Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Utah

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Utah:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Northeastern Utah Medical Group 84066, UTFamily Medicine1982664199
Ihc Health Services Inc 84701, UTFamily Medicine1396872073
Richard John Donaldson 84660, UTFamily Medicine1841495066
Jarid Gray 84790, UTFamily Medicine1861409120
Kimberly Nicole Page 75662, UTFamily Medicine1215111273
Jason Harper 97103, UTFamily Medicine1891976783
Kellen Tage Hansen 84043, UTFamily Medicine1396007316
Todd R Wilcox 84119, UTFamily Medicine1861428856
Sean Darrell Peterson 84119, UTFamily Medicine1497142582
Mountain West Family Practice Llc 84074, UTFamily Medicine1770581605
Cory Nelson 84043, UTFamily Medicine1124339460
Ziyi Wang 84025, UTFamily Medicine1255781654
Neal Christian Busk 84790, UTFamily Medicine1134212954
Josiah Moulton 84337, UTFamily Medicine1942640875
James Steele Mcintyre 84120, UTFamily Medicine1043446602
Lance O. Allen 99664, UTFamily Medicine1609188713
Justin Scott Coles 84403, UTFamily Medicine1003479213
Randal John Lewis 84107, UTFamily Medicine1215964309
Shane S Young 18202, UTFamily Medicine1861555823
John M Sanders 84003, UTFamily Medicine1740444173
Spencer Weiler 81504, UTFamily Medicine1902328883
Whitney Mack 84532, UTFamily Medicine1598173403
Julia S Heaton 51105, UTFamily Medicine1205820305
Patricia Lucia Spencer 54001, UTFamily Medicine1033347562
Dashelle Holliday 84511, UTFamily Medicine1740761360
Martin John Oates 26201, UTFamily Medicine1346265709
Brian F Smith 77521, UTFamily Medicine1407067903
Mark Anthony N Del Castillo 48850, UTFamily Medicine1215169511
Kent Willis 84062, UTFamily Medicine1114306131
Melissa M. Chan 84109, UTFamily Medicine1902031545
Ihc Health Services Inc 84403, UTFamily Medicine1639797509
Ihc Health Services Inc 84604, UTFamily Medicine1518414481
Michael Dean Adams 82930, UTFamily Medicine1922005347
Glenn L. Robertson 84332, UTFamily Medicine1144281122
David Mills 82414, UTFamily Medicine1366854408
Sage White 86047, UTFamily Medicine1285046227
Kurt Olaveson 84403, UTFamily Medicine1508278615
Casey Cook 84075, UTFamily Medicine1780096891
Chelsea Slade 84403, UTFamily Medicine1730591876
Colin Thomas Marshall 84759, UTFamily Medicine1164751319
Thomas Wonderlich 83544, UTFamily Medicine1982016788
Spencer Gordon Nielson 84624, UTFamily Medicine1962992768
Derrick Evan Hall 97140, UTFamily Medicine1497104715
Brian Tyler Melville 84037, UTFamily Medicine1982085718
Erik Mitchell Sasovetz 97080, UTFamily Medicine1851515365
Jeanne Wigant 99202, UTFamily Medicine1942736087
Premier Family Medical Orem 84057, UTFamily Medicine1861967267
Karl N Weenig 84604, UTFamily Medicine1740242973
Alan L Colledge 84604, UTFamily Medicine1629169370
Tin Vuong 83702, UTFamily Medicine1417223892
Dana H Munn 32204, UTFamily Medicine1689195380
Stephanie Chambers Thomas 83201, UTFamily Medicine1043520489
Christopher Marshall 98034, UTFamily Medicine1295155950
Jude D Sells 96731, UTFamily Medicine1265775415
Rebecca B Crosby 84043, UTFamily Medicine1578047718
Barbara Lynn Christiansen 84132, UTFamily Medicine1053773598
Michael Douglas Lehnardt 84062, UTFamily Medicine1497044911
Christopher Vernon Robertson 82414, UTFamily Medicine1003278607
Bradley Wescott Terry 83672, UTFamily Medicine1871973198
William H West 99352, UTFamily Medicine1073961439
Eric Jacob Jemison 99216, UTFamily Medicine1881128353
Samuel Isaac Inouye 99654, UTFamily Medicine1700102696
Ihc Health Services Inc 84604, UTFamily Medicine1851807333
Ihc Health Services Inc 84604, UTFamily Medicine1992831218
Generational Healthcare Llc 84119, UTFamily Medicine1447640784
