Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Valley Clinics 97330, ORFamily Medicine1457842833
Chelsea L Foreman 97322, ORFamily Medicine1720024912
Diana V. Barron 97330, ORFamily Medicine1588607600
Caitlin Christina Myers 97408, ORFamily Medicine1841762002
Emily Claire Looney 97322, ORFamily Medicine1265794697
Kelsey Angeline Terland 99508, ORFamily Medicine1720273667
Michael L. Potter 97501, ORFamily Medicine1457388191
Patrick Scott Williams 97229, ORFamily Medicine1912014317
Wendell Charles Heidinger 97526, ORFamily Medicine1326184607
Awais Siddiki 33704, ORFamily Medicine1770743890
Alexander Gloria 97146, ORFamily Medicine1346272739
Dung Thanh Nguyen 97124, ORFamily Medicine1447665625
Michael Arthur Schwartz 81632, ORFamily Medicine1548564545
Albert Phan 97006, ORFamily Medicine1972970093
Pacific Primary Care And Integrative Health, Inc. 97045, ORFamily Medicine1558820076
Carrie Lynn Binder 97209, ORFamily Medicine1083068589
Yen Hai Nguyen 97068, ORFamily Medicine1497952360
Breanna Loreen Percell 97703, ORFamily Medicine1225285109
Roberta G Belich 97754, ORFamily Medicine1871877506
Jonathan Schultz 97701, ORFamily Medicine1740385863
Michael S Melton 97702, ORFamily Medicine1609850775
Peter S Leavitt 84032, ORFamily Medicine1386698678
Joseph Volpi 97463, ORFamily Medicine1336589159
Kenneth W. Manuele 97415, ORFamily Medicine1962442657
Sharon Rose Peterson 97007, ORFamily Medicine1336304138
Sarah Lynn Laiosa 97720, ORFamily Medicine1124261862
Rean Alex Goelst 97024, ORFamily Medicine1871811307
Kristine A Kruger 97222, ORFamily Medicine1457307977
Chase Austin Grames 84790, ORFamily Medicine1063675098
Sarah Ann Lamanuzzi 97601, ORFamily Medicine1235243049
Gabriel Rama Mayland 97601, ORFamily Medicine1669586467
Alison Herson 98684, ORFamily Medicine1346684412
Austin Deng 93291, ORFamily Medicine1245896877
Reynold Graham Orchard 98632, ORFamily Medicine1205919958
Kevin J Grainger 97015, ORFamily Medicine1194889808
Melanie Bertenelli 97055, ORFamily Medicine1013364728
Douglas Raymond Lyon 97013, ORFamily Medicine1700033925
Elizabeth A. Lincoln 97477, ORFamily Medicine1639114549
Donald N. Gallup 97301, ORFamily Medicine1568499663
Joseph Vogelgesang 53213, ORFamily Medicine1982067922
Christina Choung 98101, ORFamily Medicine1790210847
Caroline Coulter 22812, ORFamily Medicine1104237361
Jennifer Liu 98375, ORFamily Medicine1982050480
Cathleen Bruner 97355, ORFamily Medicine1578098455
Stephen Joel Hallas 97330, ORFamily Medicine1144516204
Elena Styles 97140, ORFamily Medicine1912394743
Aaron Lee David 97330, ORFamily Medicine1548236904
Leon E. Mccook 98683, ORFamily Medicine1609175363
Morgan Garvin 97401, ORFamily Medicine1558676049
Jennifer Mitchell 97402, ORFamily Medicine1508244260
Icco, Llc 97401, ORFamily Medicine1992861611
Erin P Reilly 97477, ORFamily Medicine1285602086
Devin L Lee 97401, ORFamily Medicine1790125649
Logan James Mcghan 97424, ORFamily Medicine1689965204
Adrienne Nicklin 97477, ORFamily Medicine1326036211
M Joshua Haber 97401, ORFamily Medicine1477667053
Matthew J. Gramzow 97527, ORFamily Medicine1902231665
Mailynn Alexis Mitchell Sanchez 97477, ORFamily Medicine1205157757
Anita Allison-mcnutt 97405, ORFamily Medicine1053790923
Patrick Galvan Tandingan 97401, ORFamily Medicine1992859623
Stewart L Mones 97404, ORFamily Medicine1144277559
Sarah Rachel Garey 97124, ORFamily Medicine1952798159
Howard M Stein 97448, ORFamily Medicine1770649477
Adnan Misellati 92506, ORFamily Medicine1063654564
Loan Thuy Duong 97477, ORFamily Medicine1255568515
Wesley T Ramoso 97504, ORFamily Medicine1649591223
Northwest Medical Homes, Llc 97477, ORFamily Medicine1114974946
