Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David Michael Newman 14020, NYFamily Medicine1104824705
Richard D Blondell 14228, NYFamily Medicine1255324547
Inez L Pagnotta 12208, NYFamily Medicine1801881396
Maurice Joseph Martin 10035, NYFamily Medicine1245211416
Christopher Philip Black 13601, NYFamily Medicine1396727749
Dawn M Garcen 33181, NYFamily Medicine1578541371
Andrew Wight 13476, NYFamily Medicine1992116404
Lewis Bass 11042, NYFamily Medicine1457321523
Michael D Mitchell 14701, NYFamily Medicine1922082197
Bruce C Slagle 13045, NYFamily Medicine1003888967
Andrew Bruce Symons 14150, NYFamily Medicine1548238538
Anne Marie Nunez 33325, NYFamily Medicine1275503732
Lisa Marie Zabelny 14621, NYFamily Medicine1548233679
Deborah A. Lardner 07652, NYFamily Medicine1760458426
Pasqualino Caputo 12993, NYFamily Medicine1811952583
Meir S. Cohen 11374, NYFamily Medicine1871986703
Jeffrey M Mulholland 13032, NYFamily Medicine1326000431
Harry E Capone 13032, NYFamily Medicine1073575189
Marcia Parris 20769, NYFamily Medicine1295776508
Jama Lorynn Peacock Birsett 12866, NYFamily Medicine1003859331
Juleen Jandali Qandah 13502, NYFamily Medicine1497793889
Gabriel Alarcon 93906, NYFamily Medicine1336194695
Jai Kim 85031, NYFamily Medicine1407892268
Debra C Zimring 12159, NYFamily Medicine1437194966
Thomas B Verme 14513, NYFamily Medicine1821032715
Patricia Li 10028, NYFamily Medicine1609130939
Muralidhar T Reddy 14620, NYFamily Medicine1356375927
Anna M. Timell 06706, NYFamily Medicine1013929769
Suzanne R. Cole 06001, NYFamily Medicine1669407409
Alice Kolasa 12205, NYFamily Medicine1225046279
Jacquelyn Mclean Bennett 12180, NYFamily Medicine1639185416
Alexander V. Baldonado 11377, NYFamily Medicine1508874819
Nicholas J. Augustine 13057, NYFamily Medicine1164803102
Robert C Holland 12601, NYFamily Medicine1043235021
Nicholas R Halper Md Pc 11570, NYFamily Medicine1689691594
Scott Stuart Brehaut 13413, NYFamily Medicine1245253541
Rong-bao Lu 10013, NYFamily Medicine1114029485
Farzin Sehati 11375, NYFamily Medicine1477636389
Pamela Lucille Stevens 14226, NYFamily Medicine1770694937
Richard J. D'amico 12901, NYFamily Medicine1144366311
Annmarie Mcdonald 11420, NYFamily Medicine1003976341
Jonathan Craig Taylor 36363, NYFamily Medicine1962543892
Naomi Smidt-afek 11207, NYFamily Medicine1275657058
Irina Gutnik 11235, NYFamily Medicine1669547667
Paula Maria Brooks 13601, NYFamily Medicine1235285206
Richard Andrew Nocella 13350, NYFamily Medicine1861539843
Stephen T Braun Do Pllc 11968, NYFamily Medicine1487847869
Krishna Mahesh Desai 10032, NYFamily Medicine1265607949
Sujata Shankarappa Balulad 32955, NYFamily Medicine1952501454
Kristen Semanision 11215, NYFamily Medicine1598928327
Keenon White 19933, NYFamily Medicine1447428636
Mohammadreza Azadfard 14228, NYFamily Medicine1689841488
Diego Suarez 10019, NYFamily Medicine1427460252
Sukhwinder Singh Kodial 14221, NYFamily Medicine1043416365
Sapna Shah 11419, NYFamily Medicine1659534543
Woodside Medical Care P.c 11377, NYFamily Medicine1124205570
Mikhail Yuryevich Korogluyev 11235, NYFamily Medicine1083820252
Afua Kyei-anti 10453, NYFamily Medicine1235304106
Nicci Lee Nelson 13021, NYFamily Medicine1851878532
Sarah Hudson 14608, NYFamily Medicine1740417039
Mark Allen Haen 14051, NYFamily Medicine1609181486
Daphna-raquel Barasch 11501, NYFamily Medicine1902061146
Neema R. Afejuku-adelaja 12065, NYFamily Medicine1184854101
Edward Elias Katime 11794, NYFamily Medicine1386968824
Yeshitila Gugsa Mengesha 58501, NYFamily Medicine1518298728
Neeraj Mahajan 01915, NYFamily Medicine1174801351
