Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Zakari Tata 48075, MIFamily Medicine1871591313
Saundra L Blanchard 49445, MIFamily Medicine1407854177
Brenda L Schloff 49010, MIFamily Medicine1295733061
John Ray Groeneveld 49801, MIFamily Medicine1467452391
John P Cooney 49420, MIFamily Medicine1477553816
Thomas Kizy 48001, MIFamily Medicine1457637506
Stephen D Kennedy 46628, MIFamily Medicine1700885498
Paul Alan Schultz 43614, MIFamily Medicine1023000262
Kaylynn Decarli 49048, MIFamily Medicine1356338958
Kerry Mark Simon 54923, MIFamily Medicine1205823762
Julie A Shellhouse 49455, MIFamily Medicine1780675579
Elizabeth A Tree-levasseur 49461, MIFamily Medicine1194716878
Thomas Marion Graff 49461, MIFamily Medicine1689665440
Laura Grima 48162, MIFamily Medicine1144200650
Diane L Parrett 49444, MIFamily Medicine1952388563
Joseph M Masternick 48017, MIFamily Medicine1548240237
Jennie Dare Chapman Drummond 48322, MIFamily Medicine1891762779
Scott H Grindel 58103, MIFamily Medicine1467412528
Robert Jon Baker 49008, MIFamily Medicine1689642803
Lorenzo D Berlanga 48640, MIFamily Medicine1063487411
Harold C Wakefield 48811, MIFamily Medicine1306812953
John Adrian Mulder 49315, MIFamily Medicine1215985114
Therese Rouse 48838, MIFamily Medicine1356306278
William C Cunningham 49519, MIFamily Medicine1760447668
Allan J Wilke 95501, MIFamily Medicine1366404097
Immacula Michel 33406, MIFamily Medicine1598716870
Roger Earl Bloomer 49202, MIFamily Medicine1235196486
Tina Louise Tanner 49445, MIFamily Medicine1881645513
Nejla Abdul-massih Israel 48237, MIFamily Medicine1821045311
Therese Maszatics Johnson 48116, MIFamily Medicine1841230893
Hurley Health Services 48420, MIFamily Medicine1558302497
Paul George Debrincat 48187, MIFamily Medicine1356380513
Steven Paul Cogswell 48359, MIFamily Medicine1528001922
Amy Blaising Wallace 48827, MIFamily Medicine1356380950
Donald Wolfram 46350, MIFamily Medicine1669499257
Agnieszka Z Smylnycky 48088, MIFamily Medicine1346250578
Maan A Askar 48088, MIFamily Medicine1053321117
Heather Lynn Wright 49010, MIFamily Medicine1396755872
Gregory Jaffe 15215, MIFamily Medicine1265829444
James A Batti 49801, MIFamily Medicine1740292507
Andrew P Bone 48640, MIFamily Medicine1639194244
Ismael Hiram Soto Rivas 49002, MIFamily Medicine1699787556
Raskin Clinical Associates, P.c. 48185, MIFamily Medicine1831299700
Cynthia Gannon 49801, MIFamily Medicine1649366360
Jim F. Orosz 48864, MIFamily Medicine1346337193
Thomas Kizy Md Pllc 48001, MIFamily Medicine1457726770
Mitul Vinodkumar Mehta 85712, MIFamily Medicine1801279617
Amy Catherine Hollen 49525, MIFamily Medicine1750463816
Jong Lee 48197, MIFamily Medicine1548317811
Louis Robert Zako 49740, MIFamily Medicine1437200946
Srikar T Reddy 48178, MIFamily Medicine1609036409
Benjamin L Kohnen 48176, MIFamily Medicine1063675635
Nayantara Jnananand 61462, MIFamily Medicine1013128925
Jonathan Thomas Martinek 49024, MIFamily Medicine1851594139
Uyen Hoang Thai-budzinski 49007, MIFamily Medicine1245425388
Robert Edward Poley 48044, MIFamily Medicine1104038629
Muhammad S. Arain 46545, MIFamily Medicine1275755100
Cristina Ignacio 08831, MIFamily Medicine1053503532
Personalized Family Healthcare Pllc 48084, MIFamily Medicine1669646618
Suezette Olaker 48213, MIFamily Medicine1437374030
Amelia Louise Bueche 49684, MIFamily Medicine1477752327
Cassandra Wormack 48864, MIFamily Medicine1023217437
Kun Li 49286, MIFamily Medicine1467655852
Kristi Lynn Demock 48881, MIFamily Medicine1356554216
Nathan Tushar Patel 49009, MIFamily Medicine1033420419
Donyelle Moore-baldwin 48235, MIFamily Medicine1093026262
