Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Paul A Lagac 01077, MAFamily Medicine1154324390
Laura Smith Emmick 03861, MAFamily Medicine1427051507
Gail B Fayre 01950, MAFamily Medicine1205839784
Mari K Thomas 01821, MAFamily Medicine1215930698
Jeffrey Arthur Migdow 01240, MAFamily Medicine1649273970
Salah Abass 01844, MAFamily Medicine1417959776
Dennis R Callen 02790, MAFamily Medicine1790787752
David Farzan 01841, MAFamily Medicine1093719924
Michael Giorgetti 01841, MAFamily Medicine1821092776
Scott D Lauermann 02720, MAFamily Medicine1861494825
Karen Ingrid Hunt 01841, MAFamily Medicine1891799524
Christopher Lebo 02726, MAFamily Medicine1477558823
George J Papanicolaou 01969, MAFamily Medicine1265437511
Kelli Alisa Strauss 21742, MAFamily Medicine1033114244
Allen Wilson Ditto 21742, MAFamily Medicine1497750707
Stephen Elliot Metzner 21742, MAFamily Medicine1851396089
Judiann Mcghee 01950, MAFamily Medicine1902801780
Randolph S. Powers 01960, MAFamily Medicine1962407536
Timothy J Eddy 01440, MAFamily Medicine1376549584
Erin F Heiskell 01938, MAFamily Medicine1033115175
Christopher Matthew Bositis 01841, MAFamily Medicine1427054493
John N Pandiscio 01748, MAFamily Medicine1740286715
Macario Cudiamat Corpuz 01005, MAFamily Medicine1740286657
Gary M Cummins 02703, MAFamily Medicine1992701775
Bradford Daniel Kney 02721, MAFamily Medicine1912903709
Joseph Albert Ackil 02131, MAFamily Medicine1043216765
Parul I Desai 02481, MAFamily Medicine1215933965
Curtis P Ersing 01938, MAFamily Medicine1356347405
Joel J Hass 02563, MAFamily Medicine1396741963
Chinyere Mmaku Ofurum-ononiwu 02370, MAFamily Medicine1023575081
Jackie S Fantes 02128, MAFamily Medicine1275530719
Carrie J. Diramio 01588, MAFamily Medicine1790782993
Manuela Mendes 02721, MAFamily Medicine1912904988
Susan N Thompson 01230, MAFamily Medicine1104824804
Scott P. Corkins 02061, MAFamily Medicine1578560488
Valerie Heemstra 02169, MAFamily Medicine1649278136
Giro Richard Samale 01201, MAFamily Medicine1447258561
Richard M. Glatz 01841, MAFamily Medicine1053310797
Stephen Lewis Kisiel 01201, MAFamily Medicine1043219470
Oak Hill Clinic Corp 25901, MAFamily Medicine1336148931
Peter M Barker 01907, MAFamily Medicine1568461580
Kathleen K Dann 01002, MAFamily Medicine1285634170
Keith C Nobil 01907, MAFamily Medicine1033118948
Thomas A Groblewski 01915, MAFamily Medicine1265431134
Mark Harold Allen 01301, MAFamily Medicine1285633198
Paul S Baecher 01002, MAFamily Medicine1558360487
Lawrence H Bernstein 01020, MAFamily Medicine1093715906
Steven B. Esrick 01062, MAFamily Medicine1154321875
David Kaufman 01062, MAFamily Medicine1083614325
Paul Edward Turnquist 01950, MAFamily Medicine1013917376
Marguerite C Gump 01301, MAFamily Medicine1982604328
Laura B Zucker 02476, MAFamily Medicine1396745766
Ross Sanford Midler 01002, MAFamily Medicine1740280023
Richard Grad Traister 01950, MAFamily Medicine1023018298
Glenn E Miskovsky 01002, MAFamily Medicine1063412344
Christine Valdes 01906, MAFamily Medicine1760482962
Chinh Van Le 02124, MAFamily Medicine1154321347
Henry Eric Simkin 01062, MAFamily Medicine1336149384
Paul Steven Thaler 01062, MAFamily Medicine1538169594
Ronda A Rockett 02481, MAFamily Medicine1093716821
Wayne J Altman 02476, MAFamily Medicine1568463479
Jeffrey Paul Palmer 01301, MAFamily Medicine1255331336
Timothy E Soule-regine 01331, MAFamily Medicine1588664247
Donald E Mruk 01331, MAFamily Medicine1114927878
Jeffrey Samuel Gold 01945, MAFamily Medicine1760481642
Sini Poulose 01940, MAFamily Medicine1700885639
Melanie R Levitan 01238, MAFamily Medicine1063413979