Russel N Smith 71303, UTFamily Medicine1184685158
David Glen Grygla 84790, UTFamily Medicine1518075415
Nolan Money 84651, UTFamily Medicine1194759027
Mark Andrew Price 70006, UTFamily Medicine1518233352
Matthew Stewart Dawson 40507, UTFamily Medicine1023262300
Jordan Russell Roberts 84117, UTFamily Medicine1588043871
Christopher Belknap 84101, UTFamily Medicine1598023871
Brian Larry Gashler 84116, UTFamily Medicine1144705583
Utah Addiction Medicine 84601, UTFamily Medicine1598267122
Joel Wecker 84101, UTFamily Medicine1326482803
Dr. Brian Liljenquist Pllc 84124, UTFamily Medicine1174062376
Leslie W Cooper 84111, UTFamily Medicine1023122611
Anna S Beers 59715, UTFamily Medicine1326434762
Karl Chen 84121, UTFamily Medicine1598183030
Jessica Wilkinson 84020, UTFamily Medicine1093179160
Lindsey Yanke 84116, UTFamily Medicine1427580174
Nick Blaine Layton 84106, UTFamily Medicine1750914446
Jessica Petrovich 84129, UTFamily Medicine1265865125
Rebecca Lynn Currier Curran 70506, UTFamily Medicine1003278854
Britt R. Hultgren 84108, UTFamily Medicine1588126668
Paul Michael Johnson 84532, UTFamily Medicine1063826832
Curtis A Nielsen 84043, UTFamily Medicine1013237502
Linda Brown Trudel 23510, UTFamily Medicine1043262835
Stephen Thomas Kirk 84790, UTFamily Medicine1578737979
Jedidiah Dunbar Oldham 84651, UTFamily Medicine1467891903
Benjamin Nordby 84604, UTFamily Medicine1972765402
Sarah J Clasby 84003, UTFamily Medicine1689150989
Chad N Wood 89406, UTFamily Medicine1477646875
Mark Lee Wardle 84738, UTFamily Medicine1639274574
Clifford Vernor Dunn 06095, UTFamily Medicine1548468036
Scott Noorda 84770, UTFamily Medicine1255624755
Utah Behavior Services, Inc. 84123, UTFamily Medicine1396383196
Alice A-hui Fetzer 84606, UTFamily Medicine1750978904
Granger Medical Clinic, Pc 84119, UTFamily Medicine1184657041
Marie Carmichael 84044, UTFamily Medicine1588174650
Norman S Nielson 84511, UTFamily Medicine1558364125
Lloyd Val Jones 84511, UTFamily Medicine1932102514
Brooks D Thompson 84647, UTFamily Medicine1487657763
Louis John Larmoyeux 32202, UTFamily Medicine1831193861
Charles Wesley Walton 84003, UTFamily Medicine1457355869
Bryon Noal Robinson 84713, UTFamily Medicine1700881893
Richard Wade Oakden 84713, UTFamily Medicine1346245438
Bretton Heather Newman 84105, UTFamily Medicine1508861477
Frank J Archer 84660, UTFamily Medicine1093710998
Mitchell Joe Melling 84721, UTFamily Medicine1528063617
Ralph David Wade 84010, UTFamily Medicine1447256953
Gregory R Hoffman 84094, UTFamily Medicine1649275439
Douglas C Walker 84312, UTFamily Medicine1821095142
Roger Hal Smith 84713, UTFamily Medicine1043217268
Stefani Jane Day 84060, UTFamily Medicine1265439236
Scott Erickson 84010, UTFamily Medicine1780681775
Blake Richard Beazer 84074, UTFamily Medicine1073510012
Mark Housley 84401, UTFamily Medicine1457358335
Adam Nebeker 84041, UTFamily Medicine1366449241
Scott A Erickson Md, Pc 84010, UTFamily Medicine1972500882
Richard J Gregoire 84401, UTFamily Medicine1528066149
Robert H Crawford 84604, UTFamily Medicine1063410579
Sergio Abarca 84074, UTFamily Medicine1245238617
Raymond S Buch 08865, UTFamily Medicine1023016227
Eugene M Decker 08865, UTFamily Medicine1619975687
Mary Siciliano 08865, UTFamily Medicine1205834454
Camille Collett 84124, UTFamily Medicine1275530305
Marilyn Louise Curran 84111, UTFamily Medicine1285631358
Kurt E Rifleman 84401, UTFamily Medicine1780682567
Sean Cameron Doyle 84062, UTFamily Medicine1235138751
Trek Lyons 84341, UTFamily Medicine1043210248
Tooele Clinic Corp 84074, UTFamily Medicine1073512364
Martin Macneill 84003, UTFamily Medicine1699776930