Eric Adam Fine 48105, MIFamily Medicine1639445125
Roshani Jadia 48188, MIFamily Medicine1124347893
Mostafa Elyaman 34452, MIFamily Medicine1780814913
Bassam Jabrail Thwainey 48237, MIFamily Medicine1871821389
Cassie Bluhm 49202, MIFamily Medicine1730561473
Christina Barbat 48312, MIFamily Medicine1992153068
Eric Patrick Leikert 48178, MIFamily Medicine1942592951
Kereem Marlow 72401, MIFamily Medicine1285865154
Certified Physician Solutions 46202, MIFamily Medicine1275802993
Dumitru Sandulescu 48312, MIFamily Medicine1104981695
Jennifer Edwards-johnson 48912, MIFamily Medicine1083972434
Cibu Panicker 92057, MIFamily Medicine1235492760
Jason N Butler 66442, MIFamily Medicine1023350899
Harveer Mann 30720, MIFamily Medicine1104263060
Nathan James Fitton 48823, MIFamily Medicine1114366499
Kenneth Paul Dood 49319, MIFamily Medicine1568801843
Neena Ann Yoyakey 33444, MIFamily Medicine1336588599
Chris Loewen 49720, MIFamily Medicine1114368321
Mark Langlois 49685, MIFamily Medicine1295154656
Shaheen Sheikh 48529, MIFamily Medicine1780014373
Kamran Abbas Manek L4G 1, MIFamily Medicine1780090191
Jennifer Carlton 48095, MIFamily Medicine1003233453
Kristine Saygan 48152, MIFamily Medicine1114344678
Ajeet Sidhu 95476, MIFamily Medicine1932515772
Nicholas Pryomski 53406, MIFamily Medicine1760897912
Yujing Murray 48188, MIFamily Medicine1750796736
Matthew Kittle 48197, MIFamily Medicine1316352396
Matthew Paletta 98057, MIFamily Medicine1356756332
Ashley Cook N8X 3, MIFamily Medicine1073929881
Lynn Uyen Ngo 85016, MIFamily Medicine1508271750
Benjamin Paul Smith 48054, MIFamily Medicine1104234970
Jesse L Klebba 98404, MIFamily Medicine1861804577
Holly Nieusma 48842, MIFamily Medicine1780096826
Nada Almasri 48202, MIFamily Medicine1346635828
Suzanne L Hawkins 99506, MIFamily Medicine1043334832
Alysia Hogan Kinning 48438, MIFamily Medicine1285013482
Jeanette Elizabeth Wilson 48082, MIFamily Medicine1376926865
Saleh Al-ameen 48126, MIFamily Medicine1265829873
Shemushi Nasreen 33573, MIFamily Medicine1366869687
Audrey Lynn Carrier 49107, MIFamily Medicine1457743486
Michael Hall 42104, MIFamily Medicine1265828404
Snehal Patel Reddy 80134, MIFamily Medicine1053731497
Raul Hector Torres 49120, MIFamily Medicine1982041620
Kenneth Allen Kleyn 49690, MIFamily Medicine1487138020
Michael Joseph Bradburn 35401, MIFamily Medicine1255746731
Aleksandr Archiyan 49348, MIFamily Medicine1275945156
William Daniel Rusinow 48226, MIFamily Medicine1295118784
Tiffany Vinson 29575, MIFamily Medicine1336522648
Silpa C Nannapaneni 47904, MIFamily Medicine1962841478
Lawrence Alan Greenberg 13326, MIFamily Medicine1669884896
Minhchau Huy Ha 47374, MIFamily Medicine1285020016
Tony Michael Abood 48864, MIFamily Medicine1194165829
David H Pyatt 48503, MIFamily Medicine1083660641
Aleksandr Belakovskiy 48130, MIFamily Medicine1740663525
Colleen Marie Dolan 48109, MIFamily Medicine1902233265
Daniel Carl Angell 48101, MIFamily Medicine1568836385
Leigh Mary Morrison 48108, MIFamily Medicine1942683735
Ahmad A Maqboul 54311, MIFamily Medicine1306272372
Thomas J Cook 49707, MIFamily Medicine1073507158
Mark W. Schaar 48911, MIFamily Medicine1932180148
Britani Alyce Marshall 48239, MIFamily Medicine1649683996
Leia Langhoff 98686, MIFamily Medicine1033523527
Gabriel Okpagu 76201, MIFamily Medicine1669890315
Harkiran Saini 44116, MIFamily Medicine1255746103
Austin G Friswold 48602, MIFamily Medicine1346767258
Francesca Diggs 48439, MIFamily Medicine1457880981
Rebecca Kate Busk-sutton 49007, MIFamily Medicine1255757985
Munising Memorial Hospital Association 49839, MIFamily Medicine1932628922