Highland Primary Care Associates Inc 01950, MAFamily Medicine1225038417
David Chodirker 02481, MAFamily Medicine1972504504
Granite Medical Group Inc 02169, MAFamily Medicine1659372902
Cara D Marshall 01841, MAFamily Medicine1609877927
Mark F Lepore 01841, MAFamily Medicine1154322360
Daniel F Melville 02130, MAFamily Medicine1346241569
George Joseph Silva 02649, MAFamily Medicine1922000769
Richard S Warner 01370, MAFamily Medicine1578565297
Wendy Brooks Barr 01841, MAFamily Medicine1427050939
Pamela L. Grimaldi 01005, MAFamily Medicine1023010402
Orthopaedic Associates Of Allentown 18104, MAFamily Medicine1801888987
Stanley E. Sagov 02476, MAFamily Medicine1851383756
Elisa Marie Deangelis 20007, MAFamily Medicine1326030925
Barbara Lillian Rosenthal 05201, MAFamily Medicine1316939754
Katrin Schneck 01841, MAFamily Medicine1679565923
Caren G Jacobson 01841, MAFamily Medicine1992797245
Eloise Edgings-pryce 01841, MAFamily Medicine1245223585
Lgh Physician Associates, Inc 01852, MAFamily Medicine1972596146
Laura M Dunne 18104, MAFamily Medicine1568454890
Alec J Style 01907, MAFamily Medicine1114910130
Robert N. Ulseth, Md, Pc 02332, MAFamily Medicine1356334544
Anthony G Spartos 01907, MAFamily Medicine1760475768
Laurie H Witts 01907, MAFamily Medicine1144213174
Joseph Py 04106, MAFamily Medicine1063405041
Hood Nadeau Llc 02790, MAFamily Medicine1770576282
Gregory Snyder 01915, MAFamily Medicine1063405355
Laurel A Ruzicka 01841, MAFamily Medicine1376544619
Christine Rooney 01843, MAFamily Medicine1063413383
William A Rhodes 02631, MAFamily Medicine1447242235
Shenbagam Dewar 02452, MAFamily Medicine1255323747
Olivera B Boskovska 02301, MAFamily Medicine1811980931
Samantha Brooke Pozner 07901, MAFamily Medicine1225039670
Marnie Lynn Doubek 07901, MAFamily Medicine1720070980
Hugh David Snyder 07901, MAFamily Medicine1376535591
Michael S Kaplan 01238, MAFamily Medicine1326049073
Priscilla Glezen-schneider 07041, MAFamily Medicine1093707812
Shiva Saboori 01841, MAFamily Medicine1376537704
John Pedrotty 02721, MAFamily Medicine1457344863
Henry Vicini 02721, MAFamily Medicine1942294277
Brian David Marriott 02142, MAFamily Medicine1770577926
Joseph Patrick Ordonez 01864, MAFamily Medicine1992799183
Geoffrey Alan Modest 02125, MAFamily Medicine1023002169
Karen J Allard 02375, MAFamily Medicine1194719245
Michael J Smith 02532, MAFamily Medicine1306830484
Carmel M Kelly 02368, MAFamily Medicine1164416228
Ann B Spires 01844, MAFamily Medicine1366436909
Paul Esielionis 01841, MAFamily Medicine1003801523
Thomas Stephen Pearce 01930, MAFamily Medicine1053306589
Sherry A. Graham 01867, MAFamily Medicine1104811611
Annamaria T Cappucci 01841, MAFamily Medicine1831184340
Keith E Nokes 01841, MAFamily Medicine1659366169
Yasmin M Hirji 01843, MAFamily Medicine1982699336
Willard Martin Brown 01103, MAFamily Medicine1679568984
Leonard M Horowitz 01923, MAFamily Medicine1649265844
Gary F Jeznach 01566, MAFamily Medicine1124013305
Bohdan William Kopynec 28338, MAFamily Medicine1184619355
Jeffrey Joseph Jones 01585, MAFamily Medicine1437144011
Michael Chin 02134, MAFamily Medicine1720074164
Mary Catherine Gustilo 02190, MAFamily Medicine1730175142
Jeffrey A Kleiman 02301, MAFamily Medicine1386630713
Christie L Jeffries 06880, MAFamily Medicine1831185123
Internal Medicine & Cardiology Associates 02720, MAFamily Medicine1396731568
Gretchen Louise Kelley 01436, MAFamily Medicine1376539346
Charles L Rollinger 01731, MAFamily Medicine1295721199
Christine Farrell-riley 02124, MAFamily Medicine1992791883
Anthony E Turiano 01810, MAFamily Medicine1821084757
Kiame Jackson Mahaniah 01970, MAFamily Medicine1790771756
