Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Warren D. Kuipers 85007, AZFamily Practice1578566626
Michael Stuart Putland 85338, AZFamily Practice1679576615
Tirsa Carolina Quartullo 85021, AZFamily Practice1467455477
Francisco Amaya-pinto 85128, AZFamily Practice1205839388
Karen Holder 86004, AZFamily Practice1831192913
Daniel Chung 85122, AZFamily Practice1821091984
Deborah Hudak 85122, AZFamily Practice1760485825
Richard Lorin Merkley 85204, AZFamily Practice1326041096
Thomas Edward Sutton 85204, AZFamily Practice1225031982
William Walter Holland 85006, AZFamily Practice1831192590
Robert Donald Babyar 85037, AZFamily Practice1558364646
Micah D Hale 86403, AZFamily Practice1972506616
Kevin Frank Brown 86409, AZFamily Practice1245233980
Cesar K Katigbak 86442, AZFamily Practice1538162276
Cynthia L Kegowicz 85251, AZFamily Practice1063415529
Richard Rutkowski 85251, AZFamily Practice1588667042
Janeen Marie Dahn 85225, AZFamily Practice1669475125
Robert Brower 85631, AZFamily Practice1972506574
Donald Lynn Griner 85204, AZFamily Practice1821091497
Deborah K Robertson 85204, AZFamily Practice1851394407
James W Anderson 85224, AZFamily Practice1659374346
Collin Udall 85204, AZFamily Practice1861495434
Payson Healthcare Management Inc 85541, AZFamily Practice1093718694
David Smock 85367, AZFamily Practice1710980206
Robert J Creager 85251, AZFamily Practice1700889284
Marvin M Bell 85251, AZFamily Practice1760485239
Laurice P Coats 86001, AZFamily Practice1386647816
James Edward Thomas 86054, AZFamily Practice1548263957
Peggy Towles 86301, AZFamily Practice1598768871
Brian Loyd Miles 85615, AZFamily Practice1316940786
Virginia Rutz 85237, AZFamily Practice1952304289
Charlotte R Peake 85308, AZFamily Practice1497758726
A New Creation Womens Clinic Pc 85741, AZFamily Practice1164425450
Virginia Rutz D.o. 85237, AZFamily Practice1144222449
Wendy A Angelo 85016, AZFamily Practice1528061983
Rodolfo Jimenez 85614, AZFamily Practice1013910751
Robert A Marlow 85251, AZFamily Practice1316940877
Shayna M Mansfield 85253, AZFamily Practice1780687087
Paul Edward Klein 86403, AZFamily Practice1639172901
Julius E Chaney 85308, AZFamily Practice1851394183
Allan Barry Aven 85712, AZFamily Practice1609878750
Richard Kim Le 85248, AZFamily Practice1851393003
Arnold James Valerius 85749, AZFamily Practice1639173990
Wyatt D Woodard 86001, AZFamily Practice1013911916
Howard Linzer 34104, AZFamily Practice1164426912
Marcia Brickson 85381, AZFamily Practice1790789477
Luis M Irizarry 85032, AZFamily Practice1487658175
Marian S Talmon 85302, AZFamily Practice1831193523
Bradley J Meek 85390, AZFamily Practice1184628877
Lillian Muzyka 85367, AZFamily Practice1740284405
Katherine Hakeman 85242, AZFamily Practice1710981352
Cheryl L Leigh 85006, AZFamily Practice1235133877
Martin Blume 85255, AZFamily Practice1760486310
Jeffrey J Alvarez 85009, AZFamily Practice1326042953
Tricia Stytle 85395, AZFamily Practice1871595090
Robin F Edwards 85132, AZFamily Practice1316941008
Judd A Shafer 85142, AZFamily Practice1154325843
Brian Shannon Donovan 85711, AZFamily Practice1780686949
Rapr Llc 85254, AZFamily Practice1851878508
Stuart A Medoff 85254, AZFamily Practice1831193382
John F Konings 85326, AZFamily Practice1356345086
Kevin Gordon Jackson 85251, AZFamily Practice1225032782
Janeen Bjork 86040, AZFamily Practice1932103462
Michael J Demangone 86040, AZFamily Practice1841294378
Dennis James Foley 86040, AZFamily Practice1194729632
Raymond Lee Holsten 86040, AZFamily Practice1003810540
Barbara M Zimmerman 86040, AZFamily Practice1730183278
