Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of South Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of South Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Deborah J Chambers 29910, SCFamily Medicine1558365049
Faheem B Nusrat 29803, SCFamily Medicine1235121237
Keith D Shealy 29720, SCFamily Medicine1578557153
Tonya Renee Washington 29379, SCFamily Medicine1891780052
Robert Stephen Hines 29745, SCFamily Medicine1861489635
Erich Rolland Heinz 29841, SCFamily Medicine1902886724
John Allen Knepper 29464, SCFamily Medicine1063495067
Michelle Nobles 57262, SCFamily Medicine1992777007
John B Pate 29010, SCFamily Medicine1295708535
Maria A. Cayelli 29621, SCFamily Medicine1891744454
Otis Edward Engelman 29485, SCFamily Medicine1730145509
Kenneth S Campbell 29621, SCFamily Medicine1386694222
Chadley Milton Runyan 29506, SCFamily Medicine1821056680
Charles T Mcelmurray 29203, SCFamily Medicine1730142266
Kimberly A Mallin 11231, SCFamily Medicine1750349502
Melissa Hodge Hunter 29492, SCFamily Medicine1437107851
Bela K Udani 29220, SCFamily Medicine1104878784
Jack Christopher Spencer 29424, SCFamily Medicine1255398350
Robert Clayton Gambrell 30909, SCFamily Medicine1952353542
Phillip Wayne Jansen 29841, SCFamily Medicine1407887318
Paul Douglas Moore 29605, SCFamily Medicine1194769661
Kimberly Shelley Jackson 29492, SCFamily Medicine1558318527
Timothy W Hutchison 23602, SCFamily Medicine1881636702
Edward J Mayeaux, Jr., 29203, SCFamily Medicine1356368880
David Dominguez 29803, SCFamily Medicine1366451122
Palmetto Health University Of South Carolina Medical Group 29010, SCFamily Medicine1235614462
Kristen Marie Wyrick 98271, SCFamily Medicine1669486155
Timothy Aaron Zeller 29672, SCFamily Medicine1659381440
Firstchoice Healthcare Pc 29642, SCFamily Medicine1912001264
Umg Primary Care South Carolina, Llc 29803, SCFamily Medicine1851747190
Tenley E Murphy 29678, SCFamily Medicine1760516249
Steve W. Schwartz 29576, SCFamily Medicine1104096619
Joshua Holmes 29646, SCFamily Medicine1639581119
Jeffrey P Holloway 29203, SCFamily Medicine1376742411
Nicole Yvonne Edwards 29210, SCFamily Medicine1639378987
Chaye Hertzel 29150, SCFamily Medicine1053532309
Chidebe Udeozo 28337, SCFamily Medicine1316112105
Timothy Idiaghe 29150, SCFamily Medicine1437362456
Adam W Bruckner 29803, SCFamily Medicine1316109564
Sudharani Bangalore Nanjaiah 29150, SCFamily Medicine1932376472
Catherine Harmon Toomer 29803, SCFamily Medicine1780912733
Arthur J. Palmer 43214, SCFamily Medicine1639499577
Karla Ashley Hirshorn 29615, SCFamily Medicine1649407321
Daniel Bradley Algert 29904, SCFamily Medicine1811218936
Sara Lynn Camarata 29571, SCFamily Medicine1730474016
Nicole Lynn Carney 04090, SCFamily Medicine1699064584
Matthew S Haldeman 29646, SCFamily Medicine1932494853
Lori Ann Thompson 29341, SCFamily Medicine1487607339
Ashlie Alexander Booth 31322, SCFamily Medicine1275860256
Sports Medicine Associates Of Augusta, Llc 30909, SCFamily Medicine1255565503
Elizabeth Ann Zimmerman 29715, SCFamily Medicine1215199096
Nithya Malti Natrajan 30901, SCFamily Medicine1215376801
Lindsey Cassidy 80045, SCFamily Medicine1336553445
Avkash Vijay Daji 28304, SCFamily Medicine1528478856
Dezmond Bernard Sumter 29203, SCFamily Medicine1831452853
Trey Gunter 30534, SCFamily Medicine1700264728
Kent Bryce Loader 29585, SCFamily Medicine1023371044
Patrick Michael Mcgowan 72764, SCFamily Medicine1730569310
Robert Noyes Etheridge 29125, SCFamily Medicine1588007603
Candace Whitfield 29654, SCFamily Medicine1710307103
Amy Bruce Arendt 29302, SCFamily Medicine1780076422
Dennis Joseph Linderman 99503, SCFamily Medicine1124467014
Christopher Randolph Betts 91723, SCFamily Medicine1235578428
Robert Brightharp 29824, SCFamily Medicine1205197019
Florence Family Medicine Llc 29501, SCFamily Medicine1356852115
