Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Frank Arthur Bixler 31539, GAFamily Medicine1063415081
Westley Eugene Raborn 75150, GAFamily Medicine1013910082
Emmanuel Ndaya Ozimba 39840, GAFamily Medicine1245233832
Tania C Edwards 31904, GAFamily Medicine1598768145
Jasper Health Services, Inc. 31064, GAFamily Medicine1225031750
Rajendra F Patel 30062, GAFamily Medicine1316940836
Robert Hamilton Moreland 31312, GAFamily Medicine1912900333
John J Desmond 30165, GAFamily Medicine1033112438
Charles Whitfield Campbell 30063, GAFamily Medicine1114929486
Thomas Philip Garigan 30905, GAFamily Medicine1275535593
Vincent A Laganella 33578, GAFamily Medicine1437152824
Linda M Hueseman 30648, GAFamily Medicine1326041930
Dana Conner 30512, GAFamily Medicine1356344048
Wendy Kiah Russell 30106, GAFamily Medicine1679575997
Hidden Valley Medical Center Inc 30513, GAFamily Medicine1073516621
Jason Daniel Hatcher 31093, GAFamily Medicine1699778944
Gary W Hunt 30513, GAFamily Medicine1265436539
Alejandro F Pernett 31539, GAFamily Medicine1902808967
Michael Lesley Baron 30087, GAFamily Medicine1104820125
Donald Ray Thomas 30721, GAFamily Medicine1851395842
Joyce Rochelle Lewis 30021, GAFamily Medicine1043214737
Beth Ann Sullivan 30043, GAFamily Medicine1669476388
Miriam P Gwathney 30214, GAFamily Medicine1881698546
Leopoldo M Muniz 29803, GAFamily Medicine1003810037
Dallas Family Practice Center Pa 30132, GAFamily Medicine1568466035
Thomas B Parrott 30087, GAFamily Medicine1922003904
Natasha Amanda Sands 30165, GAFamily Medicine1932104924
Diane Elise Harris 28403, GAFamily Medicine1396740940
Reuben S Roberts 31036, GAFamily Medicine1669477295
David L Turfler 31539, GAFamily Medicine1619972155
William Dennis Taylor 31021, GAFamily Medicine1083619670
Terrence L Wogan 31077, GAFamily Medicine1386649994
Candace Frederick Vaughn 30144, GAFamily Medicine1427054923
Alpha Fowler Bryan 30008, GAFamily Medicine1518963511
James Larry Hornsby 30144, GAFamily Medicine1992701007
Michael Dean Biddle 30224, GAFamily Medicine1679579668
Richard Joseph Pierzchajlo 31794, GAFamily Medicine1639175680
Ronald L Hart 30019, GAFamily Medicine1730185596
Steven O. Stewart 30084, GAFamily Medicine1679579643
Eugene Hooks Jackson 31750, GAFamily Medicine1538165386
William D. Tumlin 30648, GAFamily Medicine1770580300
Nimisha J Trivedi 30248, GAFamily Medicine1629074299
Randy Lentz 31545, GAFamily Medicine1205832227
Veronica Michelle Patterson 30529, GAFamily Medicine1962408997
Michael Joseph Manning 30013, GAFamily Medicine1891791596
William H Cantey 31513, GAFamily Medicine1164427811
Johnathan Edward Henderson 30165, GAFamily Medicine1154327856
Cynthia Skelton Reese 29150, GAFamily Medicine1699771006
Charles Osborne Walker 39845, GAFamily Medicine1851398366
James R Mobley 30907, GAFamily Medicine1912904962
Wallace R Weeks 30720, GAFamily Medicine1689671323
Thomas N Mullen 30736, GAFamily Medicine1174520837
Nadeem N Hoodbhoy 30013, GAFamily Medicine1841297520
Kerry A Neises 30720, GAFamily Medicine1689671372
Mark Lassiter Daniel 30635, GAFamily Medicine1700883659
Magdy W Rezk 30188, GAFamily Medicine1053318808
John Paul Carr 30909, GAFamily Medicine1649278219
Mark H Ebell 30601, GAFamily Medicine1982602520
James Milton Ford 30833, GAFamily Medicine1033117684
Alice G Harris 30606, GAFamily Medicine1225036718
Jay Owen Schlossberg 30349, GAFamily Medicine1144228693
Mohamed H Kassam 30013, GAFamily Medicine1215935507
Nayeem Akmal 30013, GAFamily Medicine1124026414
Wendy Latrice Wright 30281, GAFamily Medicine1386642684
Phillip W Nowlin 30117, GAFamily Medicine1922006360
Ahmad Charkawi 30097, GAFamily Medicine1982602074
