Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Wisconsin

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Wisconsin:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Timothy John Wolter 54729, WIFamily Medicine1871596825
Robert Sutton Lea 54729, WIFamily Medicine1861495913
Paul Martin Ippel 54729, WIFamily Medicine1730182809
Mary Lisa Landwehr 54729, WIFamily Medicine1386647246
Daniel C Maccharles 54601, WIFamily Medicine1205839198
Glenn P Mccarty 55974, WIFamily Medicine1548263122
Douglas C Gremban 54149, WIFamily Medicine1316940927
Kenosha Community Health Center, Inc. 53140, WIFamily Medicine1265435960
Kenneth A Miller 52175, WIFamily Medicine1225031883
Luke Thomas Warpinski 54311, WIFamily Medicine1649273129
Moiya Lyn Murphy 53929, WIFamily Medicine1629070966
Khalid B Ali 53703, WIFamily Medicine1770585010
Chaudri G Rasool 52175, WIFamily Medicine1285636456
Thomas K Resan 54634, WIFamily Medicine1558363515
Rachel A Teske 54660, WIFamily Medicine1114921962
Janet S Ryan 52101, WIFamily Medicine1972507895
Jill M Stebbins 54656, WIFamily Medicine1780688564
Bill R Withers 52101, WIFamily Medicine1104820851
Robyn A Borge 54601, WIFamily Medicine1528062296
Chad M Thurman 54650, WIFamily Medicine1801890660
Sherri K Schilling 52101, WIFamily Medicine1659375236
Walter R Boisvert 53821, WIFamily Medicine1003810821
Paul D Pellett 52101, WIFamily Medicine1689676926
Aleksandra I Stuparic-stancic 54650, WIFamily Medicine1861496655
Karl O Borge 54601, WIFamily Medicine1831193507
Kurt A Swanson 52101, WIFamily Medicine1265436950
Jon D Radcliffe 54665, WIFamily Medicine1619979895
Randi Kirsten Berg 55939, WIFamily Medicine1598769150
Juan Sebastian Preciado-riestra 54982, WIFamily Medicine1295739225
Laura K Marchiando 54601, WIFamily Medicine1568466183
Brian R Woody 54665, WIFamily Medicine1174527832
James R Magliocco 53226, WIFamily Medicine1427053818
Jeffrey K Reichel 53226, WIFamily Medicine1851396246
Craig C Carr 54601, WIFamily Medicine1780689190
Vickie Marie Cloutier 54143, WIFamily Medicine1568467850
Thomas G Frisby 54601, WIFamily Medicine1417952359
Dylan Coe 54001, WIFamily Medicine1538164520
Paul F. Elbing 54001, WIFamily Medicine1306841390
Geoffrey H. Gorres 54024, WIFamily Medicine1396740395
Robin K. Henley 54476, WIFamily Medicine1710982723
Margaret Ellen Redfall 54871, WIFamily Medicine1619972627
Margie H Peterson 54001, WIFamily Medicine1063417947
Peri Lynne Aldrich 54155, WIFamily Medicine1558366450
Martin L Rimestad 54001, WIFamily Medicine1083619977
Barry L. Tulkki 54001, WIFamily Medicine1770588667
Debra A Strodthoff 54001, WIFamily Medicine1679578579
Dennis D Glawe 52132, WIFamily Medicine1447255161
Thomas M Bachhuber 53204, WIFamily Medicine1477558104
Craig T Johnson 54001, WIFamily Medicine1194720813
Scott A Escher 54601, WIFamily Medicine1700881877
Ricky J Waniger 54601, WIFamily Medicine1366446098
Michael T Pace 54656, WIFamily Medicine1295730240
Jill P Mcmullen 54660, WIFamily Medicine1740285998
William K Tordzro 54971, WIFamily Medicine1780688317
Jeffrey Lemoine Dunham 54871, WIFamily Medicine1841295862
Deborah L Schultz 54911, WIFamily Medicine1457391666
Teddy Leonard Thompson 54603, WIFamily Medicine1083618722
Bjorn Rolf Bjornson 54853, WIFamily Medicine1023013018
Mark A Grunwald 53821, WIFamily Medicine1336144914
Alicia M Broeren 53204, WIFamily Medicine1538164132
Patricia Cabral 53215, WIFamily Medicine1194720706
Ann L Grunwald 53821, WIFamily Medicine1174528756
Kathy Susan Hernandez 53204, WIFamily Medicine1164427654
Patricia Ivonne Hago 53214, WIFamily Medicine1770589202
Rockwood Family Health Llc 53549, WIFamily Medicine1013913532
