Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Krishna M Ragothaman 43449, OHFamily Medicine1295738235
John Philip Ortman 45701, OHFamily Medicine1710980768
David Clark Girvin 44811, OHFamily Medicine1225031420
J Steven Polsley 43078, OHFamily Medicine1295738490
Kevin D Frank 43130, OHFamily Medicine1689677874
Karim Habib Lopez 44109, OHFamily Medicine1659374841
Eric William Boose 44131, OHFamily Medicine1528061702
Jerry D Mccreery 43357, OHFamily Medicine1407859689
Kristi R Sigler 43616, OHFamily Medicine1952304131
Brett Roger Kuns 44824, OHFamily Medicine1053314278
Tara S Robinson 43616, OHFamily Medicine1689677890
Angela K Ailes-frick 45662, OHFamily Medicine1255334462
Jeffrey M Ayers 43130, OHFamily Medicine1003819202
Jill A Schellhase 43110, OHFamily Medicine1013910298
Dinesh U. Nayak 45144, OHFamily Medicine1932102092
Bryan Patrick Kuns 44824, OHFamily Medicine1750384814
Marshall W Stepanian 44512, OHFamily Medicine1528061678
John C Biery 45875, OHFamily Medicine1326041245
Mahboob Noory 45140, OHFamily Medicine1528061595
Tricia Croake-uleman 45040, OHFamily Medicine1407859473
Vincent E Perkowski 44646, OHFamily Medicine1316940208
Southwest Family Physicians, Inc. 44130, OHFamily Medicine1942203807
Troy E Hampton 43130, OHFamily Medicine1275536377
Jerry M Kunz 45601, OHFamily Medicine1871596668
Mark A Hickman 43015, OHFamily Medicine1073516605
Todd Richard Myers 45750, OHFamily Medicine1023011673
Trent H Nourse 45503, OHFamily Medicine1821091455
Heber Peart Hostetter 43081, OHFamily Medicine1003819640
Bernard L Berks 45327, OHFamily Medicine1992708416
Lester Dornon 45005, OHFamily Medicine1265435788
James R Fisco 45066, OHFamily Medicine1245233766
Thomas H Henderson 45305, OHFamily Medicine1659374171
Kelly Kirsten O'malia 44402, OHFamily Medicine1376546697
Kelly K. Omalia Md Inc. 44402, OHFamily Medicine1184627408
Dennis Connor Mccluskey 44260, OHFamily Medicine1851394266
James H Barry 45066, OHFamily Medicine1255334611
Timothy J Heyd 45036, OHFamily Medicine1922001437
David Lee Weldy 43614, OHFamily Medicine1437152014
Jill M Sanders 43078, OHFamily Medicine1427051044
Edward A Hubach 45424, OHFamily Medicine1821091331
Rick W Gebhart 45377, OHFamily Medicine1306849823
John Jeremiah Nolan 45215, OHFamily Medicine1659373835
Robert Charles Dennis 45215, OHFamily Medicine1447252614
Edward J Kinkopf 45459, OHFamily Medicine1932101151
Jennifer Katherine Zochowski 43062, OHFamily Medicine1487656682
Paul A Martin 45415, OHFamily Medicine1841292018
James R Hayward 43138, OHFamily Medicine1235133091
Ana Isabel Pere 45805, OHFamily Medicine1568466332
Kristin E Woodard 43560, OHFamily Medicine1114921095
Steven Ronald Huff 43068, OHFamily Medicine1316941156
Mark R Bruss 43566, OHFamily Medicine1720082423
Rebecca L Siders 43566, OHFamily Medicine1831193549
Crystal R. Goveia 43566, OHFamily Medicine1467456178
Stephen P. Bazeley 43566, OHFamily Medicine1336143049
Charles Barry May 43212, OHFamily Medicine1982608642
Katherine Lily Richmond 44221, OHFamily Medicine1578567137
Brenda S Buis 44260, OHFamily Medicine1881698413
Anthony F Lugo 45459, OHFamily Medicine1184626368
Joni M Koren 45424, OHFamily Medicine1154323368
Thomas Donald Macabobby 44512, OHFamily Medicine1104820059
Kendrick B Bashor 44223, OHFamily Medicine1457355083
Lori Anne Crowl 44408, OHFamily Medicine1497757454
Randy A Trimpey 43402, OHFamily Medicine1588668255
Mark H Evans 44408, OHFamily Medicine1972507846
Evillo M Domingo 44865, OHFamily Medicine1770587693
Richard A Simmons 44408, OHFamily Medicine1902800865
Lidia Irena Lamot-wasik 41042, OHFamily Medicine1588794556
