Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark Scheier 90623, CAFamily Practice1073516076
Ding Lei, A Professional Medical 91748, CAFamily Practice1689677684
Randall G Shue 90023, CAFamily Practice1679576730
Miki R Joy 95060, CAFamily Practice1134122922
Gene Ray Bouch 90806, CAFamily Practice1104829092
Rhoda Galinato Estrella-itchon 92562, CAFamily Practice1245233147
Hope A Wildenberg 93555, CAFamily Practice1912900739
Umberto D'ambrosio 93901, CAFamily Practice1942203740
Michael Luder 93901, CAFamily Practice1730182510
Deborah Brown 93933, CAFamily Practice1376546044
Thomas Jeffrey Mork 93940, CAFamily Practice1750384418
Manuel Nitzberg 93901, CAFamily Practice1730182494
George Thomas Krucik 94118, CAFamily Practice1235132044
Paul D. Orr 91711, CAFamily Practice1417950221
Roderic Carter Weaver 94105, CAFamily Practice1134122062
Mashallah Ezzati 92630, CAFamily Practice1023011087
Jeffrey Dale Lawhead 92203, CAFamily Practice1679576706
Donella Jenkins 95817, CAFamily Practice1942203609
Sultan Chopan 95966, CAFamily Practice1285637744
Linda-lee Myers 93940, CAFamily Practice1962405464
William W Ferguson 93555, CAFamily Practice1033112768
Cecilia Loleng 93901, CAFamily Practice1053314542
Good Life Medical Group, Inc. 90712, CAFamily Practice1316940828
Sarah Ep Forsythe 95212, CAFamily Practice1265435622
Philip D Morin 93644, CAFamily Practice1518960947
Mary V. Collignon 93263, CAFamily Practice1194728477
Leon Reed Walker 95405, CAFamily Practice1902809270
Vincent Le 95132, CAFamily Practice1760485171
John Pakula 94501, CAFamily Practice1184626418
Uyen T Ly 95465, CAFamily Practice1700889128
Christopher A. Price 95819, CAFamily Practice1164426490
Eric Tepper 95819, CAFamily Practice1891798146
Harold L. Tarleton, M.d., Inc. 92270, CAFamily Practice1144223488
John T Heidrick 93309, CAFamily Practice1447252754
Preferred Family Care Physicians Medical Corporation 93309, CAFamily Practice1982606299
Victoria Davis 95465, CAFamily Practice1427050731
Michelle Davey 95446, CAFamily Practice1366445785
Trina Bowen 95465, CAFamily Practice1609878917
Jason Cunningham 95472, CAFamily Practice1811990237
John Patrick Mcdermott 95963, CAFamily Practice1215930748
James F. Yusuf Q. Erskine 95472, CAFamily Practice1134122690
Laurence H Lotz 93401, CAFamily Practice1841292182
Thomas Michael Mccombs 94503, CAFamily Practice1245234582
Silvia Pacheco Mendoza 92084, CAFamily Practice1245232404
Danny M Colton 92307, CAFamily Practice1831191956
Kenneth B Epstein 91325, CAFamily Practice1003818121
Cathryn Diane Ingram 93001, CAFamily Practice1265434385
Mark J Freeman 95422, CAFamily Practice1801898929
Warren Thomas Doerfler 93534, CAFamily Practice1144224494
Cung Bui Pham 90501, CAFamily Practice1790787802
Elizabeth C Reeves 91502, CAFamily Practice1306840665
Donald J. Dixon 93555, CAFamily Practice1790787034
Paul J Swedberg 93401, CAFamily Practice1558363895
Analisa Miranda Loewen 94565, CAFamily Practice1407858616
San Luis Obispo Family Healthcare A Medical Corporation 93401, CAFamily Practice1033111224
Martin A Smietanka 91506, CAFamily Practice1295737252
Maika Del Mar 95678, CAFamily Practice1659373603
Suzanne Lorraine August-schwartz 94549, CAFamily Practice1275535221
Louis Derouchey 96097, CAFamily Practice1407850498
Harold Eugene Shakespeare 91345, CAFamily Practice1174527089
Yash P Verma 93662, CAFamily Practice1619971439
Drummond Medical Group, Inc 93555, CAFamily Practice1841294634
Hosea William Hawkins 93637, CAFamily Practice1932103603
Nagy Sadek Awadalla 93308, CAFamily Practice1255335956
Paul Bernard Sobelman 95667, CAFamily Practice1427052257
Ayman Damen 95632, CAFamily Practice1346244050
David P Lusk 93555, CAFamily Practice1831193408