Joshua Hinckley Nielson 84534, UTFamily Medicine1699776922
Phil Stephen Haggerty 84111, UTFamily Medicine1922000496
Carol Ann Osborn 84111, UTFamily Medicine1568464030
Ehsan Hadjbian 84094, UTFamily Medicine1275535742
Mahana S Fisher 84511, UTFamily Medicine1700878949
Gary Scott Call 84020, UTFamily Medicine1255323697
Arnold Brett Morrill 84014, UTFamily Medicine1548252950
Jose Azarcon 84121, UTFamily Medicine1285627455
Harold N Gooch 84020, UTFamily Medicine1114910072
Robert Corson 84124, UTFamily Medicine1902899545
Ronald F Lopez 84020, UTFamily Medicine1699767012
Michael Anthony Stephens 32073, UTFamily Medicine1801888607
Andrew D Petersen 84601, UTFamily Medicine1124011572
David Elliot Anisman 84014, UTFamily Medicine1346235793
Jan-erik Schow 84312, UTFamily Medicine1215922919
Andrew Phillip Hyatt 20520, UTFamily Medicine1073509519
Jay Myron Spector 84074, UTFamily Medicine1386630259
Bear River Medical Arts Pc 84312, UTFamily Medicine1932195682
Dennis C Hess 84604, UTFamily Medicine1326035080
Marc Sune Robins 84604, UTFamily Medicine1780671453
David W Nemetz 84404, UTFamily Medicine1811984800
Ryan Paul Peterson 84088, UTFamily Medicine1346237393
Daniel Owen Thompson 84065, UTFamily Medicine1831186717
Richard J Holmes 84604, UTFamily Medicine1083601942
Don Preston Allred 84065, UTFamily Medicine1174510044
Rodney W Merrell 84337, UTFamily Medicine1932196771
Tan D Tran 84120, UTFamily Medicine1285621052
Chad L Merrell 84337, UTFamily Medicine1730176512
Dellray H Anderson 84056, UTFamily Medicine1639166416
Jack Terrell Hinkle 84770, UTFamily Medicine1144218652
Walter L Ogden 84737, UTFamily Medicine1174519151
Renee R West 84403, UTFamily Medicine1609864412
J David Schmitz 84404, UTFamily Medicine1891782819
Kelly R Amann 84067, UTFamily Medicine1134116783
Grace M O'brien 84405, UTFamily Medicine1093702003
Van G Christiansen 84404, UTFamily Medicine1093702672
Carolyn A Belfry 84404, UTFamily Medicine1417944083
James Aaron Bledsoe 84405, UTFamily Medicine1669467544
Jeffrey S Nelson 84070, UTFamily Medicine1619961315
Spencer Tingey 84129, UTFamily Medicine1962829374
Curtis Allan Carter 84790, UTFamily Medicine1245225325
James W Clower 32205, UTFamily Medicine1376530998
Robert W Welker 84780, UTFamily Medicine1740278183
Jeffrey G Miles 84120, UTFamily Medicine1952399966
Anh Tai Nguyen 84119, UTFamily Medicine1699764407
Russell B Shields Md Pc 84010, UTFamily Medicine1477543213
David Michael Salter 84741, UTFamily Medicine1639169832
Laura M Anderson 84119, UTFamily Medicine1740270867
John J Murdock 84041, UTFamily Medicine1891786968
Roger D. Brockbank 84062, UTFamily Medicine1669463626
Matthew M Poppe 84112, UTFamily Medicine1902888126
James Walter Davis 84322, UTFamily Medicine1801878095
Donald Nilan Marquardt 84532, UTFamily Medicine1295717759
James E Goodwin 07882, UTFamily Medicine1699765099
Frank J Gilly 07882, UTFamily Medicine1891785291
Christopher B Valentine 84070, UTFamily Medicine1598753501
Kelly H Woodward 84060, UTFamily Medicine1548243645
Filiz A Smith 84534, UTFamily Medicine1104814607
Scott Russell Bishop 84075, UTFamily Medicine1962493486
Matthew D Johnston 84124, UTFamily Medicine1982692307
Neal Robert Taylor 29404, UTFamily Medicine1124019914
Baptist Primary Care Inc 32250, UTFamily Medicine1689189540
Kenneth Lewis Williams 84532, UTFamily Medicine1023091931
Katherine Kallmeyer Williams 84532, UTFamily Medicine1669455580
Lawrence Brett Grandy 84124, UTFamily Medicine1306829056
Jennifer W Allen 84108, UTFamily Medicine1124001789
Jarrod Bagley 84020, UTFamily Medicine1558345397


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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