Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Arkansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Arkansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lori Lea Ellis 72143, ARFamily Practice1396748380
David Arthur Diffine 72315, ARFamily Practice1679576631
Garry Leroy Stewart 72034, ARFamily Practice1841293537
William G. Davis 72712, ARFamily Practice1326041831
Clarksville Medical Group, P.a. 72830, ARFamily Practice1447253810
Thomas O Beasley 72106, ARFamily Practice1609878669
Linda Carol Mcintosh 72143, ARFamily Practice1588668461
The Family Clinic Of Nashville, P.a. 71852, ARFamily Practice1033113741
Joe Downs King 71852, ARFamily Practice1821092537
Charles L Tucker 72529, ARFamily Practice1639173396
William G Barron 72801, ARFamily Practice1942204227
Katherine A Irish-clardy 72901, ARFamily Practice1679577381
Roger Leroy Green 72112, ARFamily Practice1275537912
Franklin Dowling Roberts 71753, ARFamily Practice1104820612
Clay Walt Ferguson 71852, ARFamily Practice1518962968
Timothy Stone 72628, ARFamily Practice1568467603
Brian T Oge 71852, ARFamily Practice1972508984
Sandra Sindel Young 72628, ARFamily Practice1649275546
Terry F Sutterfield 72764, ARFamily Practice1689679573
Trent Robert Lamb 72401, ARFamily Practice1144225020
Travis Dale Embry 72740, ARFamily Practice1750386876
Larry Bryan Jennings 72650, ARFamily Practice1750386553
Barry Scott Carroll 72031, ARFamily Practice1669477469
Physicians Network Inc. 72076, ARFamily Practice1689679169
J . Timothy Hodges 72211, ARFamily Practice1902802465
Joseph F Farmer 72205, ARFamily Practice1609872175
Michael S Hagaman 72653, ARFamily Practice1104822634
Julian Dale Calhoon 72076, ARFamily Practice1376549709
Julie R. Linder 71753, ARFamily Practice1811993082
William Kent 72112, ARFamily Practice1316943632
Floyd A Shurley 72023, ARFamily Practice1972509040
Cheryl A Fulton 72745, ARFamily Practice1205832219
Denver Lee Barger 72023, ARFamily Practice1134125297
Robert Ross Ritchie 72076, ARFamily Practice1154327237
Alan Charles Johnston 72076, ARFamily Practice1679579650
Aniel Hermas House 72076, ARFamily Practice1336145325
Randy Dean Walker 71832, ARFamily Practice1730185752
Daron Merryman 72401, ARFamily Practice1356347207
Harold Keith Short 72076, ARFamily Practice1952307860
Glen C. Knowles 72020, ARFamily Practice1679579536
Amy L Schochler 72761, ARFamily Practice1851397822
Phillip Adams Tracy 72076, ARFamily Practice1881690519
David Earl Smith 42003, ARFamily Practice1912903741
David Neal Wyatt 72076, ARFamily Practice1780680538
Randy Joseph Pastor 72076, ARFamily Practice1710983465
Michael Henry Waterhouse 72076, ARFamily Practice1649276221
Miriam Gwenyth Morse 72076, ARFamily Practice1033115639
Neeraj Bharany 71901, ARFamily Practice1497751390
Ronald F Bruton 72653, ARFamily Practice1033114566
Lonnie S Robinson 72653, ARFamily Practice1962408435
Robert Casper 72204, ARFamily Practice1568469179
Keith Cooper 72204, ARFamily Practice1295732816
Daniel Dillard 72204, ARFamily Practice1477550093
Keith D Hough 72223, ARFamily Practice1295732758
Stephen B Tilley 72207, ARFamily Practice1205833738
Jennifer A Schroeder 72758, ARFamily Practice1134126600
Richard Lee Hayes 72076, ARFamily Practice1255338679
Thomas Dean Tinsman 72903, ARFamily Practice1801893102
Charles A. Vermont 71857, ARFamily Practice1912904251
Susan Kay Martin 72118, ARFamily Practice1891792172
Dennis O Davidson 72501, ARFamily Practice1447257597
James Irley Cagle 72114, ARFamily Practice1679570642
Donald C Ewing 72703, ARFamily Practice1154329878
Russell Eugene Mayo 71854, ARFamily Practice1568469211
Andrew Mason Monfee 72801, ARFamily Practice1447257142