Mary Angela Montemayor-rivera 44131, OHFamily Medicine1831191006
Jeffrey B Noftz 43402, OHFamily Medicine1063416733
Peter T Roemer 44903, OHFamily Medicine1861496598
Poncet Courtland Bills 45715, OHFamily Medicine1346244787
Roger Lee Wohlwend 43623, OHFamily Medicine1710982145
Karen L Asher 43623, OHFamily Medicine1346245776
Joseph Bruce Blackburn 44256, OHFamily Medicine1730183138
Michael P Neverauskas 43611, OHFamily Medicine1104821503
Michelle Mackey-sawyer 44147, OHFamily Medicine1801891163
Mark A Lang 44147, OHFamily Medicine1972508232
James D Diethelm 43560, OHFamily Medicine1093710410
Robert B Gwinn 43812, OHFamily Medicine1831194158
Douglas J Virostko 43812, OHFamily Medicine1538164868
Michael D Woolery 43701, OHFamily Medicine1881699114
Richard Don Clark 45750, OHFamily Medicine1053316364
Lesley Ann Meeker 45429, OHFamily Medicine1568467793
Bruce L Hillard 43623, OHFamily Medicine1407851678
John Patrick Zisko 45245, OHFamily Medicine1528063740
The Millhon Clinic, Inc 43235, OHFamily Medicine1023013133
Michael E Hamilton 45322, OHFamily Medicine1629073747
Verne Harold Dodson 45342, OHFamily Medicine1346245289
Gregory Alan Bergman 45865, OHFamily Medicine1912902784
David C. Coffey 45150, OHFamily Medicine1528063690
Lisa L Smith 43611, OHFamily Medicine1932104072
David L. Duff 43140, OHFamily Medicine1588669642
Samuel James Pipes 44483, OHFamily Medicine1417952490
David J Lozowski 43812, OHFamily Medicine1588669543
Jerold A Meyer 44128, OHFamily Medicine1821093881
Brenda K Lozowski 43812, OHFamily Medicine1346245388
Dennis K Delapp 43623, OHFamily Medicine1881699635
Kenneth O Cayce 43035, OHFamily Medicine1427053610
Marilyn J Agee 43623, OHFamily Medicine1306841598
Susan M Kaufman 45895, OHFamily Medicine1053316489
Cheryl A Mann 45334, OHFamily Medicine1265437354
Kristin Oaks 43214, OHFamily Medicine1801891643
Amjad Farooq 43402, OHFamily Medicine1366447377
Khalida Durrani 43613, OHFamily Medicine1750386173
Mark T Rorrer 45439, OHFamily Medicine1851396659
Dennis Flynn 43017, OHFamily Medicine1568467397
Dirk N Juschka 45385, OHFamily Medicine1497750137
Carol C Hostetter 43081, OHFamily Medicine1386649978
Thomas E Asher 43623, OHFamily Medicine1548265044
Marie-france Morton Mcintee 45433, OHFamily Medicine1962408385
Mark D Hillard 43623, OHFamily Medicine1124024492
Monica A Miller 45406, OHFamily Medicine1891791026
Joseph C Linscott 43040, OHFamily Medicine1811993801
James Dean Johns 44703, OHFamily Medicine1770589863
Charles Jules Denunzio 43793, OHFamily Medicine1710983713
Gary Fox 43512, OHFamily Medicine1104822287
Mandy A Klass 45848, OHFamily Medicine1235135260
Kenneth Bosslet 45365, OHFamily Medicine1831195767
Anthony Scurti 43953, OHFamily Medicine1891791745
Roger John Kruse 43615, OHFamily Medicine1487650339
Jeanine S Huttner 43560, OHFamily Medicine1184620015
Daren B Cheney 45840, OHFamily Medicine1124024039
Brian G Cole 43326, OHFamily Medicine1710983622
Mark E. Davis 44473, OHFamily Medicine1336145309
Judith Anne Furlong 43560, OHFamily Medicine1902802804
Kimberly Hagerman 43567, OHFamily Medicine1487650446
Medical Service Associates Of Xenia Inc 45385, OHFamily Medicine1982600862
Florence Beth Matyas 44012, OHFamily Medicine1275539165
Robert S Fredrick 43606, OHFamily Medicine1215933114
Jeffrey Frank Wirebaugh 43551, OHFamily Medicine1487650271
Leslie Joseph Domini 43551, OHFamily Medicine1104822998
Robert Marc Donawa 43551, OHFamily Medicine1922004712
Dennis J Pierson 45804, OHFamily Medicine1538165329
Daniel L French Psc 41042, OHFamily Medicine1255337952
