Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of New Mexico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of New Mexico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Anjali Taneja 87105, NMFamily Medicine1730371410
Gilberto Heredia 87120, NMFamily Medicine1649299942
Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center 88310, NMFamily Medicine1104021914
Barbara Leigh Vall-spinosa 95401, NMFamily Medicine1336121813
Karen Ann Longenecker 87107, NMFamily Medicine1891266458
Eric W Metzler 87108, NMFamily Medicine1144289851
James M Wilterding 02215, NMFamily Medicine1548218100
Oswaldo Pereira 98201, NMFamily Medicine1194758789
Corina I. Procell 87109, NMFamily Medicine1720172117
Francesco Standoli 87109, NMFamily Medicine1346378015
Mona Lee Abousleman 87109, NMFamily Medicine1073791315
Martin Jon Kileen 87004, NMFamily Medicine1770789125
Matthew John Caffrey 37601, NMFamily Medicine1336330596
Amrita Samra 95816, NMFamily Medicine1811125107
Muhammad Nausherwan Khan 17046, NMFamily Medicine1821384405
Jimmy Crumbacher 88260, NMFamily Medicine1376961888
Ariel Joy Scott 88260, NMFamily Medicine1093133050
Charity Bishop 87131, NMFamily Medicine1942695176
Jose Luis Vega 85364, NMFamily Medicine1881955169
Cesar B Rodriguez 87120, NMFamily Medicine1124368055
Erin Elizabeth Bulleit 87106, NMFamily Medicine1639564974
Mayimrapha Comprehensive Healthcare, Llc 87109, NMFamily Medicine1457639262
Danielle Denise Draper 87015, NMFamily Medicine1306276241
Monica Briones 87015, NMFamily Medicine1265449094
Kaaren L Mahan 87109, NMFamily Medicine1922193192
Andre Dominick Tilton 70072, NMFamily Medicine1306165097
Daesoon Leem 92394, NMFamily Medicine1902289226
Deborah B Jarmul 87109, NMFamily Medicine1427142801
Alexandra Kazaras 87108, NMFamily Medicine1841205309
Francheska Sevyllyn Gurule 87131, NMFamily Medicine1376962241
Marybeth Hampton 87111, NMFamily Medicine1417444977
Nancy Ellen Resnick 48334, NMFamily Medicine1982876850
Sarah Lauren Friedberg 87102, NMFamily Medicine1790149607
Faynessa Justine Hernandez 88203, NMFamily Medicine1699120642
Emily Rothman 87109, NMFamily Medicine1124119698
Mary Elizabeth Brennan 87112, NMFamily Medicine1952468670
Ximena Galarza-rios 87121, NMFamily Medicine1407879604
Tim I Wilcox 97213, NMFamily Medicine1760688568
Jabez John 85714, NMFamily Medicine1629349576
Southwestern Provider Services Llc 87113, NMFamily Medicine1336608504
Brooke Ersland 75237, NMFamily Medicine1427325224
Rebekah Elizabeth Mccann 87106, NMFamily Medicine1114389327
Peter Koenigsberg 87111, NMFamily Medicine1366475865
Kevin Curtis Sullivan 59715, NMFamily Medicine1750523775
Mark Joseph Stevens 87110, NMFamily Medicine1013145531
Ursula Renee Roblero 87026, NMFamily Medicine1790888774
Cindy K Hoang 87121, NMFamily Medicine1932751641
Zainab Aldaoseri 87121, NMFamily Medicine1184164139
Stefan J. Chimoskey 80303, NMFamily Medicine1023102498
Michael R Emery 87024, NMFamily Medicine1902990377
Dominique L Sanchez 87131, NMFamily Medicine1972036093
Kavitha Kirubanandan 88240, NMFamily Medicine1649701129
Brynne Rainier Wilson Latterell 55369, NMFamily Medicine1841722469
Miranda Velikoff 87105, NMFamily Medicine1356874234
Roderick Mcveety 87107, NMFamily Medicine1558384735
James Milton Carter 94111, NMFamily Medicine1760845143
Jeremy Jacob John 80126, NMFamily Medicine1831535962
Amelie M Wegner 97038, NMFamily Medicine1285067132
Sarah Nicole Brewer 92677, NMFamily Medicine1801232822
Parastou Malek 87109, NMFamily Medicine1063945954
Jean-paul Henri Dedam 87109, NMFamily Medicine1649486770
Serena Shung 98006, NMFamily Medicine1740634245
Sydney Nicole Lee 98002, NMFamily Medicine1780115014
Maria Pia Castillo 98816, NMFamily Medicine1932441409
