Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mary Beth Ditman 62702, ILFamily Practice1114920139
Forrest J Robinson 60302, ILFamily Practice1740283803
Sonya R Schleeper 62052, ILFamily Practice1538162565
Marshall Clinic Effingham, S.c. 62401, ILFamily Practice1952304412
Stephanie Elizabeth Place 60622, ILFamily Practice1336460807
Miroslawa A Kuder 60090, ILFamily Practice1982607511
Andrew M Pavlatos 60626, ILFamily Practice1679576201
Kevin G Murphy 60657, ILFamily Practice1932102563
Rokeya Begum Akhtar 60634, ILFamily Practice1780687368
James P Clancy 60645, ILFamily Practice1538162102
Mark Alan Strope 62341, ILFamily Practice1699778209
Red Bud Clinic Corp 62278, ILFamily Practice1083617609
Peter D Kerstan 60068, ILFamily Practice1780687301
David S Peters 60068, ILFamily Practice1851394472
Christine L Schwartz Peterson 60631, ILFamily Practice1285637801
Marzena Lipinska 60631, ILFamily Practice1487657078
Bozena Grazyna Theodoropoulos 60625, ILFamily Practice1619970225
Sheila Anne Berndt 60402, ILFamily Practice1134122617
Nejat Destani 60402, ILFamily Practice1295738771
Suzanne Burge 62959, ILFamily Practice1467456798
Jan Wiacek 60634, ILFamily Practice1548263130
Katarzyna Anna Olejniczak 60007, ILFamily Practice1881697472
Bonnie Kaye Mitchell 60048, ILFamily Practice1881072924
Matthew Hsieh 60402, ILFamily Practice1174526511
Michael Gershberg 60402, ILFamily Practice1679576029
Kent Kamradt 60030, ILFamily Practice1598768939
Gary Wainer 60402, ILFamily Practice1750384186
Dawn L Hacker 46307, ILFamily Practice1477556892
Timothy Rupnow 61032, ILFamily Practice1699212043
Matthew Alexander Brown 60631, ILFamily Practice1154324515
Bradford S. Wainer 60402, ILFamily Practice1023011467
Olatunji R Akintilo 60901, ILFamily Practice1760485007
Glen E Dust 61951, ILFamily Practice1477555738
David L Mitchell 62221, ILFamily Practice1497759757
Dennis D Costerisan 61951, ILFamily Practice1578565701
Bruce Frank Weber 62033, ILFamily Practice1609870591
Chris Philip Poirot 62033, ILFamily Practice1992709984
Brian Lee Quarton 62033, ILFamily Practice1417951401
Asuncion R. Cope 62859, ILFamily Practice1366446395
Oscar Mauricio Sanchez 60050, ILFamily Practice1164426094
Daniel Burtion Smith 62549, ILFamily Practice1699779538
Arcadio Hilario Valenzuela Pomer 60016, ILFamily Practice1003810953
Gregorio Manuel Manabat 61764, ILFamily Practice1306840087
Craig Elliot Brown 62549, ILFamily Practice1053315812
David A Berkenbile 62249, ILFamily Practice1851395578
Bruce C Steffens 61265, ILFamily Practice1700880374
Anne E Turner 60642, ILFamily Practice1487658084
Lyndsey Perreault 60305, ILFamily Practice1922547843
Ellen Middendorf 62226, ILFamily Practice1245234988
Dawn M Bode 61265, ILFamily Practice1619972999
Artemio L Cajigal 61413, ILFamily Practice1609871540
Edward Tong 60546, ILFamily Practice1154326007
Robert Kemp 60187, ILFamily Practice1245235100
Kathleen E Clark 62439, ILFamily Practice1942668314
Michael A Cottone 61282, ILFamily Practice1013912005
Gilberto Munoz 60657, ILFamily Practice1245235290
Ena Elizabeth Hennegan 60005, ILFamily Practice1407851470
James A Bull 61282, ILFamily Practice1588669634
Josiah F.k. Carroll 61282, ILFamily Practice1437154507
Julianna M Castro 61265, ILFamily Practice1760487839
Brian D Anderson 61265, ILFamily Practice1134124191
Patrick C Cunningham 61201, ILFamily Practice1548265556
John C Dannenfeldt 61282, ILFamily Practice1881699890
Stephen P Deporter 61244, ILFamily Practice1639174519
Teresa Cvengros 60657, ILFamily Practice1558366591
Nicole Edith Norris 61362, ILFamily Practice1689679599
