Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Nebraska

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Nebraska:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jacob L. Runyan 68701, NEFamily Medicine1881022960
Sanford Clinic 57039, NEFamily Medicine1518284264
Katherine Eleanor Wiegman 30276, NEFamily Medicine1881861839
Joel Welshons 68714, NEFamily Medicine1699188714
Lance M Gowen 29715, NEFamily Medicine1114999737
Rebecca L Peebles 68113, NEFamily Medicine1245678457
Laura Trapp 68144, NEFamily Medicine1467731554
Brent Jameson 68666, NEFamily Medicine1750769360
Maen Haddadin 68130, NEFamily Medicine1316097314
Carl Bryce 68113, NEFamily Medicine1619315074
Ho Young Kim 69021, NEFamily Medicine1427143197
Natalie Dawn Ommen 68105, NEFamily Medicine1487061529
Mark Edward Shirley 68008, NEFamily Medicine1578504528
Grant E Nitzel 68901, NEFamily Medicine1104821149
Merrick Medical Center 68826, NEFamily Medicine1790216174
Lawrence J Lauridsen 82901, NEFamily Medicine1386993400
Alegent Health Memorial Hospital Schuyler 68661, NEFamily Medicine1780601781
Robin J. Bernard 68025, NEFamily Medicine1326070012
John E Blomstedt 69361, NEFamily Medicine1538382528
Twin Rivers Urgent Care Llc 69101, NEFamily Medicine1639248560
Quality Healthcare Clinic 68979, NEFamily Medicine1831443076
Julia Bernadine Trevino-emerson 69153, NEFamily Medicine1083611727
Carmella N Imig 68028, NEFamily Medicine1194823302
Danika Marie Peterson 68949, NEFamily Medicine1760902159
Denise M. Sammons 68845, NEFamily Medicine1316030448
Bradley A Bohn 55060, NEFamily Medicine1326359241
Stephanie Lynn Erickson 55066, NEFamily Medicine1952395774
Stephen James Smith 68114, NEFamily Medicine1851771265
Benjamin Thayer 68512, NEFamily Medicine1780979195
Josue Daniel Gutierrez 68333, NEFamily Medicine1790123982
Kathryn Thelen 68949, NEFamily Medicine1104209337
South Lincoln Family Physicians, Pc 68502, NEFamily Medicine1124548540
Mansoor Ahmad 69336, NEFamily Medicine1639583321
Angela Zavala 68506, NEFamily Medicine1295217735
Mark D Carlson 78613, NEFamily Medicine1023008398
Maria Alejandra Moreno Cabasos 68510, NEFamily Medicine1780148346
Matthew M Glenn 68526, NEFamily Medicine1225080419
Kayla M Hunt 68506, NEFamily Medicine1881702959
Erin Simanic 68510, NEFamily Medicine1326594045
Ahsan Iftikhar 85375, NEFamily Medicine1912428673
Shea J Welsh 98002, NEFamily Medicine1134483233
Jennifer R Shafer 53572, NEFamily Medicine1104180298
Mackenzie J Hemje 68901, NEFamily Medicine1700291085
Wendy Jo Hoins 68510, NEFamily Medicine1609068436
Bich Ngoc Chau 68503, NEFamily Medicine1841290822
Scott L Vonderfecht 68467, NEFamily Medicine1023099678
Jonathan A Stelling 68310, NEFamily Medicine1528076924
Gordon L Emry 68701, NEFamily Medicine1235155607
Losika Sivaganeshan 68701, NEFamily Medicine1063864981
Geoffrey James Cooper 40505, NEFamily Medicine1932159852
James Dreher 68198, NEFamily Medicine1437715802
Kevin C Sisk 68008, NEFamily Medicine1629330535
Sarwada Tuladhar Jha 01901, NEFamily Medicine1023459419
Stephanie Larson 68845, NEFamily Medicine1295134385
Shibu Oommen 68131, NEFamily Medicine1447660535
Christine Broszko 32542, NEFamily Medicine1831502889
Daniel Gragert 73104, NEFamily Medicine1891161279
September Leigh Wanzenried 68128, NEFamily Medicine1073030607
Co Thi Ho 68122, NEFamily Medicine1912317694
Tawfikul Alam 92324, NEFamily Medicine1033473293
Afeera Aabida 68046, NEFamily Medicine1891993317
Jawad Ahmad 34994, NEFamily Medicine1639597115
Christina Nguyen 68107, NEFamily Medicine1760833115
Barclay A Monaster 51501, NEFamily Medicine1962418640
Veronica J Ruston 85302, NEFamily Medicine1437406212
