Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Oklahoma

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Oklahoma:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Cynthia M Brennan 73120, OKFamily Medicine1013910264
Leroy O. Jeske 74012, OKFamily Medicine1205839446
Daniel K. Wooster 74012, OKFamily Medicine1518960756
Bryan L. Dalton 74012, OKFamily Medicine1386647428
Tracy L. Asher 74012, OKFamily Medicine1366445405
Bob R Abernathy 73632, OKFamily Medicine1114920071
Blake Allen Baird 73077, OKFamily Medicine1982607743
Michael Dean Hartwig 73077, OKFamily Medicine1457354201
Athena C Mason 74012, OKFamily Medicine1437152774
Harrell Douglas Proctor 73533, OKFamily Medicine1467454769
Mark Edward Rigney 74873, OKFamily Medicine1447253737
Robert Scott Stewart 74804, OKFamily Medicine1649273939
Jason D. Dansby 74401, OKFamily Medicine1437151578
Brad A. Mcintosh 74401, OKFamily Medicine1659373819
Kenan Kirkendall 73801, OKFamily Medicine1316949563
Mark R Woodson 73112, OKFamily Medicine1225032246
William L Welden 73099, OKFamily Medicine1124022140
Mark W Cotton 73505, OKFamily Medicine1013911908
Krista Gordon 73505, OKFamily Medicine1164426193
Jeffrey Alan Gastorf 74701, OKFamily Medicine1275537953
Jenny Le 73013, OKFamily Medicine1053315937
Melissa Ann Gastorf 74701, OKFamily Medicine1164426847
Jerry D. Patton 74021, OKFamily Medicine1801890454
William J Carter 74006, OKFamily Medicine1831193341
Roberta A. Rau 74012, OKFamily Medicine1861496275
Brenda R. Stutzman 73048, OKFamily Medicine1700880127
Vernon Michael Love 73505, OKFamily Medicine1841295128
Evaristo Quinones 73503, OKFamily Medicine1043215965
Jesse Dewayne Geren 74401, OKFamily Medicine1679578397
Alexa G Woodson 73112, OKFamily Medicine1720082266
Sarah Elise Wolf 73112, OKFamily Medicine1104355114
Rebecca Lynn Barrett 73109, OKFamily Medicine1194720359
Steven Alan Drabek 73118, OKFamily Medicine1053316026
Randall Leon Kemp 74868, OKFamily Medicine1326043803
Gregory G Pinegar 73717, OKFamily Medicine1801892393
Plaza Medical Group Pc 73112, OKFamily Medicine1295731792
Sohping Ware 74851, OKFamily Medicine1659377174
Samuel Lyle Hague 74631, OKFamily Medicine1528064763
Tammy Kay Jarvis 73075, OKFamily Medicine1629074992
Paul A. Briggs 74631, OKFamily Medicine1528064805
Norma Iris Natal 73601, OKFamily Medicine1477559268
Phil James Green 74631, OKFamily Medicine1083610752
Steven Donald Hinshaw 73573, OKFamily Medicine1891791406
Jeffrey Robert Shuart 74631, OKFamily Medicine1114923489
Jack Eugene Weaver 74401, OKFamily Medicine1902802101
Curtis Alan Phillips 74301, OKFamily Medicine1134126576
Terry M. Lee 74701, OKFamily Medicine1992702724
Charles Joseph Chouteau 74344, OKFamily Medicine1609874346
Ronald R. Hopkins 73139, OKFamily Medicine1144228784
William Joseph Herron 74745, OKFamily Medicine1497753818
Paul K Davis 74601, OKFamily Medicine1619975950
Heather Ross Tipsword 33027, OKFamily Medicine1902804248
Ryan M Biggers 73130, OKFamily Medicine1194723395
Richard Phillip Berry 73858, OKFamily Medicine1669470704
Michael W. Flaherty 73858, OKFamily Medicine1639177702
Gary A. Frederick 73858, OKFamily Medicine1194723213
H Peter Koenen Myers 73112, OKFamily Medicine1477551323
Michael Eugene Salrin 74801, OKFamily Medicine1699773572
Carl Patrick Griffin 73112, OKFamily Medicine1003813825
Gaynell Marie Schieber Anderson 74804, OKFamily Medicine1114925781
Paul Pisarik 74132, OKFamily Medicine1306843248
Kim Kathleen Hunter 74135, OKFamily Medicine1548269392
Lance Carlton King 74136, OKFamily Medicine1538168380
Christopher Wayne Abshere 74136, OKFamily Medicine1154320901
Mcbride Clinic Inc 73103, OKFamily Medicine1053319889
