Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Son 79404, TXFamily Medicine1346348463
Tania Marie Oyola Rosario 79606, TXFamily Medicine1679925127
Helena Rebecca Wojciechowski 79430, TXFamily Medicine1669883716
Dean Allen Schultz 79601, TXFamily Medicine1619013976
Daniel Valentin Jereza 98431, TXFamily Medicine1609980333
Courtney Donielle Unkefer 76226, TXFamily Medicine1184110256
Hung Quoc Tran 78550, TXFamily Medicine1558655126
Aryham Rivas Gomez 78503, TXFamily Medicine1487040077
Suman Choudhury 78504, TXFamily Medicine1205047255
Hni Medical Services 78735, TXFamily Medicine1366735169
Vandana Kamat 78332, TXFamily Medicine1619994258
Jason B. Barnes 78405, TXFamily Medicine1114294592
Shazli Naseer 76104, TXFamily Medicine1912928987
Jane Chandy Abraham 75013, TXFamily Medicine1356761522
Mohammed A Mohiuddin 75098, TXFamily Medicine1942308424
Heal 360 Urgent Care, Llc 75098, TXFamily Medicine1295165967
Doctor Mom Pllc 75013, TXFamily Medicine1750941118
Bryan M Lowery 75034, TXFamily Medicine1730153628
North Texas Physicians Group 75013, TXFamily Medicine1760069348
Sara Guidetti 88001, TXFamily Medicine1427420223
Presidio County Health Services Inc. 79830, TXFamily Medicine1518347921
Margaret Eileen Conner 76063, TXFamily Medicine1487668281
Brenda L Salinas 78503, TXFamily Medicine1861436263
Audrey Rachelle Gutierrez 78572, TXFamily Medicine1164950432
Thomas Randall Hines 79106, TXFamily Medicine1336141670
Debra Lyn Hammond 79119, TXFamily Medicine1194789420
Heather De Jesus 98686, TXFamily Medicine1659783595
Soleil Arrieta 55981, TXFamily Medicine1851634620
Angela Ruth Sanchez 79106, TXFamily Medicine1881104537
Grace Christine Wang 63110, TXFamily Medicine1225482292
Stuti Nagpal 99202, TXFamily Medicine1487979589
Amanda Nicole Hartman 79015, TXFamily Medicine1003159856
Ryan Austin Klitgaard 76034, TXFamily Medicine1801240809
Fmc Medical Foundation, Inc. 79101, TXFamily Medicine1679920763
Amy Danielle Cosgrove 75019, TXFamily Medicine1275844425
Dr Tan Women's Health Clinic, Pa 79119, TXFamily Medicine1215303730
Cristiane Campos Ennis 79119, TXFamily Medicine1861689572
Care Physician Group 78382, TXFamily Medicine1194225573
Ryan Matthiesen 76052, TXFamily Medicine1326480732
Michael D Shaffer 76426, TXFamily Medicine1417949983
Jake Sanchez 76092, TXFamily Medicine1013491620
Eseosa Eguae 76017, TXFamily Medicine1427310200
Dhara K. Patel 71854, TXFamily Medicine1174978795
Texas Specialty Clinic 75146, TXFamily Medicine1154821429
Euginia Agbatekwe 76022, TXFamily Medicine1376065490
Shawna Jae Rubalcaba 75116, TXFamily Medicine1609418045
Donna Kaye Austin 76126, TXFamily Medicine1871581082
Vaughn Anthony Brozek 76053, TXFamily Medicine1801889894
Innate Medical Solutions Pllc 75024, TXFamily Medicine1902266539
James R Qualls 75751, TXFamily Medicine1407141120
Karah L Coker 75751, TXFamily Medicine1558656348
James Francis Gallant 61021, TXFamily Medicine1295712974
Allen Health Systems Pllc 76201, TXFamily Medicine1447769203
Sunita Swamy 78731, TXFamily Medicine1164423521
Cheyanne M Casas 78746, TXFamily Medicine1528047693
Neelima Nagabattula Ganta 78741, TXFamily Medicine1619186681
Atx Sleep Docs 78727, TXFamily Medicine1073084562
Mohan Ravindra Gadam 78840, TXFamily Medicine1356509004
James Edward Williams 78222, TXFamily Medicine1689822447
Caitlin Elizabeth Weber 10035, TXFamily Medicine1669730057
Cody Godfrey 78701, TXFamily Medicine1801206875
Running Wild Sea, Llc 78758, TXFamily Medicine1063910842
Aussa Physicians, Pllc 78756, TXFamily Medicine1285135152
Sharon Ince 76508, TXFamily Medicine1245641786
Prashant K Reddy 78741, TXFamily Medicine1770739914
Paraag Kumar 78741, TXFamily Medicine1265751192
Ajay K Gupta 78759, TXFamily Medicine1629026067
