Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Hawaii

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Hawaii:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sharon S. Ayabe 96746, HIFamily Medicine1467457382
James George Paraskevas 86305, HIFamily Medicine1730184748
Ronald Y Fujimoto 96766, HIFamily Medicine1962407668
Paul T. Esaki 96746, HIFamily Medicine1649275561
Nicole M. Apoliona 96790, HIFamily Medicine1912904681
David Marvin Woodliff 96740, HIFamily Medicine1033118971
Bernard C. Meyer 96768, HIFamily Medicine1164422986
David Allen Lane 96859, HIFamily Medicine1053312249
Norberto Baysa 96786, HIFamily Medicine1669474698
Lloyd T Kobayashi 96701, HIFamily Medicine1477555449
Bradon Yoshio Kimura 96750, HIFamily Medicine1356333512
Errol T Buntuyan 96793, HIFamily Medicine1316930548
Kenneth S Fink 96817, HIFamily Medicine1225020720
Malcolm Macdonald 96743, HIFamily Medicine1083607626
Theresa Ihsin Wang 96740, HIFamily Medicine1467449173
Robert Arthur Deedman 96786, HIFamily Medicine1942298450
Michael Harry Dukelow 96815, HIFamily Medicine1861486417
Jeffrey Jay Schulte 96860, HIFamily Medicine1669460713
Phyllis Hoeflich Barr 96860, HIFamily Medicine1962491324
Dipak Dinanath Nadkarni 96734, HIFamily Medicine1730179441
David William Floyd 96786, HIFamily Medicine1710978531
Neal Edward Harding 96859, HIFamily Medicine1992796627
Richard Steven Barr 96859, HIFamily Medicine1083605588
Nathan Earl Deweese 96859, HIFamily Medicine1295726420
Robert Christopher Neufeldt 96859, HIFamily Medicine1346221280
North Hawaii Medical Group 96743, HIFamily Medicine1528049814
Edwin F Etcubanez 96720, HIFamily Medicine1679555866
Dana Dodson Stombaugh 96860, HIFamily Medicine1114909876
William Robert Kiser 96860, HIFamily Medicine1427031525
James Ken Okamoto 96797, HIFamily Medicine1073596250
Trenton E Knewtson 96740, HIFamily Medicine1982693503
Nancy Jeanette Smiley 96813, HIFamily Medicine1720069412
Paul Leo Blaskowski 96857, HIFamily Medicine1003899618
Thomas James Rogers 96857, HIFamily Medicine1841274222
Karen Ratliff 96746, HIFamily Medicine1801870878
Jeffrey Brian Lanier 96859, HIFamily Medicine1215913892
Joseph Vincent Woodring 96782, HIFamily Medicine1366428781
Claire N De Leon 96814, HIFamily Medicine1669458956
Jerry Quinn Barton 96860, HIFamily Medicine1124004502
Tawn I Keeney 96727, HIFamily Medicine1477539591
Oanh Nguyen 96860, HIFamily Medicine1629054614
Sharyl N T Shultz 96797, HIFamily Medicine1477530244
Michael Regal 96701, HIFamily Medicine1215913116
James Henry Lynch 96859, HIFamily Medicine1750368379
Carol P. Healy 96734, HIFamily Medicine1053398784
Howard Neudorf 96797, HIFamily Medicine1740267145
David Shields Lesser 96782, HIFamily Medicine1427036516
Lily -- Ning 96822, HIFamily Medicine1639157647
John Albion Benson 96859, HIFamily Medicine1033198783
John Edward Glorioso 96859, HIFamily Medicine1538148077
Jennifer Emma Frank 96813, HIFamily Medicine1639158181
Jennifer Junnila Walker 96859, HIFamily Medicine1023097128
Kazu Hernandez 96859, HIFamily Medicine1326028416
Peter Rp Donnelly 96789, HIFamily Medicine1871573626
Kenneth Kh Kau 96822, HIFamily Medicine1528048360
Allen L Hixon 96789, HIFamily Medicine1306826151
Tai-ho Chen 96789, HIFamily Medicine1932189784
Ravi Reddy 96786, HIFamily Medicine1558341156
Frank Stanley Jones 96863, HIFamily Medicine1982684627
Robert B Sussman 96734, HIFamily Medicine1639159114
Damon F Lee 96795, HIFamily Medicine1417937830
Richard Dale Quintana 96853, HIFamily Medicine1720068976
Neal A Palafox 96789, HIFamily Medicine1912977109
Thomas John Kersch 96860, HIFamily Medicine1851361919
Shaun P Berry 96734, HIFamily Medicine1497725683
