Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Wyoming

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Wyoming:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dean Wayne Bartholomew 82435, WYFamily Medicine1053306662
April M North 48629, WYFamily Medicine1467498808
Cynthia Choy 85016, WYFamily Medicine1225069685
Deborah Susan Brackett 82410, WYFamily Medicine1306978580
Rebecca Anne Stroklund 56308, WYFamily Medicine1700046927
Katy Marie Hartman 82070, WYFamily Medicine1588999759
Bryan Glenn Kaiser 82331, WYFamily Medicine1508121468
Hallie Yvonne Bischoff 82443, WYFamily Medicine1255770814
Heather Zimba 54166, WYFamily Medicine1487069068
Brian Iutzi 99574, WYFamily Medicine1134534712
Mark Wefel 82072, WYFamily Medicine1922480219
Spencer R. Weston 82930, WYFamily Medicine1326487794
Alexandria Kadolph 27405, WYFamily Medicine1215342779
Memorial Hospital Of Laramie County 82001, WYFamily Medicine1336684190
Kevin Robert Mahoney 82443, WYFamily Medicine1164494241
Kody Seeley 97479, WYFamily Medicine1336520162
Cameron J Grove 59105, WYFamily Medicine1477659381
Elina Chernyak 99403, WYFamily Medicine1710110820
Katie Hyun Ju Lee 98107, WYFamily Medicine1528407186
Elisabeth C. L. Gehringer 98225, WYFamily Medicine1104277375
Jonathan Brad Egbert 97537, WYFamily Medicine1972801397
Jose Luis Lopez Rivera 80631, WYFamily Medicine1164710182
Sky Wolf 82005, WYFamily Medicine1174765093
Timothy D. Nostrum 82801, WYFamily Medicine1306296439
Sarah Abdellatif 77030, WYFamily Medicine1043660178
Best Care Family Practice Llc 82935, WYFamily Medicine1710530837
Marilu Orozco-peterson 80547, WYFamily Medicine1366417966
Big Horn Pediatrics 82716, WYFamily Medicine1477660447
Michele R Mohr 82609, WYFamily Medicine1518905595
Mohr Healthcare Solutions Llc 82609, WYFamily Medicine1376994012
Dustin Durham 97526, WYFamily Medicine1740694397
Gregory P. Mccue 82414, WYFamily Medicine1679670251
Ryan Thomas Bower 82414, WYFamily Medicine1730192857
Lance Petersen 82435, WYFamily Medicine1245303429
Jeffrey C Haskell 83404, WYFamily Medicine1073535506
Valence Health Corp Pc 82301, WYFamily Medicine1013528298
Chere A Bohr 82009, WYFamily Medicine1578057196
Brighter Days Treatment Centers Llc 71201, WYFamily Medicine1093337073
Jeremy Kessler 24018, WYFamily Medicine1366705097
Kathleen Parmer 82001, WYFamily Medicine1104418789
David Matthew Beaman Smith 28779, WYFamily Medicine1710948799
Vaughn M Morgan 82513, WYFamily Medicine1679516744
David P Kappenman 83001, WYFamily Medicine1134149958
Latania Akers-white 23220, WYFamily Medicine1750571691
Evanston Clinic Corp 82930, WYFamily Medicine1013916519
Hot Springs County Hospital District 82410, WYFamily Medicine1174524607
Red Rock Family Practice, Pc 82443, WYFamily Medicine1194792457
Lander Family Medicine, P.c. 82520, WYFamily Medicine1992753602
Sublette County Rural Health Care District 83113, WYFamily Medicine1609827435
Thurston Medical Clinic Pc 82401, WYFamily Medicine1770536963
North Lincoln County Hospital District 83110, WYFamily Medicine1730132523
Drew Woodward, Md, Pc 82601, WYFamily Medicine1275577017
Castle Rock Special Hospital District 82935, WYFamily Medicine1740206382
Troy R. Jones, Md, P.c. 82520, WYFamily Medicine1154347557
Medi Horizons Inc 82009, WYFamily Medicine1003836834
Babson & Associates Primary Care, Pc 82009, WYFamily Medicine1184639759
Alpha Family Medicine, Inc. 82001, WYFamily Medicine1215944301
Family First, P. C. 82009, WYFamily Medicine1508970641
Cowboy Medical Group Pc 82401, WYFamily Medicine1811401821
Campbell County Hospital District 82716, WYFamily Medicine1710098868
Lander Medical Clinic, Pc 82520, WYFamily Medicine1932299690
James J Naramore 82716, WYFamily Medicine1447332739
Womens Health Center 83001, WYFamily Medicine1134201957
Cheyenne Regional Physicians Group, Llc 82001, WYFamily Medicine1659458008
Wyoming Range Medical Pc 82901, WYFamily Medicine1871680041
Rock Springs Family Practice Inc 82901, WYFamily Medicine1023169778
Hunter Family Medical Clinic Pc 82901, WYFamily Medicine1538200761