Prashanthi Veludandi 27834, NYFamily Medicine1417397100
Premila Maria Mathews 10549, NYFamily Medicine1154556637
Alisha Lenora Liggett 10037, NYFamily Medicine1134402043
Sneha Chacko 10016, NYFamily Medicine1811209224
Jeremy Samuel Isaacson 15216, NYFamily Medicine1851689004
Kays Kaysi 29501, NYFamily Medicine1538458864
Joy H. Kang 10996, NYFamily Medicine1063723112
Nosa Dennis Aigbe Lebarty 12304, NYFamily Medicine1629385315
Cindy Tang 93654, NYFamily Medicine1508181348
Mark Kirschenbaum 11219, NYFamily Medicine1992004006
Amy Chao 14467, NYFamily Medicine1467722272
Kelly Weaver 13032, NYFamily Medicine1457506693
Erin W Thompson 13476, NYFamily Medicine1851528368
Devon Arlene White 10453, NYFamily Medicine1194001909
Adrian Carlo Lombardi 11751, NYFamily Medicine1861623472
Hiromi Mahon 12203, NYFamily Medicine1457668147
Moha Kulkarni Ahuja 06831, NYFamily Medicine1255587218
Maria Victoria Moreno Cuttle 11372, NYFamily Medicine1801052253
Jennifer Margaret Reckrey 10029, NYFamily Medicine1124342878
German Ghena Grinshpun 98431, NYFamily Medicine1871895375
Joseph Weber-lopez 11743, NYFamily Medicine1134431554
Ronnie Tom Oommen 12204, NYFamily Medicine1548581887
Enaame Lennox Farrell 14642, NYFamily Medicine1649539594
Shen-han Lin 11354, NYFamily Medicine1225230154
Jessica Ferger 03301, NYFamily Medicine1962768945
Kim Yen Thi Nguyen 95066, NYFamily Medicine1902166952
Mark Petrovani 08863, NYFamily Medicine1871758565
Caitlin Elizabeth Weber 10035, NYFamily Medicine1669730057
Loving Care Medical Pc 11420, NYFamily Medicine1700123908
Mila Lopez 90069, NYFamily Medicine1225471527
Vijaya Lakshmi Alla 20748, NYFamily Medicine1184067514
Daniel Fitzgerald 12414, NYFamily Medicine1306281530
Kevin Nguyen 92653, NYFamily Medicine1932548310
Bhavesh Joshi 72401, NYFamily Medicine1962841155
Julie Refkin 11208, NYFamily Medicine1477991396
Quang Nhut Huynh 10463, NYFamily Medicine1346660040
Sarah White 11794, NYFamily Medicine1215356845
Chandra Lal Naik 12533, NYFamily Medicine1902239742
Akash Ichchhu Patel 10011, NYFamily Medicine1881029486
Jodi Zimbler 11725, NYFamily Medicine1659791093
Chad Lue 10460, NYFamily Medicine1427461417
Samuel Jarratt Wiley 79424, NYFamily Medicine1760897482
Iram J. Mall 12304, NYFamily Medicine1538573514
Mkr Medical Pc 11010, NYFamily Medicine1417371774
Pratik Gandhi 92807, NYFamily Medicine1811314941
Michael S Parslow 12117, NYFamily Medicine1437569746
Sarah Aisling Cheek 11772, NYFamily Medicine1457761959
Shyamal Madhavani 61104, NYFamily Medicine1346657558
Stephanie Wallman 11787, NYFamily Medicine1134519580
Melvin Varghese 19403, NYFamily Medicine1043607898
Emmanuel P Jacob 33027, NYFamily Medicine1902283211
Keith Stephen Fuleki 14411, NYFamily Medicine1801233135
Jesus Lehi Garcia 11501, NYFamily Medicine1982019527
Christina Marie Spaulding 12180, NYFamily Medicine1487092615
Mindy Rachel Brittner 10035, NYFamily Medicine1326307653
Elisa Maria Diaz 04976, NYFamily Medicine1972915411
Rachel Marie Larivee 87124, NYFamily Medicine1427304732
Louis Jared Siegel 11694, NYFamily Medicine1922363605
Alan Demaine 13905, NYFamily Medicine1922427178
Amanda A. Pannu 43201, NYFamily Medicine1922427616
Matteo Spera 11559, NYFamily Medicine1447636253
Megan E Betteley Wang 14611, NYFamily Medicine1083092910
Jean-claude Desrosiers 11203, NYFamily Medicine1578713806
Christine Chang 30033, NYFamily Medicine1164816104
Steven A Nguyen 92262, NYFamily Medicine1972949725
Tejal Patel 30501, NYFamily Medicine1639579956
Deepthi Naik 06824, NYFamily Medicine1962885368
Nidun Daniel 14607, NYFamily Medicine1205214699
Lior Feldman 97477, NYFamily Medicine1376926766
