Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dhana R Cox 79109, TXFamily Medicine1639172232
Ronnie Mitchell 76092, TXFamily Medicine1043212343
Karin Kay Bergman 75034, TXFamily Medicine1386646594
Thomas Randall Hines 79106, TXFamily Medicine1336141670
J Steven Welch 76086, TXFamily Medicine1942204847
Hugh H Wilson 79423, TXFamily Medicine1083619746
Timothy R Mcfarland 77979, TXFamily Medicine1790789253
Frank Saunders 77964, TXFamily Medicine1871599639
Martha A Dodson 88310, TXFamily Medicine1548267073
Frances Myers Mitchell 78504, TXFamily Medicine1669470043
Kent E Tompkins 78410, TXFamily Medicine1942207436
Shanta Dlima 77414, TXFamily Medicine1205834660
Roger M Moczygemba 78213, TXFamily Medicine1750382503
Sunita Swamy 78731, TXFamily Medicine1164423521
Shama P. Quraishi 77706, TXFamily Medicine1649262007
Raquel Bolado 78550, TXFamily Medicine1679567713
Gretchen May Adams 79109, TXFamily Medicine1275529919
Rueywen Chen 77479, TXFamily Medicine1548257884
Stephen Louis George 76302, TXFamily Medicine1679569032
Lonnie R Schwirtlich 78418, TXFamily Medicine1679561880
Rowena J Maclin 76016, TXFamily Medicine1316936941
Carolyn Barker Mcdougald 77080, TXFamily Medicine1902887755
Adenrele Olaosun, M.d, P.a 77074, TXFamily Medicine1295248227
Anisa S.n. Ssengoba-ubogu 35249, TXFamily Medicine1407845910
Cheyanne M Casas 78746, TXFamily Medicine1528047693
James Francis Gallant 61021, TXFamily Medicine1295712974
Robert Andrew Webster 78411, TXFamily Medicine1336129691
Franchesca Schandevel 67865, TXFamily Medicine1508253055
West Texas Medical Associates 76904, TXFamily Medicine1457339525
San Benito Medical Associates, Pllc 78586, TXFamily Medicine1174500748
Lee W Haak 76051, TXFamily Medicine1104803923
Bruce A. Hoekstra 04856, TXFamily Medicine1598725871
Juan Hermilo Gonzalez 78526, TXFamily Medicine1154398121
David Anthony Braunreiter 77478, TXFamily Medicine1972572055
Charles Addington 79424, TXFamily Medicine1508837790
Luis G San Miguel 78503, TXFamily Medicine1508830985
Stuart F Williams 76092, TXFamily Medicine1407829864
Pamela Santone 75052, TXFamily Medicine1528033941
Michael D Sims 75052, TXFamily Medicine1336114313
David Gajewski 77418, TXFamily Medicine1801869870
Debra Lyn Hammond 79119, TXFamily Medicine1194789420
Raja Abusharr 77382, TXFamily Medicine1215993084
Alan Hardwicke 76821, TXFamily Medicine1912969627
Hector Manuel Lopez 76109, TXFamily Medicine1487611471
William Robert Wilson 78229, TXFamily Medicine1972561264
David L Reeve 76104, TXFamily Medicine1366492233
Eric Joseph Beadle 75052, TXFamily Medicine1164484218
Laredo Texas Hospital Company Lp 78041, TXFamily Medicine1982653473
Janet Krueger 77845, TXFamily Medicine1104874809
Physician Associates Of Southwest Dallas 75208, TXFamily Medicine1801845425
Luis Palacios 75231, TXFamily Medicine1487614392
Antonio Falcon 78582, TXFamily Medicine1538118740
Louis Pulicicchio 71291, TXFamily Medicine1861437733
Daniel D Dugi 77954, TXFamily Medicine1598701344
Steve R Cox 33027, TXFamily Medicine1891738514
Lucia Ridlen-gonzalez 80134, TXFamily Medicine1831145234
Sonal Dholakia 77024, TXFamily Medicine1164452876
Hugo R. Gonzalez & Associates, P.a. 77029, TXFamily Medicine1073553467
Brian Joseph Goerig 77845, TXFamily Medicine1477593051
Thomas J Wenger 76705, TXFamily Medicine1245269786
Anika Trenelle Bell-gray 77573, TXFamily Medicine1033152475
Edward L Terrasson 77354, TXFamily Medicine1376585406
Nora Catherine Hart 77385, TXFamily Medicine1003853276
Jana G Decker 78411, TXFamily Medicine1134150857
Beverly Spaulding Gutierrez 78213, TXFamily Medicine1023057528
Adrian K Goss 78238, TXFamily Medicine1659319283
Debra Irwin 78602, TXFamily Medicine1659386712