Family Clinic 82601, WYFamily Medicine1871629832
Cedar Hills Family Clinic, P.c. 82701, WYFamily Medicine1700900719
Urgent Care Of Jackson Hole, Llc 83001, WYFamily Medicine1104032416
Brubaker Family Practice, P.c. 82601, WYFamily Medicine1346434487
Evanston Clinic Corp 82937, WYFamily Medicine1801084926
Family Practice Associates 83001, WYFamily Medicine1881883858
Cesko Family Practice Pc 82301, WYFamily Medicine1366621476
Michele L Bennett Md Pc 82801, WYFamily Medicine1275716995
Gerard P Cournoyer, Md 82901, WYFamily Medicine1922282615
Michael D. Adams, M.d., P.c. 82930, WYFamily Medicine1205013455
Family Physicians Of Laramie, Llc 82072, WYFamily Medicine1316108897
Strahan & Associates Pc 82801, WYFamily Medicine1295999019
L Joanne Hedgecock Md Pc 82501, WYFamily Medicine1407010853
Carol A Fischer Md Pc 82009, WYFamily Medicine1912101973
Cedar Hills Family Clinic, P.c. 82730, WYFamily Medicine1659537694
High Performance Sports Medicine Pc 82070, WYFamily Medicine1215180898
Big Horn Family Medicine Llc 82401, WYFamily Medicine1174764757
Umc Multi Specialty Physicians Group 80291, WYFamily Medicine1831332154
Wamsutter Community Health Center26 82336, WYFamily Medicine1194056127
Ninak Inc. 82001, WYFamily Medicine1033437132
Chief Stats Inc 82009, WYFamily Medicine1124347109
Jason Lovell 82501, WYFamily Medicine1518268887
Burke & Burke, Md, Pc 82601, WYFamily Medicine1649573221
University Of Wyoming 82601, WYFamily Medicine1558657650
Sound Physicians Of Wyoming, Llc 82601, WYFamily Medicine1982982708
Lander Valley Family Practice Pc 82520, WYFamily Medicine1053686758
Emergency Medical Physicians Pc 82601, WYFamily Medicine1720310709
Frontier Family Medicine, Llc 82716, WYFamily Medicine1962748939
Mccarty Family Medicine 82718, WYFamily Medicine1740523521
Regional Health Physicians, Inc. 82701, WYFamily Medicine1508290248
Regional Health Physicians, Inc. 82730, WYFamily Medicine1932533619
Let'sgetthinmd, Llc 82609, WYFamily Medicine1699174144
Campbell County Clinics Family Practice 82716, WYFamily Medicine1184020950
James J Naramore, Md, Pc 82716, WYFamily Medicine1083005102
Alpha Medical Inc 82401, WYFamily Medicine1558753277
Upstream Health Services, P.c. 82435, WYFamily Medicine1255716833
Women's Health & Family Care, Llc 83001, WYFamily Medicine1316282072
American Medical Associates, Inc 82001, WYFamily Medicine1164906467
Sublette County Rural Health Care District 82941, WYFamily Medicine1194776930
Charles C Young Md Llc 82301, WYFamily Medicine1912455155
North Cheyenne Medical 82009, WYFamily Medicine1023553799
Lifesource Of North Carolina 82001, WYFamily Medicine1386144418
Memorial Hospital Of Carbon County 82301, WYFamily Medicine1508900341
Kaiser Healthcare Ventures 82331, WYFamily Medicine1487178497
Mountain View Physicians, Llc 82072, WYFamily Medicine1184135352
Cowboy Medical Group Pc 82401, WYFamily Medicine1154836617
High Desert Rural Health Care District 82336, WYFamily Medicine1407341308
Medical Associates 82001, WYFamily Medicine1831670744
Evanston Hospital Corporation 82937, WYFamily Medicine1366989014
Healthy Lifestyle Medicine 82009, WYFamily Medicine1912478819
Mountain Trail Medical 82301, WYFamily Medicine1760956924
Midwest/edgerton Medical Services, Inc. 82643, WYFamily Medicine1366000580
Hometown Medical Clinic P.c. 82701, WYFamily Medicine1548821507
Evanston Regional Physicians Llc 82930, WYFamily Medicine1073167359
Az Premier Mobile Providers 85016, WYFamily Medicine1992353312
South Lincoln Hospital District 82930, WYFamily Medicine1689207722
South Lincoln Hospital District 82930, WYFamily Medicine1235503459
Monument Health Network, Inc. 82730, WYFamily Medicine1629457643
Affinity Family Practice 82007, WYFamily Medicine1255970034
University Of Wyoming 82072, WYFamily Medicine1639617061
Hoffman Snyder Tlc, Llc 82431, WYFamily Medicine1558614818
University Of Wyoming 82001, WYFamily Medicine1013531730
Western Medical Associates, Llc 82609, WYFamily Medicine1275583965
Placebo Ventures, Llc 82609, WYFamily Medicine1245559012