Donna L Hoffman 54601, WIFamily Medicine1932104452
Pamela Denise Wilson 53215, WIFamily Medicine1083610430
Lonnie R Krieg 55939, WIFamily Medicine1205832458
Kurt J Jorgensen 53821, WIFamily Medicine1467458844
Ralph H Knudson 54660, WIFamily Medicine1205832557
Duane M Koons 54665, WIFamily Medicine1518963800
Laura E Krister 54601, WIFamily Medicine1578569729
Ann R Seagren 54001, WIFamily Medicine1407852593
Mordechai D Lederman 52162, WIFamily Medicine1396741385
Brandi C Strong 54650, WIFamily Medicine1508862475
Erik A Gundersen 54601, WIFamily Medicine1770588360
James R Hoefert 54601, WIFamily Medicine1417953506
Kimberly M Lansing 54601, WIFamily Medicine1720084858
Patrick Joseph Mcgrath 53202, WIFamily Medicine1598761983
Cheng Her 54601, WIFamily Medicine1356346803
Robb E Kline 54601, WIFamily Medicine1972509222
James R Feltes 54665, WIFamily Medicine1750386538
Margaret M Dunn 53208, WIFamily Medicine1285639765
Allan Jay Haesemeyer 54871, WIFamily Medicine1548267768
June Constantza Moldvan-jacobs 53051, WIFamily Medicine1942207741
Kelley Jane Parnell 54956, WIFamily Medicine1154328896
Jay Kelly Kennard 54155, WIFamily Medicine1851398523
Corazon B Loteyro 53949, WIFamily Medicine1477551695
Robert George Cesarec 53027, WIFamily Medicine1356348031
James A Censky 53151, WIFamily Medicine1467459248
Thomas J Mankiewicz 53151, WIFamily Medicine1730186511
Thomas Rice Willett 54941, WIFamily Medicine1902806243
John A Martini 53405, WIFamily Medicine1033119276
Todd M. Bradshaw 54923, WIFamily Medicine1518968460
Neil N Bard 53581, WIFamily Medicine1922009927
M Jean Bruce 54923, WIFamily Medicine1962403832
William T Franks 53949, WIFamily Medicine1851392534
Craig Batley 54923, WIFamily Medicine1679574453
Kelley A Bahr 54650, WIFamily Medicine1366441297
Shawn C. Ekstrom 54901, WIFamily Medicine1134120033
Sharon Handy 54806, WIFamily Medicine1841290616
John Ray Groeneveld 49801, WIFamily Medicine1467452391
Eric W Newgent 54923, WIFamily Medicine1942201967
Reginaldo Arboleda 54984, WIFamily Medicine1699776476
David Budde 54923, WIFamily Medicine1245231034
Kay M Balink 53588, WIFamily Medicine1871594598
Christine S Richards 53581, WIFamily Medicine1689675308
Jennifer M Myszkowski 53581, WIFamily Medicine1972504637
Robin M Butrick 53581, WIFamily Medicine1235130998
Richland Medical Center, Ltd. 53581, WIFamily Medicine1932100690
Michael G Kloess 53719, WIFamily Medicine1518968254
James J Dickman 53581, WIFamily Medicine1811998552
Cristine L Cornelius 53588, WIFamily Medicine1710988464
Thomas L Richardson 53581, WIFamily Medicine1669473286
Robert P Smith 53581, WIFamily Medicine1255332870
Ross Hazlewood 53946, WIFamily Medicine1316948847
Manju Goel 53581, WIFamily Medicine1023010659
Alicja D Lisak 53051, WIFamily Medicine1295737823
Donald David Nimmer 53220, WIFamily Medicine1477555951
Frederick Freitag 53226, WIFamily Medicine1386636272
Heide Holling 54984, WIFamily Medicine1982696720
Sabahat Mohsin 54984, WIFamily Medicine1073505756
Paul D Nelsen 54971, WIFamily Medicine1699767301
Stephen Hubbard 54984, WIFamily Medicine1366434961
Renee Murphy 54982, WIFamily Medicine1770575243
Cheryl J Iverson 54971, WIFamily Medicine1497747885
Dennis Kenneth Iglar 92262, WIFamily Medicine1578556809
Mea aea Kenosha Sc 53142, WIFamily Medicine1477546737
Uri Vaisman 54923, WIFamily Medicine1508859653
John W Silkey 54923, WIFamily Medicine1073506192
Nancy J Lindo-drusch 54915, WIFamily Medicine1821081035
Kenneth Sullivan 54923, WIFamily Medicine1902899917
Anthony J. Racki 54923, WIFamily Medicine1285627471
Teresita Romana 54984, WIFamily Medicine1417940628