Mitchell Kohl 68116, NEFamily Medicine1306368691
Josephine V Davis 57785, NEFamily Medicine1255782751
Michelle L Rose 69130, NEFamily Medicine1770963902
Elaina Constance Wild 68113, NEFamily Medicine1245558527
Matthew Dennis Bogard 68198, NEFamily Medicine1225356470
St. George Family Practice P.c 68106, NEFamily Medicine1447526157
Mohsen Abou Seif 68106, NEFamily Medicine1437373073
Sarah Nicole Maher 68137, NEFamily Medicine1124688247
Roger Joel Brogis 99011, NEFamily Medicine1598116329
Pivot Concierge Health, Llc 68124, NEFamily Medicine1891251898
David Rodriguez 73145, NEFamily Medicine1528418175
Natalie Nelson 96001, NEFamily Medicine1275948317
Steven J Prueitt 68123, NEFamily Medicine1386278455
Priya Batta 68124, NEFamily Medicine1427675644
Natalie Lynch 64139, NEFamily Medicine1497275523
Daniel Desjardins 51579, NEFamily Medicine1407379159
Alia Akhtar Hussain 95991, NEFamily Medicine1881116184
Alegent Creighton Clinic 68124, NEFamily Medicine1548287907
Paula J. Thielen-kocharov 68008, NEFamily Medicine1841637139
Sarah M Waterman 83687, NEFamily Medicine1407204225
Tyler Anthony Ptacek 57701, NEFamily Medicine1225324791
Jacob Paul Meyer 54313, NEFamily Medicine1922528801
Hina Anjum 29349, NEFamily Medicine1336409986
Sarah Ludlow 63026, NEFamily Medicine1053676593
Nicole Ascanio 68137, NEFamily Medicine1831534866
Craig Matthew Pekny 68601, NEFamily Medicine1386964260
Sharon Simons 92404, NEFamily Medicine1255610465
Tyler F Brockman 72703, NEFamily Medicine1407397730
Kassandra Alysabeth Wolff 51632, NEFamily Medicine1528505070
Lindsay J Rice 64429, NEFamily Medicine1235367988
Jennifer G. Brown 96001, NEFamily Medicine1386938686
Stacy Ann Froehlich 68526, NEFamily Medicine1316469380
Amy Nicole Steiner 68651, NEFamily Medicine1942739131
Kylie Parshall 68526, NEFamily Medicine1023407350
Scott D Mclain 37660, NEFamily Medicine1285664839
David A Gloor 68310, NEFamily Medicine1942203732
Eric S Thomsen 68310, NEFamily Medicine1659374437
Michael C Havekost 68310, NEFamily Medicine1760485544
Patrick J Mcguffey 68310, NEFamily Medicine1710980594
Donald Troy Rice 68506, NEFamily Medicine1548263460
Linda S Mazour 68939, NEFamily Medicine1790788198
Daniel E. Mazour 68939, NEFamily Medicine1447253844
Edward D Discoe 68601, NEFamily Medicine1447252721
Michael Dale Schmiesing 51534, NEFamily Medicine1609870948
Luke P Lemke 68601, NEFamily Medicine1104820489
Hugh Ralph Holmquist 68823, NEFamily Medicine1386648012
James Charles Reichert 68144, NEFamily Medicine1700881414
Robert G Naegele 68046, NEFamily Medicine1356346084
Lexington Regional Health Center 68937, NEFamily Medicine1407211220
Paul L Wolfe 68506, NEFamily Medicine1710983184
Janet K Wolfe 68506, NEFamily Medicine1356347728
John I Cherry 68714, NEFamily Medicine1740286145
William D Weeks 68106, NEFamily Medicine1245237882
Donald C Mantz 68106, NEFamily Medicine1639175003
Ruth Demmel 69140, NEFamily Medicine1770580227
David George Younger 69033, NEFamily Medicine1629075379
Kathryn L Painter 69361, NEFamily Medicine1851398796
Mark W Woodruff 68106, NEFamily Medicine1376540567
Columbus Medical Center, P.c. 68601, NEFamily Medicine1548269368
Brandon James Essink 68729, NEFamily Medicine1982604237
Douglas J Herbek 68803, NEFamily Medicine1861492803
William J Lawton 68803, NEFamily Medicine1114927167
Thomas F Werner 68803, NEFamily Medicine1407856453
Grand Island Clinic Inc 68803, NEFamily Medicine1598766735
Peter D Lueninghoener 68763, NEFamily Medicine1609878610
David Bryce Jameson 68666, NEFamily Medicine1083616502
Marjorie J Heier 68803, NEFamily Medicine1730181280
Michael G Skoch 68901, NEFamily Medicine1164415444
