Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of West Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of West Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dennis E Newland 26105, WVFamily Medicine1821091695
William Carl Mercer 26003, WVFamily Medicine1780687558
Jason A Barton 26105, WVFamily Medicine1407859218
David Didden 25443, WVFamily Medicine1659375905
Carroll D Christiansen 25276, WVFamily Medicine1801898861
Helen Rebecca Johnson 25401, WVFamily Medicine1972507887
Radhakrishna M Bellam 25635, WVFamily Medicine1255335212
Grant Stephen Parkins 25276, WVFamily Medicine1598769424
James H Walker 24426, WVFamily Medicine1306840194
Patricia M Browning 24946, WVFamily Medicine1942204565
Raymond L Claterbaugh 24457, WVFamily Medicine1548264187
Kristinia Maciunas 25443, WVFamily Medicine1669474755
David P Allen 25962, WVFamily Medicine1558365171
Milton Dean Havron 25405, WVFamily Medicine1649274283
William E Boyd 24426, WVFamily Medicine1255335899
Anthony Kieler Rice 25401, WVFamily Medicine1043214927
Chesley Yellott 25430, WVFamily Medicine1871597716
Tomas E Vigo Paredes 25508, WVFamily Medicine1851395834
William M Browning 24946, WVFamily Medicine1114921749
Donna M Good 24426, WVFamily Medicine1679577217
Russell L Stewart 26601, WVFamily Medicine1700881679
Terry Linn Thomas 24924, WVFamily Medicine1417952565
Cristina G. Estrada 26143, WVFamily Medicine1780689471
Richard A Shorter 24740, WVFamily Medicine1770587172
Belinda K Smith 24901, WVFamily Medicine1487659561
Timothy O Workman 24901, WVFamily Medicine1366447450
Teresa A.f. Moore 23947, WVFamily Medicine1871599282
Catherine E Grant 26452, WVFamily Medicine1790781003
Fred L Akerberg 25136, WVFamily Medicine1144226424
Edward Robert Marks 26070, WVFamily Medicine1447256664
Victor A Wood 26003, WVFamily Medicine1336145630
Bennett D Orvik 26452, WVFamily Medicine1467458778
Mely C. Lim 25304, WVFamily Medicine1083610349
James William Endicott 25674, WVFamily Medicine1790782753
Sarita L Bennett 24954, WVFamily Medicine1144227885
James H Wright 24983, WVFamily Medicine1548268980
Sophia A Sibold 24983, WVFamily Medicine1366440661
John Wesley Ellis 25401, WVFamily Medicine1275531436
Gregory C. Stonestreet 25313, WVFamily Medicine1881692671
Melin J Moses 25702, WVFamily Medicine1104825512
Susan Ann Schmitt 26287, WVFamily Medicine1073512224
Chester Donald Smith 26101, WVFamily Medicine1790784759
Mark A Myers 26753, WVFamily Medicine1710986658
Michael Edward Beane 26105, WVFamily Medicine1669471561
David Joel Beane 26105, WVFamily Medicine1821097734
John Edward Beane 26104, WVFamily Medicine1275532194
David Ralph Ferrell 26105, WVFamily Medicine1376542290
Sara K Wetzel-saffle 26003, WVFamily Medicine1255332219
Ram Pal Bhasin 24701, WVFamily Medicine1811998743
Kathy L Saber 25504, WVFamily Medicine1194724534
Marilyn Judy Bonfili 26554, WVFamily Medicine1699775247
Cynthia Jane Mueller 26003, WVFamily Medicine1548261043
Timothy Henry Knierim 26003, WVFamily Medicine1861493306
Dennis Richard Niess 26003, WVFamily Medicine1184625691
Charles Henry Staab 26003, WVFamily Medicine1598766016
Cheryl P Entress 26003, WVFamily Medicine1346241874
Charles D Bess 26726, WVFamily Medicine1528069614
Stephen H Mascio 26037, WVFamily Medicine1790786853
Scott A Keffer 25812, WVFamily Medicine1700878881
John R Wine 23922, WVFamily Medicine1427040112
Vincent Walter Delagarza 26505, WVFamily Medicine1548252281
Eric R. Anger 26241, WVFamily Medicine1376535096
Jerry Mitchell Hahn 26757, WVFamily Medicine1831181304
Clemente Campos Diaz 26261, WVFamily Medicine1295727675
Basil Paul Papadimitriou 26003, WVFamily Medicine1659364313