James Robert Richter 54915, WIFamily Medicine1689667891
Mcdonough Orthopaedic And Sports Medicine Center Sc 54494, WIFamily Medicine1609869460
Pero Komozec 53221, WIFamily Medicine1306839006
Marcie Ann Janz 54935, WIFamily Medicine1164415634
Gregory T Goblirsch 54022, WIFamily Medicine1821081316
Kerith W Lijewski 54022, WIFamily Medicine1093708588
Gay D Trepanier 54935, WIFamily Medicine1164415709
Rebecca M Reim 53959, WIFamily Medicine1043211766
David Eugene Coleman 54902, WIFamily Medicine1639170301
Rachel E Kalter 46304, WIFamily Medicine1780677484
Mary C Ball 53589, WIFamily Medicine1801888938
P Michael Shattuck 54923, WIFamily Medicine1740273630
Christopher H Tashjian 54011, WIFamily Medicine1134112634
Robert B Johnson 54022, WIFamily Medicine1790778215
Norman J Schroeder 54911, WIFamily Medicine1245224245
Gene A Tipler 53014, WIFamily Medicine1235123233
Darya A Alexander 54942, WIFamily Medicine1588658587
Joseph Robert Dobson 54301, WIFamily Medicine1861486896
Maria Editha M Bautista-santos 54911, WIFamily Medicine1386638393
Kimberly A Shoenbill 53143, WIFamily Medicine1275527285
Bruce E Agneberg 53711, WIFamily Medicine1871587899
Thomas C Schelble 54911, WIFamily Medicine1609860691
Erik A Emaus 54956, WIFamily Medicine1144214057
Lawrence R Donatelle 54952, WIFamily Medicine1871587782
James E Burwitz 54914, WIFamily Medicine1710971627
Christine M Bockhorn 53014, WIFamily Medicine1518951425
Harold W Boccheciamp 54901, WIFamily Medicine1063406973
Robert J Beaumont 53186, WIFamily Medicine1710971668
Peggy A Stickney 53027, WIFamily Medicine1598759441
Margaret M. Leonhardt 53151, WIFamily Medicine1538153416
Thomas G Chulski 54982, WIFamily Medicine1700870607
William J Carlson 54911, WIFamily Medicine1659365567
Kari L Lathrop Capaul 54942, WIFamily Medicine1841284643
Waukesha Family Practice Clinic, Ltd. 53186, WIFamily Medicine1740274687
David F Brown 54971, WIFamily Medicine1134113996
Kimberley E. Sabey 53948, WIFamily Medicine1497749188
Brian P. Mcsorley 53207, WIFamily Medicine1053305706
Jack R Meyer 54140, WIFamily Medicine1093709651
Richard A Johnson 54911, WIFamily Medicine1669466231
Michael A Krueger 54911, WIFamily Medicine1477547040
Robin T Price 54942, WIFamily Medicine1457346934
Mark E Hatton 53934, WIFamily Medicine1801881388
Robert H House 54971, WIFamily Medicine1356336879
Nancy Jean Homburg 54911, WIFamily Medicine1720073208
Karen R Adler-fischer 54911, WIFamily Medicine1184619694
Michael H Hetzner 53042, WIFamily Medicine1942295464
Christopher E Rocke 54901, WIFamily Medicine1417942996
Edward J Szabo 54913, WIFamily Medicine1093700403
Christal R Sakrison 54902, WIFamily Medicine1073508487
Gary Mark Heifner 54952, WIFamily Medicine1518952928
James W Smrecek 54902, WIFamily Medicine1063407385
Thomas E Wex 54902, WIFamily Medicine1508851825
N Carter Noble 54911, WIFamily Medicine1053306464
Robert J Koontz 53959, WIFamily Medicine1093700312
Denis J Pleviak 53061, WIFamily Medicine1558356956
Joanna L. Laukant 53959, WIFamily Medicine1073508396
Amy H Servais 54913, WIFamily Medicine1326033291
Dirk Jon Derksen 54913, WIFamily Medicine1013902055
David M Ebben 54915, WIFamily Medicine1740275783
Mark P Bishop 53565, WIFamily Medicine1659366508
Gary J Grunow 53565, WIFamily Medicine1851386718
Gordon J Grieshaber 53565, WIFamily Medicine1174518039
Stephen C Fuller 54913, WIFamily Medicine1003802638
Peter Joshua Cronin 53095, WIFamily Medicine1316932924
Douglas R Meyer 54913, WIFamily Medicine1245226877
Robert S Fox 54913, WIFamily Medicine1144215773


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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