Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
James Michael Matheu 60178, ILFamily Medicine1154313906
Shad S Ahmad 60047, ILFamily Medicine1417941725
Dorothea Poulos 60123, ILFamily Medicine1003804519
Victor H Colin 60123, ILFamily Medicine1659369163
Jeanene Marie Caccopola 60010, ILFamily Medicine1093704439
Helen Elaine Steele 92708, ILFamily Medicine1548243694
Mauverine Jo Hall 27610, ILFamily Medicine1609854124
Taher Anwar Sobhy 60031, ILFamily Medicine1679558068
Iram Shaikh-abbasi 60527, ILFamily Medicine1093782146
Yousuf Mohammed 60451, ILFamily Medicine1386615607
Juan C Hernandez 61021, ILFamily Medicine1780650176
John Gregory Selgestad 61021, ILFamily Medicine1518935014
Tammy J Homman 61021, ILFamily Medicine1558337956
Chung S Rim 60142, ILFamily Medicine1922073501
Ramiro O Mercado 60622, ILFamily Medicine1558329276
Metodia J Webster 62052, ILFamily Medicine1427013648
Reginald A Ebirim 54961, ILFamily Medicine1396702957
Ayesha Ali 46227, ILFamily Medicine1962453456
John J Bollig 24501, ILFamily Medicine1720031487
Rita Melgarejo-glaab 60632, ILFamily Medicine1467400721
Saleem Shahzad 60477, ILFamily Medicine1588616296
Yasmeen J Hasan 60098, ILFamily Medicine1811955636
Charles Semones 31634, ILFamily Medicine1639110687
Pushpa Krishnasami 95035, ILFamily Medicine1033156435
Blanca M Baldoceda 60402, ILFamily Medicine1871533703
Peter Jurgen Kiefer 60016, ILFamily Medicine1386688158
Wasim Khawaja 60461, ILFamily Medicine1750322491
Timothy E Morthland 62946, ILFamily Medicine1255375515
Jignasa Puri 60506, ILFamily Medicine1447283908
Shawn Youngs 95757, ILFamily Medicine1063447944
Manoj Mathew 60712, ILFamily Medicine1144336009
Thomas Hatley 62626, ILFamily Medicine1326073073
Rhonda Yvette Gans 60615, ILFamily Medicine1003830670
Rodrigo Bastidas 60142, ILFamily Medicine1255350666
Mazhar Hussain Zaidi 60051, ILFamily Medicine1093729501
Leena H Nayak 60605, ILFamily Medicine1932131992
Douglas Kabbes 61938, ILFamily Medicine1558386961
Catherine Ann Plonka 60640, ILFamily Medicine1376551960
Saira Wahab-silas 62656, ILFamily Medicine1770501595
Michelle B Burns 60423, ILFamily Medicine1598780942
Raza Mehdi 92562, ILFamily Medicine1902890296
Clare Legursky 60098, ILFamily Medicine1417059007
Robert Andrew Mehl 84604, ILFamily Medicine1376648212
Gary John Cianci 29412, ILFamily Medicine1710062575
Michael D Ottney 61832, ILFamily Medicine1558460477
Anne Nicole Nash 62269, ILFamily Medicine1558440776
Charles K. Barron 60461, ILFamily Medicine1457433039
James L Woodman 60098, ILFamily Medicine1932201555
Jordan Goodman 60914, ILFamily Medicine1538244389
Elgin Family Physicians, Sc 60123, ILFamily Medicine1285745125
Emerito Fernandez Ureta 62088, ILFamily Medicine1558441394
Maria Brown 46360, ILFamily Medicine1932290343
Regina J Kim 60611, ILFamily Medicine1386746311
Vicente Cardenas 60608, ILFamily Medicine1417025842
Ronak Kedia 33027, ILFamily Medicine1801280888
Sathyavani M. Ramanujam 48236, ILFamily Medicine1902970411
Brenda Jean Sikorski 60202, ILFamily Medicine1649310905
Paulo Roberto Kossatz Michelini 61636, ILFamily Medicine1164916706
Asif N Daud 60617, ILFamily Medicine1497872766
David John Dormandy 14221, ILFamily Medicine1316328776
Anthony Leminh Truong 62208, ILFamily Medicine1518020353
Raja Adnan Sadiq 61832, ILFamily Medicine1255488896
Estrella Matyas 60612, ILFamily Medicine1912063579
Eric Beaver 73127, ILFamily Medicine1669866737
Tonya Schreder 60181, ILFamily Medicine1972664902
Michael H. Simpson 46342, ILFamily Medicine1194895680
Lianne Holloway 60450, ILFamily Medicine1619000932