Thomas Anthony Caton 97439, ORFamily Medicine1346532108
Krissi D Danielsson 97439, ORFamily Medicine1982099420
Richard Veerman 97439, ORFamily Medicine1568823482
Morgan Schiller 97239, ORFamily Medicine1396279246
Conley Lynch 59474, ORFamily Medicine1336157916
Kae B Loverink 56082, ORFamily Medicine1467418681
Maximilian Taylor 83704, ORFamily Medicine1699206193
Victoria Boisen 98029, ORFamily Medicine1205814167
Nima Azarbehi 97526, ORFamily Medicine1649581075
Eli Sager 97527, ORFamily Medicine1548611320
Shoshannah Levitt 97502, ORFamily Medicine1942642962
Pacific Primary Care And Integrative Health, Inc. 97233, ORFamily Medicine1760049886
Cheryl Corinne Laplante 97233, ORFamily Medicine1306803077
Andrew David White 97023, ORFamily Medicine1164824546
Jacqueline Fernandez Adlawan 96701, ORFamily Medicine1598708125
Kevin Do 97015, ORFamily Medicine1750777066
Robert W Henriques 95573, ORFamily Medicine1952348096
Cynthia Worden Llc 97027, ORFamily Medicine1295969608
Terena D Gimmillaro 97213, ORFamily Medicine1235574955
Thomas Newton 97381, ORFamily Medicine1679535785
Mara Christine Limoncelli 97212, ORFamily Medicine1942590583
Cliff Ching Moeckelmann 98405, ORFamily Medicine1447772413
Mary K Nordling 97123, ORFamily Medicine1164417689
Lisa Kipersztok 97005, ORFamily Medicine1952796468
David James Tovey 97230, ORFamily Medicine1932276961
Amelia Dawn Carr 97123, ORFamily Medicine1992168231
John P Delgado 97520, ORFamily Medicine1083892020
Priscilla Villarreal 97601, ORFamily Medicine1144648031
Jason Michael Baker 97124, ORFamily Medicine1154702538
Nathan A Way 97224, ORFamily Medicine1104251263
Terry Joan Wrobel 97123, ORFamily Medicine1831377175
Linda I Cruz 97124, ORFamily Medicine1396758512
Parham K Ghavami 55108, ORFamily Medicine1386819480
Chardonnay Vance 98672, ORFamily Medicine1164834347
Caroline Barrett 97124, ORFamily Medicine1902217813
Carly Nicole Chambers 98632, ORFamily Medicine1891128336
Louise Elizabeth Leduc 97820, ORFamily Medicine1093995995
Kayla Linville 97828, ORFamily Medicine1811488778
Matthew A Shaw 97487, ORFamily Medicine1952701518
Gregory Paul Burnett 97216, ORFamily Medicine1073802062
Irina Iacobucci 97601, ORFamily Medicine1679990048
Autumn Polidor 97504, ORFamily Medicine1710305875
Ashley Bryson 97601, ORFamily Medicine1356704159
Seth Francis Einterz 95542, ORFamily Medicine1942664701
Brandon David Chase 97601, ORFamily Medicine1730300815
Joyce C Hollander-rodriguez 97601, ORFamily Medicine1649219882
Margaret Anna Jolley 97601, ORFamily Medicine1689019853
Anne Marie Kessler 97601, ORFamily Medicine1003236811
Holly Montjoy 97601, ORFamily Medicine1700177912
Kelly Mcnamara Patterson 97601, ORFamily Medicine1235429069
Carolyn Marie Pierce 97601, ORFamily Medicine1912299132
Hannah Schreiber 97601, ORFamily Medicine1245694819
Dwight W Smith 97601, ORFamily Medicine1033122734
Dallas John Swanson 97601, ORFamily Medicine1699115550
Paul Francis Swenson 97601, ORFamily Medicine1639434509
Nellie May Wirsing 97601, ORFamily Medicine1932129483
Christopher D. Zoolkoski 97601, ORFamily Medicine1275544892
Erin Gonzales 97601, ORFamily Medicine1801282462
Wendy A Warren 97601, ORFamily Medicine1992836472
Lawrence Lee Cohen 97601, ORFamily Medicine1871677641
Stewart Lowell Decker 97601, ORFamily Medicine1417375015
Grant Niskanen 97601, ORFamily Medicine1801898358
Anh Nguyen 97754, ORFamily Medicine1124461462
Leslie Mccalister 97741, ORFamily Medicine1316365992
Kelly Bolling-ringler 97739, ORFamily Medicine1639531171
Katherine Siobhan Cooper 97702, ORFamily Medicine1730479833
Masayo Ozaki 24501, ORFamily Medicine1932594082