Richard Aldana 92801, CAFamily Practice1528062106
Ruben Pedro Comelli 93206, CAFamily Practice1699777896
Paul T Lee 91505, CAFamily Practice1326042680
Lionel Bernard Katchem 91786, CAFamily Practice1114921830
Roxann Sonia Engle 92886, CAFamily Practice1710981303
Tiffany Lynn Mcvey 90806, CAFamily Practice1104331735
Leah A Heap 91505, CAFamily Practice1164424289
Heidi Arens 92024, CAFamily Practice1104302173
Eric Chapa 95212, CAFamily Practice1851395131
Maryam Farazha 90403, CAFamily Practice1063416840
Maryam Rahnemun 92701, CAFamily Practice1114921673
Tuan Tran 93725, CAFamily Practice1285638916
Michael Paul Schrager 93454, CAFamily Practice1437153996
Marlene Rocha Farooq 90807, CAFamily Practice1639173107
Lawrence Delano Tran 91506, CAFamily Practice1255335733
Ginger Lina Leon 91763, CAFamily Practice1245234780
Gordon L Thurston 93204, CAFamily Practice1306840749
Hing S. Kwee Md, Inc. 91786, CAFamily Practice1477557809
Joseph A. Cruz 93449, CAFamily Practice1598769929
Nina Khin Maw Maw 92262, CAFamily Practice1407851777
Douglas C. Cambier 93906, CAFamily Practice1487659702
Mark J Adame 93906, CAFamily Practice1346245669
Kathy A Clift 93906, CAFamily Practice1932104262
Eileen Lynn Mccallum 96001, CAFamily Practice1700881042
Terence Degan 95762, CAFamily Practice1801891197
Alfonso Velasco 93726, CAFamily Practice1396740536
Catherine A Wille 93726, CAFamily Practice1356346597
Wade Joseph Gray 95437, CAFamily Practice1508861782
Jun Ho Chae 92604, CAFamily Practice1003811969
William Ebert 95062, CAFamily Practice1982609848
Mark W Light 95926, CAFamily Practice1427053388
Kenneth D Logan 95973, CAFamily Practice1962407825
Peter Kai-wong Chung 95051, CAFamily Practice1720083694
Blaine Christopher Van Ausdeln 95210, CAFamily Practice1194720144
Carol N Rowsemitt 93449, CAFamily Practice1962407981
Elizabeth A. Ross 95209, CAFamily Practice1871598896
James K Hoffman 93906, CAFamily Practice1487659405
Frank Tyrrell Buchanan 93230, CAFamily Practice1033114061
Christine S Clayton 92161, CAFamily Practice1861497810
Michael Dennis Kifune 95249, CAFamily Practice1578568614
Mary James 93906, CAFamily Practice1215932272
John Brennan Krpan 95222, CAFamily Practice1992700876
Kenneth Birkenstein 92886, CAFamily Practice1093710022
Birgit Siekerkotte 90503, CAFamily Practice1740285782
John Richard Taylor 94541, CAFamily Practice1609871532
James Ellis Clegg 95405, CAFamily Practice1669477584
Jeffrey Franklyn Klein 91362, CAFamily Practice1972508646
Karen Babel 92703, CAFamily Practice1558366260
Katharine Adele Severson 95667, CAFamily Practice1902801616
Douglas Eric Garrison 95926, CAFamily Practice1386649044
Lynna R. Young 92284, CAFamily Practice1295730984
Pira Rochanayon 95823, CAFamily Practice1811992530
Community Care Health Centers 92647, CAFamily Practice1306841036
Kent Alan Hufford 95366, CAFamily Practice1487659272
Jawahar Sundaram 90037, CAFamily Practice1720082100
Daniel M Sciaroni 90232, CAFamily Practice1962407692
Phillip Charles Zinni 93401, CAFamily Practice1366447385
Daryl Ray Dutter 95366, CAFamily Practice1578568366
Chan H. Park 93311, CAFamily Practice1255336665
Tanya Layne 95926, CAFamily Practice1396740429
Alvin I Gore 95405, CAFamily Practice1326042821
Renee Lois Kilmer 92108, CAFamily Practice1356346225
Christopher P. Costa 93635, CAFamily Practice1588669832
Stephanie Lin Constantino 92115, CAFamily Practice1366824971
David Regan Gonzalez 92691, CAFamily Practice1508860016
Estevan Acuna 95370, CAFamily Practice1104821032
Leann Mclaughlin 93110, CAFamily Practice1235613480
Patricia G. Weyland 95062, CAFamily Practice1972507416
Sombath Senethong 92105, CAFamily Practice1932104981