Louis G Sasser 72956, GAFamily Medicine1770581845
Susan H Land 30824, GAFamily Medicine1215935903
James L Lemley 30824, GAFamily Medicine1952308926
Lorrie Ann Richardson-oneal 30548, GAFamily Medicine1821095670
Frank R Don Diego 30165, GAFamily Medicine1114925872
Courtney D Shelton 30312, GAFamily Medicine1609874023
Michael C. Sergeant 30041, GAFamily Medicine1427055482
Robert S Cowles 30642, GAFamily Medicine1093712960
Samuel C Griffin 30606, GAFamily Medicine1063410553
Leonard Shpack Wojnowich 31406, GAFamily Medicine1053319996
Harresh Bhagwandas Dulamal 31405, GAFamily Medicine1699773457
Richard Russell Hightower 31405, GAFamily Medicine1487652285
Theodore Geffen 31406, GAFamily Medicine1073511861
Christopher John Oldfield 31406, GAFamily Medicine1073512877
Stephen Lewis Schmidt 30809, GAFamily Medicine1790784593
Troy Andrew Murphy 31405, GAFamily Medicine1639178395
Rochelle Y Lepor 30701, GAFamily Medicine1962401570
Grant Allan Foster 31324, GAFamily Medicine1184623720
Robert Lavon Weeks 31406, GAFamily Medicine1487653168
John J Byers 31905, GAFamily Medicine1154320794
Southcoast Medical Group, Llc 31406, GAFamily Medicine1467451922
Savannah Primary Care, Llc 31406, GAFamily Medicine1588663058
Stanley Joe Brown 30328, GAFamily Medicine1245239698
Sharon R Rabinovitz 30260, GAFamily Medicine1639178841
John Samuel Young 31314, GAFamily Medicine1164421244
Jeffrey Neal Holley 39845, GAFamily Medicine1912906918
Carlos Rodriguez Wise 31901, GAFamily Medicine1497754592
Raymond Eugene Tidman 30513, GAFamily Medicine1588663686
Christopher Joseph Mathews 31326, GAFamily Medicine1306845458
Kitty B Carter-wicker 30344, GAFamily Medicine1043210974
Valens Marsilius Plummer 30058, GAFamily Medicine1528068467
Jodi Bayley Baptiste 30236, GAFamily Medicine1508866153
Dr. B Abraham Pc 30039, GAFamily Medicine1104826775
Homer Leon Lassiter 31763, GAFamily Medicine1609876200
Willard Alexander Snyder 31520, GAFamily Medicine1538169115
Manjushree Ghose 30344, GAFamily Medicine1386644961
Julie Johnson 30260, GAFamily Medicine1679573141
Vetra Anete Gipson 33027, GAFamily Medicine1528068061
Virginia Yates 30905, GAFamily Medicine1063412500
Susan Leigh Jones 31024, GAFamily Medicine1801896212
Allen Cecil Swan 31409, GAFamily Medicine1699775676
Yolanda Eloine Hacker 30337, GAFamily Medicine1376543595
Michelle Nichols 30344, GAFamily Medicine1760482780
Kelli M Carter 30824, GAFamily Medicine1285634212
Paul Edward Cox 30312, GAFamily Medicine1841291895
Horizons Diagnostics, L.l.c. 31904, GAFamily Medicine1366443368
Christopher T Wommack 31904, GAFamily Medicine1962403808
Henry Banks Carroll 31904, GAFamily Medicine1336140334
Pamela K Erdman 30084, GAFamily Medicine1447251459
George W Shannon 31904, GAFamily Medicine1861493702
Edwin Patton Hendricks 30535, GAFamily Medicine1871592774
Carl David Johnson 31794, GAFamily Medicine1023018561
Denise Marie Bell-carter 30344, GAFamily Medicine1467452680
Michael Joseph Tarpey 31314, GAFamily Medicine1710986690
Raquel Maria Watson 30083, GAFamily Medicine1215936323
Janet Tirrell Fason 30290, GAFamily Medicine1588664429
Modesta Makeh Tako 30311, GAFamily Medicine1063410827
David James Delnostro 31406, GAFamily Medicine1194723957
Gregory Strayhorn 30344, GAFamily Medicine1528068194
Deirdre Z Joiner-nichols 30519, GAFamily Medicine1255331765
Scott Thomas Miles 31558, GAFamily Medicine1073512125
Patricia A Czapp 20770, GAFamily Medicine1447259411
Steven Alan Durocher 30666, GAFamily Medicine1962402461
Scott E Lepor 30701, GAFamily Medicine1164421780
Abayomi G Oshinowo 30286, GAFamily Medicine1417956467
William Allen Whitten 31904, GAFamily Medicine1548261480