Richard Peter Brunswick 01060, MAFamily Medicine1417943382
Bonnie F Cohen 02143, MAFamily Medicine1558357244
Roger A. Pompeo 02025, MAFamily Medicine1710974480
Ellen Cy Kwan 02052, MAFamily Medicine1265429815
Henry Heywood Memorial Hospital 01440, MAFamily Medicine1205823879
Heywood Medical Group Inc. 01440, MAFamily Medicine1699762286
Rodegelio C Estrada 01082, MAFamily Medicine1972590487
Nancy E Brass 02215, MAFamily Medicine1417944927
George P Grillo 01082, MAFamily Medicine1104813666
Aimee June Hromadka 01938, MAFamily Medicine1184611535
Cornerstone Family Practice 01969, MAFamily Medicine1023005493
Carolyn L Augart 01841, MAFamily Medicine1629065040
Thomas George Lareau 01742, MAFamily Medicine1871580035
Asma Khalid 56058, MAFamily Medicine1093702235
Tina Waugh 01915, MAFamily Medicine1174510382
Robert Luby 01841, MAFamily Medicine1508854118
Peter L Rees 01830, MAFamily Medicine1104814870
Barry N. Kaye 02149, MAFamily Medicine1114915709
Geoffrey Michael Burns 02481, MAFamily Medicine1700873130
Anthony Fred Valdini 01841, MAFamily Medicine1144216193
Scott C Early 01901, MAFamily Medicine1043207327
Vincent M Waite 01841, MAFamily Medicine1932194032
Blair Cooke Roberts 01805, MAFamily Medicine1316933005
Martin Lesser 01040, MAFamily Medicine1790779908
Kristin N Schofield 01440, MAFamily Medicine1760479315
Anthony Frisoli 08836, MAFamily Medicine1851385751
Francesco Labbadia 08836, MAFamily Medicine1104810092
Kelly Ann Price 08836, MAFamily Medicine1437143336
Jeffrey G Miner 01890, MAFamily Medicine1760477046
Ellis Nursing Home, Inc. 02062, MAFamily Medicine1790772192
David R Clark 02747, MAFamily Medicine1235126350
John W Bender 02747, MAFamily Medicine1578550695
Charles J Gormley 02747, MAFamily Medicine1558358671
Kathleen M Ankers 01730, MAFamily Medicine1508852328
Winny Ou 02375, MAFamily Medicine1023003274
Jeffrey P Tannenbaum 02341, MAFamily Medicine1699761155
Sara B Karp 02148, MAFamily Medicine1972591451
Beatrix Sylvie Thomas 02180, MAFamily Medicine1255329652
Michael N Doupe 02190, MAFamily Medicine1770571259
John A Gnassi 02149, MAFamily Medicine1629066105
Philip Joseph Bolduc 01610, MAFamily Medicine1669460051
Carol A Oneil 02131, MAFamily Medicine1316935729
Deborah Morone 20007, MAFamily Medicine1821086109
David Buckle 02026, MAFamily Medicine1013905108
Neil F Cannon 01520, MAFamily Medicine1902894017
Lyle G Bohlman 02148, MAFamily Medicine1265420301
John E. Harrington 01475, MAFamily Medicine1245229012
Michael J. Mutchler 01440, MAFamily Medicine1467441279
Hampden County Physician Associates, Llc 01107, MAFamily Medicine1992794770
Michele C. Parker 01440, MAFamily Medicine1104815919
Patricia Ann Sereno 02148, MAFamily Medicine1154310076
Hyoungsup Park 01118, MAFamily Medicine1174512735
Andrea E Gordon 02148, MAFamily Medicine1811986292
Matthew Y Siu 02148, MAFamily Medicine1467441816
Pansy Siu-lai 02148, MAFamily Medicine1376532721
Jennifer R Hartman 01453, MAFamily Medicine1861481160
Harveen Singh 01701, MAFamily Medicine1023007200
Gary H Asher 01462, MAFamily Medicine1689663882
George F Geibel 01462, MAFamily Medicine1851380059
Kathryn Y. Lee 01757, MAFamily Medicine1437148772
Jonathan Eric Snider 02481, MAFamily Medicine1346239563
Patrick Paul Barbier 01950, MAFamily Medicine1891784989
Sara Ann Tepperberg 02124, MAFamily Medicine1104816123
Cara L Chevalier 02148, MAFamily Medicine1093705816
Nashoba Valley Healthcare Group Inc 01432, MAFamily Medicine1174513071
Mai Truc Phan 02215, MAFamily Medicine1255321998


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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