Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Oklahoma

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Oklahoma:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mitchell Craig Preston 72756, OKFamily Medicine1417955766
Michael A Lee 74701, OKFamily Medicine1124020193
Primary Care Associates Pc 74006, OKFamily Medicine1275528630
Brian K Berryman 74145, OKFamily Medicine1184614919
Gina M Caravaglia 92234, OKFamily Medicine1538147459
Danny Silver 72901, OKFamily Medicine1972582260
Ryan A Pitts 74953, OKFamily Medicine1356314603
Heidi L Malling 56401, OKFamily Medicine1053389742
Susan K Steele 74127, OKFamily Medicine1760453591
Rebecca G. Biorato 73064, OKFamily Medicine1285662890
Janet Fanning 73139, OKFamily Medicine1396786737
Terry R Gerard 74701, OKFamily Medicine1790739019
Jeffrey Craig Davenport 73013, OKFamily Medicine1336171925
Brian Keith Rich 74501, OKFamily Medicine1063436947
Regina Marie Lewis 74107, OKFamily Medicine1942218789
Adam Leroy 34202, OKFamily Medicine1922021542
Juanita Pappas 73118, OKFamily Medicine1083708853
Gary Allen Boyer 73018, OKFamily Medicine1982763249
Robert Stanley Guevara 78550, OKFamily Medicine1447310776
Asim Maqsood 73104, OKFamily Medicine1821137050
Chad P Edwards 74033, OKFamily Medicine1790833481
Aayshah Muneerah 73120, OKFamily Medicine1114068756
First Choice Wellness Center Llc 73439, OKFamily Medicine1811187800
John Vincent Kirk 98201, OKFamily Medicine1518167543
Brian Spencer Lee 74701, OKFamily Medicine1295911287
Adreanne Marie Hoggard 32953, OKFamily Medicine1649430224
Daniel Hoang Pham 73135, OKFamily Medicine1114123114
Monica Mae Woodall 74701, OKFamily Medicine1831400506
Katherine Mansalis 73112, OKFamily Medicine1255589941
Taarif Hussain 98310, OKFamily Medicine1770716680
Allison Murphree 33027, OKFamily Medicine1942460597
Abigail Renae Norris 81082, OKFamily Medicine1578983623
Melissa Shanay Herring 74074, OKFamily Medicine1124447792
Coy Peters 74012, OKFamily Medicine1164841557
Muhammad Mohsin Buttar 93301, OKFamily Medicine1861802720
Mai-thao Nguyen 73099, OKFamily Medicine1962815217
Braden Douglas Parmer 46802, OKFamily Medicine1346655339
Alejandro Jose Centurion 33196, OKFamily Medicine1730593708
Blake Middleton 73114, OKFamily Medicine1568703700
Adam Benjamin Greer 74133, OKFamily Medicine1184001133
Erin Marie Sloan 73644, OKFamily Medicine1932588811
Andrew S Ryals 72916, OKFamily Medicine1508295601
Ezekiel Onigbinde 71201, OKFamily Medicine1861879926
Janet Fanning, Md Pc 73139, OKFamily Medicine1437570223
Jennifer Wilson 74107, OKFamily Medicine1932464500
Fred M Watkins 91737, OKFamily Medicine1417244591
Lauri Leahy 99202, OKFamily Medicine1043418239
Ross Riddle 73651, OKFamily Medicine1144646985
Atlas Medical Services, Pllc 74135, OKFamily Medicine1033576418
Blackwell Hospital Trust Authority 74631, OKFamily Medicine1821525304
Casey Lee Snodgress 76092, OKFamily Medicine1023341443
Louise Vo 73142, OKFamily Medicine1316327570
Discover Well beings, Pllc 74347, OKFamily Medicine1801313564
Darren Thomas 74136, OKFamily Medicine1285603720
Pamela E Ahearn 73439, OKFamily Medicine1780684357
Kassandra L Payne 74953, OKFamily Medicine1174903389
Medrite Health Llc 74436, OKFamily Medicine1144704107
Autumn R Hembree 74953, OKFamily Medicine1093229395
Alyssa Tonelli 92701, OKFamily Medicine1750837993
Mednow Primary Care Center Llc 74132, OKFamily Medicine1154890853
Lafave Melton Medical Inc 74825, OKFamily Medicine1912470949
Aaron Luther Bennett 74107, OKFamily Medicine1174984421
Natalie Kay Schaller 50588, OKFamily Medicine1265753669
Valerie Rachelle Estes 74133, OKFamily Medicine1255870465
Shivendra Bansal 74804, OKFamily Medicine1144679952