Nicole Joy Yonke 98663, NMFamily Medicine1053514497
Rabaiya Fatima Ali 61738, NMFamily Medicine1437508041
Yanet Cora Kopnina 87131, NMFamily Medicine1013545342
J Russell Bowman 80920, NMFamily Medicine1477555043
Latania Akers-white 23220, NMFamily Medicine1750571691
Susan Roberts 87117, NMFamily Medicine1437158896
Carlos Norberto Hernandez Torres 10021, NMFamily Medicine1871723171
Dr. Maggie Wilson, Pc 87111, NMFamily Medicine1740898428
Christopher M Berberian 97013, NMFamily Medicine1710185087
San Juan Regional Medical Center Inc 87410, NMFamily Medicine1861467433
Gayle E Riley 87410, NMFamily Medicine1003861618
Annie Lee 88045, NMFamily Medicine1154741452
Damon Brice Armitage 97426, NMFamily Medicine1225176191
Benjamin Stuart Huneycutt 40508, NMFamily Medicine1023050549
Mcleod Medical Centers Of Nm, Inc. 87015, NMFamily Medicine1700393782
Roger Felix 87102, NMFamily Medicine1942245782
Terry Dean Weaver 57382, NMFamily Medicine1528063997
Ayesha Muhammad Ahmed 33813, NMFamily Medicine1013272723
Colin James Henderson 81140, NMFamily Medicine1982720348
Clovis Family Healthcare Center Llc 88101, NMFamily Medicine1356401830
Raena Singh 80138, NMFamily Medicine1073870432
Carmine Dimartino 87571, NMFamily Medicine1689995953
Shailen Mhapsekar 88021, NMFamily Medicine1558652149
Kathleen Cathey 88005, NMFamily Medicine1003026279
Joan E Kandel 87528, NMFamily Medicine1235172842
Roger Stanley Kilbourn 56569, NMFamily Medicine1740242841
Zachary J Stengel 80906, NMFamily Medicine1669549127
Tanya P. Reyes 87532, NMFamily Medicine1144684234
Donald Tait 27545, NMFamily Medicine1568718674
Modern Vascular Navajo Llc 87110, NMFamily Medicine1285126706
Karthik Kavasseri 87327, NMFamily Medicine1245645183
Gordon K. Ahlers 05661, NMFamily Medicine1669490348
Rehoboth Mckinley Christian Health Care Services, Inc 87301, NMFamily Medicine1689779860
Karna Patel 33618, NMFamily Medicine1649590605
Jonathan R Kevan 87123, NMFamily Medicine1760534861
Dorothy L Saune 80909, NMFamily Medicine1013203850
Norman L Hesser 22060, NMFamily Medicine1225391733
Michael J Nelson 68198, NMFamily Medicine1194732354
Christopher Michael Hudson 81301, NMFamily Medicine1619966629
Laguna Healthcare Corporation 87007, NMFamily Medicine1326502147
Claire Ashburn Shervanick 88011, NMFamily Medicine1497702237
Saul D Burciaga-molinar 88011, NMFamily Medicine1790960383
Monica Hilda Moya 88005, NMFamily Medicine1245559400
Christina Avila 88005, NMFamily Medicine1780073593
Marco Maldonado 88260, NMFamily Medicine1144603408
Elaina Dinallo-escalante 87105, NMFamily Medicine1508272394
Peter Andrew Brock 79934, NMFamily Medicine1992298665
Stephen Vinge 88005, NMFamily Medicine1952422909
Tiffany Kayla Autry 88005, NMFamily Medicine1003389875
Francisco J Vargas Nava 88345, NMFamily Medicine1184170185
Jeanette Lara 88081, NMFamily Medicine1265961114
Martha Montanez 79928, NMFamily Medicine1164805420
April Alexandria Leonardo 95971, NMFamily Medicine1154737880
Geetanjali Dodson 88007, NMFamily Medicine1366673881
Ramona Sharma 85259, NMFamily Medicine1558891226
Joel M. Jones 23693, NMFamily Medicine1407838246
Lisa Brazil 93405, NMFamily Medicine1154419117
Sunrise Clinics 88435, NMFamily Medicine1164055927
Pedro Armendariz 88061, NMFamily Medicine1851773279
Hannah Joann Sanders 99574, NMFamily Medicine1093036071
Nona M Girardi 02119, NMFamily Medicine1366474884
Terence A Rousseau 88260, NMFamily Medicine1770795049
Alon Sitzer 01950, NMFamily Medicine1801115860
Javier Eduardo Sosa Rodriguez 77380, NMFamily Medicine1255641338
Rachel Elaine Chamberlain 87106, NMFamily Medicine1396039517
Evan L Nelson 88201, NMFamily Medicine1053375212
Joanna Ayala 92563, NMFamily Medicine1750655668
Amna Hamid Feroze 23188, NMFamily Medicine1487617213
