Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Grays Harbor Community Hospital 98563, WAFamily Medicine1083084677
Magdelene Kay May 45255, WAFamily Medicine1003472820
South Sound Inpatient Physicians Pllc 98664, WAFamily Medicine1023285756
Michael Shane Erickson 98122, WAFamily Medicine1295703221
Ty C Jones 98055, WAFamily Medicine1649419417
Xin Wang 98444, WAFamily Medicine1689671893
Neville Antia 98002, WAFamily Medicine1669690483
Erin Dailey Board 98032, WAFamily Medicine1346620861
Adam Nishimura 98030, WAFamily Medicine1699172163
Amanda S Turner 98405, WAFamily Medicine1578853032
Cristina Covert 98166, WAFamily Medicine1184640856
Perry D Mostov 98110, WAFamily Medicine1831152198
David B Cowan 98110, WAFamily Medicine1487763405
Daniel J Buffington 98104, WAFamily Medicine1801022389
Michael Tomberg 98110, WAFamily Medicine1730157199
Robert S Hurlow 98110, WAFamily Medicine1417068446
Sarah Arnott Rice 98110, WAFamily Medicine1780662171
Virginia Mason Medical Center 98110, WAFamily Medicine1730237942
Shannon H Phibbs 98383, WAFamily Medicine1891955506
Mark Johnathan Shaver 98604, WAFamily Medicine1841409893
Kim Andrew Dugger 98664, WAFamily Medicine1518297738
Bita Naji 98664, WAFamily Medicine1730343633
John Koehler 98607, WAFamily Medicine1962602052
Cassandra Huang 98607, WAFamily Medicine1255867693
Sierra L Stuart 98686, WAFamily Medicine1750913489
Camille Yvette Chandler 93401, WAFamily Medicine1578887337
Alan Bunin 98005, WAFamily Medicine1700805397
Medical Arts Associates P.s 98004, WAFamily Medicine1497827232
Eric Bai 98115, WAFamily Medicine1881014538
Swedish Health Services 98101, WAFamily Medicine1073553947
Chi Meng Gan 98004, WAFamily Medicine1356520258
Aya Kuribayashi 98201, WAFamily Medicine1942425723
Laurie Jean Mercier 98029, WAFamily Medicine1174549505
Austin Buck 98208, WAFamily Medicine1447652177
John Dinh 98373, WAFamily Medicine1538456280
Aarti R Deshpande 98065, WAFamily Medicine1437256302
Sandy Ma 98112, WAFamily Medicine1023156411
Ruth T Emerson 98052, WAFamily Medicine1700942323
Marianna Wright 98225, WAFamily Medicine1346775178
Elisabeth C. L. Gehringer 98225, WAFamily Medicine1104277375
Sharon E Junge 98248, WAFamily Medicine1518069897
Amy M Canada 98926, WAFamily Medicine1982923041
Anna Marie Casillas 96720, WAFamily Medicine1912469198
Patrick B Johansing 97838, WAFamily Medicine1922495035
Abimbolu S. Makinde 98011, WAFamily Medicine1669769337
Damilola Florence Oluyitan 98011, WAFamily Medicine1023436540
Claire A Frost 59801, WAFamily Medicine1235571993
Henry Hochberg 98026, WAFamily Medicine1942238977
Ling Han Tan 98055, WAFamily Medicine1598778839
Steven W Barthel 98004, WAFamily Medicine1730128893
Shirley Chen 98034, WAFamily Medicine1902894819
Andrew S Peters 93555, WAFamily Medicine1831453026
Donna Ann Lerma 98312, WAFamily Medicine1972589877
Ronda Jean Annicelli 32703, WAFamily Medicine1871554261
Heidi B Allred 54601, WAFamily Medicine1790122018
William E Michael 53508, WAFamily Medicine1760735351
Ronald Floyd Dommermuth 98312, WAFamily Medicine1194793000
Mindy Ann Fairbanks 98383, WAFamily Medicine1346569555
Arthur Douglas Felts 98370, WAFamily Medicine1861483109
Ruth Esther Smith 54024, WAFamily Medicine1275887366
Christopher C Cuevas 80026, WAFamily Medicine1205007424
Bradford Scott Volk 98112, WAFamily Medicine1316948425
E & H Holdings, Llc 98837, WAFamily Medicine1962928200
Jessica Brucker 15147, WAFamily Medicine1346648102
Gerald Gibbons 98112, WAFamily Medicine1528562204
Emily Rose Prazak 98201, WAFamily Medicine1760913107
Martina Tam 98112, WAFamily Medicine1255862983
Stephen Richardson 83704, WAFamily Medicine1356874242