Sharon Sodano Barnes 74055, OKFamily Medicine1194724955
Kenneth Mark Duffy 73663, OKFamily Medicine1164421970
Patrick Lee Murphy 74133, OKFamily Medicine1649279415
Ralph Josef Nelson 73072, OKFamily Medicine1447258264
Stephen W Woodson 74462, OKFamily Medicine1295734978
Kevin Mark Riccitelli 73505, OKFamily Medicine1982603536
Laurence Ray Mansur 74136, OKFamily Medicine1730188186
Ronald Fried 74884, OKFamily Medicine1093714214
Joseph Raymond Schlecht 74037, OKFamily Medicine1801895024
Bobbie Lee Bruton 74135, OKFamily Medicine1225037427
Judith A Frazier 73120, OKFamily Medicine1972502029
Larry C Atwood 73507, OKFamily Medicine1770582868
Yu Cui 73130, OKFamily Medicine1528067626
Thomas Andrew Schooley 74145, OKFamily Medicine1033119805
Ahja K. Chon 74884, OKFamily Medicine1508866344
Cary Lee Carpenter 73020, OKFamily Medicine1053311548
Christy Bennett 74133, OKFamily Medicine1497755540
Preston A Waters 73533, OKFamily Medicine1356341457
Christopher M Herndon 73533, OKFamily Medicine1578563672
Stacey D Knapp Do Pc Inc 73601, OKFamily Medicine1689675688
Denham Springs Urgent Care Llc 70726, OKFamily Medicine1396746111
Mark A Parent 70726, OKFamily Medicine1245231091
Stephen Lindsey 73071, OKFamily Medicine1700887494
Dale D. Reinschmiedt 73742, OKFamily Medicine1104825058
Michael L Bumpus 74006, OKFamily Medicine1932108792
Kelly Lynette Shuler 74066, OKFamily Medicine1376542472
Richard L Hromas 73703, OKFamily Medicine1619976750
Brooks B Zimmerman 73401, OKFamily Medicine1306845367
Madhulika Krish 74401, OKFamily Medicine1538168505
Jim D Blunk 67022, OKFamily Medicine1962402537
Jeffrey R Jones 73703, OKFamily Medicine1295735355
Scott Michael Koch 74136, OKFamily Medicine1144229469
Scott Howard Sexter 74136, OKFamily Medicine1912906132
Randall Wade Herbel 74136, OKFamily Medicine1619976461
Richard Alan Reinking 74136, OKFamily Medicine1639178403
Stacey D Knapp 73112, OKFamily Medicine1104826569
Andrew Carlton Mills 74136, OKFamily Medicine1497754261
Stephen Lloyd Sutton 74133, OKFamily Medicine1972502359
Michael T Montague 74106, OKFamily Medicine1316948656
R. Wayne Mosier 74571, OKFamily Medicine1427059963
William Robert Anderson 74435, OKFamily Medicine1235130709
Integris Bass Baptist Health Center 67022, OKFamily Medicine1942201397
Senthil K Raju 73160, OKFamily Medicine1922009075
Elizabeth A Wickersham 73134, OKFamily Medicine1992706048
Integris Rural Health Inc 73064, OKFamily Medicine1962403030
Lisa Kehrberg 74701, OKFamily Medicine1912908088
Michael D Krieger 73651, OKFamily Medicine1649271727
Marshall County Hma Llc 73439, OKFamily Medicine1659372712
Integris Bass Baptist Health Center 73759, OKFamily Medicine1730180894
Integris Bass Baptist Health Center 73860, OKFamily Medicine1124029293
Gerald A Amundsen 73064, OKFamily Medicine1710989702
Owen Buck Gilmore 74464, OKFamily Medicine1194727198
Royce Gregory Martens 73446, OKFamily Medicine1760484547
Raeanne Lambert 74128, OKFamily Medicine1104828755
James K Robberson 73098, OKFamily Medicine1114929726
Karen S Adams 74601, OKFamily Medicine1104818368
Integris Rural Health Inc 73703, OKFamily Medicine1467454991
Stephen E Connery 73071, OKFamily Medicine1184616070
Gerald F Pribil 74006, OKFamily Medicine1376535294
James R Priest 74056, OKFamily Medicine1780676619
Christian C. Sieck 73071, OKFamily Medicine1811989619
Robert Allan Dickey 73110, OKFamily Medicine1134111933
Karis Bernhardt 73071, OKFamily Medicine1174515977
William Gene Bernhardt 73110, OKFamily Medicine1356333140
Norman Clinic Inc 73071, OKFamily Medicine1235121096
Tommy Darrell Foreman 74354, OKFamily Medicine1750373494
Lisa B. Connery 73069, OKFamily Medicine1205828977
Brian A Yeaman 73071, OKFamily Medicine1750373429