Bernie E. Elliott 61265, ILFamily Practice1659376473
Ruth M Fiedler-eaton 61250, ILFamily Practice1396740148
Robert C Watkins 60461, ILFamily Practice1790780344
Jeremy W Henrichs 61801, ILFamily Practice1154326759
Colleen A Hensel 61265, ILFamily Practice1841295300
Michael L Fessenden 60612, ILFamily Practice1023013638
Leo A Reyes 60098, ILFamily Practice1811992316
Kathryn R Burke 60461, ILFamily Practice1316943848
Kathleen M Bewley 60461, ILFamily Practice1013913557
Gina D Gunther 62951, ILFamily Practice1942206438
Michael D Holden 62350, ILFamily Practice1558366088
Amy Bruggemann 62223, ILFamily Practice1972509339
Alisha Jackson 61354, ILFamily Practice1487197745
John Michael Cerny 62906, ILFamily Practice1407852825
Patricia E Carr 61951, ILFamily Practice1104822568
Tonya Darr 62088, ILFamily Practice1740286103
John M Arnold 61422, ILFamily Practice1154327526
Kenneth Max Eakin 62034, ILFamily Practice1174529556
Volkan Sumer 61554, ILFamily Practice1730185125
James E Petre 61244, ILFamily Practice1619973989
Cynthia D Marschner 62526, ILFamily Practice1194721571
Lindsey C Poulsen 61554, ILFamily Practice1467458869
Kevin E Miller 61554, ILFamily Practice1770589012
Jodi R Lutz 62062, ILFamily Practice1063996130
Joseph P Karcavich 60441, ILFamily Practice1659377844
Christopher W Ballard 62837, ILFamily Practice1164428165
Andrew M Britt 62837, ILFamily Practice1033115043
Optima Medical Associates, Ltd 60435, ILFamily Practice1538165667
Doria L Devare 60016, ILFamily Practice1295731230
James P Wade 62226, ILFamily Practice1386640399
John M Cottrell 60068, ILFamily Practice1639175664
David Rawdon 62226, ILFamily Practice1376549139
Michael E Mulligan 62034, ILFamily Practice1417953316
Mary Ann Kohring 62966, ILFamily Practice1083610844
Nancy J Short 61244, ILFamily Practice1134125032
Family Physicians Of Madison County Ltd 62034, ILFamily Practice1093711905
Amin Yassin 60477, ILFamily Practice1275539009
Susan Marie Panek 60526, ILFamily Practice1902802747
David Carl Gregory 61605, ILFamily Practice1871599522
Michelle P Mulligan 62034, ILFamily Practice1194721936
Harry A Carter 62837, ILFamily Practice1538165261
Elizabeth M Sweet-friend 62837, ILFamily Practice1104822725
Samuel Jerome Schimel 60638, ILFamily Practice1801892427
Southern Illinois Primary Care Associates, P.c. 62837, ILFamily Practice1912904574
Christopher Schenewerk 62285, ILFamily Practice1154328722
Julie A Gilbertson 60056, ILFamily Practice1811993470
Colleen Ann Heniff 60805, ILFamily Practice1972509594
Salma Mannan-hilaly 62226, ILFamily Practice1699772251
Carla Elaine Samson 62260, ILFamily Practice1316944986
Anna Sagan-blausius 60632, ILFamily Practice1285631838
Don Manarang 62301, ILFamily Practice1205833860
Kenneth Lee Oder 40299, ILFamily Practice1710984273
Joan Christine Temmerman 61299, ILFamily Practice1710984158
Nancy Gryniewicz 60301, ILFamily Practice1558368043
Wesley D Thompson 62837, ILFamily Practice1568469971
Enrique M. Bringas 61265, ILFamily Practice1124025531
Steven C Mitchell 62837, ILFamily Practice1972500460
Steven N Scott 62837, ILFamily Practice1326045832
Karen A Powers 62301, ILFamily Practice1467459834
Orazio Bartolomeo 60010, ILFamily Practice1558368803
Kathryn J Stewart 60608, ILFamily Practice1154328474
Raymond K Weber 62034, ILFamily Practice1992702286
Angela Lea O'dell 62821, ILFamily Practice1831196120
Greater Barrington Family Health Center, P.c. 60010, ILFamily Practice1457358673
Andrew Roudebush 61520, ILFamily Practice1376540559
Michael W Elliott 62454, ILFamily Practice1548267693
Matthew D Zawilenski 60016, ILFamily Practice1497752570
Payal Patel 60016, ILFamily Practice1164926556