Catherine R Seangio 25921, WVFamily Medicine1922091669
Pamela S Butcher 25962, WVFamily Medicine1730172297
Leslie Abigail Winters 24970, WVFamily Medicine1720071285
Anthony Saweikis 26726, WVFamily Medicine1407858335
Robert Eugene Olexo 25962, WVFamily Medicine1518968031
Joseph Guy Donzella 26003, WVFamily Medicine1831190206
James W Gainer 26241, WVFamily Medicine1740272475
Steven R Toney 26241, WVFamily Medicine1396737029
Brian Wayne Macaulay 25387, WVFamily Medicine1750382297
Donald Clifford Newell 25866, WVFamily Medicine1962495333
Lisa R Newell 25866, WVFamily Medicine1720071194
Ryan D Newell 25866, WVFamily Medicine1174516553
Edwin Rader 26292, WVFamily Medicine1821082801
James Louis Comerci 26003, WVFamily Medicine1376537191
Telitha Donet Glasscock 24740, WVFamily Medicine1144215666
Mark T. Witkowski 26354, WVFamily Medicine1659366052
D Duane Berry 25309, WVFamily Medicine1730174145
Michael T Wayt 26038, WVFamily Medicine1639164684
David Elwood Hess 26330, WVFamily Medicine1740275676
John Roger Ray 24836, WVFamily Medicine1255326088
Paul Arthur Oar 25801, WVFamily Medicine1952397598
John W Eilers 26291, WVFamily Medicine1164418737
Romeo Bihag Tan 26041, WVFamily Medicine1053307520
Gregory S Mims 36509, WVFamily Medicine1629064910
Rogelio O Bantug 26175, WVFamily Medicine1104812304
Michael R Schwarzenberg 26537, WVFamily Medicine1598751687
Arthur Wesley Olson 26651, WVFamily Medicine1609863265
Richard A. Fogle 33027, WVFamily Medicine1740277342
John P Schultz 26062, WVFamily Medicine1730176900
Cecil Todd Holbert 26416, WVFamily Medicine1003803891
Donata A Rechnitzer 26101, WVFamily Medicine1760470504
Heather Ann O'shea 26038, WVFamily Medicine1861480378
James Michael Beane 26101, WVFamily Medicine1942296132
Kelly Mccoy Pitsenbarger 25918, WVFamily Medicine1023004744
Charles J Bradac 43906, WVFamily Medicine1669469664
Colleen J Meriwether 24986, WVFamily Medicine1609862721
Camille Castaldo 26062, WVFamily Medicine1073501482
Joshua E Kolanko 26062, WVFamily Medicine1821086745
Donald L Seidler 25304, WVFamily Medicine1417945304
Kelli L Fournier 26062, WVFamily Medicine1588652499
Margaret Suzanne Wantz 26651, WVFamily Medicine1366431900
Tod Hagins 26062, WVFamily Medicine1902895543
Florencio Pascual Neri 24740, WVFamily Medicine1134118524
Richard A Irvin 26003, WVFamily Medicine1083603336
Frank A Scattaregia 26452, WVFamily Medicine1356331193
Karen L. Pettry-hultman 25840, WVFamily Medicine1447241310
Donald Fred Teter 25304, WVFamily Medicine1841281961
Steven K Jameson 24983, WVFamily Medicine1124019880
Jane E Kelley Tallman 24970, WVFamily Medicine1700877412
Rely C Carbonel 25625, WVFamily Medicine1538150073
Scott A Carlos 26003, WVFamily Medicine1437140670
Eugenia M Jarrell 25507, WVFamily Medicine1538140736
Robin W Garrett 26508, WVFamily Medicine1649251687
Dana Eugene Bragg 26301, WVFamily Medicine1598746562
Joseph Franklin Dawson 26205, WVFamily Medicine1316929227
Michael R Gregory 26378, WVFamily Medicine1689656175
Debra Marie Auble 26234, WVFamily Medicine1740263151
Catherine M. Chua 26241, WVFamily Medicine1295726685
Rickey Lee Bradley 25801, WVFamily Medicine1700877735
Robert Lee Toparis 25625, WVFamily Medicine1558352732
Nancy L Joseph 26301, WVFamily Medicine1104809581
Matthew John Haag 25951, WVFamily Medicine1033107016
Mark Wayne Allen 25301, WVFamily Medicine1891779047
Richard Stockton Trenbath 26651, WVFamily Medicine1124002043
Jessica L Murphy 26205, WVFamily Medicine1356325005
John T. Hansbarger 24127, WVFamily Medicine1316922933
Richard Jay Blackburn 26164, WVFamily Medicine1275519878
Andrew M. Foy 26716, WVFamily Medicine1578549879
