Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sumpter Dudley Blackmon 36726, ALFamily Practice1972506194
Teresa Beth Mcdowell 36752, ALFamily Practice1184627002
Gregory Levon Hopkins 36280, ALFamily Practice1538162318
Albert R Boroughs 36460, ALFamily Practice1740283548
Judith L Bosse 36301, ALFamily Practice1679576268
Robert Ernest Bryant 35126, ALFamily Practice1124021472
Hank Sung Lee 35565, ALFamily Practice1235131483
Roger H Smith 36037, ALFamily Practice1467454421
Ernest Lee Mollohan 35648, ALFamily Practice1295739902
Stephen A Roberts 35405, ALFamily Practice1063416667
David Burton Aizenman 35080, ALFamily Practice1033114905
Charles M Eddins 36460, ALFamily Practice1932104809
Joanne Holliday Smith 36420, ALFamily Practice1104821099
Melissa Blair Behringer 36701, ALFamily Practice1508861402
Henry S Beeler 35055, ALFamily Practice1467457507
Peter J Jensen 35630, ALFamily Practice1831194471
Jason Alan Zacks 36301, ALFamily Practice1093710626
Susanne M Westmoreland 35801, ALFamily Practice1720083215
Frank Leonard Dozier 36784, ALFamily Practice1861498255
Daveta Best Dozier 36784, ALFamily Practice1770589160
Brenda J Peak 35801, ALFamily Practice1962408773
James Richard Gewin 35243, ALFamily Practice1497751127
Linda Bodle Mcadams 36732, ALFamily Practice1275539868
Vance G Moore 36203, ALFamily Practice1629074885
David M Hopper 36203, ALFamily Practice1861497455
Samuel B Roberts 35007, ALFamily Practice1639176076
Jack Newton Burns 36701, ALFamily Practice1861499253
Raymond Neil Brignac 36701, ALFamily Practice1578560959
Nicholas Alan Knight 36701, ALFamily Practice1558368548
Herbert Peyton Walker 35243, ALFamily Practice1598763161
Justin Keith Coan 35660, ALFamily Practice1083612311
Thomas M Goodman 36112, ALFamily Practice1609874882
Elizabeth Thomas Pendergrass 35801, ALFamily Practice1861909228
James Joseph England 36542, ALFamily Practice1093714792
Melissa English 36106, ALFamily Practice1881693588
Charles Randall Stephens 35148, ALFamily Practice1578562096
Claude Ouimet 35233, ALFamily Practice1821097106
Thomas Richard Martin 35957, ALFamily Practice1285633578
David Powell Bryant 35126, ALFamily Practice1447259528
Roger S Buck 35903, ALFamily Practice1871593566
Robert W Eaton 35473, ALFamily Practice1073513479
Juan W Saxon 35903, ALFamily Practice1841290277
Steven P Furr 36545, ALFamily Practice1639179609
Robert H Moon 36117, ALFamily Practice1801896980
Norman G Stevens 36545, ALFamily Practice1770583742
Sidney S Crosby 36545, ALFamily Practice1982604948
James George Chambers 35801, ALFamily Practice1598765588
Brian Heath Daniel 36853, ALFamily Practice1912359100
Kathleen Marie Ouzts 36535, ALFamily Practice1942200290
Shawna Jarrett 35124, ALFamily Practice1235139155
Vicky Chesser 35209, ALFamily Practice1538540646
Emily V Gillespie 38469, ALFamily Practice1174522007
Jared S Ellis 35401, ALFamily Practice1790785756
Louisa M Tolentino 36117, ALFamily Practice1770583296
Lauren Elizabeth Hall 35022, ALFamily Practice1235633009
Jesse Cornelius Haggerty 36027, ALFamily Practice1447258215
Robert Mclain Williams 36467, ALFamily Practice1801897269
Alcus Ray Hudson 35504, ALFamily Practice1417959586
Thomas Harvey Mcculloch 36532, ALFamily Practice1750383790
Thomas Daniel Holt 36078, ALFamily Practice1306848494
Randy Darrell Bumpers 35207, ALFamily Practice1982606455
Dallas C Wilcox 35903, ALFamily Practice1881696516
Bernard William Simieritsch 35553, ALFamily Practice1821080565
Kari Kirby 35650, ALFamily Practice1023000635
Mitcheal Blane Bowen 35630, ALFamily Practice1891788014
Johnnie Wayne Strickland 36066, ALFamily Practice1538152483