Terry Lynn Troyer 68660, NEFamily Medicine1326031212
Ronald John Sheppard 68825, NEFamily Medicine1023001724
Sean Mullendore 68123, NEFamily Medicine1821081365
Kari L Galyen 68701, NEFamily Medicine1134112832
Wayne K Sumpter 68113, NEFamily Medicine1811980261
Paul Stewart Mueller 68046, NEFamily Medicine1629062054
Randall Howard Neal 68113, NEFamily Medicine1336133206
Anthony Joseph Montegut 68116, NEFamily Medicine1306830013
James Douglas Nelson 68836, NEFamily Medicine1841284486
Carroll Lynn Verhage 68361, NEFamily Medicine1669466116
Gary Mcvay Kilian 68510, NEFamily Medicine1841284338
Peter M. Daher 68106, NEFamily Medicine1528053006
William B. Lockee 68769, NEFamily Medicine1669467866
Mark D. Goodwin 68198, NEFamily Medicine1417942533
Waseem Alounk 68106, NEFamily Medicine1336134493
William Edward Hinman 68970, NEFamily Medicine1770579088
Donald Max Gentry 69361, NEFamily Medicine1275529596
Mia J. Hyde 68803, NEFamily Medicine1932195161
Heather J Hockman 68803, NEFamily Medicine1194711341
John D Tubbs 68780, NEFamily Medicine1104812270
Steven J Saathoff 68521, NEFamily Medicine1801883426
Mark William Serbousek 69001, NEFamily Medicine1841287166
Sandra L Parks 68310, NEFamily Medicine1679560700
Brian E. Couse 51566, NEFamily Medicine1013904812
Linda J Robinson 50851, NEFamily Medicine1235124470
James Leahy Sullivan 68025, NEFamily Medicine1538154141
Svjetlana Dziko 68512, NEFamily Medicine1902892227
Lane T Handke 68767, NEFamily Medicine1952398570
Antonio B. Saqueton 68106, NEFamily Medicine1215923578
Eyad F Kakish 68137, NEFamily Medicine1902892268
Steven A Schwid 68144, NEFamily Medicine1841289162
Lorrie Lynn Mcgill 68046, NEFamily Medicine1053300244
Michael A Romano 51503, NEFamily Medicine1790775666
Mccann Houng 68135, NEFamily Medicine1447240346
Kathleen A Archer 68028, NEFamily Medicine1861482762
Mark David Pilley 68144, NEFamily Medicine1235129057
Darin Jay Hoffman 68310, NEFamily Medicine1962492371
Beatrice Medical Center Pc 68310, NEFamily Medicine1043200462
Robert Arthur Mclellan 68310, NEFamily Medicine1225028582
Alan Wayne Langvardt 68310, NEFamily Medicine1972593374
David F Johnson 68765, NEFamily Medicine1437149861
Olatokunbo Olufunmike Awodele 68105, NEFamily Medicine1336139617
Uma D Nooka 68506, NEFamily Medicine1790776573
Bryan A Hubl 68370, NEFamily Medicine1700867892
Gary Vandewege 69101, NEFamily Medicine1902887631
Jerry L Mclain 69337, NEFamily Medicine1912980327
Catherine A Sutera 69337, NEFamily Medicine1962485292
Edward A Pelton 69337, NEFamily Medicine1255314654
Timothy Joseph Sullivan 68522, NEFamily Medicine1376524611
Craig J Shumard 68352, NEFamily Medicine1811985237
Theodore C Tucker 68352, NEFamily Medicine1831187269
Richard A Blatny 68352, NEFamily Medicine1699763003
Richard A Blatny 68352, NEFamily Medicine1952399362
Brent L Madsen 68370, NEFamily Medicine1003897661
David D Johnson 69337, NEFamily Medicine1780667832
Kristin K Johnson 69337, NEFamily Medicine1316920465
Robert B Mckeeman 68359, NEFamily Medicine1730164484
Roger Paul Rudloff 68756, NEFamily Medicine1922084342
Troy Olan Dawson 68756, NEFamily Medicine1831175256
Douglas Arthur Dilly 68701, NEFamily Medicine1740266162
Sacred Heart Rural Health Clinics 68763, NEFamily Medicine1669458899
Jeremy C King 68123, NEFamily Medicine1073599890
Michael Joseph Mcgahan 68803, NEFamily Medicine1235116963
Mark Allen Becker 68512, NEFamily Medicine1598744054
Edward A Wicker 68701, NEFamily Medicine1104805241
Fernando E Correa 68107, NEFamily Medicine1790765766
Priscilla M Correa 68107, NEFamily Medicine1306826375


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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