Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Keith Gregory Ramsey 70560, LAFamily Medicine1710928874
Renee B Hickson 70501, LAFamily Medicine1356300776
Randal Courtney Harris 70560, LAFamily Medicine1265887582
Jason Valls 70582, LAFamily Medicine1245267244
Madeleine Leefe Maras 70427, LAFamily Medicine1538663372
J Foster Chapman 71459, LAFamily Medicine1154467058
James Oliver Moore 70791, LAFamily Medicine1851711360
Brandon Michael Gil 70301, LAFamily Medicine1770903205
Parham Bahador 71301, LAFamily Medicine1518352954
Christina Marie Pevey 71301, LAFamily Medicine1780048298
Mandeep Kaur Suri 33177, LAFamily Medicine1710341235
Loi Le 70816, LAFamily Medicine1730543232
Tms Of Louisiana 70508, LAFamily Medicine1548893043
Tyler Kennedy Hinson 71465, LAFamily Medicine1558892976
Ryan Lee Basquez 70112, LAFamily Medicine1417488826
Ashton Adekunle Adekanmbi 70607, LAFamily Medicine1548791940
Jasmin Monique Demerson 70607, LAFamily Medicine1396276713
Rachal Michelle Crum 30165, LAFamily Medicine1407385511
Brian T Callihan 70806, LAFamily Medicine1528452026
Strawberry Patch Pediatrics Llc 70454, LAFamily Medicine1346895638
Edison L Ong 70510, LAFamily Medicine1598794406
Nima Allen Alinejad 89052, LAFamily Medicine1043310808
Mercy Physician Practices Llc 70586, LAFamily Medicine1598885832
Lisa Deshun Smart 71201, LAFamily Medicine1790291342
Morehouse Parish Hospital Service District 1 71220, LAFamily Medicine1891013496
Raynando Lamour Banks 70806, LAFamily Medicine1952339533
Thomas Anthony Caton 97439, LAFamily Medicine1346532108
Shery Cherian 70601, LAFamily Medicine1467602714
David Allan Longmire 70808, LAFamily Medicine1477877264
Monali Pandya 43123, LAFamily Medicine1194111997
Madeleine Trang Nguyen 70791, LAFamily Medicine1164765285
Myia E Bozeman 70754, LAFamily Medicine1184110611
Danielle Marie Fuselier 70526, LAFamily Medicine1376997841
Andrew Michael Parks 70760, LAFamily Medicine1710372974
Heather Shunta Hill 35007, LAFamily Medicine1629240999
Rachael Kermis 70809, LAFamily Medicine1265886303
Katherine Raia Whittaker 70809, LAFamily Medicine1447645197
Clayton F Runfalo 70737, LAFamily Medicine1477895225
Lacy Little Knowles 90045, LAFamily Medicine1952660599
Matthew Bryant Blanchard 27203, LAFamily Medicine1821357591
Charles Ray Halliburton 77304, LAFamily Medicine1831630151
Lija L Thomas 75601, LAFamily Medicine1891135125
Caremore Health Medical Partners, Pc 46240, LAFamily Medicine1124640503
Wellness & Health Clinic Llc 70810, LAFamily Medicine1033720826
Robert Sudduth 70726, LAFamily Medicine1639602253
Audrey Billeaud Gleaton 29036, LAFamily Medicine1487048914
Jeremy S Knott 70584, LAFamily Medicine1841724507
Maryann Sandy 78738, LAFamily Medicine1053738971
Cory Lemoine 70518, LAFamily Medicine1760836597
Katherine L Crifasi 18017, LAFamily Medicine1326421876
Hammad Masoodi 70808, LAFamily Medicine1558776187
Smita Reshma Prasad 70403, LAFamily Medicine1285078709
Storie Melancon 70808, LAFamily Medicine1740702612
Jeffrey Mark Burnham 70836, LAFamily Medicine1295729481
Aarti Kanwal Attreya-latuso 71291, LAFamily Medicine1538514799
Mitch Montelaro 70805, LAFamily Medicine1801814991
James A Taylor 70726, LAFamily Medicine1124025283
Lawrence Anthony Ramirez 78419, LAFamily Medicine1669489175
Juan C Martinez 70403, LAFamily Medicine1194913335
Marcus L. Pittman, 70433, LAFamily Medicine1609924919
Jeremy Curtis Dornier 35121, LAFamily Medicine1043751365
Hoangvy Le 90249, LAFamily Medicine1841619095
Keith James Lacour 32610, LAFamily Medicine1518182500
David Lanson 70112, LAFamily Medicine1093728362
David Jeffrey Mohr 70427, LAFamily Medicine1386687200
Cori Runfalo Sumrall 70427, LAFamily Medicine1336672823