Michael Darren Herndon 36250, ALFamily Practice1508859588
Lynn Ann Ammon 36112, ALFamily Practice1780677534
William D Rush 36266, ALFamily Practice1639162373
George C Smith 36266, ALFamily Practice1194718759
Charles David Hensleigh 36251, ALFamily Practice1528051133
Richard A Valentine 36867, ALFamily Practice1083607618
Bethany Gilbert 35611, ALFamily Practice1235122672
George C Smith 36266, ALFamily Practice1285627828
Belinda Maples 35611, ALFamily Practice1245223684
Thomas Joseph Leytham 36688, ALFamily Practice1629060785
Skylar Faith Wilson 35957, ALFamily Practice1467900605
Robert L Hash 35803, ALFamily Practice1134120553
Charles Edward Geno 35401, ALFamily Practice1366444952
Crystal Dawn Morgan 36608, ALFamily Practice1295219632
Janice Pearson 35633, ALFamily Practice1265916324
Francois Daniel Lesage 35630, ALFamily Practice1356334494
William Phillip Smith 35160, ALFamily Practice1982698387
Garry W Magouirk 35555, ALFamily Practice1578557948
Gregory P Stidham 35555, ALFamily Practice1831183219
Carol L Anders 36106, ALFamily Practice1063406338
Chivers R Woodruff 35205, ALFamily Practice1124012232
Andrew Scott Dukes 36532, ALFamily Practice1902890171
Wayne Eric Thomas 35603, ALFamily Practice1881688968
Russell Leon Ingram 36265, ALFamily Practice1639163397
Dale Roemer Agner 36112, ALFamily Practice1861486490
Dennis Pearman 36112, ALFamily Practice1902890403
Jenniffer Lynn Lapointe 36112, ALFamily Practice1730174285
Dixie Dawn Kidd 36107, ALFamily Practice1265427413
Robert Enoch Swanson 35576, ALFamily Practice1508851486
Raymond C Ufford 35950, ALFamily Practice1679568752
Larry R Johnston 35950, ALFamily Practice1023003019
Elliott J. Saltz 35950, ALFamily Practice1619962602
Aletha Lakay Edison 35757, ALFamily Practice1528053519
Wilbourne R Crouch 35640, ALFamily Practice1255326229
Huey Randolph Kidd 36784, ALFamily Practice1265427090
Billy Earl Salser 35205, ALFamily Practice1225023054
Lisa R Newman 35004, ALFamily Practice1043205776
James Jure Matic 35125, ALFamily Practice1811982556
Kevin Gerard Kelly 35653, ALFamily Practice1710972385
William Leonard Gibson 35952, ALFamily Practice1083609606
Cornelius Robinson Meadows 35242, ALFamily Practice1669467288
Mary Sue Suggs 35125, ALFamily Practice1154317758
Daniel Edward Banach 36066, ALFamily Practice1114913787
Gregory S Mims 36509, ALFamily Practice1629064910
John Patrick Tucker 35768, ALFamily Practice1457347130
Aaron W Karr 35660, ALFamily Practice1265428031
Raynard G. Fabianke 35582, ALFamily Practice1851387575
Lisa K Hoehn 36441, ALFamily Practice1124015847
Warren Lee Wallace 36207, ALFamily Practice1679560965
John Ira Bailey 36609, ALFamily Practice1609863901
Carolyn Lee Dobbs 35206, ALFamily Practice1285621409
Mark A Woods 35473, ALFamily Practice1538156674
Ashok V Mujumdar 35404, ALFamily Practice1023005030
Mary Ann Busch Pritchett 35209, ALFamily Practice1508853086
Alan Bruce Walker 35640, ALFamily Practice1518951698
Jay Thomas Pohl 35640, ALFamily Practice1235123407
Larisa Viktorovna Russell 35242, ALFamily Practice1104812494
Ramesh B Peramsetty 35404, ALFamily Practice1730175969
Hobert J Sharpton 35058, ALFamily Practice1902893233
Gregory S Funk 36542, ALFamily Practice1881682284
Gurinder J Doad 35771, ALFamily Practice1134117591
Archana Rastogi 35811, ALFamily Practice1427047885
Larry Jan Davis 35802, ALFamily Practice1083603377
Charles Keith Funderburk 35045, ALFamily Practice1447249750
Ronda Fowler Carter 36362, ALFamily Practice1467441600
Charles B Gills 35476, ALFamily Practice1215927223
Gary Matthew Fowler 35594, ALFamily Practice1073503405
William Joseph Mcdowell 36752, ALFamily Practice1760472013
