Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Carespot Of Orlando Hsi Urgent Care Llc 32828, FLFamily Medicine1306367503
Annette D Beasley 42066, FLFamily Medicine1063504207
Patrick Murray 33511, FLFamily Medicine1871971705
Doctors For Wellness Llc 32819, FLFamily Medicine1457814402
Ronald Lorin Shaw 32792, FLFamily Medicine1922099555
Sander Fernandez 32807, FLFamily Medicine1922394485
Bhavana Madyahnapu 32746, FLFamily Medicine1134351067
Ahmad Almustafa 32792, FLFamily Medicine1740693688
Robert W Rowe 32792, FLFamily Medicine1033139134
Janos Katanics 47250, FLFamily Medicine1932176724
Sara Ann Bohn 33610, FLFamily Medicine1629079520
Abby Marie Grider 75182, FLFamily Medicine1871848242
Marcela Weiss 33180, FLFamily Medicine1639136252
Jacques Feres Alexis 33137, FLFamily Medicine1467854521
Stacy Dana Roskin 33160, FLFamily Medicine1669530218
Sergio Guiteau 33027, FLFamily Medicine1720379753
Peace River Center For Personal Development Inc 33830, FLFamily Medicine1821097767
Michelle H Vandenbosch 32531, FLFamily Medicine1023205051
Ruslan Ivanov 33021, FLFamily Medicine1578537189
Elisa Maria Diaz 04976, FLFamily Medicine1972915411
Bralin Bean 33143, FLFamily Medicine1487175428
Continuous Care Center Llc 33334, FLFamily Medicine1093355349
Benjamin Kosubevsky 33137, FLFamily Medicine1881250363
Caitlin Alexandra White 89502, FLFamily Medicine1326532714
Tiffanie Wong 33781, FLFamily Medicine1518385475
James David Steed 34470, FLFamily Medicine1043292006
Karla K Noel 33907, FLFamily Medicine1457331936
Elizabeth Suzanne Parsons 32246, FLFamily Medicine1316264120
Cheslyn Alphonse 32751, FLFamily Medicine1275081291
Mitchell E Goldstein 33428, FLFamily Medicine1568468445
Carolyn Sue George 33323, FLFamily Medicine1740447051
Danit Fischtein 33433, FLFamily Medicine1265057715
Allyson Christina Bagenholm 33486, FLFamily Medicine1023279916
Raudel Garcia 33161, FLFamily Medicine1629362520
Complete Local Specialty Care, Inc 33009, FLFamily Medicine1750377453
Davis Family Medicine Llc 32440, FLFamily Medicine1154847580
Rachel Elizabeth Rackard 35474, FLFamily Medicine1306171236
Alan Victor Obregon 33912, FLFamily Medicine1265454920
Emily Snyder 34119, FLFamily Medicine1336772474
George Andricopoulos 33435, FLFamily Medicine1265607501
West Boynton Urgent Care, Llc 33472, FLFamily Medicine1003172628
Lawrence M Model 33445, FLFamily Medicine1184621054
Compass Health Systems, Pa 33161, FLFamily Medicine1619965795
Inda M Mowett 34208, FLFamily Medicine1700871951
Nicole Marie Canada 34202, FLFamily Medicine1912997180
Karen L Jacobs 34208, FLFamily Medicine1346338316
Derek Arthur Klemm 30535, FLFamily Medicine1225300494
Morgan Lacey Goss 35986, FLFamily Medicine1386908713
Jordan Ann Keys 94533, FLFamily Medicine1083900708
Coastal Senior Healthcare Inc 34208, FLFamily Medicine1497289110
Kelly Ann Marechal 34208, FLFamily Medicine1649795352
Steven Ma 33026, FLFamily Medicine1265834063
Sara Elizabeth Wemlinger 34221, FLFamily Medicine1609295245
Newgen Health Partners Llc 34209, FLFamily Medicine1669014171
Zhi Peng Dai 94015, FLFamily Medicine1922454768
Navindra Ramdath 34205, FLFamily Medicine1720222086
Michael James Bentze 34211, FLFamily Medicine1407840622
Daniel James Johnson 34211, FLFamily Medicine1740206549
Brian Kyle Melcher 34211, FLFamily Medicine1699137299
Regenerative Health Centers Llc 33573, FLFamily Medicine1437775707
Michael Haghighi 34223, FLFamily Medicine1770508707
Ryan Michael Zaleski 34221, FLFamily Medicine1902193782
Sunset Point Medical Associates Inc 34684, FLFamily Medicine1366641698
Asdollah Livani 20165, FLFamily Medicine1104812056
Clifford Lee Thacker 33907, FLFamily Medicine1396731857
Daniel Josiah Durocher 33572, FLFamily Medicine1720529209
Carrie Castillo 34208, FLFamily Medicine1336724061