Lee E Buenconsejo-lum 96789, HIFamily Medicine1669442851
Jill Sm Omori 96789, HIFamily Medicine1184694382
Kiyotaka Albert Yazawa 96817, HIFamily Medicine1184694192
Dawn C Russell 96734, HIFamily Medicine1356328413
Ben Albert Thompson 96793, HIFamily Medicine1639158744
Thomas Robert Hustead 42701, HIFamily Medicine1770569352
Catherine A Marquette 96727, HIFamily Medicine1588643258
Anthony R Giasolli 96727, HIFamily Medicine1649256769
Brett V. Sortor 96860, HIFamily Medicine1659351690
Jutta Madjar Galanto 96815, HIFamily Medicine1508836271
Jason Masao Nakamura 96859, HIFamily Medicine1912977216
Vanessa S Wong 96789, HIFamily Medicine1497726772
John Thomas Taylor 96860, HIFamily Medicine1730150624
Keith Haden 96859, HIFamily Medicine1124092507
Gale Te-ling Prentiss 96822, HIFamily Medicine1548234453
Chien-wen Tseng 96789, HIFamily Medicine1336116581
Ohana Medical Group Llc 96734, HIFamily Medicine1790114536
Richard B. Lewan 96796, HIFamily Medicine1083687693
Howman Lam Md Inc 96813, HIFamily Medicine1548238413
Susan Margaret Christensen 96734, HIFamily Medicine1326019704
Evelyn Rose Vento 96859, HIFamily Medicine1023087418
Kelley M Withy 96789, HIFamily Medicine1467413740
Gwendolyn Yuen Nishimura 96860, HIFamily Medicine1457313736
Mark Robert Sumers 96859, HIFamily Medicine1265495774
Roselia Schlichtig Conrad 96740, HIFamily Medicine1003870403
Wahiawa General Hospital 96789, HIFamily Medicine1174589014
Chuen Po Lau 96826, HIFamily Medicine1942266010
Stephan Lebamoff 96731, HIFamily Medicine1871551507
Ralph Dupree 96705, HIFamily Medicine1578512331
Paz Cudal Nuanez 96859, HIFamily Medicine1659320307
Lynne White Johnson 96819, HIFamily Medicine1447201769
Sean S. Gupton 96761, HIFamily Medicine1396796504
John Y. F. Tsai 96819, HIFamily Medicine1033161641
Ly M. Gau 96740, HIFamily Medicine1386696318
Vicente Separa Ramo 96819, HIFamily Medicine1770536443
Robert Gries 96821, HIFamily Medicine1669425906
Denise M. Young-ajose 96817, HIFamily Medicine1033162854
Gavino Tagala Vinzons 96819, HIFamily Medicine1588617492
Wesley K Young 96815, HIFamily Medicine1053365700
Stefan Carl Harmeling 96720, HIFamily Medicine1598713471
Idalee Pia Caballero Posa 96727, HIFamily Medicine1710935424
John Leon Bossian 96734, HIFamily Medicine1881651271
Kenneth M Sunamoto 96817, HIFamily Medicine1215981477
David A Arthurs 96750, HIFamily Medicine1932153111
George Andrew Rourke 96720, HIFamily Medicine1427002468
James Shinobu Tsuji 96813, HIFamily Medicine1447205620
Emilani J. Crow 96797, HIFamily Medicine1124073184
Wayland Tuck Chinn Lum 96819, HIFamily Medicine1124073259
Kevin Kiyoshi Kurohara 96720, HIFamily Medicine1578519229
Eugene Kroon 96746, HIFamily Medicine1558317099
Craig S. Thomas 96734, HIFamily Medicine1770539975
Inesa Levitz 96797, HIFamily Medicine1720028533
Carolina Dominica Davide 96792, HIFamily Medicine1235170689
Carlos Warter 96813, HIFamily Medicine1558302802
Gary Roy Johnson 96744, HIFamily Medicine1093758633
Robert Clarence Johnson 96778, HIFamily Medicine1134163629
Steven Rogoff 96754, HIFamily Medicine1487698924
Charles Andrew Rogers 96766, HIFamily Medicine1023052826
Pearl City Medical Associates, Inc. 96701, HIFamily Medicine1962446609
Carol Dexter Hayes 96777, HIFamily Medicine1386680916
Diane Nagasaka 96793, HIFamily Medicine1144256603
Margaret Johnston-kitazawa 98404, HIFamily Medicine1841220183
Robert B Hollander 96743, HIFamily Medicine1538191358
James P Demetriou 82941, HIFamily Medicine1447298583
Curtis Takemoto- Gentile 96826, HIFamily Medicine1831135169
Laurie W. Hopman 96720, HIFamily Medicine1356395834
Graham T Chelius 96796, HIFamily Medicine1063459311
Maui Medical Group Inc 96793, HIFamily Medicine1215963970