Chriss B Roberts 74467, OKFamily Medicine1710979315
Michael R. Underwood 74365, OKFamily Medicine1528050085
John Robert Perkins 73644, OKFamily Medicine1437141983
Kerri L Williams 73026, OKFamily Medicine1326030628
Robert C Dimski 73130, OKFamily Medicine1457343881
Timothy J Moser 73130, OKFamily Medicine1790777035
John P Rapacz 73130, OKFamily Medicine1508858853
Peggy Culver Dubois 73130, OKFamily Medicine1740273945
Tracy L Thompson 74301, OKFamily Medicine1639162704
Dubois Medical Clinic Pc 73130, OKFamily Medicine1104819762
George Thomas Conrad 74346, OKFamily Medicine1245223858
Jack Stephen Aldridge 74429, OKFamily Medicine1700878378
Diana L Defelice 74055, OKFamily Medicine1649262270
Sheri L Reinhard 74006, OKFamily Medicine1306838248
Wendell L Richards 74834, OKFamily Medicine1588656292
James Garner 73772, OKFamily Medicine1598757510
William L Fesler 74006, OKFamily Medicine1730171679
Michael A Lee 74701, OKFamily Medicine1124020193
Michael D Landes 73701, OKFamily Medicine1174516967
Gary Patzkowsky 73701, OKFamily Medicine1912990896
Heather Rene Lynch 73008, OKFamily Medicine1417949744
Schuyler Tackett Steelberg 74427, OKFamily Medicine1528052875
Ivanka A Vassileva 73505, OKFamily Medicine1295729929
Nancy S Paulger 73159, OKFamily Medicine1053306571
William W Davito 74104, OKFamily Medicine1164417515
Elizabeth R Sherrock 74104, OKFamily Medicine1033104492
Michael Ryan Vaclaw 74104, OKFamily Medicine1942295308
Renato M Caballero 73505, OKFamily Medicine1306831458
Robert F Hay 73505, OKFamily Medicine1730174889
Corby Wade Smithton 74074, OKFamily Medicine1366437246
Anthony Lloyd Orme 73538, OKFamily Medicine1326033259
Andrea Segue Andrews 74804, OKFamily Medicine1629063409
Francois J Dutoit 73505, OKFamily Medicine1760477509
Phyllis Pyrum Engles 74701, OKFamily Medicine1669467312
Robert E Jones 73505, OKFamily Medicine1174518898
Michael Ramos 73505, OKFamily Medicine1063407781
Sherif S Ismail 73505, OKFamily Medicine1457346199
Dale F Duguid 73505, OKFamily Medicine1700871399
Garrick Lee Shreck 74074, OKFamily Medicine1043205651
John C Root 73521, OKFamily Medicine1871589341
Jeffrey Allen Summerhill 72632, OKFamily Medicine1922094432
Usha Chandra 73505, OKFamily Medicine1144216573
Troy L Harden 73015, OKFamily Medicine1346236726
Deena Dave 73505, OKFamily Medicine1164418356
Rod F Linzman 73573, OKFamily Medicine1609862903
Gerard Francis Shea 74056, OKFamily Medicine1023004132
Robert Franklin Chesbro 74056, OKFamily Medicine1093701070
Gary E Griffin 73130, OKFamily Medicine1932195849
Robert Van Blakeburn 73601, OKFamily Medicine1164419560
Robert V Blakeburn Md Pc 73601, OKFamily Medicine1033106448
Harold L Demoss 74403, OKFamily Medicine1245227420
Jay Lance Gregston 73533, OKFamily Medicine1871581512
Keith R Layne 73170, OKFamily Medicine1407843212
Robert Raymond Horanzy 73030, OKFamily Medicine1538157102
Larry Dean Sumner 74464, OKFamily Medicine1699761981
Glenn Crowson Md Inc 74884, OKFamily Medicine1033103452
Patrick G Livingston 73072, OKFamily Medicine1881687200
Jana L Wilkins 74006, OKFamily Medicine1629063102
Anne S May 74114, OKFamily Medicine1316931488
Leroy Calvin White 74820, OKFamily Medicine1770579096
Mitsi A Faubion 74536, OKFamily Medicine1063408656
Abdallah S Dawod 73521, OKFamily Medicine1174519771
Chris L Sturch 74701, OKFamily Medicine1619961943
Manuel O Crespo 73112, OKFamily Medicine1265426241
Grand Fu Kwok Wong 73013, OKFamily Medicine1730175340
Pamela J Barry Duguid 73505, OKFamily Medicine1659366391
Jackie Garland 73013, OKFamily Medicine1164417044


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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