Peak Wellness Center, Inc. 82240, WYFamily Medicine1205345873
Peak Wellness Center, Inc. 82201, WYFamily Medicine1295244861
Peak Wellness Center, Inc. 82001, WYFamily Medicine1932618592
Peak Wellness Center, Inc. 82072, WYFamily Medicine1144739814
Independent Family Practice 83127, WYFamily Medicine1477509651
Dr Tamara Cottam 82001, WYFamily Medicine1982641841
Inpatient Consultants Of Wyoming Llc 82001, WYFamily Medicine1134151913
Medihorizons Inc 82009, WYFamily Medicine1154342921
Rawlins Family Medical, Pc 82301, WYFamily Medicine1023038510
Kurt S. Johnson, Md, Pc 82070, WYFamily Medicine1215941638
Thomas P Goodell Md Pc 82070, WYFamily Medicine1851402150
Sheridan Family Practice, P.c. 82801, WYFamily Medicine1154420768
Family Medical Care Llc 82716, WYFamily Medicine1104911353
Thomas Perry Goodell, Md, Pc 82070, WYFamily Medicine1366539686
Laramie Clinic, P.c. 82070, WYFamily Medicine1932299740
Western Medical And Neuroscience 82609, WYFamily Medicine1093878837
Applegate Family Practice Clinic Llc 82901, WYFamily Medicine1962544742
Gary Mundy Md Llc 82801, WYFamily Medicine1245459775
Jennifer J. Thomas Mdpc 82716, WYFamily Medicine1982807848
Backcountry Dox, Llc 82609, WYFamily Medicine1265047773
University Of Wyoming 82601, WYFamily Medicine1770198764
Wyoming Health Medical Group, Llc 82601, WYFamily Medicine1730324872
Crook County Medical Services District 82729, WYFamily Medicine1518081678
Crook County Medical Services District 82721, WYFamily Medicine1447328638
Crook County Medical Services District 82729, WYFamily Medicine1245308428
Crook County Medical Services District 82720, WYFamily Medicine1912075102
Relymd Medical Group, Llc 82001, WYFamily Medicine1639781875
Powell Valley Healthcare Inc. 82435, WYFamily Medicine1699721316
Sweet Home Telehealth Llc 35824, WYFamily Medicine1679174320
Jmdo Llc 82601, WYFamily Medicine1770189706
Billings Clinic 82414, WYFamily Medicine1346288347
Hot Springs County Hospital District 82649, WYFamily Medicine1407447766
University Of Wyoming 82001, WYFamily Medicine1770681439
Sublette County Hospital District 82941, WYFamily Medicine1104410596
Sublette County Hospital District 83113, WYFamily Medicine1699369082
Aaron Robert Billin 82435, WYFamily Medicine1447296207
Aaron Freeman 67214, WYFamily Medicine1710417829
Aaron T Jagelski 57701, WYFamily Medicine1548261357
Aaron L. Killpack 82414, WYFamily Medicine1457588212
Adair M. Bowlby 82414, WYFamily Medicine1487730768
Adam W Childers 82435, WYFamily Medicine1861590986
Adam Hoopes 82601, WYFamily Medicine1407237233
Adam Linck 82601, WYFamily Medicine1093026882
Adam S Peters 82414, WYFamily Medicine1689763047
Adrian Shaka Durham 82001, WYFamily Medicine1760845739
Agnes Carsen Eileen Bahn 82001, WYFamily Medicine1386137537
Allen D Carter 83110, WYFamily Medicine1073549952
Amber Moss 82401, WYFamily Medicine1386022630
Amy Susanne Butterworth 82001, WYFamily Medicine1487036703
Amy Lynn Gruber 82001, WYFamily Medicine1124132352
Amy J Harnish 82009, WYFamily Medicine1225059843
Anca Voinov 82601, WYFamily Medicine1700099819
Andrew G Hughes 80751, WYFamily Medicine1669454443
Andrew L Roberts 82410, WYFamily Medicine1164521977
Anh Phan Nguyen 82001, WYFamily Medicine1215467352
Ann H Thedieck 82935, WYFamily Medicine1073569745
Annie Le 82001, WYFamily Medicine1215336144
April Ann Rosalez 82601, WYFamily Medicine1255694352
Archie P Kirsch 82329, WYFamily Medicine1740368620
Aubrey Dozier Tabb 82834, WYFamily Medicine1316925456
Baier Rakowski 82001, WYFamily Medicine1669865739
Benjamin Leishman 82001, WYFamily Medicine1063862977
Benjamin B Wilde 82401, WYFamily Medicine1295997013
Berit L Amundson 83001, WYFamily Medicine1790009454
Bernard Ernest Roscoe 97355, WYFamily Medicine1316301617
Bert Clair Eliason 87301, WYFamily Medicine1174513113
Berton James Toews 82601, WYFamily Medicine1124182100
Beth C Robitaille 82601, WYFamily Medicine1396788865
Billie F Wilkerson 82716, WYFamily Medicine1902896947


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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