Alice C Svoboda 96790, HIFamily Medicine1780629543
Bhawesh Patel 96813, HIFamily Medicine1386685352
Mark Andrew Doane 96789, HIFamily Medicine1902836935
Raymond J. Martinez 96766, HIFamily Medicine1427080878
Megan Patricia Wright 96793, HIFamily Medicine1902821341
Ma Rosario Guzman 96793, HIFamily Medicine1538184221
David S Dean 96761, HIFamily Medicine1942227517
Jinichi Tokeshi 96817, HIFamily Medicine1265451405
Glenn Joseph Morrison 96813, HIFamily Medicine1093735037
Glenn M Shiotani 96793, HIFamily Medicine1649290545
Bret W. Flynn 96813, HIFamily Medicine1497776934
Jonathan Pederson 96734, HIFamily Medicine1164446050
Dorothyann M Lindes 96821, HIFamily Medicine1104832468
Timothy Shoji Hiura 96797, HIFamily Medicine1588670756
Kim M Wischman 96822, HIFamily Medicine1578570628
Tiffany Ck Forman 96789, HIFamily Medicine1275542714
Alex M Aberin 96720, HIFamily Medicine1992717854
Alean I Cook-palmer 96792, HIFamily Medicine1366454290
Rachel Tortolini 96706, HIFamily Medicine1932212370
Benjamin J Chun 96792, HIFamily Medicine1336254044
Christopher D Brace 96825, HIFamily Medicine1194831537
Arthur R Hori 96825, HIFamily Medicine1710093042
Jason Tai Pang Lam 96786, HIFamily Medicine1114033040
Angel Castro Cunanan 96792, HIFamily Medicine1295841104
Summer Reiko Teruya 96712, HIFamily Medicine1578679668
Dan K K Kwok 96814, HIFamily Medicine1619084159
Hui No Ke Ola Pono, Inc. 96793, HIFamily Medicine1881701357
Delana Jean Phillips 96740, HIFamily Medicine1093731002
Hart Legrand Miller 96778, HIFamily Medicine1831109933
Sebastian R Schnellbacher 96859, HIFamily Medicine1164537759
Charles Glenn Dundas 96720, HIFamily Medicine1285647826
Debbie L Atkinson 96792, HIFamily Medicine1700800588
Christopher M. Marsh 96814, HIFamily Medicine1225144512
Lydia Rolita 96789, HIFamily Medicine1588697494
Waianae District Comprehensive Health And Hospital Board, Inc 96792, HIFamily Medicine1275566424
Anne Biedel 96761, HIFamily Medicine1114944832
Richard Lee-ching 96720, HIFamily Medicine1174630727
Nancy Elizabeth Long 96793, HIFamily Medicine1952418287
Susan Margaret Cauley 96720, HIFamily Medicine1881701076
Izumi Sidney Kobashigawa 96817, HIFamily Medicine1366550865
Wesley Palmer 96853, HIFamily Medicine1770692642
Dominador Diokno Genio 96740, HIFamily Medicine1386754257
Rene A. Vega 96814, HIFamily Medicine1801908439
Sylvia R Sonnenschein 96755, HIFamily Medicine1932203080
Bridget Collins 96766, HIFamily Medicine1992800403
Eric K.s. Yee 96825, HIFamily Medicine1467557009
Steven J. Penner 96705, HIFamily Medicine1235234303
James R Best 96707, HIFamily Medicine1043315757
Bernard K Chun 96813, HIFamily Medicine1972609519
Yasushi John Hori 96815, HIFamily Medicine1255437232
James H. T. Tan 23462, HIFamily Medicine1841398518
John Jeffrey Ryan 96734, HIFamily Medicine1659478519
William Edward Bloedon 96753, HIFamily Medicine1336246693
Choon Kia Yeo 96817, HIFamily Medicine1487751285
Masaki Takai 96707, HIFamily Medicine1619075769
Linda Chiu Hole 96704, HIFamily Medicine1992803068
Galen A. Wiger 96761, HIFamily Medicine1699874172
Glenn M Stahl 96744, HIFamily Medicine1174622567
Lois L. W. Gregg 96743, HIFamily Medicine1184723561
Jeffrey R. Tolan 96743, HIFamily Medicine1245339639
James Steven Morrison 96734, HIFamily Medicine1700985207
Lily J. Gillespie 96720, HIFamily Medicine1649370412
Andrew William Nichols 96822, HIFamily Medicine1093815813
Thornton Vern Dilcher 96712, HIFamily Medicine1891895629
Darcel S. Gilbert 96761, HIFamily Medicine1740380518
Allan B. Chun 96734, HIFamily Medicine1750481560
Wilfred C. Alik 96731, HIFamily Medicine1366542060


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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