn Burnquist 19970, DEFamily Medicine1275525008
Elisa M. Montross-lopez 19968, DEFamily Medicine1376536623
Rama D. Peri 19958, DEFamily Medicine1871586123
Bruce Henry Mcfall 19805, DEFamily Medicine1669465191
Laurie Ann Spraga 19713, DEFamily Medicine1134120215
Jerome E Groll 19958, DEFamily Medicine1891788519
Lawrence Michael Markman 19803, DEFamily Medicine1154313179
Joseph M Parise 19904, DEFamily Medicine1134114580
Amy J Robinson 19958, DEFamily Medicine1063407328
John Moore 19805, DEFamily Medicine1659367530
Ina Li 19803, DEFamily Medicine1437146180
Charles G. Wagner 19968, DEFamily Medicine1992792717
Hugh Bonner 19805, DEFamily Medicine1699761288
Deborah A Wingel 19707, DEFamily Medicine1417946211
Mark W Wingel 19707, DEFamily Medicine1619966413
Margaret C Gatti 19970, DEFamily Medicine1851380364
Melissa Maccoy Zale 19802, DEFamily Medicine1861483463
Paul David Doughten 19902, DEFamily Medicine1699757153
Robert S Callahan 19713, DEFamily Medicine1962491779
Ralph Joseph Defriece 19958, DEFamily Medicine1760473789
Huy M Le 19713, DEFamily Medicine1831170703
Margaret Anne Conte 19805, DEFamily Medicine1265421028
Scott A. Hammer 19963, DEFamily Medicine1679557722
Margot Waitz 19803, DEFamily Medicine1861476533
James M Gill 19805, DEFamily Medicine1982689212
David A Simpson 19803, DEFamily Medicine1609851930
Stephen J Kushner 19707, DEFamily Medicine1134104805
John Randolf Tiffany 19703, DEFamily Medicine1649256355
Stephen Duggan 19709, DEFamily Medicine1225014871
David E Driban 19720, DEFamily Medicine1003892423
Donna M Hendrie 19716, DEFamily Medicine1427034867
Joseph Battaglia 19716, DEFamily Medicine1720064751
Susan Montemayor Perez De Tagle 19902, DEFamily Medicine1326025024
Matthew John Cazan 19902, DEFamily Medicine1861479453
Eric Schwarz 19707, DEFamily Medicine1053398461
Alfred Fletcher 19713, DEFamily Medicine1962489377
Barbara Hamming 19713, DEFamily Medicine1871570283
Beth Fisher 19709, DEFamily Medicine1689651747
Dana L Newswanger 19707, DEFamily Medicine1295713014
Yvonne Ting 19713, DEFamily Medicine1316925134
Erica Denise Radden 19902, DEFamily Medicine1770561524
Elizabeth A Jackovic 19713, DEFamily Medicine1982682886
Mary Kobak 19713, DEFamily Medicine1790763696
Susan Livesay 19713, DEFamily Medicine1477531390
Julia Presti-bonomo 19709, DEFamily Medicine1801874623
Robert M Berley 19713, DEFamily Medicine1548248586
David M Bercaw 19803, DEFamily Medicine1205814241
Heather Bittner-fagan 19803, DEFamily Medicine1013995059
Charles A Stanislav 19958, DEFamily Medicine1720067747
Mhaidi Elmedkhar 19709, DEFamily Medicine1760461859
Ludwig Eglseder 21601, DEFamily Medicine1558340646
Robert Smoloski 21601, DEFamily Medicine1255311239
Rhoneise Y Barnett-smith 19701, DEFamily Medicine1871573469
Laxmichand Dedhia 19709, DEFamily Medicine1508845132
Adam S Brownstein 19963, DEFamily Medicine1700862737
Ralph M Aurigemma 19808, DEFamily Medicine1013987916
Cynthia Jean Lowe 19958, DEFamily Medicine1750361135
Gregory A Holmes 19977, DEFamily Medicine1164402970
David Robert Birch 19963, DEFamily Medicine1265411508
Robert A Portz 19971, DEFamily Medicine1982683827
Jane Williams Moore 19713, DEFamily Medicine1609854470
Danielle L Giddins 19966, DEFamily Medicine1922082577
Loretta I Edmondson 19963, DEFamily Medicine1871577189
Misael Marquez 19808, DEFamily Medicine1922088426
John J Daly 19810, DEFamily Medicine1134109101
Guy Mitchell Edmondson 19963, DEFamily Medicine1871577288
Napoleon Manubay 19808, DEFamily Medicine1093785461
Janice E Nevin 19801, DEFamily Medicine1487625117
Marc David Grobman 19810, DEFamily Medicine1063484442
Helen M Schroyer 19805, DEFamily Medicine1871565143
Lawrence Lewandowski 19901, DEFamily Medicine1134191422
Vijaya Yezdani 19720, DEFamily Medicine1699747386
Supraja Chirra 19702, DEFamily Medicine1831161520
Khaja Yezdani 19720, DEFamily Medicine1548232226
Jon Yeargan 19702, DEFamily Medicine1184698201
Michele Domenick 19904, DEFamily Medicine1720052400
Matthew J Tulloch 19971, DEFamily Medicine1912972431
Cathryn Savoca 19803, DEFamily Medicine1528033727
Robin J Simpson 19702, DEFamily Medicine1598730723
Kimberlie A Neal 19904, DEFamily Medicine1588631741
Prudencio G Rosas 19973, DEFamily Medicine1790753531