Aimee Leigh Rowe 97601, ORFamily Medicine1255769857
Hannah Kauffman Jantzi 97601, ORFamily Medicine1811420409
Matthew Peters 97601, ORFamily Medicine1912439506
Stephanie Ann Laudert 97444, ORFamily Medicine1548600208
Ann Elisabeth Kellogg 97411, ORFamily Medicine1619291127
Raffaella Sappe Betza 97827, ORFamily Medicine1881955771
Roger Stanley Kilbourn 56569, ORFamily Medicine1740242841
Arthur Eric Ostergard 97035, ORFamily Medicine1356852339
Diab Medical Group 78746, ORFamily Medicine1750896395
Tracey Kathleen Tracy 97850, ORFamily Medicine1073760955
Matthew Christopher Foster 97630, ORFamily Medicine1184935876
Collin Wade Lynn 96001, ORFamily Medicine1083770754
Daniel Barton Mosher 97321, ORFamily Medicine1235516071
Dylan Ryan Rogers 48081, ORFamily Medicine1104351402
Sarah Crowe May 98274, ORFamily Medicine1467845388
Emma Sachs 97401, ORFamily Medicine1740667419
Alyssa Horne 43615, ORFamily Medicine1679005623
Cary Randall Bybee 97478, ORFamily Medicine1265852586
Alanna Hannegraf 97401, ORFamily Medicine1710332986
John E. Hickey 97355, ORFamily Medicine1497782205
John Tuan Pham 97266, ORFamily Medicine1912061623
Russell Lee Steffensen 98387, ORFamily Medicine1477945319
Shannon L. Servin-obert 98368, ORFamily Medicine1285861989
Karen L. Swenson 91901, ORFamily Medicine1992019947
Angie Pagano 97015, ORFamily Medicine1265794135
Cheryl Beth Hickethier 97365, ORFamily Medicine1659322923
William P Irvine 97741, ORFamily Medicine1265659510
Patrick F Martinez 99503, ORFamily Medicine1518901321
Christina Marie Turknett 99669, ORFamily Medicine1114332855
Nathaniel Fondell 97501, ORFamily Medicine1346695236
Adrian Sue 97504, ORFamily Medicine1588724611
Ese Blessing Aghenta 55422, ORFamily Medicine1972921567
Jorge David Palomino Vargas 93306, ORFamily Medicine1760845846
Dustin Craig Cheney 97007, ORFamily Medicine1669825550
Christelle Serra-van Brunt 97222, ORFamily Medicine1922492586
Brian Duane Prestwich 90018, ORFamily Medicine1922194174
Jami Rae Silflow 97232, ORFamily Medicine1821210956
Caroline B Schier 97210, ORFamily Medicine1316266018
Kristina A Brown 97225, ORFamily Medicine1992104418
Benjamina N. Rowe Brown 97202, ORFamily Medicine1700094695
Morgan Shier 80122, ORFamily Medicine1164872032
Nathan Denson Savage-lee 97013, ORFamily Medicine1588212906
Benjamin Daniel Houser 97015, ORFamily Medicine1174956049
Ewen J Harrison 97015, ORFamily Medicine1841647559
Jeffrey Sun 97225, ORFamily Medicine1457743296
Zheru Li 98683, ORFamily Medicine1578718755
Ruolan Liu 98006, ORFamily Medicine1568873479
Michael K Rodgers 97128, ORFamily Medicine1730114075
David G Silvestre 97224, ORFamily Medicine1831153196
William Jackson 83661, ORFamily Medicine1740530302
Mario J Seyer 97015, ORFamily Medicine1942251293
Christopher J Lundquist 97838, ORFamily Medicine1013079144
Jerrold L Snow 97222, ORFamily Medicine1053307645
Kerry Ben Callahan 97232, ORFamily Medicine1902871932
Charles W Webb 97006, ORFamily Medicine1811967235
Aaron T Yu 98273, ORFamily Medicine1386718625
Patricia Marie Frew 98664, ORFamily Medicine1588836407
Elizabeth Rose Shih 97239, ORFamily Medicine1306007307
Nhu T. Hang 98506, ORFamily Medicine1548416381
Kerry Abbot Schaefer 97202, ORFamily Medicine1497902373
Eric Nicholas Shamo 97015, ORFamily Medicine1144547837
Weston Baker 97828, ORFamily Medicine1023429883
Devon Hutton 97701, ORFamily Medicine1518379080
Derek J Meyer 98664, ORFamily Medicine1972879153
Wai Man Belinda Siu 97225, ORFamily Medicine1275854671
Peyman Shakiba 92179, ORFamily Medicine1457379380


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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