Leticea Marie Newton 74403, OKFamily Medicine1265422281
James Nelson Mckeehen 74701, OKFamily Medicine1831610930
Andrew White 72758, OKFamily Medicine1063892529
Constance Rogers 74021, OKFamily Medicine1508218959
Scott Ryan Christensen 83704, OKFamily Medicine1578719027
Dustin D Eck 74701, OKFamily Medicine1861044851
Rodger Curtis Mattson 24060, OKFamily Medicine1215999776
John Daniel Joyave 30701, OKFamily Medicine1649639907
Mary Masterman 73018, OKFamily Medicine1225487655
Colin Mychak 73505, OKFamily Medicine1619327954
Seth H. Switzer 73701, OKFamily Medicine1144261546
Gregory Lewis 74136, OKFamily Medicine1053601302
Mirna S Rizkalla 90712, OKFamily Medicine1073967394
Benitta John Philip 73120, OKFamily Medicine1932756863
Joanna Pan 35401, OKFamily Medicine1255785903
Michael Curtis West 74745, OKFamily Medicine1649346545
Mark A Oatman 74604, OKFamily Medicine1205814449
Kyle Matthew George 74701, OKFamily Medicine1982199519
Antonio Chantill Capps 38301, OKFamily Medicine1548559693
Michael Glen Cranford 74701, OKFamily Medicine1528553153
Sarah Janssen 74106, OKFamily Medicine1821418773
Nisarg Patel 18510, OKFamily Medicine1235592809
William E Stringer 74055, OKFamily Medicine1730156340
Dan F Criswell 73533, OKFamily Medicine1043250103
Allison Eldridge 74145, OKFamily Medicine1982141362
Latoya Denise Fulton 70056, OKFamily Medicine1598031122
Naveed Hassan Akhtar 11776, OKFamily Medicine1992148647
Abhilash Reddy Davlapur 77479, OKFamily Medicine1942680913
Renah T Gibson 73703, OKFamily Medicine1972947943
Neal Patrick Ridge 92118, OKFamily Medicine1053381004
Daniel Adrian Brown 74074, OKFamily Medicine1134310436
Rebecca Dawn Lewis 73703, OKFamily Medicine1598039679
Kayeleigh Kelley Baskin 73010, OKFamily Medicine1265889307
Roger Shen 76643, OKFamily Medicine1225472566
David W Dillow 74701, OKFamily Medicine1821090572
Tulsa Health And Wellness Medical Center, Llc 74145, OKFamily Medicine1033697560
Marinn Rank 74107, OKFamily Medicine1417298837
John E Beavers 73008, OKFamily Medicine1386615839
Michelle Kelley 74135, OKFamily Medicine1285695403
Faraz Masood 23834, OKFamily Medicine1609071661
Linda K Bean 66762, OKFamily Medicine1962404707
Pankaj Gugnani 66701, OKFamily Medicine1386625903
Scott Michael Easley 78411, OKFamily Medicine1194088658
Miriam Elaine Thompson-mathew 73008, OKFamily Medicine1275675662
Amanda Sadler 73104, OKFamily Medicine1558890715
Elite Family Medicine Llc 74135, OKFamily Medicine1992224349
Logan Hardin 38305, OKFamily Medicine1891235289
Jay Alan Geary 74137, OKFamily Medicine1821071036
Shea Pelham Pielsticker 73099, OKFamily Medicine1104355718
Christopher P. Hopkinson 72029, OKFamily Medicine1194293928
Kimberly M Kilgore 29204, OKFamily Medicine1366677676
Jeree C Frost 73150, OKFamily Medicine1194060665
Shivani Bhatnagar 38301, OKFamily Medicine1821529546
Alejandra De Santiago 73005, OKFamily Medicine1730613522
Hpi Physicians Llc 73013, OKFamily Medicine1205152600
Virtual Health Provider Group Pllc 75001, OKFamily Medicine1033728761
Alejandra Micaela David 74120, OKFamily Medicine1306370390
Robert Shepler 74401, OKFamily Medicine1386604239
Jordan Haskins 64068, OKFamily Medicine1083024087
Long Term Care Specialists, Inc 73132, OKFamily Medicine1497761159
Saba Suhail 74848, OKFamily Medicine1184073991
William Andrew Anthony 74074, OKFamily Medicine1508306655
Benjamen Howard Williams 66725, OKFamily Medicine1255416558
Muzaffar Mueen Saleemi 73130, OKFamily Medicine1447241450
Nedal Amin Elass 73439, OKFamily Medicine1437546140
Kristina Michelle Kline 74120, OKFamily Medicine1568434447
Whitney Vauteir Engheta 76520, OKFamily Medicine1225499395
House Calls Direct Pllc 73501, OKFamily Medicine1548875545
Latricia Gene Arnold 74884, OKFamily Medicine1124182944