Shanna Leigh Spence 71854, ARFamily Practice1255338943
Michael Clarence Young 71857, ARFamily Practice1124026836
Thomas Elias Blair Jones 71832, ARFamily Practice1700883402
Ronald W Simpson 72560, ARFamily Practice1467459370
Tara Lea Bullock 72847, ARFamily Practice1063410710
Michelle L Bishop 72560, ARFamily Practice1366449274
Michael Reid Downs 71854, ARFamily Practice1639177959
James Keith Mitchell 71832, ARFamily Practice1942208277
Becky L. Porter 72212, ARFamily Practice1255339461
Louis G Sasser 72956, ARFamily Practice1770581845
Albert Samuel Koenig 72901, ARFamily Practice1801894738
Benny J Green 72223, ARFamily Practice1609873983
Christiaan Johannes Slabbert 72903, ARFamily Practice1770580169
John Gregory Elders 72653, ARFamily Practice1174520688
George S Lawrence 72653, ARFamily Practice1245237528
Mary C Anderson 72501, ARFamily Practice1083611057
Karen Pickett 72210, ARFamily Practice1609873132
Mitchell Craig Preston 72756, ARFamily Practice1417955766
Griffin A Arnold 72576, ARFamily Practice1073512828
Cathy J Clary 72601, ARFamily Practice1639177413
Booneville Family Clinic 72927, ARFamily Practice1922006790
Sandra Sheiron 71655, ARFamily Practice1437158045
Marion Conway 72653, ARFamily Practice1225037807
Harris Medical Clinics Inc. 72112, ARFamily Practice1588663660
Michael L. Buffington 72703, ARFamily Practice1922007905
Harton Medical Clinic Pllc Pa 71671, ARFamily Practice1013917780
Thomas A Fox 71857, ARFamily Practice1770583189
Rodney L Griffin 71753, ARFamily Practice1023018439
Marty Wayne Hearyman 72010, ARFamily Practice1174523120
R Keith Davis 71762, ARFamily Practice1104826320
Roland Hollis Md 72450, ARFamily Practice1962403956
Joseph Dale Sarnicki 71744, ARFamily Practice1215938998
Robert Allen Floss 71744, ARFamily Practice1447251137
Richard Curtis Melin 72031, ARFamily Practice1174524086
David L Williams 71913, ARFamily Practice1174523260
Audrey Renee Crowl 72576, ARFamily Practice1487653242
William S Piechal 72703, ARFamily Practice1326049255
Corwin D Petty 72758, ARFamily Practice1295735959
Ashley Blackwood 72205, ARFamily Practice1295276285
Sherri Lee Diamond 72117, ARFamily Practice1932100534
Robin Jeffers Perry 72204, ARFamily Practice1780685123
Anna J Parchman 71913, ARFamily Practice1578565321
Barry V Thompson 71635, ARFamily Practice1497747646
Gilbert Foster 72223, ARFamily Practice1649262726
William F. Joseph 72204, ARFamily Practice1245222348
David L Hicks 72204, ARFamily Practice1720070816
Charles H Rodgers 72204, ARFamily Practice1649262700
Ralph F Joseph 72204, ARFamily Practice1881686962
Robert Jeffrey Eisenach 72204, ARFamily Practice1699767772
George K Covert 71822, ARFamily Practice1922090836
Heritage Physician Group 71913, ARFamily Practice1669464079
Webber Medical Complex 72335, ARFamily Practice1043202476
Roger D Simons 72634, ARFamily Practice1396737607
Kevin C Hiegel 72205, ARFamily Practice1235122383
Kevin D Roberts 72205, ARFamily Practice1336132372
Simmie Armstrong 71603, ARFamily Practice1033102181
Greg Smart 71730, ARFamily Practice1073506010
Harold Herbert Hedges 72212, ARFamily Practice1558354027
Pamela A Coyle 72031, ARFamily Practice1649262189
James L Gardner 71913, ARFamily Practice1538161385
Richard K Roper 71913, ARFamily Practice1376545103
Michael R Beard 72022, ARFamily Practice1316949167
Shauna L Lucas 71913, ARFamily Practice1316949159
Thomas H Hollis 71913, ARFamily Practice1730181298
Thomas H Hollis 71913, ARFamily Practice1831190339
Robert Stephen Tucker 72212, ARFamily Practice1205829710
Harold H Hedges 72212, ARFamily Practice1407849896
George C Garrett 71801, ARFamily Practice1528052784
