Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Harold Paul Kramer 19702, MDFamily Medicine1215902275
Hien Quang Nguyen 19934, MDFamily Medicine1629053046
Heritage Care, Inc 20782, MDFamily Medicine1427316553
Gold Shield Medical Services Llc 21061, MDFamily Medicine1881201184
Eric Cornelius Marshall 20017, MDFamily Medicine1841228947
Richard Sanford Lamson 21205, MDFamily Medicine1629073101
Wayne Carroll Burgess 32163, MDFamily Medicine1790703981
Yvonne Mark 02762, MDFamily Medicine1366502973
Nishant Shah 21218, MDFamily Medicine1497940159
Yael Teren Eskinazi 21201, MDFamily Medicine1457641284
Pooja Goel 33146, MDFamily Medicine1689807166
Ekenesenarienrien Cynthia Omokaro 56542, MDFamily Medicine1992115737
Sarah Meyers 20009, MDFamily Medicine1275950164
Linda Anne Panicker Chacko 21201, MDFamily Medicine1114345030
Mariama Jeloh Bah-sow 20715, MDFamily Medicine1164784641
Paul David Giles 20715, MDFamily Medicine1104098326
Jasmeen Gill 49091, MDFamily Medicine1477937589
Ghada H Ibrahim 22042, MDFamily Medicine1164862793
Grace Cho Wessling 21227, MDFamily Medicine1245626498
Freedom Healthcare, Llc 21202, MDFamily Medicine1184057481
Obafemi Okuwobi 21742, MDFamily Medicine1427058361
Unique Health Clinic, Llc 20770, MDFamily Medicine1255733119
Elizabeth Ann Wiley 20895, MDFamily Medicine1467895631
Alexandra Printz 18017, MDFamily Medicine1558723700
Rhianon Liu 95403, MDFamily Medicine1194064956
Britt A.l. Gayle 21223, MDFamily Medicine1821409038
Joseph V.i. Osuagwu, Md, Pc 21207, MDFamily Medicine1093926206
Angela M Crawford 34242, MDFamily Medicine1083657985
Dea Jini Sloan 20001, MDFamily Medicine1346637139
Richard Safeer 21060, MDFamily Medicine1790780542
Ina Grundmann 21045, MDFamily Medicine1093989097
Jarita Arnette Hagans 20735, MDFamily Medicine1205084506
James Baronas 21286, MDFamily Medicine1215071691
Etosha D Dixon 21229, MDFamily Medicine1063473551
Bichhuong M Dinh 94110, MDFamily Medicine1013978527
Mariam Nematalla Antonios 30046, MDFamily Medicine1164885901
Lauren Lachelle Wiafe-ababio 21061, MDFamily Medicine1164951109
Christine Elizabeth Jones 21401, MDFamily Medicine1285020040
Oluwatobi Yerokun 20706, MDFamily Medicine1922398114
Rachael Randall 81401, MDFamily Medicine1881039857
Lee Elliot Gilman 21224, MDFamily Medicine1033644554
Matthew Scott Smith 98312, MDFamily Medicine1588011878
Memorie Vanessa Caldwell 32210, MDFamily Medicine1194245159
Richard John Chang 20705, MDFamily Medicine1043639180
Grace Medical Center, Inc. 21223, MDFamily Medicine1801135439
Max Dutkin 55124, MDFamily Medicine1497166748
Katherine Elizabeth Goth 19611, MDFamily Medicine1649619701
Zein A. Farhat 02905, MDFamily Medicine1871955369
Sean Connors-mcbride 22306, MDFamily Medicine1245591775
Atlantic General Hospital 21811, MDFamily Medicine1871582171
Tidalhealth Primary Care, Llc 21801, MDFamily Medicine1104453208
Courtney Schnell Pearson 19966, MDFamily Medicine1619219862
Corelife Of Delmarva Llc 21804, MDFamily Medicine1477063386
Kenneth Scott Yew 54601, MDFamily Medicine1396717419
Mark Jeffrey Davis 20037, MDFamily Medicine1740598804
Angela Marie Dunn 98431, MDFamily Medicine1487919965
Kene H Ukeje 23666, MDFamily Medicine1538546122
Tanyatorn Ghanjanasak 45227, MDFamily Medicine1497060263
Allcare Va Inc 22192, MDFamily Medicine1659743995
Potomac Physician Associates 20815, MDFamily Medicine1831112143
Alexander Roy 29203, MDFamily Medicine1982966479
David Scott Moran 80913, MDFamily Medicine1841531647
Comprehensive Primary Care And Associates Llc 20850, MDFamily Medicine1831492586
Stephanie S Rush 20009, MDFamily Medicine1417115544
Cesar Rene Mojica 23708, MDFamily Medicine1811251051
Ryan James Mikac 14226, MDFamily Medicine1346502689
