Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Cody Wayne Wendlandt 56377, MNFamily Medicine1972915882
Michael Jacob Nasenbeny 99508, MNFamily Medicine1578974119
Stacey Mackay 55416, MNFamily Medicine1760469175
Susan E. Romanik 55805, MNFamily Medicine1518944164
Scott M Jensen 55388, MNFamily Medicine1154305662
Jeffrey Lloyd Sikkink 55125, MNFamily Medicine1316922065
Leslie Glen Massoglia 55122, MNFamily Medicine1992780712
Sarah M Aldrich 55125, MNFamily Medicine1053389429
Poonam Raje 55125, MNFamily Medicine1427023654
Brett Adams 55434, MNFamily Medicine1497721765
Christopher Ott 55436, MNFamily Medicine1710940796
Stephanie Grady 55455, MNFamily Medicine1003876814
Carson T Gardner 56591, MNFamily Medicine1326005653
Hussein Warsame Egal 44903, MNFamily Medicine1720046022
Thomas G Field 54002, MNFamily Medicine1336105840
John C. Ely 68198, MNFamily Medicine1619929916
Timothy C. Olson 53792, MNFamily Medicine1992736102
Dana Leslie Metzger 55407, MNFamily Medicine1154376135
Gordon D Kaplan 57252, MNFamily Medicine1588606735
Jaykrishna Darji 30041, MNFamily Medicine1023020963
Patricia I Rasmussen 55325, MNFamily Medicine1194758102
Randall J Rouse 55008, MNFamily Medicine1467460055
Eleonore Okosdinossian 55455, MNFamily Medicine1427076033
Ruth Bolton 55416, MNFamily Medicine1467471243
Steve Tortorice 93906, MNFamily Medicine1255351631
Debrah Dee Labarre 54880, MNFamily Medicine1720006141
Donald Wayne Kjome 55025, MNFamily Medicine1588749642
Michael Lee Douglas 54002, MNFamily Medicine1902907454
Deepika Kakani 55904, MNFamily Medicine1710029483
Total Health Clinic Corp 55421, MNFamily Medicine1639234263
Abdirahman M Madar 55415, MNFamily Medicine1578608782
Louisa Paul 55406, MNFamily Medicine1932328226
Elizabeth Ruth Fleming 04240, MNFamily Medicine1548482425
Laura Kamugisha 55076, MNFamily Medicine1598950743
Kara Lynn Fausch 55720, MNFamily Medicine1417124553
Michelle L Scharnott 48732, MNFamily Medicine1508060310
Preston Joshua Hatlestad 55082, MNFamily Medicine1851567192
Elizabeth R Burnes 55038, MNFamily Medicine1659697894
Ahmad Jamshid Yusuf 56101, MNFamily Medicine1992097992
Matthew E Florek 55904, MNFamily Medicine1609006089
Maya Highness 55106, MNFamily Medicine1366730509
Liban Farah 54002, MNFamily Medicine1962796862
Laura Giegler 55117, MNFamily Medicine1386064111
Anjali S Vaidya 75038, MNFamily Medicine1518191865
Owen D Vincent 55110, MNFamily Medicine1619263324
Joni Laine Mcatee 95540, MNFamily Medicine1689971814
Kasey Lynn Kapella 55746, MNFamily Medicine1952669525
Patricia Ann Sorensen 55391, MNFamily Medicine1275786105
Sarah Kate Mckay 55350, MNFamily Medicine1366700783
Victoria Zbikowski 55318, MNFamily Medicine1316367063
Tara Nelson 55016, MNFamily Medicine1447670104
Scott Edward Wavinak 55378, MNFamily Medicine1063831733
Steven Taylor Rasmussen 54971, MNFamily Medicine1700222064
Arlene Cuizon Rillo 89118, MNFamily Medicine1508276254
Kiara Levar 55720, MNFamily Medicine1356751531
Robert Kagigebi 55437, MNFamily Medicine1922418953
Jenna Keller 55110, MNFamily Medicine1669882791
Heather Elaine Wells 32465, MNFamily Medicine1326458159
Eva Pesch 55117, MNFamily Medicine1811301492
Moaweya Zayed 56001, MNFamily Medicine1750795605
Nick M. Taurinskas 55072, MNFamily Medicine1992119291
Megan San Giacomo 55328, MNFamily Medicine1578977971
Fardows Omar Salim 55416, MNFamily Medicine1114344587
Camille Delisi 55430, MNFamily Medicine1396156667
Thomas Dutch Hansen 55337, MNFamily Medicine1356752190
Elina Lipovskiy 55416, MNFamily Medicine1538540109
Jodi M Blustin 55422, MNFamily Medicine1356606982
Jessica Idahor 55369, MNFamily Medicine1396256392
