Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jason Daniel Hatcher 31093, GAFamily Practice1699778944
Lisa Marie Walsh 30062, GAFamily Practice1396100111
Raquel Maria Watson 30083, GAFamily Practice1215936323
Janet Tirrell Fason 30290, GAFamily Practice1588664429
Steven Alan Durocher 30666, GAFamily Practice1962402461
Julie Youngblood 32407, GAFamily Practice1184626715
Odell P. Still 31014, GAFamily Practice1609868058
Joanna Wilson Sutherland 30076, GAFamily Practice1912994690
Karla Vanessa Miralles 30068, GAFamily Practice1568450161
Ronald M Hudson 31904, GAFamily Practice1548257611
Linda J Moore 31904, GAFamily Practice1134116106
Theresa Stembridge 30265, GAFamily Practice1740647148
Andrew Louis Vanalstine 30904, GAFamily Practice1609853068
Robert James Norris 30328, GAFamily Practice1932183845
Terry Apt 30067, GAFamily Practice1982682340
Vangeleen C Ware 30035, GAFamily Practice1528033735
Vickie Simmons 30533, GAFamily Practice1932169299
Robert Paul Reid 80813, GAFamily Practice1306819453
Romualdo M Laygo 31329, GAFamily Practice1497718217
Sharon M. Palmer 30912, GAFamily Practice1144283714
Richard A Mersberger 29907, GAFamily Practice1336198969
Nida Rauf Augustine 28304, GAFamily Practice1235512369
Susan E. Moody 30265, GAFamily Practice1194773648
Ifeoma Njoku 31206, GAFamily Practice1508824103
Leslie G Tidwell 31204, GAFamily Practice1568419216
Joseph Mariano 31707, GAFamily Practice1114442886
Benjamin Barroga Bailon 31792, GAFamily Practice1629023486
Benise L Williams 36112, GAFamily Practice1184669350
Branderly Maliwa 30135, GAFamily Practice1447790530
James T Brown 31792, GAFamily Practice1326082298
Lisa V Robinson 30041, GAFamily Practice1720596422
Sandra Nicole Salter 30269, GAFamily Practice1427003078
Justin A Baker 31768, GAFamily Practice1790707925
Lydia Chaney Tanner 31533, GAFamily Practice1790799740
Robert O Spruill 31768, GAFamily Practice1609808179
Donna J Roberts 30269, GAFamily Practice1255348710
Sarah Beadles 30093, GAFamily Practice1124537717
Marci Andrejko 10065, GAFamily Practice1417094491
Victoria Jones 30315, GAFamily Practice1578913000
Bozeman K Sherwood 30809, GAFamily Practice1043325467
Amber C Pittman 31501, GAFamily Practice1235689217
Dee Guy Lewis 85374, GAFamily Practice1902839848
Michelle Chun 30097, GAFamily Practice1487121679
Eric J Taylor 75801, GAFamily Practice1063425817
Christopher Neil Bazal 31768, GAFamily Practice1639260037
Tristan Lawrence Sevdy 31314, GAFamily Practice1679673925
Patricia Ann Edwards 30214, GAFamily Practice1992888945
Sonya Mabry 30046, GAFamily Practice1770674871
Kelvin Jerry Moss 30720, GAFamily Practice1275640526
Sandra Kay Bohnstengel 31406, GAFamily Practice1356410112
Kaleigh Odom 30453, GAFamily Practice1215302484
Vera C Garcia 31602, GAFamily Practice1154401107
John W. Hunter 30315, GAFamily Practice1639273097
Leila Nell Casteel 37027, GAFamily Practice1083714778
Tessa Valene Thompson 30281, GAFamily Practice1245385053
Douglas M Dudewicz 66442, GAFamily Practice1548399843
Van Millin 30240, GAFamily Practice1275682247
Cathy Herrington 31533, GAFamily Practice1689042681
Quincy Jerome Jordan 31063, GAFamily Practice1093888687
Danny Searcy 80863, GAFamily Practice1710011689
Ermina Mujadzic 30809, GAFamily Practice1588790794
Bridgit Mathai Joseph 30912, GAFamily Practice1881761344
Peter Joseph Stager 30906, GAFamily Practice1346305588
Gladys Sapp Gibbons 31021, GAFamily Practice1245705102
Samantha Suzanne Spell 30045, GAFamily Practice1811048663
Paula Leslie-ann Pollard-thomas 30331, GAFamily Practice1366518409
Candace Denise Brown 30329, GAFamily Practice1346371614
Andrew William Torrance 29803, GAFamily Practice1629138698
