Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Blue Water Doctors Llc 33063, FLFamily Medicine1821303744
Philip Dolin 34239, FLFamily Medicine1285637660
Harvey Steven Kleiner 33351, FLFamily Medicine1316941198
Youssef B Ghaly 33813, FLFamily Medicine1770580334
Timothy Patrick Laird 32940, FLFamily Medicine1225038912
Filemon R Patacxil 32308, FLFamily Medicine1659363018
Deborah Morrison-metz 32901, FLFamily Medicine1235121567
Scott C Howell 90405, FLFamily Medicine1831182591
Inda M Mowett 34208, FLFamily Medicine1700871951
Michael Bauerschmidt 29464, FLFamily Medicine1326034729
Nicole Marie Canada 34202, FLFamily Medicine1912997180
James David Steed 34470, FLFamily Medicine1043292006
Kenneth David Hershman 33186, FLFamily Medicine1144219270
Asif Masood 34994, FLFamily Medicine1194715656
Patricio Giovanni Bruno 32712, FLFamily Medicine1336120690
Timothy R Tuel 32501, FLFamily Medicine1073598884
Susan G Schneider 32953, FLFamily Medicine1851370357
Lloyd Steven Hershman 33186, FLFamily Medicine1104803733
Jaime D Abuan 33803, FLFamily Medicine1265411755
Harry Diaz Mendez 32940, FLFamily Medicine1396725727
James Lloyd Persson 36362, FLFamily Medicine1871573972
Jennifer Culbertson Driscoll 32501, FLFamily Medicine1457321994
Omar A Aref 33563, FLFamily Medicine1235106675
Rebecca L Bowden 33873, FLFamily Medicine1982671624
Paul E Boor 32159, FLFamily Medicine1689634941
Anjan R Parghi 32073, FLFamily Medicine1053388306
Ruslan Ivanov 33021, FLFamily Medicine1578537189
Pier D. Frank 33607, FLFamily Medicine1538135132
Elena Gines Botardo 32925, FLFamily Medicine1215908421
Anna Orman 32207, FLFamily Medicine1912975426
Richard Kerr Dycus 32765, FLFamily Medicine1487629523
Guy William Nicolette 94720, FLFamily Medicine1104885524
Angel R Casademont 33411, FLFamily Medicine1760459044
Pasqualino Caputo 12993, FLFamily Medicine1811952583
Gregorie Constant-peter 32828, FLFamily Medicine1386697365
Marcos Rejtman 33021, FLFamily Medicine1073579355
Irene Lopez-albelo 33187, FLFamily Medicine1528026762
David Bruce Tribble 46814, FLFamily Medicine1154361855
Maria F Badami 33957, FLFamily Medicine1164458949
Eileen Ortega 33606, FLFamily Medicine1639117773
Milena Jguenti 32137, FLFamily Medicine1932147402
Edward Benjamin Schwartz 32114, FLFamily Medicine1528001963
Ty Reso Anderson 33773, FLFamily Medicine1851335988
David Christopher Miller 45433, FLFamily Medicine1215977921
James A Roberts 34950, FLFamily Medicine1043242787
Holly Marie Lindberg 32765, FLFamily Medicine1124055157
Rebecca Price Hunton 32903, FLFamily Medicine1295776516
Linh Bao Nguyen 33781, FLFamily Medicine1194761510
Francisco X Quintana 33033, FLFamily Medicine1487698460
Jacob Choi 33556, FLFamily Medicine1942675764
Michael Lee Caselnova 33637, FLFamily Medicine1689696833
Marisela Dominguez 34606, FLFamily Medicine1205949104
Toland Ash 39452, FLFamily Medicine1811909583
Lee Kuei Wen Au 93551, FLFamily Medicine1366458317
Jay Mermelstein 33761, FLFamily Medicine1750496105
James Edward Binkard 32504, FLFamily Medicine1255343851
Abby Marissa Hunt 32571, FLFamily Medicine1265545255
Kathryn Mary Simon 33308, FLFamily Medicine1316962038
Allan Alberton 99623, FLFamily Medicine1710992581
Michael John Mcbeth 36460, FLFamily Medicine1669586459
Myrna Zoe Bosques-torrens 34239, FLFamily Medicine1063861649
Aubrey Taow 93065, FLFamily Medicine1093170193
Central Florida Internists, Inc. 34769, FLFamily Medicine1811918709
Juanita M Brown 37825, FLFamily Medicine1134236201
Peter D Schmidt 49801, FLFamily Medicine1669574505
Samya Varuschka Cruz 38054, FLFamily Medicine1417056409
Nima Heshmati 32901, FLFamily Medicine1760582779
Peter F Macentee 60655, FLFamily Medicine1417045501
