Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Donna Cheryll Johnston 32940, FLFamily Practice1447253463
James W Mccauley 33486, FLFamily Practice1538162706
Brandon Medical Wellness Center 33511, FLFamily Practice1881697035
Blue Water Doctors Llc 33063, FLFamily Practice1821303744
Johnsie Carol Grigg 32117, FLFamily Practice1932102159
Lake Health Care Center Inc 32726, FLFamily Practice1104829316
Marilyn Carol Moss 32935, FLFamily Practice1962405126
Leo A Perez 33634, FLFamily Practice1366445512
Martin S. Schoen 34748, FLFamily Practice1902809023
Brian Andrew Lasseter 34957, FLFamily Practice1871596981
Andrew C Feldman 32720, FLFamily Practice1780687848
Adam A Brunson 33716, FLFamily Practice1023011913
Stephanie Panday 34472, FLFamily Practice1922479302
David Edward Kaproth 32308, FLFamily Practice1124021977
Nicholas Paul Klokochar 34103, FLFamily Practice1598768418
Joel Mendoza Nunag 34613, FLFamily Practice1174526040
Michael Edward Barnes 32465, FLFamily Practice1942203625
Jerry W Bishop 33704, FLFamily Practice1982607875
Gregg A Alexander 32308, FLFamily Practice1093718868
Ciro Kirk Demartino 34145, FLFamily Practice1780687467
Kris D Stowers 32308, FLFamily Practice1043213879
Mark S Galfo 32796, FLFamily Practice1326041278
Marilyn L Juricic 32750, FLFamily Practice1497758338
Victor R Boodhoo 32780, FLFamily Practice1942203898
Bennitta Edmeade 34747, FLFamily Practice1770956971
David W Badolato 32940, FLFamily Practice1194728121
Pearl Coloma Garcia 32828, FLFamily Practice1851394787
Claude J Mason 34239, FLFamily Practice1467455345
Stephen K Badolato 32940, FLFamily Practice1194728832
Eileen Brown Alexander 33614, FLFamily Practice1891798526
Clemente Pineda Nunag 34613, FLFamily Practice1427051150
Gloria Camacho Ramos 32351, FLFamily Practice1750384251
David Paul Kalin 33605, FLFamily Practice1821091406
Charles J Crist 33704, FLFamily Practice1700889383
Jerry Leventhal 32164, FLFamily Practice1558364265
Kevin E Elder 33606, FLFamily Practice1598768160
Kiran Patel 32114, FLFamily Practice1255334959
Beth Bray 33626, FLFamily Practice1922463819
Lane R Phillips 32746, FLFamily Practice1659374122
Rafail Shnayder Do Pa 33162, FLFamily Practice1538661897
Vincent A Laganella 33578, FLFamily Practice1437152824
Debra P. Figueroa 34698, FLFamily Practice1518960905
Philip Dolin 34239, FLFamily Practice1285637660
Family Physicians Of Tampa Bay 33634, FLFamily Practice1982607321
Mary Issac Thomas 33614, FLFamily Practice1891799128
Sylvia Lean Hazelwood 33542, FLFamily Practice1851394274
Stanley Franklin Whittaker 99559, FLFamily Practice1760485189
Roberta S Hunter 34986, FLFamily Practice1801899125
Watson Clinic Llp 33805, FLFamily Practice1316940695
Robert Dale Lynch 32757, FLFamily Practice1841293198
Valerie Lynn Hathaway 34238, FLFamily Practice1376545608
Victoria Hoff-joinville 32218, FLFamily Practice1225030539
Aluino Lawrence Ochoa 32796, FLFamily Practice1215939509
Paul F Stein 33813, FLFamily Practice1528060894
Pamela Mae Martinez 34601, FLFamily Practice1871595132
Shirly S Moonjeli 33612, FLFamily Practice1992707244
Carol Elisabeth Schmidt 32937, FLFamily Practice1609878883
David R Miller 34613, FLFamily Practice1891797056
Mark Alan Denner 34613, FLFamily Practice1134121395
Brian C Kroll 34609, FLFamily Practice1952303125
Maria Del Pilar Cekan 33626, FLFamily Practice1932101011
Carole Kay Early 34711, FLFamily Practice1790787893
Louis John Larmoyeux 32202, FLFamily Practice1831193861
Vinkica Vucemilovic 33710, FLFamily Practice1801890868
Edward A Capone 34668, FLFamily Practice1396749131
Howard Linzer 34104, FLFamily Practice1164426912
