Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lee Ann Van Houten-sauter 08094, NJFamily Medicine1508869553
Steven Michael Lowry 08094, NJFamily Medicine1285637223
Megan Eileen Hargrave 08094, NJFamily Medicine1780687723
Kelly M. Laverdure 19178, NJFamily Medicine1568465656
David R Hassman 08009, NJFamily Medicine1922001841
Jan Luke Barnes 07036, NJFamily Medicine1295738599
Lori A Reaves 08037, NJFamily Medicine1417959503
Salvatore Infantino 07410, NJFamily Medicine1477557759
Brad Herman 07410, NJFamily Medicine1760484729
Richard M Mauriello 08009, NJFamily Medicine1023012952
Joseph M Hassman 08009, NJFamily Medicine1831193671
Max Burger 08088, NJFamily Medicine1386648004
Mitchell F. Mayer 08830, NJFamily Medicine1639173008
Angelo Sparagna 08244, NJFamily Medicine1518961986
Traci A Tamburello 07702, NJFamily Medicine1013911486
Neil Perilstein 08830, NJFamily Medicine1144224510
Marc Mayer 08830, NJFamily Medicine1720083132
Andrew Harris Sokel 08536, NJFamily Medicine1255336541
James R Morales 08753, NJFamily Medicine1386649507
George Walter Miller 07044, NJFamily Medicine1316942618
Sonia Deora 08540, NJFamily Medicine1235134297
Michael Sloan Silverberg 08809, NJFamily Medicine1699770412
Arkadiy Shraytman 07470, NJFamily Medicine1932103355
Joseph Riggi 07727, NJFamily Medicine1265436638
Vincent F Destasio 08753, NJFamily Medicine1043215650
James W Vick 08033, NJFamily Medicine1336145465
Leonard V Ridilla 08033, NJFamily Medicine1568468692
James J Runfola 08033, NJFamily Medicine1356347488
Francisco J Diaz 07002, NJFamily Medicine1972509958
Arthur H Braunwell 08008, NJFamily Medicine1821094640
Bernard Lewis Schapiro 08822, NJFamily Medicine1225034903
Khatuna Topadze Belov 07463, NJFamily Medicine1881699528
Pasquale D Vassalluzzo 08004, NJFamily Medicine1861498560
John Ho 07834, NJFamily Medicine1518963933
David Zalut 08043, NJFamily Medicine1649276320
Stephen E. Paul 08052, NJFamily Medicine1629075759
James Glen Sanderson 07307, NJFamily Medicine1154328193
Irving Jay Klein 08096, NJFamily Medicine1659378321
Richard B. Summersgill 08057, NJFamily Medicine1174520845
Lawrence J Anastasi 08402, NJFamily Medicine1760489538
Michael A. Gerstmann 07103, NJFamily Medicine1073510947
Christopher M Horn 07866, NJFamily Medicine1821095605
John L Gaffney 08402, NJFamily Medicine1710985387
Mark Anthony Oswald 08033, NJFamily Medicine1215935655
Ira Liebross 08822, NJFamily Medicine1457359713
David R Polizzi 08827, NJFamily Medicine1356349625
Elyse G Carty 08505, NJFamily Medicine1992703177
Joseph Duffy 07470, NJFamily Medicine1033117171
Robert W Carty 08505, NJFamily Medicine1689672800
Raymond S Buch 08865, NJFamily Medicine1023016227
Eugene M Decker 08865, NJFamily Medicine1619975687
Mary Siciliano 08865, NJFamily Medicine1205834454
Robert Theodore Brown 08103, NJFamily Medicine1962409037
Gerardo Villaruz Estevez 08820, NJFamily Medicine1659379865
Michael J. Amendolara 08889, NJFamily Medicine1831196971
Michele Davis 08816, NJFamily Medicine1164420352
Maria S Flores Dieppa 08820, NJFamily Medicine1851399604
Marwan F Hammoud 08812, NJFamily Medicine1851390470
Martin J Scott 08619, NJFamily Medicine1578562211
Susan Rae 07424, NJFamily Medicine1437158094
Elmer S Gilo 07834, NJFamily Medicine1598764912
Steven Marc Levine 07002, NJFamily Medicine1891794251
Howard Seth Levine 07002, NJFamily Medicine1578562948
Martin Scot Levine 07002, NJFamily Medicine1942209218
Alicia C Skarimbas 07631, NJFamily Medicine1245239490
Rula Al-hilli 08085, NJFamily Medicine1154320315
Enas Tuppo 07506, NJFamily Medicine1346240215