Devlin O'connor 32778, MIFamily Medicine1053759035
Bowhee Sohn Gwak 98208, MIFamily Medicine1366856569
Xpress Care Pllc 48503, MIFamily Medicine1861990855
Nathan Allen Quaderer 48439, MIFamily Medicine1760971451
Jason Streff 48439, MIFamily Medicine1477043297
Vanessa Marinas 48509, MIFamily Medicine1578054037
Cara Nicole Anderson 48509, MIFamily Medicine1023501541
David Degrace K8V 6, MIFamily Medicine1508249731
Edward W. Sparrow Hospital Association 48854, MIFamily Medicine1083668545
Mona Merritt 49007, MIFamily Medicine1144272816
Isabella Scofield 48044, MIFamily Medicine1942684741
Joginder Singh 48602, MIFamily Medicine1891773156
Frank Animikwam 48912, MIFamily Medicine1750875712
Kyle D Mckinney 49444, MIFamily Medicine1487069233
Jenniffer Marie Efaw 48888, MIFamily Medicine1316247935
Jasper Gill 48306, MIFamily Medicine1700205846
Rena B. Daiza 48202, MIFamily Medicine1235526112
St. Lukes Primary Care 49512, MIFamily Medicine1649757071
Peter William Fischer 48732, MIFamily Medicine1477047553
Elizabeth Bates 99559, MIFamily Medicine1659750735
Sarah N. Hewitt 37660, MIFamily Medicine1891109930
Vikas Thouti Reddy 80134, MIFamily Medicine1295099596
Niral B Patel 60014, MIFamily Medicine1083845945
James Gene Wilcox 47102, MIFamily Medicine1942613963
Jared Langerak 49546, MIFamily Medicine1497169635
Pramit D. Patel 43606, MIFamily Medicine1689013781
Jeffrey Louis Provizer 48334, MIFamily Medicine1316931405
Vmd Primary Providers Eastern Michigan, Pc 48377, MIFamily Medicine1336625540
Bumsoo Park 48152, MIFamily Medicine1376924373
Michelle Manley 49684, MIFamily Medicine1720438385
Sarah Hagle 48080, MIFamily Medicine1235544081
Healthy Urgent Care 48322, MIFamily Medicine1730531914
Vijay Krishna 93230, MIFamily Medicine1003297839
Sally Khalifa 48127, MIFamily Medicine1427430487
Michael Ducato 48183, MIFamily Medicine1265743272
Senait Fremichael Efrem 27705, MIFamily Medicine1730593898
Devin Gamundoy 80134, MIFamily Medicine1730593518
Kristopher Rai 48084, MIFamily Medicine1932588449
Nicholas Jay Moore 48374, MIFamily Medicine1265727556
Dayone City Care 49037, MIFamily Medicine1659771426
Mona Bhatti 21702, MIFamily Medicine1295153906
Zhen Hua Geng 55044, MIFamily Medicine1154779007
Jessica Glenn-beatty 49707, MIFamily Medicine1598908063
William E Chavey 48105, MIFamily Medicine1366530867
Adam Lee Kilkenney 80918, MIFamily Medicine1467613158
Scott Andrew Gestrich 44307, MIFamily Medicine1558853200
Alexander Edmund Underwood 65803, MIFamily Medicine1619406014
Calvin J. Maestro 48750, MIFamily Medicine1508184425
Scott Allan Carlson 49660, MIFamily Medicine1750386199
Tao Med Pllc 49635, MIFamily Medicine1932661899
Rebecca L Werner 49418, MIFamily Medicine1629034244
Ursula Barghouth 48230, MIFamily Medicine1346652559
Natakki Wheatley 48075, MIFamily Medicine1225423031
Terence D Ryan 49801, MIFamily Medicine1639179567
Gina Gora 48322, MIFamily Medicine1285639351
Jerod Robert Gardner 48509, MIFamily Medicine1902465743
Jan Rajlich 49341, MIFamily Medicine1386871846
Benedict Awo 17046, MIFamily Medicine1366980559
Jaclyn Randel 48197, MIFamily Medicine1386624591
Jami-lynn Hauser Matthews 48843, MIFamily Medicine1225455785
Jeffery Joseph Libra 49525, MIFamily Medicine1619009826
Karan K Patel 94577, MIFamily Medicine1538511399
Jason E. Brunt 48088, MIFamily Medicine1619979713
James William Sawyer 49855, MIFamily Medicine1316397094
Amrien Ghouse 60611, MIFamily Medicine1851740930
Rajni Parmar 48235, MIFamily Medicine1629423652


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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