Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Iowa

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Iowa:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Pleasant Hill Family Practice,pc 50327, IAFamily Practice1679576623
Kenneth A Miller 52175, IAFamily Practice1225031883
Mark Alan Strope 62341, IAFamily Practice1699778209
Jean Paul 50021, IAFamily Practice1932102639
Todd Larry Shover 50677, IAFamily Practice1558364240
Kiran Bhaskar Khanolkar 52632, IAFamily Practice1902809536
Yang Ahn 52404, IAFamily Practice1083617385
Dr Yang Ahn, Md, Pc 52404, IAFamily Practice1841293131
Laura Ellen Rega 52404, IAFamily Practice1336142637
David C Geier 52632, IAFamily Practice1649273913
Paul D Pellett 52101, IAFamily Practice1689676926
Ryan Scott Bakke 50208, IAFamily Practice1225030406
Michael Dale Schmiesing 51534, IAFamily Practice1609870948
Peter Bryan Ahn 52404, IAFamily Practice1063416394
Chaudri G Rasool 52175, IAFamily Practice1285636456
Michael A Piplani 51105, IAFamily Practice1528060696
Jayne E Gilmore 52803, IAFamily Practice1104828276
David P Tinker 52043, IAFamily Practice1982608741
Janet S Ryan 52101, IAFamily Practice1972507895
Kurt A Swanson 52101, IAFamily Practice1265436950
Bill R Withers 52101, IAFamily Practice1104820851
Joseph Leonard Monahan 52732, IAFamily Practice1609870260
Sherri K Schilling 52101, IAFamily Practice1659375236
Ann Elizabeth Grimstad 52101, IAFamily Practice1912901364
Kevin E Locke 52101, IAFamily Practice1427052877
Jon David Maher 52136, IAFamily Practice1598769945
Kathy L Petersburg 52101, IAFamily Practice1508860974
Kevin L Sand 52101, IAFamily Practice1154325520
Michelle L. Kempf 50833, IAFamily Practice1356345730
Ellen Louise Sakornbut 50701, IAFamily Practice1578567947
Steven J Aguilar 52722, IAFamily Practice1427053842
Dawn M Bode 61265, IAFamily Practice1619972999
Kurt A Andersen 52806, IAFamily Practice1477558799
Gena L.r. Benoit 52722, IAFamily Practice1730184003
Artemio L Cajigal 61413, IAFamily Practice1609871540
David John Heine 52136, IAFamily Practice1831194794
Timothy J Hunter 52655, IAFamily Practice1922003003
Michael A Cottone 61282, IAFamily Practice1013912005
Christopher M Crome 52806, IAFamily Practice1205831211
Andrew A Andresen 52804, IAFamily Practice1396740361
James A Bull 61282, IAFamily Practice1588669634
Josiah F.k. Carroll 61282, IAFamily Practice1437154507
Brian D Anderson 61265, IAFamily Practice1134124191
Sharon S Conard 52806, IAFamily Practice1376548453
Patrick C Cunningham 61201, IAFamily Practice1548265556
John C Dannenfeldt 61282, IAFamily Practice1881699890
Jennifer R Aanestad 52747, IAFamily Practice1386649341
James A Darrow 52748, IAFamily Practice1023013042
Gary E Anderson 52806, IAFamily Practice1205831120
Jeffrey F Jones 52246, IAFamily Practice1750386439
Christopher J. Vandelune 51012, IAFamily Practice1871598557
Dennis D Glawe 52132, IAFamily Practice1447255161
Wesley A. Parker 51012, IAFamily Practice1790780476
Rebecca L Gesing 52101, IAFamily Practice1124023833
Timothy G. Rice 51012, IAFamily Practice1841295532
Ruth M Fiedler-eaton 61250, IAFamily Practice1396740148
Alan David Scher 50590, IAFamily Practice1457356008
Kristen J Heffern 52101, IAFamily Practice1013912559
Susanne Janine Goodlaxson Landgrebe 50054, IAFamily Practice1275538886
Steven J Hanas 52742, IAFamily Practice1265437883
Colleen A Hensel 61265, IAFamily Practice1841295300
Mark E Hermanson 52722, IAFamily Practice1639174196
Paul R Hartmann 52806, IAFamily Practice1508861055
Packy A Huettman 52806, IAFamily Practice1831194307
Mark A Hull 52806, IAFamily Practice1275538746
Robert Kenneth Fryzek 51534, IAFamily Practice1912902404