Jeffrey E Hawtof 19971, DEFamily Medicine1548235799
Horatio C Jones 19808, DEFamily Medicine1235101676
Heather Zinzella Cox 19807, DEFamily Medicine1174593495
Geoffrey Peter Gustavsen 19716, DEFamily Medicine1396715959
Andrew H Fitzkee 19901, DEFamily Medicine1578536850
Mona Parikh 19713, DEFamily Medicine1639141328
Brian Patrick Mcdonough 19805, DEFamily Medicine1124037262
Candice E Shah 19901, DEFamily Medicine1326012410
Nicholas Nicholson Borodulia 19944, DEFamily Medicine1225004294
Ying Zhu 19808, DEFamily Medicine1801858840
Scott Harrison 19808, DEFamily Medicine1841253275
Maryann Connor 19808, DEFamily Medicine1912960428
Andrew A Willet 19904, DEFamily Medicine1922062884
Brian John Horn 19904, DEFamily Medicine1518922574
Helen J. Karalis 19805, DEFamily Medicine1881650729
Timothy Wong 19810, DEFamily Medicine1417913864
Vicenta G Marquez 19977, DEFamily Medicine1063478386
Ian Myers 19702, DEFamily Medicine1194783019
Brian J Shiple 19064, DEFamily Medicine1639137326
Maria Lazar 19702, DEFamily Medicine1881652576
John Mathew Cellucci 19709, DEFamily Medicine1740239235
Pamela Leclaire 19902, DEFamily Medicine1245280999
Melissa G Sheehan 19809, DEFamily Medicine1417900754
Jennifer C Liquido 19977, DEFamily Medicine1316903842
Ma Caridad Purisima Rosal 19977, DEFamily Medicine1407811821
Marita Mapua Fallorina 19720, DEFamily Medicine1417918897
Angela D Davis Brown 19702, DEFamily Medicine1013970847
Kenneth Trzepkowski 19718, DEFamily Medicine1699736140
Lisa R Reid 19904, DEFamily Medicine1851357057
Cynthia Jane Good 55346, DEFamily Medicine1538112784
Judy Mi-young Lim 19711, DEFamily Medicine1083667208
Joseph Francis Karnish 19947, DEFamily Medicine1427002690
William Francis Bilski 19711, DEFamily Medicine1619922598
Charles Richard Sharbaugh 19808, DEFamily Medicine1780639773
Raphaele Todaro 19806, DEFamily Medicine1841245073
Eduardo L Jiloca 19973, DEFamily Medicine1366498248
Pasquale Fucci 19806, DEFamily Medicine1942257001
Alessandro Bianchi 19707, DEFamily Medicine1013964964
Shashikala J Patel 19805, DEFamily Medicine1760439038
Rebecca Leann Gazze-mcilroy 19904, DEFamily Medicine1972550424
Cedric Terriell Barnes 19963, DEFamily Medicine1851338040
Beth Ann Bilski 19711, DEFamily Medicine1750328076
Karen J Antell 19801, DEFamily Medicine1346288230
Joseph Hill Kim 19956, DEFamily Medicine1114965167
Matthew Maximilian O'brien 19803, DEFamily Medicine1417996935
David Marc Krasner 19805, DEFamily Medicine1629017447
Omar A. Khan 19810, DEFamily Medicine1811938491
Jose D Manalo 19806, DEFamily Medicine1962442632
Joyce E. Stout 19956, DEFamily Medicine1972545382
Lakan Karlo G Magat 19806, DEFamily Medicine1033151642
Morris Peterzell 19802, DEFamily Medicine1982646063
Mohammad Ali Khan 21921, DEFamily Medicine1639113285
Mark Haegele 19808, DEFamily Medicine1750325544
Vincent G Lobo 19952, DEFamily Medicine1376587576
Sitta Baby Gombeh-alie 19904, DEFamily Medicine1437194073
James Banaag Salva 19803, DEFamily Medicine1538104856
Kimberly Mazzei Gallagher 19967, DEFamily Medicine1043256787
Anna M Magat 19806, DEFamily Medicine1346276193
Nicholas Oliver Biasotto 19713, DEFamily Medicine1164458485
Anne N Walton 19702, DEFamily Medicine1902834997
Kanchan Dinesh Kotak 19709, DEFamily Medicine1295765279
M Diana Metzger 19803, DEFamily Medicine1275564957
William B Funk 19702, DEFamily Medicine1598796286
Lisa Maxwell 19803, DEFamily Medicine1316978786
Dongho Baag 19713, DEFamily Medicine1942242557
Wayne Cruz Zwick 19963, DEFamily Medicine1336170083
Jill Elise Mackey 19709, DEFamily Medicine1578505863
Keith R Sokoloff 21901, DEFamily Medicine1881641132
Joseph F Rubacky 19904, DEFamily Medicine1295760882
Jerome L Abrams 19904, DEFamily Medicine1225063829
Steven H. Berkowitz 19971, DEFamily Medicine1164448189
John V. Fenice 19808, DEFamily Medicine1033138169
Gary A Beste 19711, DEFamily Medicine1588683619
Charles G Case 19801, DEFamily Medicine1710901012
James Fierro 19810, DEFamily Medicine1154345379
Chetana Kripalu 19803, DEFamily Medicine1730194580
Tutse Tonwe 19904, DEFamily Medicine1164437513
Gene Lee 19805, DEFamily Medicine1669489092


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A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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