Jtm Pivot Corp 73013, OKFamily Medicine1497362305
Michael C Rommen 71201, OKFamily Medicine1164865036
Collin Musa 46256, OKFamily Medicine1427478387
Trudy J Milner 74056, OKFamily Medicine1649249525
Jonathan Brewer 74056, OKFamily Medicine1194709790
Jacob Borgsmiller 74804, OKFamily Medicine1629518295
Machaille Borgsmiller 74804, OKFamily Medicine1609308881
Misty Marie Bogle 73010, OKFamily Medicine1740417476
Kathleen Mary Mcgovern 74429, OKFamily Medicine1730620766
Jamie Lynn Gore 73801, OKFamily Medicine1730113788
Molly E Peverada 63044, OKFamily Medicine1184157158
Thomas R Todd 74012, OKFamily Medicine1619919487
Christopher Hutchinson 73703, OKFamily Medicine1720513104
Melanie Elizabeth Hutchinson 73703, OKFamily Medicine1861872905
Nicholas David Mosca 73110, OKFamily Medicine1225568777
Centennial Health, Pc 73111, OKFamily Medicine1376585034
Midsouth Transitions Medical Group 75503, OKFamily Medicine1790262681
Bella Sterling Carroll 73118, OKFamily Medicine1104154665
Brenton James Priest 34761, OKFamily Medicine1326409947
Vinh X Vu 76309, OKFamily Medicine1871527929
Shane Hoon Lee 70607, OKFamily Medicine1346778644
Svetlana Claravall Shah 13367, OKFamily Medicine1477696193
Emma Rose Savidge 74401, OKFamily Medicine1427688712
Shawnee Medical Center Clinic, Inc 74804, OKFamily Medicine1306447172
Jeffrey Lawrence Cunningham 74137, OKFamily Medicine1528300811
Saad Malik 55422, OKFamily Medicine1811375413
Steven R Hardage 74017, OKFamily Medicine1518967561
Saints Medical Group 73114, OKFamily Medicine1689964645
Alysia Mota Smith 73834, OKFamily Medicine1023630738
William Russell 76310, OKFamily Medicine1467872127
Andrea Ellen Mceachern 73737, OKFamily Medicine1114105640
Paul L Preslar 73150, OKFamily Medicine1437141793
Brandy Mccalip 73116, OKFamily Medicine1255929436
Karen Elaine Howard 76301, OKFamily Medicine1508464363
Austin Gahlib Al-kazaz 43235, OKFamily Medicine1679803290
Rhonda Fay Orr 74301, OKFamily Medicine1548859812
Casey L Cochran 73703, OKFamily Medicine1821433681
Physicians At Enid Live Well Llp 73701, OKFamily Medicine1700476488
Daniel Shields 33409, OKFamily Medicine1235664095
Brianna Mcmurray 80914, OKFamily Medicine1225458789
Carol Deann Gambrill 77036, OKFamily Medicine1417109133
Stormy Ray Walkup 74745, OKFamily Medicine1710428958
Sotheavy Vann 30008, OKFamily Medicine1710411590
Natalie Patterson 73644, OKFamily Medicine1154859189
Neha Jaswal 71201, OKFamily Medicine1295116523
James Don Dixson 73120, OKFamily Medicine1790729895
Brian David Mancke 46227, OKFamily Medicine1336377712
Jazzmine C Basham 98902, OKFamily Medicine1114451051
Brian Joachims 73080, OKFamily Medicine1619954682
Michael D David 64804, OKFamily Medicine1003814179
Saint Medical Group, Llc 73034, OKFamily Medicine1578174983
Thomas Auxter 33907, OKFamily Medicine1902865470
Mary Wade Martin 77701, OKFamily Medicine1245244359
Stephen L. Vernier 73132, OKFamily Medicine1972532281
Sean D. Champion 71923, OKFamily Medicine1538280011
Recover Together, Inc. 26104, OKFamily Medicine1346736758
Dewey C Scheid 73104, OKFamily Medicine1003883174
Cassandra Brillhart-green 74401, OKFamily Medicine1932776390
Ming Wu 80109, OKFamily Medicine1356755979
Prophylaxis Healthcare Llc 74008, OKFamily Medicine1538453923
Janell Largent 74021, OKFamily Medicine1649625286
Jeffry S Lester 74437, OKFamily Medicine1881723872
Monika Durska-keller 74801, OKFamily Medicine1114280807
Bennett Graham Oden 50314, OKFamily Medicine1427665157
Elizabeth Jane Saladin 73026, OKFamily Medicine1326350752
Shawna Kay Passman 74437, OKFamily Medicine1265921449


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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