Tanzia Afrin Chowdhury 11901, NYFamily Medicine1194111708
Anna Kun Zheng 01605, NYFamily Medicine1740609403
Jenny Bohrman 97401, NYFamily Medicine1750778833
Joseph Mclain 37601, NYFamily Medicine1568882587
Katherine Rast 14485, NYFamily Medicine1356722243
Gurvinder Kaur 12528, NYFamily Medicine1386064806
Khurram Farooq 12455, NYFamily Medicine1447630785
Ai Qin Amanda Chen 76825, NYFamily Medicine1164802427
Anne E. Kieran 11740, NYFamily Medicine1134549850
Aarti Chopra 11217, NYFamily Medicine1477933430
Anita Kaur Goodrich 12412, NYFamily Medicine1801150057
Luis Chapman 12590, NYFamily Medicine1386787083
Robert Richard Haas 14760, NYFamily Medicine1962819813
Arvind Reddy Ankireddypalli 38104, NYFamily Medicine1003162637
Aung Ko Ko Thant 14212, NYFamily Medicine1730522541
Avinash Mantha 60406, NYFamily Medicine1275952731
Thomas Cummings 13032, NYFamily Medicine1225283468
Lazarus Onwuka 06492, NYFamily Medicine1700269362
Alfred Konopka Bachiller 17701, NYFamily Medicine1487021127
Jeselle Dookran 11780, NYFamily Medicine1174910483
Tuba Khawaja 06492, NYFamily Medicine1982049805
E H Reliable Medical Pc 11214, NYFamily Medicine1639438492
Elisheva Rubinova 11373, NYFamily Medicine1063832467
Gail Nkolika Ukatu 10027, NYFamily Medicine1356784383
Uzma Shahzad 19047, NYFamily Medicine1295174324
Alain Bruno Tagne Nouemssi 28304, NYFamily Medicine1467848267
John Buddenhagen 12211, NYFamily Medicine1598103822
Raysha Janine Crawford 14580, NYFamily Medicine1104238971
Rafael Gabriel Frias 10459, NYFamily Medicine1023498599
Eliot Gibbs 14580, NYFamily Medicine1497163091
Wei Ye 11355, NYFamily Medicine1962678458
Alexandra Jane Schloss 10452, NYFamily Medicine1629498803
Carlos Oblena Dator 13126, NYFamily Medicine1114287158
Viktor Lucas Corpuz 18102, NYFamily Medicine1629316914
Yolana Fuks 10016, NYFamily Medicine1205220621
Lauren Suzanne Roman 12701, NYFamily Medicine1194927012
Devon Mark Craft 12428, NYFamily Medicine1831576412
Andres Gonzalez 91763, NYFamily Medicine1669892147
Kevin Liao 92335, NYFamily Medicine1144534876
Nicole Tetreault 14620, NYFamily Medicine1356784839
Elizabeth Meehan 05663, NYFamily Medicine1598108078
Shaula Woz 14526, NYFamily Medicine1518386200
Anna Jo Pfahl 99508, NYFamily Medicine1083033435
Timothy James Nervina 14526, NYFamily Medicine1720593999
Lalita Abhyankar 11201, NYFamily Medicine1689092439
Mary Wolter 11501, NYFamily Medicine1336648880
Alexander John Langley 13045, NYFamily Medicine1376961383
Irene Koplinka-loehr 05404, NYFamily Medicine1407275126
Hannah Biederman 02148, NYFamily Medicine1336567460
Paula Hercule 02118, NYFamily Medicine1770964587
Janelle Young 14221, NYFamily Medicine1720463474
Kudos Medical Pllc 13037, NYFamily Medicine1801303532
Jesenia Cruz 14221, NYFamily Medicine1669424446
Schuyler Hospital Inc 14865, NYFamily Medicine1760582142
James Joseph Mcentee 14424, NYFamily Medicine1285878512
Daniel Harris 14502, NYFamily Medicine1033522016
Amira Shafey 30101, NYFamily Medicine1336539402
Ny Family Medical Docs Pc 11421, NYFamily Medicine1992204903
Emily Zachowski 40403, NYFamily Medicine1437561347
Highland Hospital Of Rochester 14620, NYFamily Medicine1740220698
Erin Elizabeth Miller 14048, NYFamily Medicine1629584610
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai 11572, NYFamily Medicine1417449976
Xin Fu Lin 11790, NYFamily Medicine1306266952
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai 11572, NYFamily Medicine1043702491
Resika Ubayawardena 14607, NYFamily Medicine1851705628


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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