Sixto Malabanan Lirio 08210, NJFamily Medicine1780683672
Donna Graziano Wilcox 08057, NJFamily Medicine1437159027
Gilberto Gastell 07087, NJFamily Medicine1942200472
Cruz A. Mattei 08822, NJFamily Medicine1346240660
Lloyd A Davis 08876, NJFamily Medicine1851391064
Lynne Catherine Hewitt 07722, NJFamily Medicine1598765554
Alan Kelsey 08889, NJFamily Medicine1295735231
Stephen Evan Kabel 08075, NJFamily Medicine1134129125
Dawn Aubel 10022, NJFamily Medicine1215938279
Paul G Bussey 08098, NJFamily Medicine1356341424
Matthew Hanson Hong 08204, NJFamily Medicine1841299534
Mitchell Bober 08070, NJFamily Medicine1902805013
John Bucek 08876, NJFamily Medicine1265432942
Laura A Micek-galinat 08876, NJFamily Medicine1770583460
Elisabeth Spector 08876, NJFamily Medicine1598765638
Frances Wu 08876, NJFamily Medicine1952302838
Frank J Pangallo 47274, NJFamily Medicine1215935010
Gregory H. Busch 08048, NJFamily Medicine1598766131
Phillip Aronow 08109, NJFamily Medicine1164423406
Rupert Carl Hartmann 08065, NJFamily Medicine1003817313
Jerome Pumo 07066, NJFamily Medicine1558363382
Anil K Maheshwari 08840, NJFamily Medicine1235131087
Maria T Garcia 08840, NJFamily Medicine1629070354
Obunike O Edokwe 07107, NJFamily Medicine1306848080
William H Rossy 08840, NJFamily Medicine1548262272
Vincent Codella 07083, NJFamily Medicine1134111248
Roger Lallemand 08857, NJFamily Medicine1770575821
Susan Ann Bidigare 08096, NJFamily Medicine1396737342
Usha Sharma 08863, NJFamily Medicine1467444935
David Guzik 08016, NJFamily Medicine1881687986
Luke Edmund Eyerman 07650, NJFamily Medicine1225021405
Boris Epstein 08816, NJFamily Medicine1194718130
Carol Christine Skipper 07302, NJFamily Medicine1821081415
John R Amrien 08079, NJFamily Medicine1497757173
Jeffrey Charles Oppenheim 08054, NJFamily Medicine1952302259
Andrew Daniel Granas 07463, NJFamily Medicine1083607162
Samantha Brooke Pozner 07901, NJFamily Medicine1225039670
Marnie Lynn Doubek 07901, NJFamily Medicine1720070980
Hugh David Snyder 07901, NJFamily Medicine1376535591
Jeanne Mitterando 08807, NJFamily Medicine1083616841
Richard N Tiedemann 07076, NJFamily Medicine1952394132
John Duryee 07840, NJFamily Medicine1992797427
Samantha M. Plasner 08054, NJFamily Medicine1346241437
Harold Ivanovitch Laroche 07722, NJFamily Medicine1629060231
Michael J Hicks 08075, NJFamily Medicine1245232198
Adam Paduszynski 07002, NJFamily Medicine1609869650
Priscilla Glezen-schneider 07041, NJFamily Medicine1093707812
Petra Hoette 08822, NJFamily Medicine1841283298
Michael I Wiener 07663, NJFamily Medicine1922091370
Francesco P Pagano 07663, NJFamily Medicine1538152905
Daniel J Wilkin 07649, NJFamily Medicine1922092121
Daniel Joseph Sastic 08085, NJFamily Medicine1235123431
Dorothy A Pauch-mcnamara 08822, NJFamily Medicine1942294160
Alicia S. Lubin-baskin 08830, NJFamily Medicine1801880570
Robert Rudolf Wolf 08097, NJFamily Medicine1194710699
Salvatore Prainito 07726, NJFamily Medicine1124013529
Shaik Abubakar 07307, NJFamily Medicine1578558847
Benjamin David Lessig 08755, NJFamily Medicine1760477061
Theodore G Koerner 08012, NJFamily Medicine1245225366
John J Wolozen 07102, NJFamily Medicine1316932189
David Cheli 08736, NJFamily Medicine1043205685
Osvaldo Cortina 07030, NJFamily Medicine1386630994
Harry E Manser 08518, NJFamily Medicine1538155007
Elizabeth C Clark 08901, NJFamily Medicine1558357996
Ronald J Luszcz 07826, NJFamily Medicine1902892821
Margaret Z Kozak 07860, NJFamily Medicine1891781720
Moris Girgis 08882, NJFamily Medicine1699761502
Linda Girgis 08882, NJFamily Medicine1295721108