James A Lindley 52722, IAFamily Practice1528064052
Alexander Locascio 52806, IAFamily Practice1568468007
Thomas E Lyons 52806, IAFamily Practice1952307407
Patricia J Mccaw 52748, IAFamily Practice1801892351
Rebecca J Mccullough 52753, IAFamily Practice1780680231
Bruce A Mcelhinney 52722, IAFamily Practice1811993371
Christa S Mclaughlin 52806, IAFamily Practice1780680272
Anji A Neil 52722, IAFamily Practice1801892328
William M Langley 52722, IAFamily Practice1811993348
Matthew L Neil 52748, IAFamily Practice1578569091
Kristin A Miller 52753, IAFamily Practice1992701213
Donald G. Dickman 51401, IAFamily Practice1205832433
Stanley K Roberts 52722, IAFamily Practice1972509107
Paul Edward Dudley 51040, IAFamily Practice1194721332
James E Petre 61244, IAFamily Practice1619973989
Erica J Krause-wagner 52151, IAFamily Practice1649276841
Sioux Valley Memorial Hospital Association 51005, IAFamily Practice1083610190
Sioux Valley Memorial Hospital Association 51035, IAFamily Practice1891791901
Mordechai D Lederman 52162, IAFamily Practice1396741385
Harold W Miller 52806, IAFamily Practice1417953563
John J Patton 52806, IAFamily Practice1982600912
Joseph Scott Russo 46514, IAFamily Practice1891791786
David W Seitz 52722, IAFamily Practice1437155322
Micheal E Schreck 52748, IAFamily Practice1013913904
Family Medicine Clinic, Pc 51040, IAFamily Practice1063418820
Tracy L Rockey 52722, IAFamily Practice1942206834
Richard L Syfert 52806, IAFamily Practice1881690709
Karl D Treiber 52722, IAFamily Practice1932105855
Stephen M Thompson 52806, IAFamily Practice1457357253
Karen E Pennings 51250, IAFamily Practice1588660203
Charles A Smith 52753, IAFamily Practice1861498669
Linda Kay Gehrke 50122, IAFamily Practice1720084387
Don Manarang 62301, IAFamily Practice1205833860
Enrique M. Bringas 61265, IAFamily Practice1124025531
Margaret A Evans 50314, IAFamily Practice1295732519
John E Sutherland 50702, IAFamily Practice1689671653
Tammy Kay Colegrove 50309, IAFamily Practice1932106044
Matthew E Ulven 50675, IAFamily Practice1295732295
Subhash C Sahai 50595, IAFamily Practice1215934237
Matthew J Roes 52233, IAFamily Practice1215934179
Nicholas J Goetsch 50702, IAFamily Practice1740287614
Amanda Rae Howard 52402, IAFamily Practice1376009050
Oduah Daniel Osaro 52732, IAFamily Practice1821095787
Laura Marie Ferguson 50112, IAFamily Practice1659378446
Amanda R Tew 50525, IAFamily Practice1881691608
Patricia C Connell 50702, IAFamily Practice1073510715
Ryan Dahlby Albright 50112, IAFamily Practice1184621922
Gregory P Neyman 52361, IAFamily Practice1245237924
Ricky R Mccormick 50644, IAFamily Practice1427055375
Gary Greenberg 50311, IAFamily Practice1770580482
George N Fotiadis 50213, IAFamily Practice1881691517
Robert L Friedman 50702, IAFamily Practice1013915750
Monte James Harvey 51023, IAFamily Practice1700884376
Scot R Christiansen 52042, IAFamily Practice1417955089
Jane A Hartnett 52057, IAFamily Practice1659379279
Tedd W Gentry 52101, IAFamily Practice1902804529
Susan Marie Beidler 51104, IAFamily Practice1881692473
Ronald H Dreyer 51442, IAFamily Practice1932107448
R. Ried Boom 52057, IAFamily Practice1720086275
Family Medicine Clinic 51249, IAFamily Practice1124026489
Kristine Marie Mcintee 50703, IAFamily Practice1215935556
Michael D David 52627, IAFamily Practice1003814179
Donna J Delouis 50311, IAFamily Practice1194723098
Jerry Alan Nelson 50703, IAFamily Practice1831197607
Donald Richard Wirtanen 52537, IAFamily Practice1184623985
Monique Baer 52002, IAFamily Practice1720087406
John Joseph Finneran 52537, IAFamily Practice1912906280
David Harold Marcowitz 50049, IAFamily Practice1174522320