Kalpana Prabuddhika Katudeniya 98604, WAFamily Medicine1780071993
Cris Perez 98372, WAFamily Medicine1366824914
Tobe Howard Harberd 98816, WAFamily Medicine1629158019
Amber N Figueroa 99701, WAFamily Medicine1689768905
Katrina Marie Maher 99114, WAFamily Medicine1568874733
Christopher J Iacobelli 83501, WAFamily Medicine1649295866
Elizabeth Lefft Black 83501, WAFamily Medicine1578556833
Donald J Greggain 83501, WAFamily Medicine1154328052
Riverview Medical Group Pllc 80723, WAFamily Medicine1497204465
Byron L Burrup 99336, WAFamily Medicine1598751729
Elizabeth F Wise 98926, WAFamily Medicine1407896111
Paul M Schmitt 98926, WAFamily Medicine1083657282
Peter G Edminster 99111, WAFamily Medicine1093163453
Angelica Macias 99201, WAFamily Medicine1700052735
Francisco Prada 99344, WAFamily Medicine1609257690
David S Lessman 98055, WAFamily Medicine1558527143
Lindsey Marie Ruppel 54812, WAFamily Medicine1467839688
John Axford Roegner 20722, WAFamily Medicine1700979937
Soliman Yaqub 98032, WAFamily Medicine1699063016
Julia Stella 98003, WAFamily Medicine1598296014
Joy Rochell Thurman-nguyen 98112, WAFamily Medicine1477084077
Kristina Siu Petsas 98405, WAFamily Medicine1003159948
Emily Elizabeth Jones 98122, WAFamily Medicine1508361833
Elizabeth Neuhalfen 98374, WAFamily Medicine1437192143
Robert Walter Glazewski 98021, WAFamily Medicine1649218546
Jillene Michele Casey 98104, WAFamily Medicine1013140508
Genevieve Werner Hann 98104, WAFamily Medicine1801117494
Adrianna Cherie Mickelson 98122, WAFamily Medicine1215240031
Aimee Jeeyoung Lee 98201, WAFamily Medicine1700171980
Robert G Johnson 97801, WAFamily Medicine1104846351
Anne L Coatney 98057, WAFamily Medicine1447202478
Central Washington Sleep Diagnostic Center, Pllc 98837, WAFamily Medicine1558685925
Michael James Druschel 86046, WAFamily Medicine1750794731
Steven A Grant 98203, WAFamily Medicine1801831896
Grant E Taylor 98292, WAFamily Medicine1134346810
Laura M Breymann 98004, WAFamily Medicine1336387331
John Benedict Abano 98155, WAFamily Medicine1891929857
Yvette Arlene Tivoli 33484, WAFamily Medicine1700024833
Sukhdip Dhillon 10011, WAFamily Medicine1932359551
Susan E Pearson 98201, WAFamily Medicine1700864287
Suzanne Giunta 23224, WAFamily Medicine1528422730
Robert Jacobson 98201, WAFamily Medicine1235193376
Neeta Bhogal 98112, WAFamily Medicine1154473833
Jeffrey S Blackwell 98201, WAFamily Medicine1831167451
Rebecca L. Parrish 98275, WAFamily Medicine1972604213
Kristy Marie Thompson 98296, WAFamily Medicine1205020591
Michael J Mandzuik 98201, WAFamily Medicine1164540738
Kurt Velguth 98004, WAFamily Medicine1467612077
Juliann Kury 27312, WAFamily Medicine1568616746
Michelle Hadi 75093, WAFamily Medicine1528321221
Samuel Gregory Cloud 80012, WAFamily Medicine1720071491
Kenneth Holden Power 80840, WAFamily Medicine1831457373
Shannon M Brodersen 99216, WAFamily Medicine1396938916
Andie Rebecca Lesowske 98012, WAFamily Medicine1942542402
Philip Narciso Buenvenida 98003, WAFamily Medicine1386660579
Maya M. Green 23235, WAFamily Medicine1205215894
Dongchul Paek 98499, WAFamily Medicine1013351840
Katharine Mcdonald Won 98002, WAFamily Medicine1902337058
Angelica Bejar Martinez 98003, WAFamily Medicine1699036194
Kristin T Tang 52172, WAFamily Medicine1053775015
Wendy Yerington Dryden 97701, WAFamily Medicine1003252354
Shannon L. Servin-obert 98368, WAFamily Medicine1285861989
Thomas Harris 98402, WAFamily Medicine1083680201
Suzanne Joleen Gibson Cornwall 98366, WAFamily Medicine1518925106
Lan-anh Khac Nguyen 97220, WAFamily Medicine1356414536
Carrie Lynn Klaes Wilcox 98122, WAFamily Medicine1508018938