Michele Viviene Bunker-alberts 94538, CAFamily Practice1295730935
Frances Sylvia Fronczak 92083, CAFamily Practice1992700546
Chi Huu Phung 92806, CAFamily Practice1568467140
Bakersfield Family Medical Group 93309, CAFamily Practice1013912641
Tommy Tzu-fong Kuo 94402, CAFamily Practice1851396469
Richard E Powers 95472, CAFamily Practice1154326601
Angelo C Arcilla 94015, CAFamily Practice1821093394
Pedro Liwanag Cajator 94015, CAFamily Practice1215932793
Chao Vang 93720, CAFamily Practice1578568069
Paul M. Eisman 90815, CAFamily Practice1285639773
Peter John Garcia 93720, CAFamily Practice1205832763
Ira Stewart Moskowitz 92020, CAFamily Practice1679579163
Jossalyn T Emslie 91024, CAFamily Practice1013913508
David Wentworth Barton 95020, CAFamily Practice1649276130
La Vette Bowles 90095, CAFamily Practice1235135740
Your Neighbrhood Health Clinic, Inc 96002, CAFamily Practice1548265069
Richard Leonard Gilliam 93940, CAFamily Practice1891791265
Lifelong Medical Care 94702, CAFamily Practice1689670002
Mark Ike Debruin 95662, CAFamily Practice1154327518
Lifelong Medical Care 94710, CAFamily Practice1720084163
Kenneth A Kazenelson 92688, CAFamily Practice1275539637
Bissonette, Frey, Greenberg, Greer, Malkus, Springer 92119, CAFamily Practice1255337622
Gary Seto 91030, CAFamily Practice1871599241
Roy L Saenz 91010, CAFamily Practice1831195221
William Boyce Davis 95694, CAFamily Practice1336145689
Yolanda T Grady 91710, CAFamily Practice1235135518
Aruna Reddy 94538, CAFamily Practice1225034556
Lesley Lynne Allen 95076, CAFamily Practice1346246469
Lifelong Medical Care 94605, CAFamily Practice1154327138
Khiem Dinh Lai 92840, CAFamily Practice1538165576
Mary Ann Ambrose 93446, CAFamily Practice1811993991
Lifelong Medical Care 94704, CAFamily Practice1518963693
Wai-lam Chan 94122, CAFamily Practice1891791877
Michael Richard Lebens, Md A Professional Corporation 93465, CAFamily Practice1457357485
Lara E Stewart 90404, CAFamily Practice1477559417
Glenda J Dalby 93291, CAFamily Practice1912903972
Cynthia E. Garner 85013, CAFamily Practice1558367516
Carlos Dominguez 93291, CAFamily Practice1548266505
Irene R Sanchez 93701, CAFamily Practice1780680611
Douglas Dean Dengerink 92120, CAFamily Practice1598761413
Richard Hamner 95065, CAFamily Practice1588660401
Wendy Susan Dengerink 92101, CAFamily Practice1104822022
Clifford L. Sussman 91773, CAFamily Practice1033115688
William Koble 95667, CAFamily Practice1558367102
Jennifer Elizabeth Tonge-martin 92136, CAFamily Practice1649276288
California Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Associates 94538, CAFamily Practice1992701650
Lori Jeanne Robertson 91709, CAFamily Practice1275539934
Marlene Esther Cortez 92504, CAFamily Practice1790781417
Laura Theis 93454, CAFamily Practice1417954017
Thousand Oaks Urgent Care 91360, CAFamily Practice1407852015
Ivan L Breed Md Inc 91723, CAFamily Practice1669478228
Suzanne K Becker 92173, CAFamily Practice1407852098
Jennifer Beth Kreger 95437, CAFamily Practice1922005586
Fredrick Naylor 93291, CAFamily Practice1417954090
Alex Gold 90404, CAFamily Practice1114924792
Richard Nils Peterson 96150, CAFamily Practice1629075205
Theodore David Scott 92078, CAFamily Practice1871599548
Tomas C. Walker 92121, CAFamily Practice1891791802
Stefanie Jill Fightlin 92691, CAFamily Practice1386640746
Ola M Medhat 92648, CAFamily Practice1477559979
Charlie Walker 95355, CAFamily Practice1639408362
Carol A Marietta 92270, CAFamily Practice1427053206
Bruce Chow 90005, CAFamily Practice1013913441
Erwin Cornel Demiany 95966, CAFamily Practice1205831872


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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