Vanessa Cortes De Jorge 70458, LAFamily Medicine1760794895
Molly Henderson Maranto 71111, LAFamily Medicine1497788517
Julie Chun 71111, LAFamily Medicine1245641554
Patrick H Deere 71111, LAFamily Medicine1477526275
William F. Maranto 71111, LAFamily Medicine1124016985
Robert Kirk Saucier 71111, LAFamily Medicine1659369411
Michael Alon Angelo 71111, LAFamily Medicine1295723955
Bossier Family Medicine, Llc 71111, LAFamily Medicine1003032236
Ursula Maroski Carlisle 71078, LAFamily Medicine1770083909
Jennifer O'neal 71078, LAFamily Medicine1275929929
Ashley Alysse Sommerhalder 78257, LAFamily Medicine1720408727
Ashanti Elena Smith 70506, LAFamily Medicine1073821567
Houston Gordon Bonnyman 70119, LAFamily Medicine1215222765
Baton Rouge General Physicians, Inc. 70809, LAFamily Medicine1992729560
Richard Michael Jeansonne 70471, LAFamily Medicine1467468447
Shannon Haas 70471, LAFamily Medicine1710205034
Peter T Braud 70433, LAFamily Medicine1831548445
Ryan Christian White 70427, LAFamily Medicine1063754596
Garland Edward Anderson 70427, LAFamily Medicine1750680567
Christian Docena 45069, LAFamily Medicine1689061848
Cesar Z Gonzales 71291, LAFamily Medicine1629270962
Stephen Patrick Mcculloh 70754, LAFamily Medicine1346563020
Gpn leesville, Llc 71446, LAFamily Medicine1366929432
Chelcie D Langlois 70769, LAFamily Medicine1477107290
Glenn John Barras 70346, LAFamily Medicine1073975595
Jeffrey John Combetta 71295, LAFamily Medicine1740310754
David Hong Pham 77450, LAFamily Medicine1770659765
Haroon Iqbal 68510, LAFamily Medicine1407309479
Gordon H Clark 80828, LAFamily Medicine1265546014
Caroline S. Battles 71483, LAFamily Medicine1316966401
Jennifer Jo-ann Rajkumar 33606, LAFamily Medicine1659632842
Alicia Ortiz 80631, LAFamily Medicine1740643238
Ryan Rhodes 70403, LAFamily Medicine1245674118
Mark Stephen Daunis 70403, LAFamily Medicine1215992813
Minden Physician Practices Llc 71055, LAFamily Medicine1497986764
Lisa Breaux Black 70360, LAFamily Medicine1851484307
Farhan Siddiqui 70403, LAFamily Medicine1033537865
Mathew C Erickson 71340, LAFamily Medicine1265642508
Brady Randolph Drapekin 71301, LAFamily Medicine1194189399
Sara Beth Doguet 70592, LAFamily Medicine1396010690
Susan E Uhrich 70506, LAFamily Medicine1619182045
Falon A. Perrin 70508, LAFamily Medicine1134488893
Michelle Mireille Davis 70006, LAFamily Medicine1104898576
Jessica Miller 70764, LAFamily Medicine1356703755
Dian Horton 77802, LAFamily Medicine1447781273
Yang-ying Lin 57401, LAFamily Medicine1861923211
Sadiqa Boura 37204, LAFamily Medicine1770945149
Riaz Ul Haque 77584, LAFamily Medicine1881697852
Jefferson Community Health Care Centers Inc 70094, LAFamily Medicine1891831376
Stephen Lambert 70461, LAFamily Medicine1609317999
Greene Family Medicine, Apmc 70570, LAFamily Medicine1447374137
Veronica Pricillia Allen 89048, LAFamily Medicine1114241130
Marilyn Dianne Marshall 70510, LAFamily Medicine1467446161
James R Landry 72543, LAFamily Medicine1306868674
Richard Alexander Pearson 49341, LAFamily Medicine1902148729
Olamide Olu Joshua 39232, LAFamily Medicine1356705487
Ravindrakumar Alagugurusamy 37129, LAFamily Medicine1164884565
Ray Anthony Quebedeaux 70506, LAFamily Medicine1346508777
James Michael Robinson 70810, LAFamily Medicine1073991535
Meighan Anderson 70592, LAFamily Medicine1326401365
Daniel Salmeron 39503, LAFamily Medicine1073551511
Matthew Mack Abraham 70508, LAFamily Medicine1174511794
Corey Gardner 98271, LAFamily Medicine1235512450
Darrin D Menard 70506, LAFamily Medicine1417982422
Palliative Medicine Of Acadiana 70518, LAFamily Medicine1780148197
Noel M. Garcia 89086, LAFamily Medicine1710144860
Kimberly Tran 70560, LAFamily Medicine1629310412