Jarrod D Johnson 86432, AZFamily Practice1427053867
Thomas C Fiel 85283, AZFamily Practice1235134552
Curtis P Page 85282, AZFamily Practice1295730539
Donald Lee Pierce 86301, AZFamily Practice1013912294
Steven C Burns 85282, AZFamily Practice1437154549
Judith Celik 85205, AZFamily Practice1225033491
Barbara Elaine Tilben 85139, AZFamily Practice1093710261
Mary Ann Ann Lecavalier 85254, AZFamily Practice1861497950
Eliza A Williamson 85373, AZFamily Practice1164427167
John Q Hierling 85344, AZFamily Practice1629073689
James George Paraskevas 86305, AZFamily Practice1730184748
Teresa J Becker 85938, AZFamily Practice1467457176
Paul Frederick Fader 86004, AZFamily Practice1942205620
Eileen T Furman 85925, AZFamily Practice1962407676
Tjs Health Inc. 85938, AZFamily Practice1538164249
Carlton A Richie 85251, AZFamily Practice1699770925
Carolyn R Barlow 85032, AZFamily Practice1740284397
Ann M Tracy 85282, AZFamily Practice1184628521
Megan M Trosko 85260, AZFamily Practice1033576038
Robert William Halterman 86301, AZFamily Practice1174528343
Linda Lou Holland-ojeda 85013, AZFamily Practice1164427605
Trina Anne Kessinger 80550, AZFamily Practice1356347785
Kelly Marcum 85933, AZFamily Practice1619973930
James Randolph Sexton 85212, AZFamily Practice1710983804
Jorge Franco O'leary 85706, AZFamily Practice1083610109
Cynthia E. Garner 85013, AZFamily Practice1558367516
Cynthia Ann Peters 85048, AZFamily Practice1699771659
Sampunarao Koppula 85008, AZFamily Practice1770589558
Hal B Wilson 85254, AZFamily Practice1851397624
Regina M Wright 85282, AZFamily Practice1043216872
Debra Joy Nogueras 86005, AZFamily Practice1376549048
Tracey L Martin 85282, AZFamily Practice1770589491
Cynthia C Andrews 85044, AZFamily Practice1609872209
Scottsdale Health And Wellness Pc 85258, AZFamily Practice1912903527
Leon Michael Cattolico 86001, AZFamily Practice1720084197
Keith Westley Shillito 85344, AZFamily Practice1417954850
Randolph Fritz Scott 85712, AZFamily Practice1811994353
Kenneth Douglas Jackson 86401, AZFamily Practice1073510491
Nancy D Lowery 85032, AZFamily Practice1902803398
Luis Quintana 85206, AZFamily Practice1952308264
Stanley P Brysacz 85254, AZFamily Practice1609873918
Robert H Page 85282, AZFamily Practice1851398069
Rebecca Adele Millius 85724, AZFamily Practice1285631481
Janis Bowers 86305, AZFamily Practice1649277922
Mark M. Medeiros 85258, AZFamily Practice1679570832
Joni Suzanne Lydic 85035, AZFamily Practice1518964782
John Kevin Ekman 85546, AZFamily Practice1194722256
Medgar Marcial Moya 85705, AZFamily Practice1619974706
Trudy Rumann Heil 85258, AZFamily Practice1720085798
Virginia Ann Ferguson 85012, AZFamily Practice1063419091
John William Ellis 85308, AZFamily Practice1285631242
Michael Dean Johnson 85540, AZFamily Practice1568469526
Theresa Lynn La Luzerne 85260, AZFamily Practice1952308652
Marvin L Colvin 86326, AZFamily Practice1336146059
Paulette Diana Wright 85033, AZFamily Practice1134126055
James Joseph Dearing 85027, AZFamily Practice1528065422
Mark V Seby 86001, AZFamily Practice1649277492
Mark H Wilson 85224, AZFamily Practice1609873330
Wayne C. Mcleod 85710, AZFamily Practice1477551109
Auc Surprise Family Care Llc 85374, AZFamily Practice1043218787
Salvador T Lee 86047, AZFamily Practice1083612550
Helen S Mcnicholas 85208, AZFamily Practice1598763989
Anthony M Dominic Sr Do Pc 85220, AZFamily Practice1922006204
Lea E Way 85362, AZFamily Practice1821096850
Lori A Kemper 85308, AZFamily Practice1659378651
Luralie Lynne Leonard 85735, AZFamily Practice1659378271
Larry Paul Lanier 85031, AZFamily Practice1356348577
Parker Medical Center, Ltd. 85344, AZFamily Practice1568469906