Ryan L Baker 33713, FLFamily Medicine1164650974
Aparajita Mishra 33563, FLFamily Medicine1497975304
Dna Comprehensive Therapy Services, Llc 33916, FLFamily Medicine1316363757
Angelina Rodriguez 34446, FLFamily Medicine1548592991
Melissa T Asuncion 33610, FLFamily Medicine1386637916
Rashid Daud 98030, FLFamily Medicine1568471621
Solace Behavioral Health, Llc 34653, FLFamily Medicine1023609740
Victor Yosef Melt Campos 34737, FLFamily Medicine1942703525
Kenneth Robert Mcelynn 32940, FLFamily Medicine1639217870
Anuradha Satyavolu 33990, FLFamily Medicine1114171170
Irena Krasteva Gesheva 33952, FLFamily Medicine1326122508
Roy Barski 33156, FLFamily Medicine1497258164
Caroline Anne Kruse 33912, FLFamily Medicine1659453991
Daniel Lee Wilburn Hanley 33922, FLFamily Medicine1407268600
Ancuram Llc 33922, FLFamily Medicine1043775232
Remberto Lopez 33991, FLFamily Medicine1558392134
Hni Psych Services Of Florida, Llc 33912, FLFamily Medicine1841824927
Hni Medical Services Of Florida, Llc 32204, FLFamily Medicine1679048284
Manolis Kyriacou 48236, FLFamily Medicine1710193354
Annet Tamara Lister Perez 33904, FLFamily Medicine1164040259
Elina Y Tomski 33912, FLFamily Medicine1952566903
Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Inc 32320, FLFamily Medicine1376140913
Richard Kerr Dycus 32765, FLFamily Medicine1487629523
Shirley Sharona Zelikovsky 32707, FLFamily Medicine1023234457
Marla Renee Richardson-price 32746, FLFamily Medicine1457426116
Baoquang S Le 33896, FLFamily Medicine1447411525
Kevin Martin Hornsby 32435, FLFamily Medicine1619908910
Peter D Schmidt 49801, FLFamily Medicine1669574505
Amanda Ratliff Dailey 33803, FLFamily Medicine1588026728
Paulina Olszewska 33744, FLFamily Medicine1720407992
Can Community Health, Inc. 34237, FLFamily Medicine1104829274
Wendy Weiss 33620, FLFamily Medicine1306956206
Suresh Madhavji Dasani 33907, FLFamily Medicine1407855877
Manuel A. Reyes 32218, FLFamily Medicine1245281708
Central Florida Internists, Inc. 34769, FLFamily Medicine1811918709
Clay Nordquist 34711, FLFamily Medicine1952546681
Aegis Physicians Group, Llc 32757, FLFamily Medicine1528559218
Warren Jose Peralta Castro 32809, FLFamily Medicine1184064735
Lake America Family Physicians Llc 34711, FLFamily Medicine1518370147
Michael D. Timmel 30680, FLFamily Medicine1760472096
Susan G Schneider 32953, FLFamily Medicine1851370357
Ricardo A Rois Romero 32901, FLFamily Medicine1912025503
Robert Vela 92506, FLFamily Medicine1528416245
Aldene Ann Marie Mckenzie 33908, FLFamily Medicine1598105231
Randall Scott 32043, FLFamily Medicine1619138658
Lazaro Fraga Md Pa 33134, FLFamily Medicine1245413905
Juan Lazaro Brito Villalon 33175, FLFamily Medicine1184163974
Fraga Medical Center, Inc. 33175, FLFamily Medicine1871698027
Derrick Henry Diaz 33145, FLFamily Medicine1629568340
Merja Tuulia Clegg 90245, FLFamily Medicine1538320767
Rahul Solanki 10010, FLFamily Medicine1225245509
Mareena Hanna 34698, FLFamily Medicine1841674546
Doctor's Medical Center, Llc 33167, FLFamily Medicine1215981618
Christopher Jacob Smith 33319, FLFamily Medicine1366681892
Ron Mathew 98057, FLFamily Medicine1831535228
Total Health Medical Centers, Llc 33319, FLFamily Medicine1750893319
Hubert J Cantave 33060, FLFamily Medicine1427066364
Christine Tsinwan Chiu 32301, FLFamily Medicine1629081492
Crestview Hospital Corporation 32539, FLFamily Medicine1861441057
Meadowcrest Family Physicians, P.a. 34429, FLFamily Medicine1396981528
Preeti Lekhra 34442, FLFamily Medicine1194052266
Thomas R Syverson 34429, FLFamily Medicine1750366290
Hilary Nicole Gerber 98683, FLFamily Medicine1346515806
Theodore Youn 90806, FLFamily Medicine1033599097
Kathleen Kelly Cohen 98110, FLFamily Medicine1922489343
Rafael Burgos 33183, FLFamily Medicine1346203742