Sherri Duncan 40360, NMFamily Medicine1114345857
Karen Vaillant 88011, NMFamily Medicine1144217787
Richard Pinon 88201, NMFamily Medicine1265437305
Audrey Vega 88201, NMFamily Medicine1659368256
Flavio F. Salazar 87701, NMFamily Medicine1447481270
Karla Angela Moya-crites 87505, NMFamily Medicine1649742966
Sze Kim Pang 87505, NMFamily Medicine1669597076
Dutima Batra 95661, NMFamily Medicine1407890288
Debra K Higginbotham 87505, NMFamily Medicine1861460446
Ashlee Mary Walls 98226, NMFamily Medicine1114253838
Miguel Cuauhtemoc Gomez 87108, NMFamily Medicine1790197721
Chad N Wood 89406, NMFamily Medicine1477646875
Joyce Anne Troxler 37604, NMFamily Medicine1093753998
Rory Keys 51555, NMFamily Medicine1225558562
Joseph Graham Ewing 88011, NMFamily Medicine1750386470
Madeline Rose Turner 59601, NMFamily Medicine1659631778
Joseph Perry Pope 87401, NMFamily Medicine1689677791
Dan Austin Dunn 87401, NMFamily Medicine1205839834
San Miguel Clinic Corp 87701, NMFamily Medicine1114920717
Southwest Family Medicine, Pc 88061, NMFamily Medicine1053316208
Francisco Hilario Crespin 88005, NMFamily Medicine1679578611
John M Stanley 88061, NMFamily Medicine1710982525
Barry James Beaven 87109, NMFamily Medicine1578567962
Daniel Armistead 88058, NMFamily Medicine1356346209
Kyong Yol Ko 88081, NMFamily Medicine1720083322
Wilbur A Tso 87401, NMFamily Medicine1447256805
Scott T Sunde 87106, NMFamily Medicine1558367888
Linda Ann Smoker 87102, NMFamily Medicine1235135245
Darrick P. Nelson 88061, NMFamily Medicine1306843990
Michael D Wagner 87532, NMFamily Medicine1043217797
Michael John Grafe 88210, NMFamily Medicine1992702872
Michael Roland Murphy 88030, NMFamily Medicine1073511663
Thomas F Marren 87401, NMFamily Medicine1952309833
Jeffrey J Thomas 87110, NMFamily Medicine1215935531
Isidora P Gallagher 87106, NMFamily Medicine1528065570
Douglas C Root 22980, NMFamily Medicine1770580987
Martha A Dodson 88310, NMFamily Medicine1548267073
Santiago R. Macias 87105, NMFamily Medicine1154328094
John E Ward 87507, NMFamily Medicine1316945546
Robert Dean Bair 87109, NMFamily Medicine1730188434
Darcie L Robran-marquez 87124, NMFamily Medicine1982603478
Deming Clinic Corporation 88030, NMFamily Medicine1205835808
Michael Sbarge 87327, NMFamily Medicine1619976859
Elizabeth A Newman 87507, NMFamily Medicine1508865494
Robert Crooks 87327, NMFamily Medicine1588663439
Brad L Moseley 87111, NMFamily Medicine1912906819
Melani Mccullough 87327, NMFamily Medicine1508866328
Patricia Magdalena Rocha 87020, NMFamily Medicine1548260052
Norman John Reid 87801, NMFamily Medicine1447251400
Bertrand Bassett 87571, NMFamily Medicine1578564381
Dianna Lynne Fury 87004, NMFamily Medicine1790784973
Susan Lewark 87801, NMFamily Medicine1710988431
Mary A Norman 87801, NMFamily Medicine1770584153
Michael D. Spence 88345, NMFamily Medicine1992706352
Mark Allo Anderson 87059, NMFamily Medicine1861494866
George Egbert Evetts 88401, NMFamily Medicine1306848163
Fay Annette Lafon 88001, NMFamily Medicine1659373231
Robert E Markwell 87801, NMFamily Medicine1467444091
Fernando Lugo 87937, NMFamily Medicine1225021389
Enrique Martinez 87937, NMFamily Medicine1659364701
Haruhauani Spruce 87901, NMFamily Medicine1477546463
Elizabeth Ann Morgan 87047, NMFamily Medicine1376536110
Rio Grande Medical Group, Ltd 88011, NMFamily Medicine1013900794
Nabil M Habib 87034, NMFamily Medicine1750374690
Mark D Bjorklund 87532, NMFamily Medicine1215920202
Ratchnee France 87125, NMFamily Medicine1225030042
Srirengam Muralidhasan 88001, NMFamily Medicine1902898257
David A. Stoltze 87701, NMFamily Medicine1316930761


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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