S M S Do Pa 34668, FLFamily Practice1346244100
Leslie L. Smith 32771, FLFamily Practice1831193697
S.m.s. Imaging 34668, FLFamily Practice1437153202
Harvey Steven Kleiner 33351, FLFamily Practice1316941198
Steven M Strobbe 34668, FLFamily Practice1609870443
Allan Stein 33133, FLFamily Practice1396749073
Matthew Dorman 32137, FLFamily Practice1740284439
Kristien Fox Polecritti 34608, FLFamily Practice1538163332
Ritchie R Plummer 34668, FLFamily Practice1285638023
Marvin Wade Johnson 32054, FLFamily Practice1346244092
Eugene G Charbonneau 32334, FLFamily Practice1770587420
Nancy Ann Mace 32960, FLFamily Practice1285638940
Ac Medical Provider, Inc. 32607, FLFamily Practice1578928396
Peter H Obesso 34653, FLFamily Practice1770587347
William E Guy 32628, FLFamily Practice1881698470
Kathryn Marie Majarwitz 34203, FLFamily Practice1225032824
Mitchell Dean Lewis 33050, FLFamily Practice1659375285
Quin E Chadwick 23924, FLFamily Practice1629072293
Jeffrey D Wasserman 32353, FLFamily Practice1972507556
Elizabeth Fletcher Trainer 32202, FLFamily Practice1043214695
Desiree Marie Orta 33173, FLFamily Practice1659881308
Larry R. Levine 34698, FLFamily Practice1811991540
Cfp Physicians Group Llc 32707, FLFamily Practice1770587412
Earle W. Moore 33904, FLFamily Practice1669476008
Ivory Joe Christen 33009, FLFamily Practice1417952847
Andrew Cole Eisenberg 34223, FLFamily Practice1659375020
Oscar Perez 33624, FLFamily Practice1124022546
Mary E Mcwilliams 32504, FLFamily Practice1811992274
George Edward Platt 32043, FLFamily Practice1700881158
Daniel R Bieda 32809, FLFamily Practice1073518437
Adla Adi 32082, FLFamily Practice1467457721
Diego T. Torres Ii 32174, FLFamily Practice1821093105
Adam Paul Murchie 34667, FLFamily Practice1528063914
Federico Pedro Gil 33134, FLFamily Practice1376548578
John Ezra Trainer 32202, FLFamily Practice1699770990
Paul Austin 32757, FLFamily Practice1740285980
Adam Lee Alpers 34471, FLFamily Practice1184629321
Flavio R Arana 33880, FLFamily Practice1326043274
Melissa Marie Jalil 33316, FLFamily Practice1346756921
Daniel E Fulmer 32440, FLFamily Practice1982609855
Dantuluri P Raju 34471, FLFamily Practice1053316133
Eduardo Wolffe 33027, FLFamily Practice1730184821
Bascom Clarence Raney 32514, FLFamily Practice1720083876
Alexander James Byrne 33950, FLFamily Practice1649275652
Craig Depodesta 33308, FLFamily Practice1497750376
Joumana Sarkhoche 32503, FLFamily Practice1083619068
Richard W. Friess 34112, FLFamily Practice1346245164
Gerald S Maxwell 32228, FLFamily Practice1972508711
Hui Tang 32003, FLFamily Practice1649275488
John Thomas Watson 32778, FLFamily Practice1285639047
Ming Tao Lai 32907, FLFamily Practice1124023890
Robert B Deem 32344, FLFamily Practice1619972387
Gohar Shamshad Khan 32119, FLFamily Practice1568467256
Joseph J Pino 34667, FLFamily Practice1316942105
Esther C. Fernandez 34639, FLFamily Practice1114922960
David G Koo 32778, FLFamily Practice1306841044
William H Cantey 31513, FLFamily Practice1164427811
Remelda T. Saunders-jones 32308, FLFamily Practice1427053172
Heber J Rosa 32210, FLFamily Practice1952306607
William Mark Silverman 32751, FLFamily Practice1083619639
Margaret M Laukaitis 33777, FLFamily Practice1275538837
Jonathan Joseph Sims 33614, FLFamily Practice1083619613
Ronald Eugene Stephans 33558, FLFamily Practice1306841937
Alvaro Jose Jarquin 33813, FLFamily Practice1275538894
Carlos R Rodriguez 33701, FLFamily Practice1538164157
Terrence S Delikat 33830, FLFamily Practice1154326775
Linda Fay Delo 34984, FLFamily Practice1225033848
Marla Crist Schenck 33624, FLFamily Practice1215932835
Nancy Marie Seufert 33606, FLFamily Practice1023013646