Elizabeth Linville Bowen 30214, GAFamily Practice1811198971
Cathryn Louise Russell 10035, GAFamily Practice1245409739
Salman Siddiqui 30110, GAFamily Practice1649432550
Monika Mohiuddin Zakaria 30324, GAFamily Practice1780846907
Tawanda G Adeshina 30707, GAFamily Practice1235358938
Allison Kimball Key 30110, GAFamily Practice1871781476
Amanda Justine Hutchinson 89015, GAFamily Practice1861600975
Ernest U Amukamara 30349, GAFamily Practice1356529101
Lashonda Carter 31216, GAFamily Practice1548424864
Julia Drake 31501, GAFamily Practice1487027967
Sara Millwee 30517, GAFamily Practice1649393778
David Khain Vay Taing 32428, GAFamily Practice1184824187
Andrea Celina Brown 30106, GAFamily Practice1215107875
Carol Ann Thomas 30046, GAFamily Practice1902083025
Robin Annette Brown 30043, GAFamily Practice1215112073
Reneka L Dobbs-jackson 30161, GAFamily Practice1134310147
Exie Latrice Lamar 30033, GAFamily Practice1831584218
Jared Kent Cardwell 31768, GAFamily Practice1003033135
Anne Hazen Gaglioti 30344, GAFamily Practice1699977751
Khurram A Khan 30087, GAFamily Practice1063677011
Charles E Jackson 31021, GAFamily Practice1366658734
Mayuri Ashok Bhakta 30097, GAFamily Practice1487826269
David Romesh Persaud 30540, GAFamily Practice1609087527
Alan Bennett Miller 31811, GAFamily Practice1073770046
Shawna M Berg 30117, GAFamily Practice1598047730
Jose Manuel Villalon-gomez 30338, GAFamily Practice1528219813
Stephanie T. Reese 31326, GAFamily Practice1528379070
Todd Wesley Deavens 30013, GAFamily Practice1467749176
Gina Satterfield Chamlee 28289, GAFamily Practice1043466691
Erin Elizabeth Sullivan 30606, GAFamily Practice1932340114
Woodwin Michael Weeks 31768, GAFamily Practice1053612325
Kimberly L Singleton 30606, GAFamily Practice1609148758
Emily H Battle 31210, GAFamily Practice1518119841
Sharon T Johnson 29201, GAFamily Practice1104068840
Linda Josephine Wynn 30165, GAFamily Practice1124268784
Thaihang Nguyen 31533, GAFamily Practice1053635078
Xiaofeng Zhong 31326, GAFamily Practice1700105004
Premnath Reddy Karre 30901, GAFamily Practice1225341167
Meghan Ruth Johnson Rosenquist 31314, GAFamily Practice1073824462
Syah, Llc 30566, GAFamily Practice1386945491
Jessica B. Glover 31405, GAFamily Practice1093944316
Angelyn A. Dekle 31404, GAFamily Practice1659506848
Anny Most 31322, GAFamily Practice1073803326
Angela Marie Barco 30906, GAFamily Practice1417264292
South Atlanta Medical Care 30274, GAFamily Practice1912288457
Zakiyyah V Weatherspoon 31602, GAFamily Practice1285904250
Titilayo Tiamiyu 31909, GAFamily Practice1255623831
Jemina M Liverman 23875, GAFamily Practice1073889697
Lashaun Denise Elliott 30064, GAFamily Practice1497074298
Grace Isoken Ogala 29860, GAFamily Practice1619208717
Michael Brian Macintire 55432, GAFamily Practice1962769125
Tahisha Batrice Hannor 30339, GAFamily Practice1427397215
Jonathan Michael Shank 35233, GAFamily Practice1568724268
Chelsea Lauren Kissinger 80011, GAFamily Practice1356693188
Kayla Gee 30041, GAFamily Practice1083955231
Ann Marie Beckwith Giedd 03832, GAFamily Practice1053659417
Ruchi Patel 31405, GAFamily Practice1215270954
Christina Leigh Huntley Noguera 30286, GAFamily Practice1952734436
Mary Hanna Sterling 36801, GAFamily Practice1841625183
Ayishia Keveta Lowe 38104, GAFamily Practice1669818043
Syah, Llc 30566, GAFamily Practice1609114354
Jennifer C. Ward 38128, GAFamily Practice1174944458
Hafsa Aziz Bhatti 31901, GAFamily Practice1184044679
Laura Amanda Mcdade 31201, GAFamily Practice1174939227
Eugene Butler 94559, GAFamily Practice1083015887
Stacy Lynn Whitworth 31405, GAFamily Practice1093185829
Andriea L. Mimbs 31217, GAFamily Practice1154719540
