Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jean L Caplan 06484, CTFamily Practice1477556504
Anne E Cicale 06484, CTFamily Practice1114920212
Nanci E Kaczegowicz 06611, CTFamily Practice1487657276
Susan M Kamovitch 06824, CTFamily Practice1609879485
Karlene A Hylton 06716, CTFamily Practice1376546168
Stacey-jo Murray 06487, CTFamily Practice1639172240
David V Penry 06484, CTFamily Practice1306849922
Maria L Zandonella 06413, CTFamily Practice1558364174
Kathryn W Tierney 06052, CTFamily Practice1174526784
Debra E Tyler 06484, CTFamily Practice1992708507
Bert Anthony Coppotelli 06351, CTFamily Practice1629070941
Mark David Deponte 06351, CTFamily Practice1265434583
John M. Lujanac 06067, CTFamily Practice1043213788
Rohini Ruth Becherl 06102, CTFamily Practice1154323426
Jeffrey R Brown 06110, CTFamily Practice1306840640
Patrick Coll 06030, CTFamily Practice1487659173
Shoreline Medical Associates Llc 06443, CTFamily Practice1497750798
Judith S Lynch 06405, CTFamily Practice1508861212
Paul James O Braonain 06902, CTFamily Practice1023013182
Steven Paul Johnson 06320, CTFamily Practice1902801434
Matthew Friedman 06074, CTFamily Practice1437155850
Margaret Flinter 06413, CTFamily Practice1992701122
Ingrid Hafenscher Feder 06320, CTFamily Practice1609872845
Matthew Huddleston 06457, CTFamily Practice1063418218
Jean M Palin 06052, CTFamily Practice1396741435
Monica Villegas 06320, CTFamily Practice1255337317
Daniel Wilensky 06450, CTFamily Practice1376549444
Janet E Mcelhaney 06030, CTFamily Practice1881690881
Kathleen Wessling 06450, CTFamily Practice1578569638
Kate Weyman 06519, CTFamily Practice1467458521
Kumudhini Fernando 06516, CTFamily Practice1306842133
Karen M Myrick 06030, CTFamily Practice1164429791
Michael Clark 06492, CTFamily Practice1912903949
Cristina Ortega 06108, CTFamily Practice1376549477
Geraldine Vinci-scartozzi 06878, CTFamily Practice1245237866
Spencer Howard Mccleave 06457, CTFamily Practice1619974938
J. Nwando Olayiwola 06450, CTFamily Practice1073510103
Carl Lecce 06457, CTFamily Practice1477550523
Dennis J Kobylarz 06018, CTFamily Practice1003813965
John Monroe 06320, CTFamily Practice1508863226
Kimberly Phillips 06320, CTFamily Practice1457359192
West Haven Medical Group, Llc 06516, CTFamily Practice1417955923
Christopher Diamond 06413, CTFamily Practice1326046624
Elizabeth Davoren 06066, CTFamily Practice1316945611
Tim Bombard 06095, CTFamily Practice1669470993
Karen D Sullivan 06040, CTFamily Practice1881692812
Elizabeth Mb Visone 06074, CTFamily Practice1114924172
Shannan Vera Hardy 06518, CTFamily Practice1265430664
Vijay K Sikand 06249, CTFamily Practice1013914167
Harold E Phillips 06355, CTFamily Practice1124026869
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital 06790, CTFamily Practice1629075734
Lisa Haut 06790, CTFamily Practice1962400150
Thomas Peter Lambe 06457, CTFamily Practice1831197706
Patricia A Shatney 06606, CTFamily Practice1730188525
Bhawna Gupta 06611, CTFamily Practice1700885100
Louann Perugini Marie Perugini 06460, CTFamily Practice1154320562
Robert G. Hambly 06518, CTFamily Practice1164421392
Michael F Kellogg 06450, CTFamily Practice1437158672
Charles M Masserman 06450, CTFamily Practice1972502920
Raymond Stewart 06615, CTFamily Practice1891794848
Deborah B Fahs 06492, CTFamily Practice1124027180
Christine Murcott 01907, CTFamily Practice1093714909
Ernest Luke Squatrito 06033, CTFamily Practice1194724054
Keith C Nobil 01907, CTFamily Practice1033118948
Dennis Williams 06606, CTFamily Practice1093715955
Kathleen Oleary 06106, CTFamily Practice1447250600
Elizabeth Reynolds 06120, CTFamily Practice1932109162
