Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Colorado

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Colorado:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jennifer K Craig 81416, COFamily Practice1932102100
Terry S Wade 81413, COFamily Practice1346243516
Glenda L Kinkel 80815, COFamily Practice1447253117
Aris Michael Sophocles 80220, COFamily Practice1972506863
Suzanne E Carmody 81401, COFamily Practice1326041443
Interim Healthcare Of Southeastern Colorado, Inc 80909, COFamily Practice1548765696
Mark R Olson 80821, COFamily Practice1548263049
John Earl Fox 80821, COFamily Practice1619970233
Plains Medical Center, Inc. 80815, COFamily Practice1437152055
Thomas James Flower 80631, COFamily Practice1679576151
Sara Alexander George 80021, COFamily Practice1881697399
Christine A Petty 80111, COFamily Practice1417950932
William Mathew Basow 80127, COFamily Practice1588667919
David B Homer 81435, COFamily Practice1679576938
Montrose Wellness Center Pc 81401, COFamily Practice1194728444
Gayle Frazzetta 81401, COFamily Practice1184627432
Gerald A. Hamstra 80918, COFamily Practice1124020417
Robin L Galloway 81301, COFamily Practice1609879204
John Mark Westfall 80828, COFamily Practice1790788297
Bruce W Martin 80514, COFamily Practice1023012366
Linda M Peterson 81401, COFamily Practice1376545681
Susan I Roach 80501, COFamily Practice1467454694
Mark Laitos 80501, COFamily Practice1992707129
Lisa Kirsten Olsen 81611, COFamily Practice1144222357
Leonard Alexander Lowe 80620, COFamily Practice1164424354
Keith Andrew Baker 80914, COFamily Practice1891797080
Richard Bishop 80020, COFamily Practice1609878875
Plains Medical Center, Inc, 80828, COFamily Practice1245234525
Limon Doctors Committee 80828, COFamily Practice1225032907
Mark Wallace Hinman 80501, COFamily Practice1750385415
Direct Care, Llc 80906, COFamily Practice1922463744
Julia Atkins 80401, COFamily Practice1306848593
Mary E Faini 80501, COFamily Practice1144222373
Christopher C Madden 80501, COFamily Practice1689676819
David G Apple 80027, COFamily Practice1649272873
William Roger Markel 80020, COFamily Practice1568466027
Scott Blitz 80227, COFamily Practice1477557825
James Rex Allbright 80433, COFamily Practice1982608345
Johane Laporte 80919, COFamily Practice1922002351
Maria Brigitte Straub 80021, COFamily Practice1114921590
David Britt 80501, COFamily Practice1427052836
Duane Claassen 80401, COFamily Practice1497759880
Patricia Brumbaugh 80401, COFamily Practice1770587156
Catherine E Cavender 80501, COFamily Practice1295739613
Clint Flanagan 80514, COFamily Practice1568467983
Plains Medical Center, Inc. 80136, COFamily Practice1346245750
James C Freudenburg 80501, COFamily Practice1710982137
Edwin Anselmi 80122, COFamily Practice1790780989
Richard Jacobi 80501, COFamily Practice1639174733
John G Highfill 81004, COFamily Practice1356346548
Spencer King 80501, COFamily Practice1548265655
Jerome Landblom 80501, COFamily Practice1639174758
Jacqueline S Bearden 80634, COFamily Practice1013912930
Frank D Morgan 80634, COFamily Practice1528063468
Cheryl A Cavalli 81008, COFamily Practice1306841325
Dana Marie Morgan 80634, COFamily Practice1770588618
Robert Victor Doyle 80227, COFamily Practice1386649473
Richard Lee Budensiek 80634, COFamily Practice1518962448
Janis R Mccall 80634, COFamily Practice1457356388
Solomon Villalon 81089, COFamily Practice1275538092
Steven L Milligan 81004, COFamily Practice1477558161
Roger John Matthews 80433, COFamily Practice1104820570
Andrea Lynn Weber 80433, COFamily Practice1003810482
Robert Eric Sarche 80433, COFamily Practice1144224528
Christina Lynn Pinsinski 80433, COFamily Practice1255335626