Thien-kim Phan Le 30312, GAFamily Practice1508283789
Benjamin Laurence Ho 31204, GAFamily Practice1982015939
Foroogh Narmani-mohammadi 30504, GAFamily Practice1447659347
Josette Etienne 30180, GAFamily Practice1396138368
Ryan Shingler 30165, GAFamily Practice1073924676
Sheryl Angel Stoyle 31707, GAFamily Practice1356747570
Yuri Ayana Taylor 30080, GAFamily Practice1043739477
Melisa Philatre 30214, GAFamily Practice1447666375
John Doan 31699, GAFamily Practice1518347939
Jerry Dwayne Hooks 30912, GAFamily Practice1144611914
Jennifer Clifton 31411, GAFamily Practice1104234749
Shataundia Nyrae Foreman 30046, GAFamily Practice1518208230
Ashley C Burris 30046, GAFamily Practice1033476114
Isaac Vargas 31093, GAFamily Practice1871909523
Shehnaz Makhani 30248, GAFamily Practice1720088511
Ashley Hardigree Brueshaber 30529, GAFamily Practice1104166800
Katherine Russell Moody 35801, GAFamily Practice1134482474
Michelle Goldklang 60611, GAFamily Practice1225417876
Tejal Patel 30501, GAFamily Practice1639579956
John Mccaskey 30809, GAFamily Practice1114306727
Alexandra Byers Weathersby 29061, GAFamily Practice1851790216
Ashley S. Brigdon 31404, GAFamily Practice1174990956
Jessica Cristina Snyder 30542, GAFamily Practice1528452471
Lavona Constancia Wilson 30736, GAFamily Practice1245677806
Chundra Brown Brooks 30601, GAFamily Practice1699116624
Jordan Knoefler 31707, GAFamily Practice1417377912
Rhonda Sue Schlienger 28904, GAFamily Practice1679979629
Alexys J Hillman 32514, GAFamily Practice1548603798
Purwaai Chand Matriya 20895, GAFamily Practice1740673276
Heather Louise Burke-cody 30501, GAFamily Practice1699145060
Kristamarie F Collman 22980, GAFamily Practice1578909347
Courtney St James 32763, GAFamily Practice1366853202
Cheryl Solomon 31637, GAFamily Practice1598132821
Patricia Joy Zelano 29605, GAFamily Practice1811314636
Dora Jean-louis 30046, GAFamily Practice1902298086
Yuan Hu 30078, GAFamily Practice1205198553
Joi Johnson 30066, GAFamily Practice1538324371
Samantha Wagner 30331, GAFamily Practice1053756890
Lauren Ann Berl 30912, GAFamily Practice1912445461
Marie Josette Leblanc-riley 30606, GAFamily Practice1790145563
Jay Frederick Morgan 30009, GAFamily Practice1447699152
Kelsey Richter Reed 31701, GAFamily Practice1952717431
Anthony Joseph Dedea 34446, GAFamily Practice1548600430
Kasey Sissom 30736, GAFamily Practice1215276373
Tammy Lynn Stephens 31210, GAFamily Practice1467790915
Tekesa M Walker 30265, GAFamily Practice1386085090
Jay Mckenna 76542, GAFamily Practice1386811198
Neocare Of Central Georgia, Pc 31204, GAFamily Practice1053627703
Kimberly Mohr Schalnat Rowland 85207, GAFamily Practice1700922358
Aliyi Adam Aliyi 28791, GAFamily Practice1558700468
Yetrevias Seymour 30263, GAFamily Practice1790170272
Alyssa Danielle Hosey 30308, GAFamily Practice1083129753
Medsolution Zln, Llc 30341, GAFamily Practice1467967109
Ngozi Orabueze 30303, GAFamily Practice1174919203
Hali Varnedore 31533, GAFamily Practice1932579273
Dilpreet Singh Sahni 30341, GAFamily Practice1790221059
Roghieh Beigom Kazeroonian 30518, GAFamily Practice1043731888
Utrena Donsha Grant 31501, GAFamily Practice1548760622
Felicia Worthen Brock 31907, GAFamily Practice1114442340
Lauren Sillery Oberg 30071, GAFamily Practice1790203487
Santana Maria Robinson 30909, GAFamily Practice1629588199
Angela Rosea Parker 30213, GAFamily Practice1386155612
Cassandra T Price 31042, GAFamily Practice1366953291
Janika Montgomery 30303, GAFamily Practice1003205345
Cierra Williams 30265, GAFamily Practice1730557752


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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