John D Mcgraw 07860, NJFamily Medicine1114913068
David A Bollard 07871, NJFamily Medicine1831185768
David M Medunick 07871, NJFamily Medicine1861488736
Joseph J Casella 07821, NJFamily Medicine1891781514
Christopher Altamuro 08360, NJFamily Medicine1841287539
Priya Sivaraman 07470, NJFamily Medicine1952398588
Jennifer Elizabeth Horn 07871, NJFamily Medicine1649267204
Shankar Santhanam 08648, NJFamily Medicine1982691432
Elena R Jauregui 07208, NJFamily Medicine1265429781
Gregory G Stiefel 08062, NJFamily Medicine1649267881
Ricardo Matienzo 07030, NJFamily Medicine1306833660
Francisco D Gonzalez 07087, NJFamily Medicine1518954882
Kenneth A Roffe 07419, NJFamily Medicine1689661951
Sara E Medunick 07832, NJFamily Medicine1497742761
Jay V Malickel 08318, NJFamily Medicine1902893134
Linda Carol Vickery 07461, NJFamily Medicine1538156500
Raymond Joseph Byrd 07830, NJFamily Medicine1235127994
Joseph Anthony Jaskolski 07830, NJFamily Medicine1295723807
John Michael Mcgowan 07830, NJFamily Medicine1568450237
Susan Wendi Laws-mobilio 08077, NJFamily Medicine1275520579
Carolyn M Cavuto-wilson 08060, NJFamily Medicine1295720035
Anthony Frisoli 08836, NJFamily Medicine1851385751
Francesco Labbadia 08836, NJFamily Medicine1104810092
Kelly Ann Price 08836, NJFamily Medicine1437143336
Philip Joseph Angello 07722, NJFamily Medicine1083601934
Wilbur Wong 08641, NJFamily Medicine1487640306
Vishal Phakey 08043, NJFamily Medicine1356723084
Louis Tsarouhas 08648, NJFamily Medicine1417945825
Philip Whiting 08104, NJFamily Medicine1568450658
Richard C Costa 08009, NJFamily Medicine1982693511
Scott R Strauss 08809, NJFamily Medicine1811986391
Jolanta Potoczek-salahi 07002, NJFamily Medicine1376532796
Alexander J Higgins 08035, NJFamily Medicine1720077001
W. Albert Dow 08010, NJFamily Medicine1669462636
Alan F Goldstein 07066, NJFamily Medicine1144219155
Tadeusz Pyz 07057, NJFamily Medicine1518957109
Danielle S. Nordone 08105, NJFamily Medicine1699765354
Samirlal Amin 07047, NJFamily Medicine1811987928
James Aloysius Clarke 08724, NJFamily Medicine1689665358
Lorena Del-rocio Alonzo-chafart 08724, NJFamily Medicine1912998592
Benjamin Ira Blank 08029, NJFamily Medicine1891786455
Asim Haider Gilani 08724, NJFamily Medicine1598756173
Zaheer Ahmed Farooqui 08204, NJFamily Medicine1578544599
Subhash Mehta 08210, NJFamily Medicine1255312856
John G Costino 08260, NJFamily Medicine1811978414
Richard Lawrence Corson 08844, NJFamily Medicine1922089200
Brendan Joseph Mulholland 07701, NJFamily Medicine1922080092
Caryn M Giacona 07748, NJFamily Medicine1982686010
Katherine Schneebaum 07701, NJFamily Medicine1518949643
Don Speers 07703, NJFamily Medicine1407838667
Victoria Triola 07701, NJFamily Medicine1124000112
John Paul Swidryk 07704, NJFamily Medicine1689656043
Ahmad John Haddad 07701, NJFamily Medicine1982686457
Mary Kendra Lewis 08822, NJFamily Medicine1801879275
Priya A Yellayi 07703, NJFamily Medicine1073596276
James E Goodwin 07882, NJFamily Medicine1699765099
Frank J Gilly 07882, NJFamily Medicine1891785291
Shirley Yung 08901, NJFamily Medicine1679554059
Scott J Druckman 08527, NJFamily Medicine1871582304
Howard Schoenfeld 07746, NJFamily Medicine1881675007
James J Kwak 08043, NJFamily Medicine1578552865
Costas A Kaiafas 07922, NJFamily Medicine1528057866
Tadeusz Janusz Majchrzak 07306, NJFamily Medicine1720061070
Julia B Ritsan 07748, NJFamily Medicine1730178054
Damian F Rigatti 08853, NJFamily Medicine1154311579


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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