Toby A Zirkle 46216, WAFamily Medicine1184835852
Taralee Ann Adams 98115, WAFamily Medicine1891059911
Courtney Anne Canavera 98101, WAFamily Medicine1639254576
Jenny Chen 98052, WAFamily Medicine1427041102
Steven Dagg 98421, WAFamily Medicine1851311831
Lane N Ertugay 98166, WAFamily Medicine1124073572
Erica Lyn Esher 98030, WAFamily Medicine1740360197
Monica L Mayhill 98122, WAFamily Medicine1902858061
Jennifer Spence 98029, WAFamily Medicine1083637110
Kathryn Mckenzie Tonder 98387, WAFamily Medicine1942218185
Haritha Vankireddy 98258, WAFamily Medicine1861439341
Jo Marie Walker 98034, WAFamily Medicine1750440954
Carol A. Birch 98122, WAFamily Medicine1336223056
Brian Kenneth Snitily 98122, WAFamily Medicine1871859942
Michael John Kelly 98431, WAFamily Medicine1093785586
Klinton Pitts Mcghee 45219, WAFamily Medicine1699033035
John B Sealander 28310, WAFamily Medicine1639563133
Emily Craig 98431, WAFamily Medicine1063951861
Stephanie Rosen 98431, WAFamily Medicine1821457086
Emily C Clay 98431, WAFamily Medicine1700887361
Terin Blanchard 62301, WAFamily Medicine1508150863
Sicong Wang 42223, WAFamily Medicine1881134393
Stephanie Adamchak 09154, WAFamily Medicine1083004840
Bandana Sharma 98105, WAFamily Medicine1356661573
Jeffrey Todd Allgaier 58104, WAFamily Medicine1659300374
Kenneth E Breeden 99352, WAFamily Medicine1417900309
Jazzlyn Gallardo Beck 91710, WAFamily Medicine1033522503
Kemunto Phoebe Kakumba 99352, WAFamily Medicine1528096435
Megan Bensing 80129, WAFamily Medicine1003357286
Maria Niemuth 97304, WAFamily Medicine1538546668
Jennifer S Muong 97123, WAFamily Medicine1013301076
Charles E Batayola 99352, WAFamily Medicine1447223904
Puja Dalal 29203, WAFamily Medicine1326468299
Nabatanzi Agnes Bewayo 98003, WAFamily Medicine1861576761
Sara Anne Fleming 98188, WAFamily Medicine1245224609
Terra Bowles 98030, WAFamily Medicine1164528238
Trevor Cervenka Dickey 98122, WAFamily Medicine1033571211
Charlton Castillo Lacerna 48214, WAFamily Medicine1235373135
David K. Mcfarland 98006, WAFamily Medicine1497839104
Kimberly Painter 98115, WAFamily Medicine1235243585
Kal Kelley 99114, WAFamily Medicine1326206681
Nationsmed Medical Group 92866, WAFamily Medicine1326532391
Jana Struckel 98003, WAFamily Medicine1326347782
Savanna Griffith 98290, WAFamily Medicine1740694934
Anna Wolff 98506, WAFamily Medicine1154773703
Sushanth Nayak 19116, WAFamily Medicine1710273958
Ravneet Jaura 98532, WAFamily Medicine1538517693
Kathryn Dean 98506, WAFamily Medicine1265877278
Laurie L Kreiter 98036, WAFamily Medicine1407852742
Katie Hyun Ju Lee 98107, WAFamily Medicine1528407186
Catherine B Wilke 98092, WAFamily Medicine1336137868
Sarah Kish 98102, WAFamily Medicine1891268884
Jaime Lynn Coles-duff 99223, WAFamily Medicine1376882514
Kirk Patrick Maxino Uy 98664, WAFamily Medicine1124388020
Timothy Jay Horrocks 98674, WAFamily Medicine1770018087
Gerard Victor Arceo Sebastian 98604, WAFamily Medicine1790090611
Ester H See-sebastian 98664, WAFamily Medicine1285866582
Christian Herter 98012, WAFamily Medicine1619160223
Lise K Alexander 98055, WAFamily Medicine1114020310
Steven Poirier-mcneill 98201, WAFamily Medicine1710955422
David Jimenez Celi 98122, WAFamily Medicine1679732879
Emma Layton Swingle 98115, WAFamily Medicine1245473933
Tolani B Mwatha 98201, WAFamily Medicine1679608327
Family Medical Care Clinics Corporation A Professional Association 83835, WAFamily Medicine1942730775
James Alfred Fasciano 98201, WAFamily Medicine1467427443
Catherine Jennifer Dhanki 98011, WAFamily Medicine1902198971


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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