Julie Waight 06831, CTFamily Practice1871594788
Mary Ellen Baldino 06702, CTFamily Practice1417958364
Richard A Singer 06880, CTFamily Practice1922009638
Henry Yoon 06905, CTFamily Practice1790786259
Carol M Battin 06606, CTFamily Practice1720089055
Emily Ferguson 06260, CTFamily Practice1710989520
Joy Schloton Elwell 06268, CTFamily Practice1033111562
Bernard J Sherlip 06606, CTFamily Practice1073505640
Nancy Austin 06260, CTFamily Practice1588656854
Jeffrey Howe 06260, CTFamily Practice1396737664
Arthur Catsam 06260, CTFamily Practice1700878063
Robert D Carlson 06076, CTFamily Practice1013900174
Anthony G Spartos 01907, CTFamily Practice1760475768
Laurie H Witts 01907, CTFamily Practice1144213174
Kenneth R Dardick 06268, CTFamily Practice1316930266
Ayaz T Madraswalla 06268, CTFamily Practice1902899859
Nelson C Walker 06268, CTFamily Practice1275526121
Ross L Winakor 06268, CTFamily Practice1720071681
Albert J Kozar 06001, CTFamily Practice1841283744
Raja Fattaleh 06260, CTFamily Practice1841283439
Carol Kagdis 06824, CTFamily Practice1558354142
Wendy Sue Carlson-quirk 06484, CTFamily Practice1780677450
Anna M Jamrozik 06851, CTFamily Practice1720071665
Tabitha Fortt 06905, CTFamily Practice1427050426
Richard A Singer Md Pc 06880, CTFamily Practice1801897517
Sandra Peccerillo 06492, CTFamily Practice1932101854
Putnam Medical Associates Pc 06260, CTFamily Practice1053305441
Gail M Frahm 06051, CTFamily Practice1942295332
Fonda Gravino 06105, CTFamily Practice1952396020
Lisa Eleck 06040, CTFamily Practice1457346538
Bristol Hospital Multi specialty Group, Inc. 06010, CTFamily Practice1649265679
Maura E Baker 06040, CTFamily Practice1871588475
Mauks Koepke Medical Llc 06810, CTFamily Practice1831185248
Christie L Jeffries 06880, CTFamily Practice1831185123
Eric Robin Goldberg 06002, CTFamily Practice1245226406
Monica June Chaclas 06611, CTFamily Practice1154317147
Robert W. Elwell 06492, CTFamily Practice1366439036
Robet E Sterling 06510, CTFamily Practice1821085382
Julie Elizabeth Geiser 06902, CTFamily Practice1760479711
House Calls And Virtual Visits, Llc 06824, CTFamily Practice1366822199
Sheran Maxwell Simo 06610, CTFamily Practice1497740062
Perry A Staltaro 06108, CTFamily Practice1811982655
Faustina Serwah Agyapong 06096, CTFamily Practice1619482510
Alicia Burr 06520, CTFamily Practice1225028665
Sarah Elizabeth Parmelee 06102, CTFamily Practice1558351973
Joel Walter Larcombe 06349, CTFamily Practice1710978739
John William Dorunda 06340, CTFamily Practice1215928973
Paul David Seeman 06349, CTFamily Practice1114918828
Marykay Bauer Wegman 06615, CTFamily Practice1629069257
Barry C Mcneil 06786, CTFamily Practice1992796155
Joseph Dean Fitzpatrick 06349, CTFamily Practice1558342485
Lisanne M Cirullo 06030, CTFamily Practice1154302883
Mary Beth Fessler 06851, CTFamily Practice1942281282
Hartford Physician Services Pc 06106, CTFamily Practice1164404117
Gail Lee Sanjuan 06349, CTFamily Practice1255313003
Teresa B Bravo 06050, CTFamily Practice1093797854
Patricia Agnes Garrett 06510, CTFamily Practice1114909850
Alice M Ruszkowski 06510, CTFamily Practice1831171578
Richard A Marottoli 06510, CTFamily Practice1477536522
Johnson Professional Associates, Pc 06076, CTFamily Practice1770564262
David M Lauren 06905, CTFamily Practice1629069653
Melanie Carol Kraus 06269, CTFamily Practice1336121367
Robert J Welsch 06333, CTFamily Practice1720061906
Connecticut Oncology Group, Pc 06457, CTFamily Practice1376533588
William L Beason 06333, CTFamily Practice1518940360
Sharon Stacy Farber 06117, CTFamily Practice1073596714