Floyd A Soriano 30439, GAFamily Medicine1306845433
Janise Hartzog Whitesell 31558, GAFamily Medicine1154322899
Ghislain Richard Perron 31537, GAFamily Medicine1063413706
William Swofford 39837, GAFamily Medicine1568463206
Gregory A Parker 31904, GAFamily Medicine1851392575
Yashvant D Patel 31904, GAFamily Medicine1760483481
Phillip L Robinson 31904, GAFamily Medicine1912908633
Michael C Sims 31904, GAFamily Medicine1639170350
Richard Nelson Eaton 31082, GAFamily Medicine1174524805
Robert C Jones 31210, GAFamily Medicine1043211295
Robert H Bush 31904, GAFamily Medicine1952302481
Patricia A Chisholm 38120, GAFamily Medicine1992706113
Scott Gordon Goodrich 31314, GAFamily Medicine1760483853
Mark Steven Cook 30263, GAFamily Medicine1093716185
Christopher John Apostol 30809, GAFamily Medicine1750383626
Kevin O. Keown 31545, GAFamily Medicine1083606800
Robert L. Phillips 31545, GAFamily Medicine1831181403
William V. Headley 31545, GAFamily Medicine1306838974
Donna M Wall 30912, GAFamily Medicine1285626895
Mark T. Reed 31314, GAFamily Medicine1689666117
Debra Kay Levin 30009, GAFamily Medicine1518959964
Jeffrey L. Culpepper 30501, GAFamily Medicine1245222637
Stuart Irwin Levin 30009, GAFamily Medicine1053303446
Rakesh Kumar 31024, GAFamily Medicine1205828696
Kirpich Joseph 30047, GAFamily Medicine1750373023
Truc Thanh Pham 30093, GAFamily Medicine1003808312
Robert C. Wirt 30501, GAFamily Medicine1871586115
Alfredo J Jaume 30501, GAFamily Medicine1740273093
Sheryl S. Wiles 30655, GAFamily Medicine1396738688
Umamaheswari Jonnalagadda 31533, GAFamily Medicine1538152855
Isioma Theresa Okobah 30058, GAFamily Medicine1992797229
Dipak B Patel 30518, GAFamily Medicine1407849524
Debra L Crawley-mataosky 30401, GAFamily Medicine1467445593
Wiiliam G Caput 30828, GAFamily Medicine1083607113
Monty Bruce Shuman 31021, GAFamily Medicine1437142353
Richard E Melcher 30828, GAFamily Medicine1144213075
Daryl Carson Wiley 30824, GAFamily Medicine1508859448
Andy Foy Williamson 31021, GAFamily Medicine1558354506
Michael Lee Brackett 30240, GAFamily Medicine1083607071
Istvan Balog 31331, GAFamily Medicine1013900802
Sandra L Souza 31021, GAFamily Medicine1043203839
William Maxwell Duke 31021, GAFamily Medicine1740273549
Mark J Samson 31021, GAFamily Medicine1386637189
Thomas E Craft 31021, GAFamily Medicine1518950310
David L Tate 31021, GAFamily Medicine1093708802
Steven R Garner 31021, GAFamily Medicine1477546281
Haroon Rashid 30040, GAFamily Medicine1174516850
Mona Batra 30240, GAFamily Medicine1053304634
John Alexander Limburg 31522, GAFamily Medicine1013900604
Maristella Riley 30253, GAFamily Medicine1104819846
Salim M Osta 31522, GAFamily Medicine1861485435
Eric J Pekarski 31409, GAFamily Medicine1265425896
David L Shumans 31539, GAFamily Medicine1114910718
Alana Maria Kent 30536, GAFamily Medicine1194718718
Christina R. Macaluso 30276, GAFamily Medicine1396747077
Dale Mcgregor 31768, GAFamily Medicine1255323564
Danielle Shelton 31520, GAFamily Medicine1326309121
Paul J Behrmann 30534, GAFamily Medicine1023000643
Renee D. Kimball 30542, GAFamily Medicine1629060918
David K. Moore 30041, GAFamily Medicine1043203342
Raymond E. Easley 30040, GAFamily Medicine1255323655
Ramune M Filipcic 38134, GAFamily Medicine1831182526
Michele E Neal 38134, GAFamily Medicine1154314771
Jay D Smith 38125, GAFamily Medicine1316930944
Julian Venegas 38017, GAFamily Medicine1659364545
Joseph Kenneth Wong 38134, GAFamily Medicine1598758120
Charles J Woodall 38125, GAFamily Medicine1245223866
Melanie L Woodall 38125, GAFamily Medicine1346233913


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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