Precious J Marquart 76028, TXFamily Medicine1063432847
Susan L Kraemer 77964, TXFamily Medicine1699799452
R. Sam Lingamfelter 77058, TXFamily Medicine1225044084
Marcia O Miller 31405, TXFamily Medicine1487661559
Diabetic Renewal Center Llc 75703, TXFamily Medicine1750764189
Sean Hattenbach 79430, TXFamily Medicine1225415359
Javier David Margo 78582, TXFamily Medicine1356358915
Robert D Julian 78132, TXFamily Medicine1528082393
Phillip Mark Aguilar 77573, TXFamily Medicine1578586038
Shazli Naseer 76104, TXFamily Medicine1912928987
Kamille Romain 76201, TXFamily Medicine1194104950
Melissa A Mckinney 96817, TXFamily Medicine1124112123
Steven Len Scheppler 78234, TXFamily Medicine1366528242
Odette Arredondo 77005, TXFamily Medicine1235219650
Viviana C Frazier 78726, TXFamily Medicine1093897555
Chris Alan Sparkman 77384, TXFamily Medicine1073618104
Seguin Family Medicine Pa 78155, TXFamily Medicine1982701835
David G. Carpenter 77338, TXFamily Medicine1225130743
William Huang 77098, TXFamily Medicine1831288208
Signe H. O'neale 30912, TXFamily Medicine1205931441
Khadijah O Adejumo 77584, TXFamily Medicine1235216334
Fernando Enrique Karst 78723, TXFamily Medicine1326148586
College Park Medicine,pa 77384, TXFamily Medicine1295815959
David Ayrton Holland 79912, TXFamily Medicine1801972351
Kent Erickson 77385, TXFamily Medicine1336209873
Julie Romo-fritz 77070, TXFamily Medicine1790847374
Jerry F Castilleja 78648, TXFamily Medicine1720126659
James Paul Caplan 77573, TXFamily Medicine1356474175
Hung Viet Nguyen 77598, TXFamily Medicine1700950748
Raja Abusharr Md Pa 77382, TXFamily Medicine1144398264
Kristi Nicole Burkhart 78605, TXFamily Medicine1215052964
Gunther Groning 33029, TXFamily Medicine1649326216
Trevor Rohm 79045, TXFamily Medicine1780723791
Bunrith Koy 77642, TXFamily Medicine1346651718
Vu Quy Nguyen 78234, TXFamily Medicine1487794046
Cecilia Kwong-murphy 75080, TXFamily Medicine1255802880
Margit Mary Winstrom 77833, TXFamily Medicine1326106337
Christian Mark Schupp 77070, TXFamily Medicine1144378084
Kari Ahnfeldt 79935, TXFamily Medicine1861604779
Neelima Nagabattula Ganta 78741, TXFamily Medicine1619186681
Mehjabin Ismail Parkar 77469, TXFamily Medicine1508068438
Robert David Menzies 76123, TXFamily Medicine1225235179
Leo D Villaroman 75237, TXFamily Medicine1073796330
Ali Hasnain Naqvi 78539, TXFamily Medicine1477715084
Sheryl May Alicia Mills 77954, TXFamily Medicine1033372032
Marco Gutierrez 78516, TXFamily Medicine1669672572
Peter Timothy Sprockel 77094, TXFamily Medicine1891966446
Marta Maria Molina 77546, TXFamily Medicine1245421437
Dr Bose Industrial & Family Medicine Pllc 78504, TXFamily Medicine1639368889
Rupali Rajan Kadakia 77584, TXFamily Medicine1003077892
David Reyes 77555, TXFamily Medicine1235368895
Jared Ty Shahan 78418, TXFamily Medicine1518144773
Asha Ganpat Wurdeman 77479, TXFamily Medicine1134305956
Remigius Nwabueze Okea 78852, TXFamily Medicine1235334624
Jordan Paul Downing 09464, TXFamily Medicine1952574626
Xiaohui Lu, M.d., P.a. 75035, TXFamily Medicine1689845521
Katasha Elisha Lindley 77523, TXFamily Medicine1710189022
Robert Joel Bush 84003, TXFamily Medicine1003070111
Mario Rizalino Bascon Roa 77845, TXFamily Medicine1740445758
West Texas Medical Associates 76904, TXFamily Medicine1144485756
Pamela Ramirez Stroman 78596, TXFamily Medicine1669630752
Mai Le Somphet 77088, TXFamily Medicine1962603126
Naja Mari Thomas 76137, TXFamily Medicine1588862452
Atx Sleep Docs 78727, TXFamily Medicine1073084562
Nur S Chowdhury 75034, TXFamily Medicine1669696191
Jose Leonardo Loaiza 79925, TXFamily Medicine1407979255
Tyson Charles Purdy 79407, TXFamily Medicine1346402328
Chaitanya Alli 77058, TXFamily Medicine1134329782