Barbara Ann Mullen 06349, CTFamily Practice1629051339
Concettina Tolomeo 06510, CTFamily Practice1952384497
Patrice M Wilhelm 06510, CTFamily Practice1225011778
Marc S Croteau 06030, CTFamily Practice1053394569
Tameka L Brooks 06105, CTFamily Practice1558345868
John Christopher Daniel 06349, CTFamily Practice1558345918
Louise C Varca 10801, CTFamily Practice1457335176
Gregory Gerard Decandia 06488, CTFamily Practice1003890641
Mary L Blankson 06320, CTFamily Practice1972587582
Yogesh Kumar Katechia 06360, CTFamily Practice1740265925
Philip Rufus Raiford 06239, CTFamily Practice1962487983
Marguerite Mary Davis 06239, CTFamily Practice1942285960
Anthony John Purcell 06239, CTFamily Practice1548245491
Pamela M Sisson 06492, CTFamily Practice1770569485
Frances O Natale 06074, CTFamily Practice1396721833
Robert K Shapter 06106, CTFamily Practice1427034941
David Wolpaw 06042, CTFamily Practice1811973332
Spencer G Erman 06001, CTFamily Practice1144206699
William S Shieh 06074, CTFamily Practice1497731509
Gina L Williams 06357, CTFamily Practice1023094158
Eric Anton Federer 06790, CTFamily Practice1174509095
Robert P Osley 06040, CTFamily Practice1336126812
Jennifer L Nelson 06437, CTFamily Practice1164409587
David R Howlett 06026, CTFamily Practice1760469829
East Granby Family Practice Llc 06026, CTFamily Practice1154308229
Elizabeth S Freedman 06026, CTFamily Practice1154308211
Maryann Webster 06026, CTFamily Practice1093792160
Jeannie M Crabtree 06026, CTFamily Practice1528045697
Helen Haekyung Kim 06877, CTFamily Practice1083691174
Edward M Ewald 06026, CTFamily Practice1497732564
Brian L Williams 06357, CTFamily Practice1518945351
Maura Jane D'andrea 06405, CTFamily Practice1003894734
Sheila Dubose-cooper 06608, CTFamily Practice1144208877
Lisa Ann Howard 06082, CTFamily Practice1417935818
Beth E. Cheney 06106, CTFamily Practice1811975238
Gregory Shields 06457, CTFamily Practice1114905593
Karen Mcarthur 06457, CTFamily Practice1710965199
Nyree Sencion-akhtar 06902, CTFamily Practice1386622694
Jessie M. Moore 06511, CTFamily Practice1730167891
Adam Seidner 06320, CTFamily Practice1144208240
Terri Anne Pisseri 06824, CTFamily Practice1205814233
Cynthia Grindle 06040, CTFamily Practice1982682092
Katherine Schneider 06457, CTFamily Practice1902885940
Suzanne Lefebvre 06757, CTFamily Practice1255310033
William H Kober 06379, CTFamily Practice1396724134
Richard L Brody 06226, CTFamily Practice1457330912
Aysegul Ozbek 06457, CTFamily Practice1093794521
Colleen Mary Casey 06360, CTFamily Practice1902885338
Cosmo Filiberto 06611, CTFamily Practice1144209321
Russell J Munson 06412, CTFamily Practice1619956760
Jennifer L. Rivers 06103, CTFamily Practice1205816311
Otto Weis 06457, CTFamily Practice1326028176
Adriel Kramer 06457, CTFamily Practice1932189792
Cliff O'callahan 06457, CTFamily Practice1811977663
Ted Ubina Pagulayan 06340, CTFamily Practice1689654394
Michael Kazakoff 06457, CTFamily Practice1346220647
Michael Stehney 06457, CTFamily Practice1730169038
Alan Douglass 06457, CTFamily Practice1982684296
Mark Alfred Desjardins 06349, CTFamily Practice1598745911
Stacie Zibel 06111, CTFamily Practice1457321564
Joseph John Creme 06260, CTFamily Practice1699745604
Peter Lloyd Anderson 06776, CTFamily Practice1396715231
Satish Gopal 06850, CTFamily Practice1841260718
Andrea A Peterson 06850, CTFamily Practice1245200187
Keith Sinusas 06457, CTFamily Practice1063482909
Selma L. Hamilton 06790, CTFamily Practice1215915061
Liza Alexis Paolini 06492, CTFamily Practice1205819075


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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