John Todd White 81007, COFamily Practice1104821826
Paolo J. Bahr 80910, COFamily Practice1013912963
Lynn M Strange 80230, COFamily Practice1477558393
Shane Erin Mccarthy 80918, COFamily Practice1629073150
Trina Anne Kessinger 80550, COFamily Practice1356347785
Generations Health Care Llc 80701, COFamily Practice1528064714
Randall H. Nations 80424, COFamily Practice1235135369
Adele R. Morano 80443, COFamily Practice1962408013
Thomas S Good 80528, COFamily Practice1942206941
James Oberheide 80435, COFamily Practice1942206099
Elizabeth J. Winfield 80443, COFamily Practice1831195981
Heart & Vascular Clinic Of Northern Colorado, P.c. 80528, COFamily Practice1649276536
Marcus A Button 81212, COFamily Practice1316943236
Craig L Perrinjaquet 80424, COFamily Practice1215933866
William Donald Hoisington 81520, COFamily Practice1801893409
Daniel E Hammond 80204, COFamily Practice1841296456
Jane Anne Ruger 80129, COFamily Practice1487650081
Robert K Schulz 80528, COFamily Practice1396741799
Lynn M Kincanon 80538, COFamily Practice1356347751
Charles Warren Lackey 80461, COFamily Practice1144226291
Keri Ann Hobert 80205, COFamily Practice1659377521
Laura A Stein 81004, COFamily Practice1376549840
Portercare Adventist Health System 80134, COFamily Practice1720541634
Gregory Finnoff 80620, COFamily Practice1689671026
Douglas Paul Forward 80401, COFamily Practice1194722538
John Gale 80401, COFamily Practice1386641736
Agatha Anne Quinn 80262, COFamily Practice1740287242
Tracy S Hofeditz 80226, COFamily Practice1194722561
John Panozzo 80227, COFamily Practice1619974920
Mark Pattridge 80401, COFamily Practice1437156742
Thomas Jeffers 80005, COFamily Practice1982601365
Susan Steadman Sweeney 81520, COFamily Practice1023015237
Leanne Richardson 80020, COFamily Practice1699772848
Eric Rydberg 80401, COFamily Practice1225035470
Harold Richardson 80401, COFamily Practice1881691038
David Z Tusek 80514, COFamily Practice1457358624
Laurie Miller 80524, COFamily Practice1184621245
Philip J Rosenblum 80233, COFamily Practice1295732022
Phyllis Ruth Dalla Betta 60050, COFamily Practice1548267479
David Stephen Snodgrass 80538, COFamily Practice1205834983
Roger S Sherman 81224, COFamily Practice1477551158
Katherine Lynn Walker 80503, COFamily Practice1184622888
Lawrence Joseph Stelmach 81520, COFamily Practice1669479549
Zachary Shpall 80211, COFamily Practice1104823095
Kenneth W Hahn 80233, COFamily Practice1922005818
Tod Sweeney 80004, COFamily Practice1003813999
Suzanne C Nash 80233, COFamily Practice1336146273
Barry Arnold Goldsmith 80221, COFamily Practice1932106887
Elizabeth A Baker 80124, COFamily Practice1508863218
James Yeash 80020, COFamily Practice1013914928
James Gray Kennedy 80482, COFamily Practice1063410603
Robert Williams 80401, COFamily Practice1548268139
Timothy John Maly 80513, COFamily Practice1821096132
Kenneth A Weller 80129, COFamily Practice1023016128
Keith O Bodrero 80922, COFamily Practice1386642536
Clark B Zimmerman 80134, COFamily Practice1932107950
Scott Brian Woody 80111, COFamily Practice1033117957
Lyle M Pfeifer 80501, COFamily Practice1003813270
Larry E. George 80498, COFamily Practice1386641413
Mark Robert Sanazaro 80403, COFamily Practice1740287077
John Peyton Taliaferro 80537, COFamily Practice1447258124
Lisa J Ruschak 80601, COFamily Practice1558368407
Jay Reinsma 80209, COFamily Practice1164429478
Daphne Kae Rommereim-madden 80634, COFamily Practice1740287556
Flora H. Brewington 80234, COFamily Practice1619974888
Leah Marie Cooper 80113, COFamily Practice1740288968
Joseph M Sharkey 80128, COFamily Practice1649277435
Julia M. Lee 80526, COFamily Practice1548268451
Mindy Lynn Miller 81401, COFamily Practice1770582025