Capital Healthcare Pc Dba Allcare 22192, MDFamily Medicine1407162076
Serennah Harding 20001, MDFamily Medicine1477995686
Usman Waheed 21133, MDFamily Medicine1619187408
Kevin Stephens 60617, MDFamily Medicine1770977662
Aneeqa Idrees 21704, MDFamily Medicine1700268356
Rohan Moffatt 21793, MDFamily Medicine1780850917
Southern Maryland Medical Group Llc 20770, MDFamily Medicine1942448113
Christopher Wagner 21784, MDFamily Medicine1861603946
Patricia Ann Bowyer 21401, MDFamily Medicine1235130121
Arlette Cross 21122, MDFamily Medicine1609400159
Integrated Medicine And Wellness Center, Llc 21054, MDFamily Medicine1710571880
Shelby Knowles 33169, MDFamily Medicine1922453844
Aysha Khan 20774, MDFamily Medicine1992110191
Chioma Blessingpeace Akwara 20715, MDFamily Medicine1639523731
Payal Daya 70506, MDFamily Medicine1033649348
Integrated Wellness Md, Llc 22031, MDFamily Medicine1720448442
Clarksburg Medical Center Inc 20871, MDFamily Medicine1063721629
Asha Vali 20902, MDFamily Medicine1629134291
Mohammad Darbandi 20850, MDFamily Medicine1548616931
David R Mcbride 19103, MDFamily Medicine1346239092
Erica L. Mcclaskey 20016, MDFamily Medicine1699973651
Andrew Leslie Eastman 98122, MDFamily Medicine1972846475
Emily Platz Zucker 20019, MDFamily Medicine1346636511
Mara Gordon 08105, MDFamily Medicine1730575630
Cassandra Batichon 20037, MDFamily Medicine1962865352
Elise Barbara Morris 22306, MDFamily Medicine1396789848
Melissa Velez See 90280, MDFamily Medicine1922418029
Mikel Anne Hofmann 20017, MDFamily Medicine1740415264
Molly J Bloom 02860, MDFamily Medicine1447784665
Kristen Brooke Kendrick 20007, MDFamily Medicine1225562556
Brian Antono 20016, MDFamily Medicine1669834206
Asha Robinson-parks 70121, MDFamily Medicine1912134503
Suzi Chung 20147, MDFamily Medicine1295267763
Amber Robins 14020, MDFamily Medicine1710305453
Kenneth Kamkin Lee 21215, MDFamily Medicine1750826863
Tracy Turner 21401, MDFamily Medicine1770057721
Ariel J. Warden-jarrett 20716, MDFamily Medicine1871755900
Sabita Sharma 21061, MDFamily Medicine1427167006
Valerie Elizabeth Wallace 21619, MDFamily Medicine1902375512
Sean William Mulvaney 20852, MDFamily Medicine1700911153
Susan Levine Besser 21236, MDFamily Medicine1902968597
Nina Eshaghi 17331, MDFamily Medicine1013264589
Wendy Leigh Miller 29072, MDFamily Medicine1083613004
Komal Patel 21075, MDFamily Medicine1295373744
Jiho Choi 22003, MDFamily Medicine1225149859
Christina Cheng 64081, MDFamily Medicine1194179747
Katelin Michele Haley 19958, MDFamily Medicine1912256512
Uloma C Ibe 20785, MDFamily Medicine1649667940
Lynda Goldberg Levine 22302, MDFamily Medicine1487820817
Dawn Marie Sloan 76104, MDFamily Medicine1932399813
Gail T Griffin 55446, MDFamily Medicine1386614709
Praveen Bolarum, Md Llc 21704, MDFamily Medicine1104395243
Melissa M Asuncion 21703, MDFamily Medicine1396749834
Michael W Costello 21702, MDFamily Medicine1740250125
Recover Together, Inc. 26104, MDFamily Medicine1346736758
Anuj Bhatnagar 21108, MDFamily Medicine1316253180
Rafai A Bukhari 21228, MDFamily Medicine1710114855
Ellyse Lopez Lamont 25405, MDFamily Medicine1326558545
Richard Zachary Haney 13602, MDFamily Medicine1447665732
Sheena Marie Willison Buskirk 21502, MDFamily Medicine1396273520
Jonathan Damon Lawless 20904, MDFamily Medicine1053677518
Laura Kaplan-weisman 94107, MDFamily Medicine1215228861
Mozella Williams 21918, MDFamily Medicine1578608618
Elizabeth Ann Giese 60187, MDFamily Medicine1528027398
Yiming Ding 02171, MDFamily Medicine1275632598
Stephen Edward Wiggins 20602, MDFamily Medicine1568520054
Sharmila Matippa 21502, MDFamily Medicine1710198494
Abosede Adeniji Sakariyah 20874, MDFamily Medicine1336799634
Roberto Eduardo Medina 71201, MDFamily Medicine1063850147