Anne-marie Cathy Johnrose-brown 33716, FLFamily Medicine1013024850
Valerie J Eyma-heywood 33324, FLFamily Medicine1821107731
Washington Dario Baquero 33907, FLFamily Medicine1962509521
South Broward Hospital District 33021, FLFamily Medicine1740655455
Karen L Jacobs 34208, FLFamily Medicine1346338316
Annette D Beasley 42066, FLFamily Medicine1063504207
Nazneen Hyder Noorani 33578, FLFamily Medicine1942386750
Paula Waddy 21801, FLFamily Medicine1679656441
Kantilal Bhalani 32907, FLFamily Medicine1770688434
Patricia Nunez 33143, FLFamily Medicine1225456189
Kamlesh Patel 46845, FLFamily Medicine1255416947
Kenneth Robert Mcelynn 32940, FLFamily Medicine1639217870
Keith Martin Rubin 33950, FLFamily Medicine1043348154
Aaron W Guthrie 33511, FLFamily Medicine1144361494
Suzanne Karefa-johnson 92262, FLFamily Medicine1598890212
Houman Bolourian 32835, FLFamily Medicine1124150396
Marla Renee Richardson-price 32789, FLFamily Medicine1457426116
Irene Lopez albelo Md Pa 33187, FLFamily Medicine1447302567
Edith Davis 33150, FLFamily Medicine1407900277
Ralph Michael Wurster 76901, FLFamily Medicine1962535617
Randall Scott 32043, FLFamily Medicine1619138658
Sashikumar Tharmarajah 33143, FLFamily Medicine1699975268
Karina Azank Parilo 33544, FLFamily Medicine1962693358
Martin Rojas Canillas 34613, FLFamily Medicine1295998037
Vincent Paul Alia 34606, FLFamily Medicine1740302330
Samuel Douglas Miller 32114, FLFamily Medicine1508050873
Humberto Gonzalez 33165, FLFamily Medicine1306004296
Ashwini Kothekar Margaitis 32803, FLFamily Medicine1922204015
Lazaro Fraga Md Pa 33134, FLFamily Medicine1245413905
Sharon Ann Nickell-olm 32726, FLFamily Medicine1407076052
Omar Aref Md Plc 33563, FLFamily Medicine1063682540
Jose Luis Patino 33137, FLFamily Medicine1639330202
Jason S Key 34474, FLFamily Medicine1316158512
Matthew David Stoverink 32168, FLFamily Medicine1871701888
Regina P Quinain, Md Pa 32825, FLFamily Medicine1245426386
Rainer Quijada Chan 33710, FLFamily Medicine1972794790
Kelley Maree Lang 32308, FLFamily Medicine1851593024
Baptist Primary Care Inc 32210, FLFamily Medicine1316128259
Dean A. Post 32940, FLFamily Medicine1629270632
Roosevelt T Jackson 33404, FLFamily Medicine1295951374
Raymond J Mikelionis 32145, FLFamily Medicine1639356389
Anglin Medical Pa 33578, FLFamily Medicine1134336209
Christienne P Alexander 32306, FLFamily Medicine1679775738
George Andricopoulos 33435, FLFamily Medicine1265607501
Solange Moya Burnette 32208, FLFamily Medicine1336349935
Gary Visser 34761, FLFamily Medicine1710170568
Heather Michele Esquivel 75150, FLFamily Medicine1053585349
Sofy Yoliana Sendoya 32712, FLFamily Medicine1265660880
Vohra Wound Physicians Of Il, S.c. 60005, FLFamily Medicine1790080505
Peri M. Sert 32216, FLFamily Medicine1699072256
Wanda Elozegui Alfonso 33135, FLFamily Medicine1821246133
Christopher Jacob Smith 33319, FLFamily Medicine1366681892
Clay Nordquist 34711, FLFamily Medicine1952546681
Kevin Michael Schopmeyer 32504, FLFamily Medicine1528201407
Christa Paige Lynn 80907, FLFamily Medicine1851676340
Gerald Scott Keller 32605, FLFamily Medicine1407090210
Karl D Metzger 95602, FLFamily Medicine1376862763
Maryam Phillips 32701, FLFamily Medicine1447578372
Cassia Javanica House Calls And Tele medicine 34476, FLFamily Medicine1225318256
Heather Ostmann 98271, FLFamily Medicine1508095696
Elizabeth M Daquila 32169, FLFamily Medicine1952637530
Jeffrey Thomas Nelson 32830, FLFamily Medicine1295036697
Vohra Wound Physicians Of Fl, Llc 30013, FLFamily Medicine1598061293
Matthew J Franzen 29406, FLFamily Medicine1356635957
Hilary Nicole Gerber 98683, FLFamily Medicine1346515806