Misty Denise Burnett 29072, SCFamily Medicine1306375829
Southern Comprehensive And Behavioral Health Associates Llc 29576, SCFamily Medicine1730602285
Ryan Michael Williams 29501, SCFamily Medicine1306072293
Mackey Family Practice, Pa 29720, SCFamily Medicine1265426167
Bei Zheng 29631, SCFamily Medicine1124274709
Bukie Adefabi 27713, SCFamily Medicine1023271954
Henry Ronald Emery 28104, SCFamily Medicine1639149552
Robert A Hess 26164, SCFamily Medicine1538156518
Anmed Health 29631, SCFamily Medicine1851701866
Pain Treatment Centers Llc 29501, SCFamily Medicine1952804593
Jennifer Lee 45324, SCFamily Medicine1487094694
Umg Prompt Care South Carolina, Llc 29841, SCFamily Medicine1629462122
Alexander Christian Suda 29576, SCFamily Medicine1417449695
Steven Alan Giles 53188, SCFamily Medicine1306919907
Michael Weldy Turner 30260, SCFamily Medicine1518173574
Mark Orgel 29860, SCFamily Medicine1902912157
Direct Access Md, Llc 29621, SCFamily Medicine1740760560
Ryan Ban 55125, SCFamily Medicine1154701282
Michael Stephen Odom 29691, SCFamily Medicine1093197980
Leah Embree 98230, SCFamily Medicine1124406145
Umg Prompt Care Llc 30813, SCFamily Medicine1457759847
Cassie Callahan Jenkins 29720, SCFamily Medicine1063989317
Kevin Kennedy Trapnell 30809, SCFamily Medicine1083796619
Anmed Health 29631, SCFamily Medicine1427005727
Sherrie B Richardson 29510, SCFamily Medicine1780141093
Regina Rae Evans 29585, SCFamily Medicine1134113871
Rashid Moin Ansari 29708, SCFamily Medicine1265851091
Ami Bharat Patel 29640, SCFamily Medicine1972765014
Matthew Johnson 17042, SCFamily Medicine1801209713
Monica Natalie Milas 29203, SCFamily Medicine1427182005
Richard Andrew Philipp 29585, SCFamily Medicine1144668930
Marlon Alando Clarke 29203, SCFamily Medicine1629366166
Reliant Geriatrics, Inc. 29607, SCFamily Medicine1922080787
Mcleod Regional Medical Center Of The Pee Dee, Inc. 29506, SCFamily Medicine1205882461
Van A Gauby 29926, SCFamily Medicine1811945355
St Francis Physician Services Inc 29662, SCFamily Medicine1841668670
Julian Charles Levin 29902, SCFamily Medicine1124098645
David Randall Castor 28713, SCFamily Medicine1073735155
Don L Abernethy 30529, SCFamily Medicine1013957844
Tracy Debolt Ridgill 29150, SCFamily Medicine1558674812
Providence House Calls Llc 29730, SCFamily Medicine1689912495
Greenville Medical Associates, Pa 29607, SCFamily Medicine1316251101
Betty Jane Lackey 29615, SCFamily Medicine1043448509
Benjamin Yoo 33409, SCFamily Medicine1023071529
Rebecca King-mallory 24084, SCFamily Medicine1417306432
Troy Mac Phillips 29650, SCFamily Medicine1194994210
Prashant A Patel 29640, SCFamily Medicine1033367479
Kevin Lee Martin 28791, SCFamily Medicine1558504316
Kds Consultants, Llc 29707, SCFamily Medicine1366940959
Ernestina Nyarko French 29651, SCFamily Medicine1265878268
Staci M Holles-sobota 29707, SCFamily Medicine1740471077
Amanda Mae Marvin 85206, SCFamily Medicine1215342852
Gail M Robinson 28054, SCFamily Medicine1316250301
Ruthanne Marie Dahlheimer 29678, SCFamily Medicine1104054204
Hormone And Health Usa Llc 29464, SCFamily Medicine1659912079
Elizabeth Barton Winston 29425, SCFamily Medicine1023421369
Don Gibson 39074, SCFamily Medicine1326451246
Whole Heart Family Medicine 29406, SCFamily Medicine1578115911
John Gardner Inman 29492, SCFamily Medicine1255495644
Sarah Tucker Price 29425, SCFamily Medicine1356790398
Richard E. Mohr 29505, SCFamily Medicine1396939393
Albert James Osbahr 28792, SCFamily Medicine1285672832
Bernard Augustus Corbett 29301, SCFamily Medicine1205889409
Gayle L Brook 29585, SCFamily Medicine1902987407
Mohan Kumar Bangalore-puttaiah 88260, SCFamily Medicine1619007697
David Franklin Carver 29640, SCFamily Medicine1043263718
Joy Dina Hudson 29301, SCFamily Medicine1184694069
Scott William Smith 29464, SCFamily Medicine1972550283