Payal Daya 70506, LAFamily Medicine1033649348
Rafael Paula 33908, LAFamily Medicine1033315940
James M. Mwatibo 70506, LAFamily Medicine1710975487
Wesley Adams 20037, LAFamily Medicine1417452459
Ryan John Edwards 70546, LAFamily Medicine1619355252
Kelly Reed Lodgen 71295, LAFamily Medicine1912385527
Alex Anderson 70605, LAFamily Medicine1295155778
Meaghan Primm 13069, LAFamily Medicine1992259451
Michael Bacon 70121, LAFamily Medicine1184165425
Joseph Brantley Dressler 70607, LAFamily Medicine1245768472
Christian Jon Leblanc 70605, LAFamily Medicine1689115966
Deanna Joy Daigrepont 70605, LAFamily Medicine1275061491
Rebecca Braud 70663, LAFamily Medicine1063787349
Yubaraja Bhattarai 75252, LAFamily Medicine1649481193
Leonard John Giuffreda 21229, LAFamily Medicine1629384581
Brian Nabil Talleur 95242, LAFamily Medicine1659791101
Ronald Jack Morgan 39648, LAFamily Medicine1699759704
Allegiance Hospital Of Many Llc 71449, LAFamily Medicine1275010712
George Wyatt Webb 76092, LAFamily Medicine1750481537
Seth Adam Gursky 80016, LAFamily Medicine1992063192
Jennifer Lynn Driver 70115, LAFamily Medicine1588076608
Charlene Chan 70117, LAFamily Medicine1801250220
Justin Kyle Cutrer 70808, LAFamily Medicine1720518764
Victor J. Weaver 85741, LAFamily Medicine1316914872
Brian Templet 93246, LAFamily Medicine1871957415
Kevin Stephens 60617, LAFamily Medicine1770977662
Sagie Moshe Henig 70112, LAFamily Medicine1841728383
Daniel Isaac Piotter 71103, LAFamily Medicine1225490600
Sreekanth R Depa 71201, LAFamily Medicine1487821898
Christopher Shane Blomberg 39452, LAFamily Medicine1982023149
Sophia Tayebeh Shokouh-amiri 71103, LAFamily Medicine1134516578
Shivlal Pandey 71201, LAFamily Medicine1811330160
Emily Anne Davis Kinney 71418, LAFamily Medicine1073856670
Samina Fakhr 30060, LAFamily Medicine1831359256
Hni Medical Services At Glenwood, Llc 71291, LAFamily Medicine1669962064
Minh Q Mai 77014, LAFamily Medicine1427248970
Eduardo Sandoval 03060, LAFamily Medicine1811315369
Rhiju Poudel 71201, LAFamily Medicine1255863502
Kenneth Andrew Pearson 25304, LAFamily Medicine1679701023
Pavana Naga Gopi Krishna Tirumanisetti 71603, LAFamily Medicine1083920086
Norman Boyd Williams 71201, LAFamily Medicine1790728228
Todd D. Gaddis 44131, LAFamily Medicine1306842935
Gary Wayne Lowder 71201, LAFamily Medicine1275652877
Ruma Dahal 22601, LAFamily Medicine1376858498
Trinath Kuruvella 61008, LAFamily Medicine1841619863
Tejal Jetha 71201, LAFamily Medicine1134384613
Arthur H Toups 24219, LAFamily Medicine1124339882
Brad Ramsey 70808, LAFamily Medicine1265744270
Brett C. Butler 71822, LAFamily Medicine1477507333
Michael D Morris 70047, LAFamily Medicine1609824234
Mark Edward Clawson 70546, LAFamily Medicine1073600086
Darrin Jackson 70458, LAFamily Medicine1407296775
Keidra Albertine Welch-spencer 70563, LAFamily Medicine1699831552
Beverly B. Yount 70115, LAFamily Medicine1285785972
Meredith Lewis Maxwell 70115, LAFamily Medicine1689845406
Chizoba Nicole Okechukwu 54880, LAFamily Medicine1356737555
Jay St. John 70115, LAFamily Medicine1578820619
Jason Robert Deleon 70119, LAFamily Medicine1497073787
Teresa Dawn Summers 32405, LAFamily Medicine1992026751
Krystle Miles 60302, LAFamily Medicine1407219124
Kenshata Mignon Watkins 94597, LAFamily Medicine1245573393
Danita Anderson 70119, LAFamily Medicine1982702486
Phong Tuan Dam 77047, LAFamily Medicine1750855300
Michelle An Fish 33143, LAFamily Medicine1518195106
Laurence Durante 70121, LAFamily Medicine1821185380
Clare Farrell 70124, LAFamily Medicine1710252069
Eric Jacob Greenberg 48067, LAFamily Medicine1144562968


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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