Clifford L Evans 72110, ARFamily Practice1063406056
Tammy Jean Hale Tucker 72712, ARFamily Practice1659365427
Sylvia Kay May 72114, ARFamily Practice1972597789
Kenneth R Johnston 72212, ARFamily Practice1245224229
Robert J Mcgowan 72212, ARFamily Practice1205820974
William Harper 71730, ARFamily Practice1174517874
Spanish Trace Clinic 71854, ARFamily Practice1639163363
Harold Byrd Betton 72202, ARFamily Practice1275528267
Gary Lloyd Bevill 71730, ARFamily Practice1538154570
Matthew Dates Callaway 71730, ARFamily Practice1770578718
Russell Eric Hatley 71730, ARFamily Practice1932194974
Susan Wanda Balke 72360, ARFamily Practice1124013925
James Meek Sheppard 71730, ARFamily Practice1700871324
Arkansas Rehabilitation Services 71901, ARFamily Practice1548256076
L.j. Patrick Bell 72342, ARFamily Practice1871589309
Vonda Gale Houchin 72432, ARFamily Practice1467448837
David Glen Fielder 72501, ARFamily Practice1821084377
Julia L Allen 72501, ARFamily Practice1780670257
Jeffrey Allen Summerhill 72632, ARFamily Practice1922094432
William Jackson Waldrip 72501, ARFamily Practice1427044999
Julia A Roulier 72501, ARFamily Practice1336135805
George Henry Tompkins 72956, ARFamily Practice1164418679
Rolland L Bailey 72634, ARFamily Practice1467448894
Julie Dow 72401, ARFamily Practice1437145810
Don E Hinderliter 72933, ARFamily Practice1851387765
Wallace Lee Tracy 72042, ARFamily Practice1366438384
Jeffrey Hunter Reinhart 71655, ARFamily Practice1033105747
Tlcs, P.c. 72040, ARFamily Practice1649267394
Dac Tat Pham 72021, ARFamily Practice1063409761
Michael Glenn Hilman 72034, ARFamily Practice1740277375
Betty S Peters 71909, ARFamily Practice1538156112
Karen C Burks 72117, ARFamily Practice1821085226
Douglas Edmond De Saint-felix 72012, ARFamily Practice1487641874
Ralph Martin Maxwell 71639, ARFamily Practice1295722668
Springhill Family Medicine Pa 72117, ARFamily Practice1588651988
Keith M Lipsmeyer 72110, ARFamily Practice1528055738
Robert V Baker 72501, ARFamily Practice1336136530
James L Schmitz 72933, ARFamily Practice1881681864
William G Coutts 72642, ARFamily Practice1982691085
Ronald James Bates 72501, ARFamily Practice1477540532
Randall L Carson 72908, ARFamily Practice1669469508
Katherine Y Creasey 72205, ARFamily Practice1386631174
Von Phomakay 72903, ARFamily Practice1306833116
Roy E Russell 72903, ARFamily Practice1760479570
Laura L Adams 72901, ARFamily Practice1740277557
Hugh H Jackson 72762, ARFamily Practice1821085648
Vikki L Sutterfield 72901, ARFamily Practice1447247267
Glenn G Gibbons 72936, ARFamily Practice1053308874
Stephanie E Frisbie 72956, ARFamily Practice1043208879
Terri J Lewelling 72956, ARFamily Practice1598753345
Ralph N Ingram 72903, ARFamily Practice1366430126
Walter L Kyle 72903, ARFamily Practice1861489676
Rebecca R Floyd 72956, ARFamily Practice1790773521
Michael Allen Carter 72581, ARFamily Practice1336137942
Terry L. Treece 72205, ARFamily Practice1437147188
Krish Family Clinic 71832, ARFamily Practice1912995606
Tamela C Matthews 71744, ARFamily Practice1235547589
Aaron E White 72936, ARFamily Practice1780670604
Sheri Diane Martin 72401, ARFamily Practice1184006728
Joseph David Dunaway 72830, ARFamily Practice1225024482
Scott Preston Kuykendall 72830, ARFamily Practice1316933575
Timbi D West 72933, ARFamily Practice1508853466
Michael S Cole 72916, ARFamily Practice1710973649
Duane A Lukasek 72908, ARFamily Practice1588651418
Deborah A Hays 72936, ARFamily Practice1831187699
Gordon R Parham 72703, ARFamily Practice1245227057
Andy Davidson 72521, ARFamily Practice1396731550


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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