Blake Conley Rodgers 62269, ILFamily Medicine1366501140
Amanda Wright 72923, ILFamily Medicine1942404884
Christina Arellano 60804, ILFamily Medicine1396907796
Tamajah Marie Jordan 60402, ILFamily Medicine1093931198
May Kim 75028, ILFamily Medicine1386844744
Humera Khan 60202, ILFamily Medicine1821280256
Sreela Namboodiri 60611, ILFamily Medicine1831517754
Erick F Rivas 33027, ILFamily Medicine1851591044
Victor Hugo Espinosa 33486, ILFamily Medicine1013036359
Baby Min Than 60098, ILFamily Medicine1033371554
Jacob P Doering 77339, ILFamily Medicine1598887333
Fayez Mekhael Nagib Mekhael 60490, ILFamily Medicine1235329384
Parveen Vora 92840, ILFamily Medicine1215134689
Bernie Ranchero 61938, ILFamily Medicine1568656445
Maria T Perez 60612, ILFamily Medicine1285811166
Shruti Bahadur 60012, ILFamily Medicine1508035304
Boguslaw S Bonczak 60012, ILFamily Medicine1881893303
Japhlet Leomil Rubio Aranas 60056, ILFamily Medicine1992900609
Nicole M Chickris-bollaert 61265, ILFamily Medicine1922329507
Iryna Serembytsky 60546, ILFamily Medicine1134415979
Jawwad Hussain 60655, ILFamily Medicine1336434935
Gurpawan Dhaliwal 32819, ILFamily Medicine1871889816
Chintalben D Shah 78251, ILFamily Medicine1033419551
Shamaila Haris 95242, ILFamily Medicine1194037010
Shyam Patel 46394, ILFamily Medicine1871974709
Magdalena M Rutkowski 53151, ILFamily Medicine1487960019
Jonathan E Walters 62960, ILFamily Medicine1427286038
Sabrina Antonina Indyk 60016, ILFamily Medicine1124256136
Sarah Jahns Kidder 60615, ILFamily Medicine1629204961
Sarah Nicole Kinsey 60625, ILFamily Medicine1619105491
Lawrence Mclean Gibbs 75237, ILFamily Medicine1326275660
Kristin M Baier 60301, ILFamily Medicine1316236987
Emilee Jo Bocker 61310, ILFamily Medicine1265726327
Allison Gajownik 60175, ILFamily Medicine1760968663
Kate H.a. Liu 60189, ILFamily Medicine1982925657
Jobin Koshy John 60612, ILFamily Medicine1376870311
Jaime A Martinez 61920, ILFamily Medicine1962713909
Cherie Renee Gilleon 60640, ILFamily Medicine1962638148
Pooja Srinivas Dewilde 60142, ILFamily Medicine1194006742
Joan V Alvarado 61920, ILFamily Medicine1033430624
Nicole Amalia Malek 60659, ILFamily Medicine1235385220
Nastane Le Bec 60637, ILFamily Medicine1518123843
Jose L Huerta Suarez 60622, ILFamily Medicine1407089394
Anita Rani Bhardwaj 60073, ILFamily Medicine1023264819
Seit Wong 60607, ILFamily Medicine1669415055
Saima Safdar 60461, ILFamily Medicine1336449214
Joseph Franklin Maides 27603, ILFamily Medicine1639304355
Titilayo Colette Abiona 60423, ILFamily Medicine1407086515
Primecare Community Health, Inc. 60634, ILFamily Medicine1437440229
Casey Kelley 60618, ILFamily Medicine1942435573
Val Valencia 60068, ILFamily Medicine1285995779
Uwa Kalu 60050, ILFamily Medicine1508093527
Wendy Devonne Frazier 62225, ILFamily Medicine1629332127
Yasmeen Jamal Khan 60515, ILFamily Medicine1255673570
Aneta Monika Kowalska 61615, ILFamily Medicine1063754158
Julie Phuong Thao Lu 92105, ILFamily Medicine1619210614
Jacqueline Michelle Allen 90015, ILFamily Medicine1275979965
Jordan Taylor Stouffer 99506, ILFamily Medicine1447696075
Lindsay Marie Martin-engel 75180, ILFamily Medicine1942647250
Derek Lee 02760, ILFamily Medicine1174961262
Alexandra Charlotte Bosse 53051, ILFamily Medicine1457791436
Fariha Sehyr Bhatti 60521, ILFamily Medicine1447663638
Mack Andelin Peterson 96368, ILFamily Medicine1396159521
Alan Bordon 96368, ILFamily Medicine1225442528
Lee Jordan 96368, ILFamily Medicine1205240439
Andrea Michelle Feijoo 60647, ILFamily Medicine1578977062
Jeffrey Rosenblatt 60639, ILFamily Medicine1508283722