South Austin Family Practice Clinic, Llp 78735, TXFamily Medicine1235130592
Nicole Elaine Myers 34203, TXFamily Medicine1285992685
Kelly Alberda 78701, TXFamily Medicine1972525376
Atx Sleep Center Of Austin 78749, TXFamily Medicine1144863812
Teresa Manax 75038, TXFamily Medicine1538362348
Hni Hospital Services Of Florida, Llc 32401, TXFamily Medicine1144851411
Vpa Of Texas Pllc 75038, TXFamily Medicine1942829155
Vpa Of Texas Pllc 75038, TXFamily Medicine1326667536
Connie Li Cheng 78701, TXFamily Medicine1588285944
Diab Medical Group 78746, TXFamily Medicine1750896395
Psych Dimensions Inc 78626, TXFamily Medicine1538534086
Jeremy Douglas Wiseman 78613, TXFamily Medicine1114188497
Elizabeth A Kvale 78701, TXFamily Medicine1245267616
Megan Michelle Walker 78229, TXFamily Medicine1023308863
Central Texas Palliative Care Associates 78759, TXFamily Medicine1487686226
Jose Rafael Cano Penaloza 78503, TXFamily Medicine1770015950
Consortia Health Long Term Care Llc 33401, TXFamily Medicine1689152779
Minying Gu 78754, TXFamily Medicine1912387556
Adeyoyin O Okunade 78704, TXFamily Medicine1407967359
Cecilia I Martinez 22041, TXFamily Medicine1013130442
Dan R Baker, Md, Pa 78681, TXFamily Medicine1295917730
Dana Ray Baker 78681, TXFamily Medicine1073613212
Anuja Bedi 61801, TXFamily Medicine1003362153
Texas Health Action 78752, TXFamily Medicine1578175576
Hillary G Miller 78731, TXFamily Medicine1538175898
Charlotte Herold 43551, TXFamily Medicine1508115981
Thomas E Martens Do Pa 78749, TXFamily Medicine1679717581
Thomas E Martens 78660, TXFamily Medicine1144333055
Hisako Frank 78753, TXFamily Medicine1124635370
Laura Denise Curlee 76107, TXFamily Medicine1134376056
Alan Hardwicke 76821, TXFamily Medicine1912969627
Bradly Bundrant 76821, TXFamily Medicine1609863760
Paul Mitchell Linden 76821, TXFamily Medicine1457885469
Estela Mota 78749, TXFamily Medicine1366736050
Shanta Dlima 77414, TXFamily Medicine1205834660
Sweeny Medical Clinic 77480, TXFamily Medicine1578910774
William Huang 77098, TXFamily Medicine1831288208
Nish Shah 77406, TXFamily Medicine1255775177
Tram Huynh Tran 77584, TXFamily Medicine1811336589
Pranav B Shukla 77018, TXFamily Medicine1578735130
Katasha Perry-lindley 27332, TXFamily Medicine1710189022
Tanseem Hamad Mohame Abouelseoud 77025, TXFamily Medicine1477968717
Shama P. Quraishi 77706, TXFamily Medicine1649262007
Shama P Quraishi Md Pllc 77706, TXFamily Medicine1013383827
Oscar Olfindo Enriquez 77630, TXFamily Medicine1487737219
Anson Huynh 77702, TXFamily Medicine1174900575
Crystal Stephens 77054, TXFamily Medicine1154849529
Spindletop Mhmr Services 77701, TXFamily Medicine1952357550
Jesus David Paternina 78503, TXFamily Medicine1992939193
Clinica San Lucas Fuqua 77089, TXFamily Medicine1164048526
Pranav Bhatt 77657, TXFamily Medicine1619394756
Allison Joan Louis Brown 76119, TXFamily Medicine1962864231
James Kenneth Looney 75077, TXFamily Medicine1659303535
Krishna Israni 32224, TXFamily Medicine1497281240
Mireille Dziuk 78413, TXFamily Medicine1669993473
Hillcroft Medical Clinic 77478, TXFamily Medicine1588605430
Floyd Edsil Jernigan 76710, TXFamily Medicine1891755088
Dr. Katherine Hurley, P.a. 75024, TXFamily Medicine1467097865
Katherine Bernhardt Hurley 75024, TXFamily Medicine1457763559
Signe H. O'neale 30912, TXFamily Medicine1205931441
Dr Donald Wayne Hopkins 76539, TXFamily Medicine1477156651
East Rehabilitation Pa 75001, TXFamily Medicine1558322859
Herrera Medical Group Of Bedford & Associates 76021, TXFamily Medicine1508078452
Hugh H Wilson 79423, TXFamily Medicine1083619746
Raul Horacio Zambrano 45410, TXFamily Medicine1598736472
Latisha Marie Ward 79720, TXFamily Medicine1609341007
Huan Canh Nguyen 76248, TXFamily Medicine1588013569
Permian Premier Health Services Inc 79720, TXFamily Medicine1932664091