Elkin Fabian Bejarano 33021, FLFamily Medicine1225049695
Maheen Faridi 33021, FLFamily Medicine1528324555
Bahar Miah 32751, FLFamily Medicine1164732038
Skills 4 You Florida, Llc 32809, FLFamily Medicine1740630946
Yanira Isbet Lara 33513, FLFamily Medicine1306108022
Trishanna Crystal Sookdeo 34787, FLFamily Medicine1700172210
Alla Batikov 34761, FLFamily Medicine1144360611
Rohit Shori Mehra 33328, FLFamily Medicine1265854897
Family Practice Of Davie Inc. 33024, FLFamily Medicine1932345956
Carlos Gustavo Levy 33028, FLFamily Medicine1780789891
Jean Simon Joel Edouard 02903, FLFamily Medicine1619526217
Meenu Gupta 33351, FLFamily Medicine1831155522
Edward Benjamin Schwartz 32114, FLFamily Medicine1528001963
Matthew David Stoverink 32168, FLFamily Medicine1871701888
Rhonda R. Verzal 60102, FLFamily Medicine1760701007
Hannah Taft 89149, FLFamily Medicine1053725069
Jason Keister 97477, FLFamily Medicine1073928438
Carl Chotas 32114, FLFamily Medicine1922488147
Joshua Dale Grube 32127, FLFamily Medicine1669852984
Tara Fritze 32114, FLFamily Medicine1831503010
Michael Kenneth Heiland 33901, FLFamily Medicine1780098087
Amanda Ali Hussein 32114, FLFamily Medicine1518528124
Ryan Harris 72450, FLFamily Medicine1548611049
Robert Joseph Sasse 06074, FLFamily Medicine1861523466
Memorial Health Systems Inc 32117, FLFamily Medicine1922115914
Leslie Delvin Williams 32174, FLFamily Medicine1437563533
Dana Carol Barnes 32207, FLFamily Medicine1013178581
Marcia Nicole Newby-goodman 23504, FLFamily Medicine1992185011
Abdul Quyyum Ahmed 32746, FLFamily Medicine1336376086
Karla Ann Mcnish 32114, FLFamily Medicine1639366487
Aileen Treto Cabrera 32114, FLFamily Medicine1346533528
Trang Huyen Van 33073, FLFamily Medicine1881115855
Kirstin Labell 32114, FLFamily Medicine1891220489
Nicholas Stagliano 32174, FLFamily Medicine1669965703
Nicole Wilson 32174, FLFamily Medicine1982197026
Evgeny Goldman 33024, FLFamily Medicine1184989139
Erin Hough 32180, FLFamily Medicine1013437706
Hussain Esmail Rawji 32720, FLFamily Medicine1932168721
James Grant Howard 40503, FLFamily Medicine1255711453
Hammad Masoodi 70808, FLFamily Medicine1558776187
Kevin D. Huffman 34741, FLFamily Medicine1932196052
Premier Healthcare Centers, Llc 33024, FLFamily Medicine1669931762
Samuel Adams 41101, FLFamily Medicine1225018104
Sue-ellen Elizabeth Griffith 32720, FLFamily Medicine1083066187
Lewis Edward Green 33409, FLFamily Medicine1326248717
Betsy Leibowitz 33432, FLFamily Medicine1265822712
Armando Curra 33009, FLFamily Medicine1235373713
Nelson Vazquez 32807, FLFamily Medicine1922132497
Northeast Florida Health Services, Inc. 32738, FLFamily Medicine1750546313
The Crane Center Llc 32541, FLFamily Medicine1730678293
Richard Louis Schwartz 33161, FLFamily Medicine1700896057
Caridad Mayte Cancio Vega 33015, FLFamily Medicine1124383716
Rmed Llc 32216, FLFamily Medicine1811537491
Rmed Llc 32216, FLFamily Medicine1205476793
Adriana Sofia Emmanuelli 00907, FLFamily Medicine1730541327
Jonathan Michael Treece 32137, FLFamily Medicine1780978700
David Christopher Miller 45433, FLFamily Medicine1215977921
Katie Coble 76544, FLFamily Medicine1881076628
Robert King Persons 32433, FLFamily Medicine1629062351
David Edward Polzin 56334, FLFamily Medicine1427210533
Andrew John Jurovcik 36112, FLFamily Medicine1588012298
Jeffrey Daniel Kiser 31098, FLFamily Medicine1528168069
Danielle Annette Dufresne 19902, FLFamily Medicine1679869713
Jeffrey Dennis Kueter 53818, FLFamily Medicine1154317295
Matthew Hawthorne Ramage 75503, FLFamily Medicine1558568253
Christine Broszko 32542, FLFamily Medicine1831502889
Ervin Anthony 23109, FLFamily Medicine1114920253


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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