Ravin Patel 11373, ILFamily Medicine1245647510
Pamela Renee Milano 62901, ILFamily Medicine1770966137
Olga Nydia Miranda Vicente 33136, ILFamily Medicine1013335579
Samir Naser Shahen 60622, ILFamily Medicine1558773663
Diana Marta Fatyga 60202, ILFamily Medicine1720490741
Jarrett Gillette 32086, ILFamily Medicine1417362740
Nimmy Thomas Thakolkaran 60612, ILFamily Medicine1255746376
Britain Ann Lundin O'connor 54235, ILFamily Medicine1609281765
Manish Rochwani 53168, ILFamily Medicine1841605425
Ankitaben Han 60482, ILFamily Medicine1962817494
Stephanie Maria Streufert 80634, ILFamily Medicine1336535228
Ryan J Golden 60045, ILFamily Medicine1477947745
Tyson Stock 60657, ILFamily Medicine1114366788
Meera Sharma 60641, ILFamily Medicine1538541388
Katie Longo 32216, ILFamily Medicine1538541768
Timothy Warren Damrow 60950, ILFamily Medicine1225418981
Zazi Onike Nylander 30338, ILFamily Medicine1528451291
Errin Manney 60628, ILFamily Medicine1912386236
Gillian Eastman 60607, ILFamily Medicine1346668415
Latoya Cecelia Epps-scott 30165, ILFamily Medicine1841684198
Joyce Johnson 61021, ILFamily Medicine1033464987
Allison Marie Schnitzler 60108, ILFamily Medicine1922492396
Kevin Allan Lenkart 60190, ILFamily Medicine1649652389
Sander Rubin 60555, ILFamily Medicine1871905703
Raju Kirtikumar Shah 60525, ILFamily Medicine1669888491
Muhammad H Ul Islam 63385, ILFamily Medicine1861752685
Karissa Leeann Monney 60548, ILFamily Medicine1891175576
Lucia Gleason 60614, ILFamily Medicine1487031407
Lalida Chupatanakul 85297, ILFamily Medicine1235572991
Ghislaine Belen Balharry 60622, ILFamily Medicine1235541392
Gabriel Carpio-bracho 92604, ILFamily Medicine1700226669
Mario Lopez 33140, ILFamily Medicine1316380819
Khyati Talati 23518, ILFamily Medicine1134534167
Rebecca Janna Krasaeath 60622, ILFamily Medicine1184010993
Naeem Iqbal Patel 62526, ILFamily Medicine1902287956
Vpa Pc 60181, ILFamily Medicine1174925663
Ramil M Francisco 60064, ILFamily Medicine1972730273
Imari Patel Shah 60187, ILFamily Medicine1366822975
Heli A Desai 60098, ILFamily Medicine1467866418
Syed H Rahman 01841, ILFamily Medicine1497160352
Priyanka Naik 98125, ILFamily Medicine1467899963
John Ryan Hayes 53212, ILFamily Medicine1497097141
Shan Shan Xie 60609, ILFamily Medicine1649682675
Sarah Marie Valliere 10453, ILFamily Medicine1275929499
Ray Andrew Mendez 60608, ILFamily Medicine1043697816
Yousuf Baig 48342, ILFamily Medicine1881957611
Joseph Lee Medellin 17403, ILFamily Medicine1487073433
Magda Zarif Gabriel 60137, ILFamily Medicine1205275807
Gail Nkolika Ukatu 10027, ILFamily Medicine1356784383
Julia Gold 60647, ILFamily Medicine1578902409
Fatima Ahmed 60123, ILFamily Medicine1164787263
Joanne Debrah 60123, ILFamily Medicine1942646518
Shipra Sabharwal 60453, ILFamily Medicine1891132395
Khalid Mostafa Sonbol 62948, ILFamily Medicine1750796629
Raja Kumari Vaidadi 62948, ILFamily Medicine1588918395
Joe V Yohannan 62948, ILFamily Medicine1003163148
Alhang Sanyo Konyak 61104, ILFamily Medicine1225266992
Zinal Soni 76119, ILFamily Medicine1720342405
Rasha William Atallah 60459, ILFamily Medicine1750768685
Dionna Lomax 60628, ILFamily Medicine1639336399
Kiran Choudhry 60515, ILFamily Medicine1992142376
Sameena Jawed 60102, ILFamily Medicine1235542077
Jeanne Gambucci 55406, ILFamily Medicine1134532864
Shagufta Naaz Khader 60188, ILFamily Medicine1851704043
Nathan Mekhaeil 32114, ILFamily Medicine1619383924
Eva Ratajczak 32086, ILFamily Medicine1063829927


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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