Susan Roberts 87117, TXFamily Medicine1437158896
South Texas Rural Health Services, Inc. 78014, TXFamily Medicine1366960221
Kent E Tompkins 78410, TXFamily Medicine1942207436
Richard E. Martinez, Md And Associates, Pa 78006, TXFamily Medicine1245322338
Shannon S Livingston 78006, TXFamily Medicine1477547099
Centric Physicians Group P.l.l.c. 78258, TXFamily Medicine1073907184
Robert R Reid 78666, TXFamily Medicine1164836532
Victor D Vela 78006, TXFamily Medicine1669467031
Amber Van Den Raadt 75418, TXFamily Medicine1104232644
Bard L Rogers 87544, TXFamily Medicine1639185192
David B. Vaughan 77802, TXFamily Medicine1124027792
Natarajan Venkatayan 77901, TXFamily Medicine1174604466
Fort Bend Family Health Center, Inc. 77469, TXFamily Medicine1801422092
Raquel Bolado 78550, TXFamily Medicine1679567713
Tropical Texas Behavioral Health 78539, TXFamily Medicine1588643787
Netter Jacobo Ortiz 78570, TXFamily Medicine1376036988
Pedro S Montano 78501, TXFamily Medicine1326114976
Misael Tollen Irizarry 78526, TXFamily Medicine1174978233
Texas Federal Wellness Health & Rehab Pllc 78539, TXFamily Medicine1619500030
Jesus Roberto Ortiz 77054, TXFamily Medicine1821245473
Medicos En Casa 78521, TXFamily Medicine1477176584
Network Of Physicians Management, Inc 78504, TXFamily Medicine1497219471
Ronald Livingston 76444, TXFamily Medicine1487870655
James Keith Roland 76801, TXFamily Medicine1255348793
Leigh Ann Collins 76801, TXFamily Medicine1538571963
Franchesca Schandevel 67865, TXFamily Medicine1508253055
Janet Krueger 77845, TXFamily Medicine1104874809
Kyle Jackman 84414, TXFamily Medicine1659782969
Bradley Newton Biggers 71671, TXFamily Medicine1992116396
Nathan Schandevel 67865, TXFamily Medicine1699162149
Latha M. Ravichandran 77845, TXFamily Medicine1902966443
John M. Massoud 76903, TXFamily Medicine1699129023
Kory Lee Gill 77802, TXFamily Medicine1154582716
Ricardo Garcia 77802, TXFamily Medicine1023453743
Terrence Mcgrath 46580, TXFamily Medicine1326434341
Inzune Kim Hwang 21702, TXFamily Medicine1033185731
Ellyse Lopez Lamont 25405, TXFamily Medicine1326558545
Douglas I Laird 77845, TXFamily Medicine1144264193
Charles Ray Fisher 78236, TXFamily Medicine1215907019
Micah Boyer 76302, TXFamily Medicine1306289087
Precious J Marquart 76028, TXFamily Medicine1063432847
Ppg Health, Pa 76104, TXFamily Medicine1295736973
Laura Leeann Norris 76058, TXFamily Medicine1285275198
Nathan Williams 76107, TXFamily Medicine1548623044
Diabetic Renewal Center Llc 75703, TXFamily Medicine1750764189
Jonathan William Pino 75103, TXFamily Medicine1124356613
Dhana R Cox 79109, TXFamily Medicine1639172232
Chinonso Nnaji 75115, TXFamily Medicine1588134530
Mark L Hedlund 76825, TXFamily Medicine1891770749
Sarah Elizabeth Laibstain 75228, TXFamily Medicine1598994337
Lezlie Miller 75010, TXFamily Medicine1275880163
Revelation House Calls Inc 75065, TXFamily Medicine1871005736
Tabatha Dominguez 78861, TXFamily Medicine1407325731
Jyotsna S Prasad 75211, TXFamily Medicine1477571883
Viviana C Frazier 78726, TXFamily Medicine1093897555
Bing Get Yee 78717, TXFamily Medicine1770683484
Emma Christine Canion 78613, TXFamily Medicine1154810190
Krupaben Chaturbhai Patel 76522, TXFamily Medicine1497198782
Hyman Demarcus Thompson 78154, TXFamily Medicine1659720779
Robert David Menzies 76123, TXFamily Medicine1225235179
David R Lunow 76033, TXFamily Medicine1871539965
Jeffery K Hawkins, Md, Pllc 76104, TXFamily Medicine1396354171
Bruce A. Hoekstra 04856, TXFamily Medicine1598725871
Brian Joseph Goerig 77845, TXFamily Medicine1477593051
Mario Rizalino Bascon Roa 77845, TXFamily Medicine1740445758


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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