Joan B Lehmann 32533, MDFamily Medicine1497702625
Melissa Anne Shaull 21146, MDFamily Medicine1174676969
Michele Martin-jones 21202, MDFamily Medicine1760557011
Elekwachi N Nwaogbo 21228, MDFamily Medicine1326137662
Florence Jaffa 06117, MDFamily Medicine1407267214
Jason A. Chen 22046, MDFamily Medicine1750540829
Daniel A Buckingham 21550, MDFamily Medicine1992732028
Shawn E Long 21550, MDFamily Medicine1639275332
Christopher M Ferrell 21550, MDFamily Medicine1528592516
Motunrayo Dipeolu 21046, MDFamily Medicine1265925580
Atchutha Geetha Chan Chilakamarri 21702, MDFamily Medicine1750508958
Donald E Stephens 86326, MDFamily Medicine1205891215
Timothy Temitope Owolabi 17257, MDFamily Medicine1962663328
Karen V Plunkett-reid 20715, MDFamily Medicine1316006844
Abolanle Busirat Ahmed-orepitan 20715, MDFamily Medicine1295397305
Gattu Panisri Rao 17331, MDFamily Medicine1528292612
Ryan M. Hikes 17233, MDFamily Medicine1609862358
Justin P Glassford 25427, MDFamily Medicine1518164268
Oscar Hunt Jerkins 32955, MDFamily Medicine1023028461
Jyotsana Singh 08080, MDFamily Medicine1629363007
Vanessa Ann Tabaac 89511, MDFamily Medicine1487036745
Zoovia Aman 20906, MDFamily Medicine1437321965
Shalini Kumari Vaid 94609, MDFamily Medicine1285892117
Emily Kim Riggs 14830, MDFamily Medicine1689932253
Kelly Brown 20001, MDFamily Medicine1235417544
Noah Isadore Wallace 22046, MDFamily Medicine1255713301
Heather Clark 20872, MDFamily Medicine1972900520
Fmw Medspa Inc. 21085, MDFamily Medicine1851910855
Latonya Janett Carroll 43219, MDFamily Medicine1700056033
Beatrice Mouga Kouemou 10453, MDFamily Medicine1821639634
Saludicity Llc 20769, MDFamily Medicine1780239970
Kaveh Sadeghi 20707, MDFamily Medicine1073832044
Britanne Janell Doss 08002, MDFamily Medicine1548688765
Padder Health Services, Llc 21742, MDFamily Medicine1447426895
Wendy Kaye Drys 20636, MDFamily Medicine1649515818
Epec Clinic Llc 21237, MDFamily Medicine1316578917
Nilay Bhasker Thaker 21702, MDFamily Medicine1124275334
Anacostia Multispecialty Partners 20784, MDFamily Medicine1033514781
Integrated Wellness Md, Llc 20817, MDFamily Medicine1083074702
Christiana Care Health Services Inc 21921, MDFamily Medicine1316570575
Varsha Kishore 13901, MDFamily Medicine1083062103
Richard Grover Perry 21550, MDFamily Medicine1710930805
Sarah Meredith Call 21536, MDFamily Medicine1760687073
Lorren Michael Donmoyer 19947, MDFamily Medicine1811093172
David John Rossi 21742, MDFamily Medicine1720283807
Linda Rainey 21224, MDFamily Medicine1366618597
Jay Steven Orr 21784, MDFamily Medicine1730539289
Anna Balkisue Mccall 20772, MDFamily Medicine1306092135
Bridget A Hilliard 17402, MDFamily Medicine1548245376
Adedamola Adetola Falokun 17361, MDFamily Medicine1295994242
Brian J Burke 43964, MDFamily Medicine1942562939
Michael P. Dalgetty 20601, MDFamily Medicine1831177419
Doreen Jones 21009, MDFamily Medicine1588224794
Jonathan Frohse Koehler 71109, MDFamily Medicine1144250705
Legacy Care Llc 23452, MDFamily Medicine1902149776
Christopher Cabral Braga 03104, MDFamily Medicine1851327704
Executive Healthcare Services Pllc 20191, MDFamily Medicine1760664007
Lena Jeanelle Gamble 35042, MDFamily Medicine1629312566
Deanna A Pritchett 20748, MDFamily Medicine1841779634
Audrey Anne Gross 20850, MDFamily Medicine1497221030
Keisha Danielle Sullivan 44106, MDFamily Medicine1437545720
Malori Monet Callender 20774, MDFamily Medicine1992153407
Leena Parikh Md Group Llc 21228, MDFamily Medicine1942843461
Peter Lefort Whitesell 20060, MDFamily Medicine1063507515
Leonard A Richardson 21208, MDFamily Medicine1053384750


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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