James T Niemeyer 60451, ILFamily Practice1396742466
Richard Ethan Bivin 62656, ILFamily Practice1386641033
Kamal K Chopra 62640, ILFamily Practice1598762262
Christopher E.c. Harris 60048, ILFamily Practice1396742060
Phyllis Ruth Dalla Betta 60050, ILFamily Practice1548267479
John G Hohner 60462, ILFamily Practice1902804628
Steven N Pector 60194, ILFamily Practice1730186586
Steven N. Pector, D.o., Ltd. 60194, ILFamily Practice1093712846
Rogelio N Liboon 60609, ILFamily Practice1205834934
Maria H Balkoura 60611, ILFamily Practice1720086481
Sarah R Koscica 61605, ILFamily Practice1003814625
John R Hoffman 61822, ILFamily Practice1760480396
James Anthony Bohan 62650, ILFamily Practice1295733830
Daniel Cunningham 61761, ILFamily Practice1831579598
Masood S. Syed 60629, ILFamily Practice1255339677
Pramod M Patel 60631, ILFamily Practice1841298205
Brian Jay Reach 62906, ILFamily Practice1104824598
Brian J Chudik 60102, ILFamily Practice1376541763
Jennifer Atadero 60102, ILFamily Practice1881692275
Steven Joseph Lewis 62703, ILFamily Practice1598763880
Walter J Beusse 60103, ILFamily Practice1083612329
Maureen E Grosdidier 60068, ILFamily Practice1104824374
Shital Tanna 60123, ILFamily Practice1578561767
Ricki Loar 60659, ILFamily Practice1194723312
Gregory Daly 60638, ILFamily Practice1780682922
Laura Demarco-paitl 60123, ILFamily Practice1457359739
James A Wilcox 60010, ILFamily Practice1730187949
Benjamin A Hasan 60005, ILFamily Practice1922006097
Paul D. Oltman 62401, ILFamily Practice1942208087
William J Brander 60068, ILFamily Practice1235137498
Yolanda Cardenas 60615, ILFamily Practice1073511143
John D Hartman 62812, ILFamily Practice1851399976
Phillip Greene 62010, ILFamily Practice1346248481
Acezr Leynes 60651, ILFamily Practice1689672537
Andrew Ray Riffey 62995, ILFamily Practice1528066578
Carol F Graham 60068, ILFamily Practice1194723197
Pamela Kay Hunter-reach 62906, ILFamily Practice1942208988
Eduardo Austria 66606, ILFamily Practice1356349278
Vernon Ray Klinefelter 62568, ILFamily Practice1679572473
Jamie Gancayco 60014, ILFamily Practice1669470431
John Robert Beck 62233, ILFamily Practice1801895677
Christine Kharasch 60046, ILFamily Practice1386643047
Nurit Crystal 60005, ILFamily Practice1457350118
Family Doctors Of Northbrook 60062, ILFamily Practice1437158193
Susan Berg 61832, ILFamily Practice1043219736
Stephen Tassler 60062, ILFamily Practice1427057181
Marcy Kamen 60062, ILFamily Practice1225037989
Geoffrey O Caplea 60422, ILFamily Practice1306845011
Mark B Deyoung 61448, ILFamily Practice1306845045
Abby C. Von Heimburg 60050, ILFamily Practice1801895545
Jeffrey Hill 61401, ILFamily Practice1609875145
Judith Ann Thommes 60169, ILFamily Practice1063411510
Michael Alan Fisher 60714, ILFamily Practice1760481220
Lawrence A Lindeman 60618, ILFamily Practice1386643864
Diana Elizabeth Alanis 61068, ILFamily Practice1922007418
Lawrence Lindeman Md Sc 60618, ILFamily Practice1730188228
Melissa M Colbern 66606, ILFamily Practice1659370054
Marife Austria 66606, ILFamily Practice1467451864
Mary E Franz 66606, ILFamily Practice1376542779
Dennis D Tietze 66611, ILFamily Practice1053310458
Steven Eisenstein 60062, ILFamily Practice1447259015
Brooke Nicole Ballard 62549, ILFamily Practice1053310557
Keith Peachey 61401, ILFamily Practice1184623746
Gerry A Klinefelter 62568, ILFamily Practice1508865049
Albert Aranas Olorvida 60714, ILFamily Practice1720087265
James Edward Beckett 60621, ILFamily Practice1992704381


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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