Erin P Reilly 97477, SCFamily Medicine1285602086
Alice June Savage 29406, SCFamily Medicine1164742441
Marian Jane Wasson 29341, SCFamily Medicine1881665685
Naceme Azizzadeh 29220, SCFamily Medicine1306192240
Arcis Healthcare, Llc 29406, SCFamily Medicine1902246077
Katie Pearce 29918, SCFamily Medicine1558853598
Conway Hospital, Inc. 29579, SCFamily Medicine1902047277
Brandy Jackson Sinclair 29550, SCFamily Medicine1720630429
Riverview Family Medicine, Llc 29732, SCFamily Medicine1730740333
Meredith Lynn Good 29172, SCFamily Medicine1730618679
James Marvin Vest 29575, SCFamily Medicine1780697151
Augustine Nnana Onwukwe 27292, SCFamily Medicine1215963343
Jeffrey Dean Harris 29615, SCFamily Medicine1215134978
Georgetown Physician Associates, Llc 29440, SCFamily Medicine1508849837
Georgetown Physician Associates, Llc 29576, SCFamily Medicine1720597743
Lauren Veronica Benning 29506, SCFamily Medicine1184252926
Heber J Watson 29526, SCFamily Medicine1811427289
Donald Wain Morando 29526, SCFamily Medicine1164477998
David Weitzman 29582, SCFamily Medicine1376776781
Prisma Health Medical Group midlands 29150, SCFamily Medicine1871080283
Rhonda L Wallace 29910, SCFamily Medicine1154341782
Meagan Renea Thomas 29204, SCFamily Medicine1093235418
Amanda Mae Gambill 28722, SCFamily Medicine1558894477
Hollie Elizabeth Ables 29621, SCFamily Medicine1528556362
Jenae Marie Dykes 29425, SCFamily Medicine1184184269
Karissa Ryann Vasquez 29412, SCFamily Medicine1659869824
Blake M Hodges 29620, SCFamily Medicine1659710440
Carolina Family Care, Inc 29720, SCFamily Medicine1275564098
Charles Kenneth Edsall 29631, SCFamily Medicine1841483344
Anna Crutchfield 22033, SCFamily Medicine1710336029
Michael Eugene Steele 29488, SCFamily Medicine1427187673
Bridgett Heather Seagroves 29620, SCFamily Medicine1275829871
Kathryn Mills Hollins Lizarribar 29204, SCFamily Medicine1568875458
Kara Jane Shirley 29607, SCFamily Medicine1962054452
Rebecca Alsip Iskandar 29681, SCFamily Medicine1235367699
United Physician Group Llc 30329, SCFamily Medicine1922579192
Jabran Akhtar Hussain 29303, SCFamily Medicine1134431349
Kyle Jeremy Gehres 46227, SCFamily Medicine1437440187
Csp Enterprises Llc 29642, SCFamily Medicine1821637760
Edward A Neilsen 29483, SCFamily Medicine1457316317
Christopher M Davis 29607, SCFamily Medicine1174056097
Christopher Trong-linh Than 60631, SCFamily Medicine1477947844
Colton Jayne 40353, SCFamily Medicine1689108821
Robert Mackey Callis 29212, SCFamily Medicine1093780140
Frederick Jay Rosenblum 42001, SCFamily Medicine1083673180
Jeffrey Richard Many 28037, SCFamily Medicine1003295072
Vijay Talreja 28105, SCFamily Medicine1851554067
Ashten Crosby 28147, SCFamily Medicine1346760246
Payton Blair Foust 29033, SCFamily Medicine1528352291
Anoma S Gamage 29072, SCFamily Medicine1326141938
Joshua Tyler Stone 29621, SCFamily Medicine1700290814
John M. Ferguson 29414, SCFamily Medicine1952562969
Anthony John Germinario 29407, SCFamily Medicine1831619923
Bonnie L. Crickman 29486, SCFamily Medicine1740261726
John Mark Tyler 47201, SCFamily Medicine1447218797
Susan J. Davis 63026, SCFamily Medicine1003174004
Melissa Costantini 29577, SCFamily Medicine1386278422
Patrice L High 29078, SCFamily Medicine1649280231
Wendy Leigh Miller 29072, SCFamily Medicine1083613004
Michael L Nunnery 29063, SCFamily Medicine1194736512
Legacy Care Llc 23452, SCFamily Medicine1902149776
Carlos A Soto 29206, SCFamily Medicine1699787689
Marcia L Taylor 29054, SCFamily Medicine1295823771
Adam Joel Verhoef 29203, SCFamily Medicine1063903870
Ryan Alan Walters 29072, SCFamily Medicine1992225338
Sara Khalil 29588, SCFamily Medicine1699157214
Rick Lane Olson 29406, SCFamily Medicine1750330437


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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