Robert Morgan Mace 26288, WVFamily Medicine1588641518
John Bodkin 25304, WVFamily Medicine1467430249
James Kesley Egnor 25112, WVFamily Medicine1942289988
Sherrial Renay Simmers 25312, WVFamily Medicine1164401147
Robert E Moran 25401, WVFamily Medicine1720068711
Hortencia Fernandez 25039, WVFamily Medicine1619947751
David Revell 25541, WVFamily Medicine1851371058
James Kenton Walker 25130, WVFamily Medicine1265412472
Gregory Mark Moreland 25143, WVFamily Medicine1134199243
Michael Eugene Kilkenny 25507, WVFamily Medicine1730159765
Michael Ward 25039, WVFamily Medicine1316917248
Andrew Mutiso 41653, WVFamily Medicine1699750059
Darrell K. Boggess 25311, WVFamily Medicine1255310249
Satinder S. Bhullar 43906, WVFamily Medicine1245217975
Marilyn K. Glaser 24910, WVFamily Medicine1669459616
John Turley 25304, WVFamily Medicine1124004239
Charles Vance 25523, WVFamily Medicine1649250341
Robert Snuffer 26452, WVFamily Medicine1497725352
Lois Carol Weixler 25705, WVFamily Medicine1962481549
Richard Domenick Gais 26505, WVFamily Medicine1821068453
Randall Watson Peterson 25526, WVFamily Medicine1184694739
Amanda K Bennett 25703, WVFamily Medicine1578533345
Karen A Glogowski 26301, WVFamily Medicine1316917719
Thomas F Steele 24901, WVFamily Medicine1205807617
Clyde M Brooks 25701, WVFamily Medicine1912978321
Hossein Yassini 26003, WVFamily Medicine1790756161
Dwight Earl Bundy 24901, WVFamily Medicine1578534962
Richard B Boone 26105, WVFamily Medicine1023080215
Lorenzo L Pence 24901, WVFamily Medicine1851364475
Gregory A Elkins 25523, WVFamily Medicine1982678538
Carmen R Rexrode 26807, WVFamily Medicine1245204015
Michael P Riggleman 26847, WVFamily Medicine1831163500
Donna R Fisher 26836, WVFamily Medicine1780659342
Kelly S Riggleman 26836, WVFamily Medicine1033184981
Wafa I Rizk 25405, WVFamily Medicine1750358560
Brian West 25177, WVFamily Medicine1285602284
David Reid Steele 25504, WVFamily Medicine1265400840
Sarah B Chouinard 25043, WVFamily Medicine1023087954
Leela K Patel 25309, WVFamily Medicine1124097084
Heidi M. Wehrheim 25701, WVFamily Medicine1154390037
Sidney Boggess Jackson 26301, WVFamily Medicine1285603969
Christine L Jones 25113, WVFamily Medicine1801865290
William Smith Miller 25438, WVFamily Medicine1518936913
Jeffrey J Bernstein 26505, WVFamily Medicine1508825613
Hyla Marie Harvey 25526, WVFamily Medicine1740249077
William C Wallace 25701, WVFamily Medicine1619937851
Alexandre Desouza 25276, WVFamily Medicine1699735530
Maria L Kessell 25276, WVFamily Medicine1508826595
Brandon August Cestaric 25271, WVFamily Medicine1093783060
Jeffrey Reed Mccormick 25387, WVFamily Medicine1336118587
Ralph Ellsworth Rickel 22601, WVFamily Medicine1497724322
George F Boxwell 24901, WVFamily Medicine1104899731
Gail M Swarm 24901, WVFamily Medicine1417920174
Craig S Boisvert 24901, WVFamily Medicine1508838889
Chad C Turner 25309, WVFamily Medicine1245204510
John Warner Aldis 25425, WVFamily Medicine1609843960
William Clifford Mitchell 26501, WVFamily Medicine1568433571
Charles Brian Arthurs 26505, WVFamily Medicine1497725030
Brian Jeremy Dixon 26501, WVFamily Medicine1588635593
Kenneth J. Seen 25276, WVFamily Medicine1639139447
Precilla T Famularcano 25276, WVFamily Medicine1508826462
Tammy L Bannister 25504, WVFamily Medicine1538129010
James Bernard Becker 25701, WVFamily Medicine1427019421
Adam M Franks 25701, WVFamily Medicine1063473072
Charles Wesley Clements 25701, WVFamily Medicine1205897212
Jacqueline N Cole 25701, WVFamily Medicine1467413476
Kevin Scott Mccann 25535, WVFamily Medicine1346201191


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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