Justine Trumm 55128, MNFamily Medicine1699153551
Jennifer Marie Svendsen 55125, MNFamily Medicine1972982718
Andrea Elizabeth Larson 55077, MNFamily Medicine1366822587
Theodore Carroll Edwards 98115, MNFamily Medicine1669730180
Elizabeth Price 55077, MNFamily Medicine1922485598
Jennifer Barnes Manning 55430, MNFamily Medicine1780061051
Huiying Guo 55107, MNFamily Medicine1003293101
Maria Teresa Gonzalez Bolanos 55416, MNFamily Medicine1609259688
Nouchee Vang 55404, MNFamily Medicine1326426032
Amanda Meegan 55426, MNFamily Medicine1326384520
Gregory Olszewski 55401, MNFamily Medicine1952741050
Jamie Hammerbeck 56378, MNFamily Medicine1891175949
Shane Byrn Richardson 55720, MNFamily Medicine1659710374
Meredith Sax Bourne 55416, MNFamily Medicine1134530504
Alberto Marcelin 68136, MNFamily Medicine1669769485
Aaron Ulland 55105, MNFamily Medicine1053731323
Brooke Van Dyke 55430, MNFamily Medicine1265418495
Laura Davis Huggins 56334, MNFamily Medicine1013335520
Anne Lovell 55117, MNFamily Medicine1720407695
Adrianne Moen 56479, MNFamily Medicine1912327669
Erica Bowen 55038, MNFamily Medicine1134507783
Kevin R Wentworth 56501, MNFamily Medicine1639270069
Ashley Bishop 55112, MNFamily Medicine1326425737
Richard Charles Moore 83333, MNFamily Medicine1457481343
Alycia Trossen-kapur 55118, MNFamily Medicine1710249891
Douglas M Griffin 58102, MNFamily Medicine1700856911
Risa Rothmann Siegel 55416, MNFamily Medicine1619267887
Katheryn J. Lauer 98902, MNFamily Medicine1407910425
Christina A Boryczka 55303, MNFamily Medicine1053398255
Sonia Karimi Zechmann 55343, MNFamily Medicine1093949273
Amer Azar 55124, MNFamily Medicine1790851178
Piya Suryadevara 33143, MNFamily Medicine1033405329
Emily Rose Bastyr 56001, MNFamily Medicine1093169682
Elizabeth Gilbertson 55118, MNFamily Medicine1891053112
Jesse Klingelhoets 55313, MNFamily Medicine1992182927
Katharine Rose Parker 55454, MNFamily Medicine1659710390
Mark R Druffner 54001, MNFamily Medicine1154392447
David James Warren 54017, MNFamily Medicine1841587128
Lindsay Nicole Williams Palaniappan 55118, MNFamily Medicine1568816189
Mark L Nelson 55415, MNFamily Medicine1023464468
Stephen M Bockhold 54880, MNFamily Medicine1174732952
Abigail Krin Elliott 55387, MNFamily Medicine1295180586
Beth Brinkman 55313, MNFamily Medicine1558717587
Darcy Anne Murphy 55805, MNFamily Medicine1811122153
Ruth S Forde 86301, MNFamily Medicine1598932345
Robyn Hegland 55057, MNFamily Medicine1578917050
Kathryn N Mckenzie 55060, MNFamily Medicine1669814901
Kyle Von Moore 84108, MNFamily Medicine1154785616
Jeffrey S. Miller 55416, MNFamily Medicine1801897061
Tenille Ottley-sharpe 70122, MNFamily Medicine1770905770
Cory Ray Ecklund 14456, MNFamily Medicine1487746442
Alexandra Sharp 55987, MNFamily Medicine1821442534
Sujitha Yadlapati 56379, MNFamily Medicine1114372695
Tony Huy Tien Nguyen 54020, MNFamily Medicine1578917316
Theang T. Ho 55117, MNFamily Medicine1528412038
Matthew Runde 55425, MNFamily Medicine1598144891
Boris Michael Beckert 55420, MNFamily Medicine1528059375
Donald Joe Fahey-ahrndt 55374, MNFamily Medicine1295180917
Leesa Rae Novotny 56265, MNFamily Medicine1225483563
Steven Michael Schumacher 55811, MNFamily Medicine1144678061
Lulu Guo 55330, MNFamily Medicine1326400086
Angela L Kurtz 81501, MNFamily Medicine1083734313
Ryan Brower 53121, MNFamily Medicine1497102347
Nzube C Okonkwo 73071, MNFamily Medicine1154708022
Elizabeth Marie Sproat Mcniven 55337, MNFamily Medicine1922452325
April Katherine Wilhelm 55411, MNFamily Medicine1326306648
Kelle O Anderson 54022, MNFamily Medicine1093708505
Paula M. Hedin 55792, MNFamily Medicine1114125317