Lynn Eleanor-johnson Gower 97360, TXFamily Medicine1275708000
Ronald Livingston 76444, TXFamily Medicine1487870655
Mohan Ravindra Gadam 78840, TXFamily Medicine1356509004
Niti Randhawa,m.d., Pa 75251, TXFamily Medicine1649420787
Gita Singh 77074, TXFamily Medicine1033362652
Jonathan William Pino 75103, TXFamily Medicine1124356613
Rodolfo Randy Martinez 76508, TXFamily Medicine1740571280
James Taylor Flores 78028, TXFamily Medicine1578858759
Kevin Vo 75032, TXFamily Medicine1063649846
Travis Gaujot Bias 95035, TXFamily Medicine1285860478
S s c 78332, TXFamily Medicine1972874287
Melida Yudit Tellez 77478, TXFamily Medicine1528296084
Jesse Cheng Qiao 79911, TXFamily Medicine1225340722
Chintalben D Shah 78251, TXFamily Medicine1033419551
Tuan Duc Nguyen 70072, TXFamily Medicine1962764761
Katriny A Ikbal 78738, TXFamily Medicine1205084688
Grace Stanley 75203, TXFamily Medicine1255583563
Syed Mohammed Fateh Hyder 75243, TXFamily Medicine1225362585
Megan Elizabeth Belcher 77024, TXFamily Medicine1306167473
Matt Muramoto 99701, TXFamily Medicine1518287374
Elena Wilson 76549, TXFamily Medicine1841424389
Cheryl Chacko Thamaravelil 75243, TXFamily Medicine1245461177
Community Medical Clinic Pa 79936, TXFamily Medicine1154638690
James Edward Williams 78222, TXFamily Medicine1689822447
Anayatzy Franco 77018, TXFamily Medicine1184018533
Irwin Boger 'bo' Price 75551, TXFamily Medicine1669765012
Rachel Elaine Chamberlain 87106, TXFamily Medicine1396039517
Hossain Ashraf 79106, TXFamily Medicine1396066213
Manika Jha 78589, TXFamily Medicine1275785271
Eduardo Miguel Guerra Valencia 78503, TXFamily Medicine1154568558
Gabriel Tarango 78014, TXFamily Medicine1891921599
Jennifer Czaplicki Greenblatt 77382, TXFamily Medicine1447562251
Thomas Eugene Williams 79705, TXFamily Medicine1629375126
Eric Samuel Blacher 75948, TXFamily Medicine1346537255
Nora Georgina Regalado Vera 79912, TXFamily Medicine1992024699
Kerrie Ranae Mclemore 78405, TXFamily Medicine1730406125
Robert Cooper, M.d., Pa 76458, TXFamily Medicine1316418809
Harveer Singh Parmar 75006, TXFamily Medicine1679869317
Sarah Null 75028, TXFamily Medicine1194031419
Tracy Tran Hoang 77084, TXFamily Medicine1477789600
Priti Ranjan 75024, TXFamily Medicine1356579247
Victoria Oluwaseun Deboise 62226, TXFamily Medicine1093009748
Jessica Ruth Toler Huerta 75033, TXFamily Medicine1952629230
Tam Nhat Cung 75251, TXFamily Medicine1194012161
Elizabeth Rivera 76106, TXFamily Medicine1568751006
Renny Theodore Mcdaniel 84651, TXFamily Medicine1013283449
Gaurav Suresh Mehta 56501, TXFamily Medicine1043519796
Gary Paul Willers 77954, TXFamily Medicine1255625422
Lorena Silvestre Tobias 79907, TXFamily Medicine1356601132
Caitlin Elizabeth Weber 10035, TXFamily Medicine1669730057
Sarah Elizabeth Wilson 78411, TXFamily Medicine1275976425
Anna Cecilia Sandejas Tenorio 77030, TXFamily Medicine1568805877
Shelley Rachel Robeniol 75019, TXFamily Medicine1962846386
Val Verde Hospital Corporation 78840, TXFamily Medicine1891124640
Ashley Nicole Pirisino 75165, TXFamily Medicine1548680358
Brady Putnam Simonak 76137, TXFamily Medicine1821418658
Ruchita Patel 77566, TXFamily Medicine1083034771
Chuan Chen 75019, TXFamily Medicine1801206040
Jane Chandy Abraham 75013, TXFamily Medicine1356761522
Maria Carmela Babaran 93306, TXFamily Medicine1881014454
Ahmad Almustafa 32712, TXFamily Medicine1740693688
Amber Van Den Raadt 75418, TXFamily Medicine1104232644
Archangel Medical Llc 77074, TXFamily Medicine1477958940
Kyle Jackman 84414, TXFamily Medicine1659782969
Sergio Barksdale 78840, TXFamily Medicine1457761819


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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