Luis Clyde Favilli 33812, FLFamily Practice1013912625
William L Werden Jr 33594, FLFamily Practice1750386397
William V Choisser 32073, FLFamily Practice1093711533
Sushama Vazrala 33707, FLFamily Practice1811993355
Lily Sausa Rocha 32043, FLFamily Practice1073519518
Carlton Ronald Vollberg 33952, FLFamily Practice1659377117
Susan Arlene Baker 33050, FLFamily Practice1467458935
Kevin Westray Holcombe 33037, FLFamily Practice1659377141
Ingrid Zumaran 33772, FLFamily Practice1639175128
Wesley Jay Driggers 32127, FLFamily Practice1891790309
Greto Ramos 33813, FLFamily Practice1033114558
Ellen M. Huson 32256, FLFamily Practice1417953860
Kristen Lopez 33155, FLFamily Practice1245616861
Deronda L. Maniscalco 32533, FLFamily Practice1740286061
Dennis F Saver 32960, FLFamily Practice1609872019
Judith D Noel 34667, FLFamily Practice1932105269
John Buford Hudson 32792, FLFamily Practice1376549634
Douglas A Walsh 34237, FLFamily Practice1083610257
William Robert George 33432, FLFamily Practice1508862731
Eugene Rawson Griffin 32216, FLFamily Practice1124024310
Robert Bruce Rosequist 33544, FLFamily Practice1699771071
Mohamed Gajraj 33063, FLFamily Practice1275539447
Arthur Splendoria 32960, FLFamily Practice1346246659
Abel Ochoa 33614, FLFamily Practice1225034481
Ignatius F Greene 34112, FLFamily Practice1285630483
Lucille M Frial-carrasco 33063, FLFamily Practice1083610182
Florida Hospital Medical Group Inc 32751, FLFamily Practice1225034234
Michelle Lee Snyder 33771, FLFamily Practice1043216161
Richard Ellis Sumner 33710, FLFamily Practice1033115100
Francis K.s. Oey 34690, FLFamily Practice1841296928
Gary Silverman 32960, FLFamily Practice1003812025
Mark James Elder 32565, FLFamily Practice1477559409
Deborah Ann Williams 34638, FLFamily Practice1497751440
Humaira Ali 33067, FLFamily Practice1265438188
Drs Elias & Oakley Pa 32703, FLFamily Practice1548266422
Lynda Altman 33428, FLFamily Practice1801892781
Mitchell E Goldstein 33428, FLFamily Practice1568468445
Edgar R Garcia 33136, FLFamily Practice1205832276
Guillermo B Cuna 33907, FLFamily Practice1124024047
Dan W Pulsipher 34606, FLFamily Practice1194721019
Elizabeth M Rash 32707, FLFamily Practice1275539058
Doyle Claude Phillips 34470, FLFamily Practice1669478467
Pedro D Carrazana Perez 34741, FLFamily Practice1558367243
Theodore Crowell 34102, FLFamily Practice1902802606
Robert Harris Dudley 33483, FLFamily Practice1619973328
Edward J. Sambey 32024, FLFamily Practice1720084544
Eberhard Roy Samlowski 33027, FLFamily Practice1679579312
Annette Davidson Bell 32207, FLFamily Practice1013913854
Gregory E. Leach 34102, FLFamily Practice1952307662
Alinda Jean Jennings 33487, FLFamily Practice1972509628
Carolyn Therese Lepage 33161, FLFamily Practice1942206743
Surfside Pain Control Center 33154, FLFamily Practice1972509644
Ida Joann Gagliardi 33980, FLFamily Practice1760488464
Irvin Carlyle Bembry 32052, FLFamily Practice1649276247
Michael J Kerkes 32811, FLFamily Practice1316943905
Larry D Foster 34748, FLFamily Practice1477559060
Christopher G Mondello 33838, FLFamily Practice1598761124
James R. Greenlee 34105, FLFamily Practice1821094483
Evelyn H Caruthers 34748, FLFamily Practice1053317628
Michael G. Degnan 33837, FLFamily Practice1902802572
Angel E Tafur 32159, FLFamily Practice1801892401
Debbie J Boyd 32726, FLFamily Practice1912903592
Jeffrey Robinson 34748, FLFamily Practice1790781391
Renuka Swaminathan 34471, FLFamily Practice1891792453
Mukesh Wadhwa 33065, FLFamily Practice1306843982


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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