Kelli Lynn Schultz 52732, IAFamily Practice1144220070
John W Musgrave 50613, IAFamily Practice1275533143
Mark J Louviere 50703, IAFamily Practice1003816984
Matthew J Smith 50703, IAFamily Practice1609876507
Darlene A Turner 50501, IAFamily Practice1518967256
Sumner Community Club 50674, IAFamily Practice1780684548
Dianne Kay Knapp 52537, IAFamily Practice1760482426
Jean Marie Styvaert 52803, IAFamily Practice1730189184
Patty E. Hildreth 50025, IAFamily Practice1679573893
Annie Marie Kontos 50702, IAFamily Practice1255331401
Roger Vike Hansen 50216, IAFamily Practice1841290996
Robert A Lee 50131, IAFamily Practice1417958489
Abbie D Ruisch 50131, IAFamily Practice1003817073
Curtis Gedney 50401, IAFamily Practice1467453274
Kim K Countryman 50263, IAFamily Practice1750382347
John Stephen Sinnott 51445, IAFamily Practice1205837937
Carl Edward Toben 51445, IAFamily Practice1013918754
Deborah Lathrop 52136, IAFamily Practice1639170103
Stephen J Veit 51012, IAFamily Practice1710988159
State University Of Iowa 52242, IAFamily Practice1477554814
Victoria Jean Allen Sharp 52242, IAFamily Practice1518968965
Robert Carl Zwicki 52804, IAFamily Practice1437151305
Scott D. Hoffman 50125, IAFamily Practice1568464220
John D. Ingram 51442, IAFamily Practice1205838984
James G Kannenberg 52627, IAFamily Practice1265434864
Todd A. Woollen 51442, IAFamily Practice1164424701
Susan Louise Donahue 50003, IAFamily Practice1891797445
William Napier 52627, IAFamily Practice1730181397
Dale Miller Grunewald 50266, IAFamily Practice1871595207
David George Schweizer 50616, IAFamily Practice1487646642
Douglas Jae Miedema 51249, IAFamily Practice1720080237
Medical Arts Plc 51445, IAFamily Practice1992797062
Edward Adolph Steinmann 50309, IAFamily Practice1528050622
David Verle Schrodt 50616, IAFamily Practice1710979992
Paul Henry Royer 50616, IAFamily Practice1932191103
Janet E Fink 50311, IAFamily Practice1497747315
Luann Volkmer 50309, IAFamily Practice1386636207
Ronnie Hawkins 50317, IAFamily Practice1558353474
Roy Thomas Slice 51250, IAFamily Practice1922090778
Barbara Jean Ohnemus 50312, IAFamily Practice1114919867
Denise Dawn Greene 51247, IAFamily Practice1912999756
Bradley Dean Kamstra 51247, IAFamily Practice1538151287
Adrian L Woolley 50312, IAFamily Practice1083606735
Colin Kavanagh 50312, IAFamily Practice1679565303
Roberta Ann Wattleworth 50312, IAFamily Practice1558353219
Larae Gail Stemmerman 52655, IAFamily Practice1427040930
David Kurtz 52001, IAFamily Practice1730171349
James Warren Elliott 50312, IAFamily Practice1407848054
Scott Thomas Penisten 50023, IAFamily Practice1063404416
Babar S. Ahmed 50060, IAFamily Practice1285627323
Infinity Medical Clinic Pc 52655, IAFamily Practice1609869700
Kerry K Sauser 50022, IAFamily Practice1912990847
Brandy Leclere 52402, IAFamily Practice1932563061
The Iowa Clinic Pc 50266, IAFamily Practice1346233178
Timothy E. Brelje 51537, IAFamily Practice1144213836
Kurt Ronald Vander Ploeg 50219, IAFamily Practice1871586594
Jean Marie Osgood 50638, IAFamily Practice1144213737
Robin I Plattenberger-gilmore 52353, IAFamily Practice1679566293
Rose Mary Mason 51442, IAFamily Practice1295728707
David Marc Tan Creti 51442, IAFamily Practice1366435877
Cindy L Hanawalt 52402, IAFamily Practice1316930779
Tracy Ann Dickel 50314, IAFamily Practice1780677161
Elaine Ann Assad 52501, IAFamily Practice1588657969
Patricia Louise Blackledge 52501, IAFamily Practice1871586271
Rosalee Ann Russell 52501, IAFamily Practice1932192317
Karen Lynn Hunke 50010, IAFamily Practice1487648705


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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