Patricia A Struck 85032, AZFamily Practice1942207329
Xuong Wilkinson 85147, AZFamily Practice1538167051
Arizona Valley Medicine Pllc 85021, AZFamily Practice1538694252
Patricia Kay Park 85297, AZFamily Practice1619974748
Lynda Suzanne Heaphy 85306, AZFamily Practice1952309387
Kent A Beams 85249, AZFamily Practice1780682062
Erik Jacob Dean 85258, AZFamily Practice1700883998
Deborah J Plotkin 86314, AZFamily Practice1497753586
Farzam Afshar 85296, AZFamily Practice1841771904
Deborah Ann Hahn 85308, AZFamily Practice1629075932
Kathleen A Lupone 85250, AZFamily Practice1457358764
Christina L Shelley 85042, AZFamily Practice1194724732
Gerald Bossert 85541, AZFamily Practice1700885308
Mark Daniel Friedman 85035, AZFamily Practice1053310599
Edgar Alan Boone 85941, AZFamily Practice1568461002
David R Briant 86314, AZFamily Practice1356340707
Elliot Blau 85251, AZFamily Practice1912906108
Wilson Huxley Coulter 85021, AZFamily Practice1255330437
Valley Physicians, Llc 85021, AZFamily Practice1154320349
Graeme Meredith Tolson 85308, AZFamily Practice1518966860
Eric William Honing 85308, AZFamily Practice1497754758
Joseph Frank Raynak 85308, AZFamily Practice1386643641
Mitchell E Edelstein 85032, AZFamily Practice1164422085
Melinda Astran 85346, AZFamily Practice1184624744
Shawn G Platt 85705, AZFamily Practice1851391353
Fredelito B Tiu 85745, AZFamily Practice1346240843
John Mark Heyer 85302, AZFamily Practice1033119581
George Stecyk 85260, AZFamily Practice1114927548
John C Morgan 85251, AZFamily Practice1871593152
Stephen E Fry 85260, AZFamily Practice1205836517
Alaina Jose-miller 85050, AZFamily Practice1336149533
Dianne A Tobin 86323, AZFamily Practice1083614168
Edmund M Mitchell 86403, AZFamily Practice1164422127
Fred Douglas Miller 85712, AZFamily Practice1124028220
Richard Byron Rader 86301, AZFamily Practice1497755482
Deborah Ruth Hotep 85013, AZFamily Practice1043210057
Jeanann Schwark 85258, AZFamily Practice1659372472
Cheryl Lee Burley 86409, AZFamily Practice1760482327
Allan Gordon Mccallum 85374, AZFamily Practice1427056340
Steven M Herf 85383, AZFamily Practice1821097841
Naomi Rinah Clancy 85540, AZFamily Practice1972504934
Bill Dafnis 85254, AZFamily Practice1952300030
Leslee Joan Testa 85308, AZFamily Practice1871592147
Jill E. Kerr 85044, AZFamily Practice1023018595
Eva M. Zuschke 85021, AZFamily Practice1245230440
Phyllis Elaine Click 85704, AZFamily Practice1477554202
Kevin William Turner 85308, AZFamily Practice1952300295
Edward A. Carrington 85202, AZFamily Practice1093715914
Michele Lynn Gough 85054, AZFamily Practice1093716995
Peggy M Avina 85610, AZFamily Practice1558362145
Elizabeth Fabry 85607, AZFamily Practice1780685370
John P Haun 85610, AZFamily Practice1750382354
David S Mattson 85260, AZFamily Practice1851392047
Terry Kb Fowler 85014, AZFamily Practice1770584989
Ineke Maryam Ayubi-moak 85304, AZFamily Practice1912908039
Patricia L Stanton 85344, AZFamily Practice1679575781
Nina Patel-hinkle 85023, AZFamily Practice1073515078
Jeffrey Jerome Zacher 85018, AZFamily Practice1386646297
Marilyn Mittlestat Luebbert 92055, AZFamily Practice1164424180
Joan E Sullivan 86336, AZFamily Practice1487656278
Beverly Joyce Thomas-carter 85015, AZFamily Practice1033111745
Colette Ann Toronto 85254, AZFamily Practice1669474243
Gerald Roy Shockey 85213, AZFamily Practice1881696318
Patrick M Knowles 85015, AZFamily Practice1053313452
Maureen Keigher Harrison 85257, AZFamily Practice1831191329


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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