Helen May Story 80123, COFamily Practice1811996838
Arthur Fernandez Ferrer 80129, COFamily Practice1205836152
Robert D Mccurry 81212, COFamily Practice1285634121
Jane Carolyn Steiner 80220, COFamily Practice1407856115
Pamola Sue Gale 80538, COFamily Practice1447250071
Steffi R Gratigny 80129, COFamily Practice1700886330
Richard Anthony Diasio 80903, COFamily Practice1427058965
Eric Peterson 80204, COFamily Practice1639179989
Thomas Neil Chisholm 80237, COFamily Practice1306846688
James Dale Utt 81505, COFamily Practice1902807993
John Allan Fritz 80501, COFamily Practice1487655478
Shirley J Frantz 80014, COFamily Practice1942209937
Theresa Fedak 80304, COFamily Practice1205836848
Jill Murphey 80304, COFamily Practice1962403782
Kurt Allen Wever 80403, COFamily Practice1083613376
Meghan Purdy 80237, COFamily Practice1134627888
Kathryn Losharon Young 80440, COFamily Practice1952302747
Martin D Hannemann 80012, COFamily Practice1750382263
Susan M Mcmaster 80905, COFamily Practice1154322733
Mark H Nathanson 80012, COFamily Practice1811998289
Andrew G Sarka 80012, COFamily Practice1275534646
Richard Henry Glasser 80127, COFamily Practice1255332482
Theresa A Heble 80122, COFamily Practice1497756639
Robert S Bliss 81226, COFamily Practice1972505964
Edward Dent 81631, COFamily Practice1225030075
Martin Bradley Lyons 81303, COFamily Practice1548262397
Gary S Jewell 80917, COFamily Practice1497757876
Star Rehab Prof Physicians, Llc 81007, COFamily Practice1922000421
Mary E Jewell 80917, COFamily Practice1841292224
Robert Low Ridley 80918, COFamily Practice1164414306
Edward Leroy Bender 80524, COFamily Practice1043202286
Steven Jeffrey Thorson 80524, COFamily Practice1356333504
Jennifer Marie Bettenhausen 81631, COFamily Practice1548262066
Rebecca Ann De Latorre 80524, COFamily Practice1407848518
David W. Kleberger 80210, COFamily Practice1386636439
Complete Family Medicine 80031, COFamily Practice1568454148
Donald Joseph Schneider 80111, COFamily Practice1003808759
Daniel Lawrence Hubbard 80113, COFamily Practice1023000619
Joseph G Sever 80113, COFamily Practice1740272335
Dennis Paul Zoglo 80031, COFamily Practice1922090570
Karen L Larson 80212, COFamily Practice1417949827
Ann Marie Barnes 80130, COFamily Practice1790778082
Douglas Lee Kruckner 80737, COFamily Practice1932192226
Karen Jeanine Tomky 81063, COFamily Practice1730172909
Mark D Flanigan 80260, COFamily Practice1457344624
Bone Center Of The Rockies 80031, COFamily Practice1316930415
Marc Spencer 80113, COFamily Practice1811980733
Scott Michael Davidson 81004, COFamily Practice1518950955
Marc Roger Peck 81631, COFamily Practice1619979424
Douglas Bruce Deyoung 80526, COFamily Practice1811989064
Montrose County Family Planning 81401, COFamily Practice1245222462
Nathan S Persoff 80113, COFamily Practice1326031386
Susan Papner 80113, COFamily Practice1093708984
Julianna Jean Reece 81301, COFamily Practice1083607634
Jean Susan Hadley 81620, COFamily Practice1780686329
Susan A Vickerman 81620, COFamily Practice1750383667
Healthfit Family Medicine, Llc 80109, COFamily Practice1457888539
David Matthew Nuhfer 80004, COFamily Practice1952302051
Zara Paulette Frankel 80301, COFamily Practice1437141017
Kent G Roberson 80918, COFamily Practice1518969237
Kristin M Everett 80016, COFamily Practice1679566111
Pamela Rollins Abrams 80021, COFamily Practice1073514188
Michael G Loar 80129, COFamily Practice1508867631
La Plata Family Medicine Assoc Pc 81303, COFamily Practice1609868116
Randolph Lee James 80863, COFamily Practice1124011507
Clear Creek Family Practice 80033, COFamily Practice1861486219


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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