Tamara Elizabeth Sealy 31791, FLFamily Medicine1225477094
Elizabeth Suzanne Parsons 32246, FLFamily Medicine1316264120
Rhonda R. Verzal 60102, FLFamily Medicine1760701007
Meadowcrest Family Physicians, P.a. 34429, FLFamily Medicine1396981528
Derek Arthur Klemm 30535, FLFamily Medicine1225300494
Anuradha Satyavolu 33990, FLFamily Medicine1114171170
Paul Joseph Gambino 34994, FLFamily Medicine1235427451
Jennifer L. Laman 34669, FLFamily Medicine1780919969
Alicia Kim Sanchez 33331, FLFamily Medicine1063640241
Anil K. Nasta 33324, FLFamily Medicine1528358744
Angelina Rodriguez 34446, FLFamily Medicine1548592991
Paul C. Algra 93030, FLFamily Medicine1598076424
Matthew Richard Odom 32601, FLFamily Medicine1780828988
Bahar Miah 32751, FLFamily Medicine1164732038
David William Moskowitz 33063, FLFamily Medicine1174850937
Lina Maria Cardona 32828, FLFamily Medicine1932490778
Felice Etienne Haake 32960, FLFamily Medicine1093943128
Daniel Bradley 98315, FLFamily Medicine1992093538
Bonnie Tse 60632, FLFamily Medicine1316180102
Annia Rodriguez King 33014, FLFamily Medicine1336438399
Jeremiah Daniel Dreisbach 92253, FLFamily Medicine1386963999
Dynamic Health Centers 32024, FLFamily Medicine1508181272
Lashaun Denise Elliott 30064, FLFamily Medicine1497074298
Morgan Lacey Goss 35986, FLFamily Medicine1386908713
Abby Marie Grider 75182, FLFamily Medicine1871848242
Madonna Hanna 32780, FLFamily Medicine1801145826
Loretta Duggan 30401, FLFamily Medicine1376809665
Eric D Molnar 07832, FLFamily Medicine1164866729
Omolabake O Bankole 08691, FLFamily Medicine1447697834
Dale Lee Taylor 32605, FLFamily Medicine1053758805
Christina Marsalisi Mccoy 33710, FLFamily Medicine1215376645
Hyrum Brodniak 32827, FLFamily Medicine1619319563
Mary Margaret O'meara 33880, FLFamily Medicine1356761258
Caitlin Brooke Ford 92055, FLFamily Medicine1235575648
Nimra Khan 32218, FLFamily Medicine1073926838
Jared John Szymanski 55416, FLFamily Medicine1558778274
Theodore Youn 90806, FLFamily Medicine1033599097
Hannah Taft 89149, FLFamily Medicine1053725069
Andrius Lescauskas 37110, FLFamily Medicine1316351844
Deborah Roquiz 38115, FLFamily Medicine1821402561
Sasha Gittens 02301, FLFamily Medicine1235543794
Sameilia Marie Hernaiz Gomez 33012, FLFamily Medicine1265859284
Thien-kim Phan Le 30312, FLFamily Medicine1508283789
Andrew Charles Caldwell 27330, FLFamily Medicine1184041345
Nazrah Franco 33701, FLFamily Medicine1427469147
Jason Keister 97477, FLFamily Medicine1073928438
Elizabeth Daquila Md, Llc 32127, FLFamily Medicine1154833887
Guerson Guerrier 33860, FLFamily Medicine1275945172
Jules Sleiman 98841, FLFamily Medicine1407264468
Elisa Maria Diaz 04976, FLFamily Medicine1972915411
Craig Glaser 33884, FLFamily Medicine1407075633
Stephen Michael Carek 29605, FLFamily Medicine1568874691
Randal Davis 32927, FLFamily Medicine1649684952
Carl Chotas 32114, FLFamily Medicine1922488147
Justin Mahon 32765, FLFamily Medicine1073992962
Altamash Tariq Iftikhar 33774, FLFamily Medicine1821431859
Katie Coble 76544, FLFamily Medicine1881076628
Rhmd Llc 32903, FLFamily Medicine1689928590
Joshua Dale Grube 32127, FLFamily Medicine1669852984
Coty Jo Tino 34429, FLFamily Medicine1073909982
Christopher Lee Smith 32207, FLFamily Medicine1780062646
Joshua Daniel Axman 80111, FLFamily Medicine1326435728
Ronald Salazar Manalo 33613, FLFamily Medicine1992065049
David Kramer 32816, FLFamily Medicine1932527553
Rohit Shori Mehra 33328, FLFamily Medicine1265854897
Vandhana Bhagwan Kiswani-barley 33440, FLFamily Medicine1720342173
Tara Fritze 32114, FLFamily Medicine1831503010


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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