John C Zona 43560, OHFamily Medicine1497751192
Christopher A Sherman 43560, OHFamily Medicine1871599555
Daniel Logan French 41042, OHFamily Medicine1972509693
Steve Hwan-soo Choi 45424, OHFamily Medicine1730186370
Eleanor J Host 43551, OHFamily Medicine1518963560
Jeffrey B Gleick 45459, OHFamily Medicine1760487599
James G Roby 45872, OHFamily Medicine1275539090
Elias Hajjar 45011, OHFamily Medicine1780689422
Coral D Matus 43614, OHFamily Medicine1700882594
Shirley M Bodi 43614, OHFamily Medicine1760488720
Donald K Hickey 43614, OHFamily Medicine1740286558
Michael B Holliday 45246, OHFamily Medicine1225033962
Jeffrey R Lewis 43606, OHFamily Medicine1740286590
Chris Wong 41075, OHFamily Medicine1730185463
Patrick Godfrey Meade 41073, OHFamily Medicine1710983572
Matthew C. Blazek 44145, OHFamily Medicine1053317248
Anthony G Uribes 43567, OHFamily Medicine1720084791
Christopher J Lauricella 45415, OHFamily Medicine1316942063
John Calvin Both 43537, OHFamily Medicine1760489322
Dale A Michalak 43085, OHFamily Medicine1972500494
Elizabeth S Unk 43085, OHFamily Medicine1104823632
Imran A. Andrabi 43604, OHFamily Medicine1386641827
Mary Beth Hall 43023, OHFamily Medicine1669479051
Jason Ross Mattingly 45211, OHFamily Medicine1548267826
Amal Sarah 45040, OHFamily Medicine1568469849
John F Vela 44883, OHFamily Medicine1548267685
Robert Bertani 43207, OHFamily Medicine1114924180
Shahida Shaikh 43219, OHFamily Medicine1407853419
Lisa Christine Navracruz 44114, OHFamily Medicine1124025093
Sue A Leatherman 43224, OHFamily Medicine1043217839
Beavertown Clinic Inc 45429, OHFamily Medicine1902803703
Cole Center For Healing, Inc 45069, OHFamily Medicine1386642080
Joseph James Gallo 44502, OHFamily Medicine1376540195
William Ritchey 44314, OHFamily Medicine1467459297
James Stanley Paris 44502, OHFamily Medicine1497752133
Russell Allan Morrison 44502, OHFamily Medicine1649277484
Henry H Naddaf 43623, OHFamily Medicine1679570352
Kevin J Breslin 45230, OHFamily Medicine1932106705
Jonathan E Rohrs 43528, OHFamily Medicine1871590786
Eric Mast 44870, OHFamily Medicine1437156296
Gary James Frantz 44903, OHFamily Medicine1073510855
James Andrew Williams 43615, OHFamily Medicine1639177256
Nicholas M Lopez 43528, OHFamily Medicine1932107562
Russell Allan Morrison 44502, OHFamily Medicine1699773259
Bruce Mark Grund 44903, OHFamily Medicine1801894498
Raymond John Gardner 43302, OHFamily Medicine1932107489
Bernard J Rose 45429, OHFamily Medicine1508864042
Firas Seffo 44044, OHFamily Medicine1366440778
John Walter Sawvel 45431, OHFamily Medicine1780682146
Catherine M Sargent 45431, OHFamily Medicine1811995277
Donald B Marshall 43460, OHFamily Medicine1417955808
Annapurna Jasti Maddali 45140, OHFamily Medicine1235137670
Deborah Rae Pillow 45001, OHFamily Medicine1760480107
James W Webb 43213, OHFamily Medicine1164420402
Adon S. Weinberg 44505, OHFamily Medicine1740288083
Michael Thomas Ciletti 44446, OHFamily Medicine1750389011
Franklin Alfredo Olmo 43230, OHFamily Medicine1598763633
Daniel G Niehaus 45013, OHFamily Medicine1528066743
William Kyiwom Lee 43315, OHFamily Medicine1093713083
Carl Waggoner 43055, OHFamily Medicine1043218068
Donald Albert Deshetler 43023, OHFamily Medicine1073510558
David Ervin Born 43023, OHFamily Medicine1811994387
Patrick Joseph Scarpitti 43023, OHFamily Medicine1659378115
Michael D Barth 43023, OHFamily Medicine1326046541
Francis Sunseri 43952, OHFamily Medicine1932106028
Saul Blecher 45243, OHFamily Medicine1295733376


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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