Shannon J Schwab 75703, MNFamily Medicine1548245012
Koken Ozdogan 55101, MNFamily Medicine1679545842
Thomas Haroldson 55110, MNFamily Medicine1942697131
Frances E Truitt 55904, MNFamily Medicine1417178021
Sunnah Doesken 56514, MNFamily Medicine1316353188
Lindsay Schroeder 54720, MNFamily Medicine1720434103
Shawn K Day 56303, MNFamily Medicine1972549152
Kristie Abimbola Akintunde 10456, MNFamily Medicine1053793273
Anoshirvan Mazhari 56353, MNFamily Medicine1396973921
Jay Allen Dirks 55426, MNFamily Medicine1255394573
Elisabeth Jean Mcclean 55416, MNFamily Medicine1003173469
Carrie Ahlness 55113, MNFamily Medicine1639727712
Julie M Johnson 56303, MNFamily Medicine1235105388
Cynthia M Belt 56569, MNFamily Medicine1306950050
Catherine Marie Pollock 55082, MNFamily Medicine1144745308
Margaret B. Nolan 53792, MNFamily Medicine1700148830
Erin Phaedra Emerson Egginton 55439, MNFamily Medicine1609040054
Michael J. Walz 55455, MNFamily Medicine1336117605
Justin Daniel Golden 55423, MNFamily Medicine1659698512
Jessica Jane Kolb 55412, MNFamily Medicine1083029920
Kristin Kay Christiansen 55426, MNFamily Medicine1225065279
Molly Kathryn Wright 10016, MNFamily Medicine1447339221
John A Renelt 55904, MNFamily Medicine1861465478
Kathryn A Mell 56484, MNFamily Medicine1508186362
Andrew D Maas 55082, MNFamily Medicine1972527422
Shelley L Zaun 55082, MNFamily Medicine1225098353
John Thomas Murphy 55082, MNFamily Medicine1235115791
Heather Christine Pett Taylor 55082, MNFamily Medicine1467418558
Christopher Gary Foss 55113, MNFamily Medicine1437113602
Todd A. Stivland 55082, MNFamily Medicine1962434357
Shannon Fleming 19805, MNFamily Medicine1336594043
Conrad Georg Hanstein 92084, MNFamily Medicine1972544369
Joseph Patrick Garry 61104, MNFamily Medicine1306838255
Sadhana Vanka 55408, MNFamily Medicine1043623879
Maria Starchook-moore 55104, MNFamily Medicine1821364290
David William Henry 55404, MNFamily Medicine1962934729
Sandra L Stover 55805, MNFamily Medicine1346218971
Jonathan Edward Knight 55987, MNFamily Medicine1376596536
Webmed Llc 55720, MNFamily Medicine1073021036
Patrick Bartholomew Herson 55454, MNFamily Medicine1689170805
Kelli A Roenfanz 50316, MNFamily Medicine1033340567
Central Medical Wellness Inc 55114, MNFamily Medicine1376166496
Christina Rose Werman 55105, MNFamily Medicine1336671205
Emily C. Onello 55805, MNFamily Medicine1962452359
Ahmed Roble Mohamed 55404, MNFamily Medicine1326167792
Sanford Clinic 57006, MNFamily Medicine1043241466
Sanford Health Network 56143, MNFamily Medicine1083638357
Alysse Victoria Cruz 55432, MNFamily Medicine1437684602
Sanford Health Network North 56701, MNFamily Medicine1144401514
Sanford Health Network 56187, MNFamily Medicine1487685970
Sanford Health Network 56187, MNFamily Medicine1679859912
Sanford Clinic 57201, MNFamily Medicine1801840632
Odom Sports Medicine, P.a. 55305, MNFamily Medicine1275557886
Haley Stewart 55127, MNFamily Medicine1659802510
Nathan Jeffrey Manthey 55904, MNFamily Medicine1942732581
Robin M Councilman 55411, MNFamily Medicine1982656781
Allison Marie Homstad Juba 56308, MNFamily Medicine1356870174
Mohamed Y Maray 56377, MNFamily Medicine1396864765
Deborah Ann Hatanpa 54601, MNFamily Medicine1033382155
Lourdes M Pira 55408, MNFamily Medicine1326089111
Virtual Health Provider Group Pllc 75001, MNFamily Medicine1033728761
Jessica Ruth Taylor 55125, MNFamily Medicine1093243941
Marla Annette Dewitt 55905, MNFamily Medicine1164640918
Michelle J. Duvall 55905, MNFamily Medicine1265796494


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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