Eddie G Gaines 35805, ALFamily Practice1083604243
Michael Clark Turner 36106, ALFamily Practice1215927421
Eunice Oyedoyin Augustus 35773, ALFamily Practice1053302190
David Alan Hollis 35645, ALFamily Practice1467443424
Latonya James 36507, ALFamily Practice1447241856
Vivian Burton Gambles 36362, ALFamily Practice1639160948
Norman Ervin 35801, ALFamily Practice1821089012
Scott Ross Weisberg 35205, ALFamily Practice1912998147
Carl Klingelberger 36535, ALFamily Practice1326029521
Deborah Booher Kolb 35758, ALFamily Practice1063493153
Leonard W. Martinec 35758, ALFamily Practice1447231535
Vernon Leon Scott 35406, ALFamily Practice1992786958
Linda Sue Borkat 36867, ALFamily Practice1457332173
Yu-yong Tai 35501, ALFamily Practice1205817947
Anthony Sims 35978, ALFamily Practice1992786636
Rodney Wayne Harney 35603, ALFamily Practice1053392795
Eric W Graves 36116, ALFamily Practice1871574517
Alton Stuart Hendon 36116, ALFamily Practice1902887649
Caswall C Harrigan 35758, ALFamily Practice1073594735
Herbert K Holdsambeck 35801, ALFamily Practice1649251216
Linda M Dinerman 35802, ALFamily Practice1902887573
Philip Anthony Roth 35802, ALFamily Practice1710968383
Tobin Joe Fisher 35801, ALFamily Practice1447231014
Jeffrey G Garber 35801, ALFamily Practice1174504740
Forest Stephen Herrington 35801, ALFamily Practice1417938085
Jeffrey W Mathis 36116, ALFamily Practice1215918958
Daniel L Moore 36116, ALFamily Practice1457332108
Brian W Elrod 36116, ALFamily Practice1508847963
Gregory L Meiman 35055, ALFamily Practice1932180270
Clinton Scott Williams 35801, ALFamily Practice1508847856
David Keith Calderwood 35801, ALFamily Practice1235110586
Steven J Davis 36467, ALFamily Practice1003898396
Pamela Kay Moody 35405, ALFamily Practice1184606360
Karen L. Manning 36921, ALFamily Practice1356323901
Richard V. Meadows 36310, ALFamily Practice1902888407
Francene A Gayle 35816, ALFamily Practice1922080415
Albert E Smith 35005, ALFamily Practice1891777298
Mitchell Carey Shirah 36274, ALFamily Practice1902889371
Judy Pinckley Rawls 35758, ALFamily Practice1598748931
James Makemson 35801, ALFamily Practice1942283122
Thomas Alan Page 35903, ALFamily Practice1326021544
Amy Makemson 35801, ALFamily Practice1790768976
Charles A Gaputis 35652, ALFamily Practice1437132685
Bradley Lamar Carden 36867, ALFamily Practice1598746943
Cindy Mccutcheon Mcadams 35758, ALFamily Practice1306829759
Michael L Mcbrearty 36532, ALFamily Practice1689655052
Ida B Dunn 35401, ALFamily Practice1821088527
John Thomas Mcdonald 35401, ALFamily Practice1073501326
Stephen Adam Bernstein 36362, ALFamily Practice1477544450
Joseph T Johnson 35058, ALFamily Practice1609858372
John R Gober 35058, ALFamily Practice1275515454
Michael L Schendel 35055, ALFamily Practice1225019847
Lance K Dyess 36323, ALFamily Practice1912980269
Jennifer Mizzell Sylestine 35150, ALFamily Practice1639647225
Anisa S.n. Ssengoba-ubogu 35249, ALFamily Practice1407845910
Lisa Dean Columbia 35213, ALFamily Practice1629051495
Katherine A. Hensleigh 36904, ALFamily Practice1841273646
Mary Pamela Jennings 35630, ALFamily Practice1891779294
Larry Keith Scarborough 35959, ALFamily Practice1689658718
Linda Kristene Davenport 36605, ALFamily Practice1255315198
Lynn E. Yonge 36532, ALFamily Practice1235113861
Randall L. Hall 36532, ALFamily Practice1497739023
Dale Ray Stierwalt 35967, ALFamily Practice1144204843
Timothy R Toms 36607, ALFamily Practice1831174390
Debbie S Cleveland 36853, ALFamily Practice1164407656
Cynthia Sue Harbaugh 36526, ALFamily Practice1124003645


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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