Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Kentucky

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Kentucky:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Angela K Ailes-frick 45662, KYFamily Practice1255334462
Jonathan A Becker 40202, KYFamily Practice1235132333
John F Gilbert 41701, KYFamily Practice1568465664
Barry Todd White 42503, KYFamily Practice1609879758
Michael Lee Cummings 42602, KYFamily Practice1871596643
Mark D Irvin 42066, KYFamily Practice1558364406
Benjamin S Smith 40143, KYFamily Practice1366445108
Vera Hopper 41701, KYFamily Practice1750385084
Jeffrey A Carrico 42066, KYFamily Practice1982607610
Judy Noreen Smith 42041, KYFamily Practice1851394498
David Wayne Flynn 42503, KYFamily Practice1700889144
Susan J Petrosky 42503, KYFamily Practice1124021563
Robert E Mcclure 42721, KYFamily Practice1447253786
Justin Warren Smith 40202, KYFamily Practice1700889409
Marletta Kay Lawson 40701, KYFamily Practice1750384566
Jack E Allen 40217, KYFamily Practice1215939459
James Shannon Elliott 40143, KYFamily Practice1013919174
William E Sweet 42240, KYFamily Practice1427052315
Diane Lynn Thiery 42728, KYFamily Practice1255335238
Vaughn M Eskew 41105, KYFamily Practice1588668339
Kimberly Christine Cashion 40299, KYFamily Practice1396749156
Jerry E. Jones 40475, KYFamily Practice1851395701
Robert Bond Nolan 40220, KYFamily Practice1871597781
Lois Obert 40291, KYFamily Practice1336143288
Matthew Todd Desjardins 41017, KYFamily Practice1699777847
Michael James Gaffney 40205, KYFamily Practice1013911809
Charlotte Kay Ingwersen 40165, KYFamily Practice1003810987
Dennis Scott Wooley 42728, KYFamily Practice1184628075
Lidia Irena Lamot-wasik 41042, KYFamily Practice1588794556
William B Bebout 42437, KYFamily Practice1578565784
Robert Copley 40299, KYFamily Practice1528062254
Leslie Joseph Dunaway 40299, KYFamily Practice1427052158
Pamela Alvey 40299, KYFamily Practice1407850142
Joseph A. Milum 40291, KYFamily Practice1497759138
Roger Wayne May 40701, KYFamily Practice1316942071
Veronica Anne Kavorkian 40245, KYFamily Practice1013912831
Joseph W Prather 42701, KYFamily Practice1215932975
Richard G Voigt 40222, KYFamily Practice1063417400
Sarah E Lainhart 40220, KYFamily Practice1508860925
Brook Thomas Massey 40065, KYFamily Practice1679578058
Michael William Vories 41701, KYFamily Practice1427053289
William Jeffrey Foxx 40509, KYFamily Practice1801891353
Mary H Henkel 40509, KYFamily Practice1699770156
Keith T Applegate 40509, KYFamily Practice1245235795
Wesley W Johnson 40509, KYFamily Practice1619972171
David P Dubocq 40509, KYFamily Practice1932104403
John E Reesor 40509, KYFamily Practice1447255922
Joseph E Gerhardstein 40509, KYFamily Practice1790780286
Justin D Clutter 40504, KYFamily Practice1659377000
Jack Glasser 42104, KYFamily Practice1760488191
Paul E Gerard 42701, KYFamily Practice1154327385
Maria Eve Main 42101, KYFamily Practice1841296050
Brian L Brown 40509, KYFamily Practice1629074802
Bobby Joe Brooks 42718, KYFamily Practice1689670671
Elaine M Woerner 40212, KYFamily Practice1861498719
Karen Jewell Langness 40245, KYFamily Practice1124024989
Patricia H. Buker 40509, KYFamily Practice1922004993
Marvin J Hanka 40212, KYFamily Practice1811993884
Neritta C Lanceta 40212, KYFamily Practice1730185638
Kenneth Wayne Edmisson 42003, KYFamily Practice1295731081
Leslie Y Smith 40212, KYFamily Practice1225034051
David Earl Smith 42003, KYFamily Practice1912903741
Daniel Logan French 41042, KYFamily Practice1972509693
Ashley N Snellen 42701, KYFamily Practice1881690444
Gopal R Majmundar 41649, KYFamily Practice1467458034
Cassandra Stephens 42718, KYFamily Practice1710983564
Erin E Edwards 42701, KYFamily Practice1366893224
Joanne Hirby 40212, KYFamily Practice1396741062
Janice S Fiechter 40202, KYFamily Practice1205832961
Patrick Godfrey Meade 41073, KYFamily Practice1710983572
Todd E Bullock 42721, KYFamily Practice1104822360
Monica Susan Hall-robertson 40503, KYFamily Practice1841296225
Dana Karen Northern 42276, KYFamily Practice1437156791
Robert J Belisle 41042, KYFamily Practice1861499121
Matthew Alan Stiles 40004, KYFamily Practice1730186974
Stephen S Draper 40356, KYFamily Practice1619974805
Sylvia Lorraine Sweatt 42303, KYFamily Practice1245237452
William Lawrence Hagan 40004, KYFamily Practice1316944556
Jacob William Vincent 40004, KYFamily Practice1629075692
Holly Kellam Mccoy 40004, KYFamily Practice1669479648
Charles D Jarboe 42754, KYFamily Practice1356348213
Daniel Joseph Callan 40213, KYFamily Practice1578560512
Thearon Paul Wilder 42420, KYFamily Practice1588661458
Tonda M. Anderson 40047, KYFamily Practice1649278359
Rancie Wayne Hannah 41101, KYFamily Practice1275530008
Milton Lee Brindley 41002, KYFamily Practice1003813759
Sharon C Hunsucker 40353, KYFamily Practice1144227075
Victoria Kingrey 42717, KYFamily Practice1316944242
Bruce C Smith 42031, KYFamily Practice1962400648
Larry S. Fields 41101, KYFamily Practice1083612774
John Howard Darnell 41101, KYFamily Practice1437157120
Claire A Schuster 40475, KYFamily Practice1790783371
Ira Blaine Potter 41643, KYFamily Practice1942208590
Michael Kenneth Murphy 41501, KYFamily Practice1063410629
Jerry Wayne Lawson 42629, KYFamily Practice1326046913
Dennis A Sparks 40220, KYFamily Practice1629076153
Sheri Dawn Montgomery 42420, KYFamily Practice1124026679
Ramon L Barcelona 41179, KYFamily Practice1437157815
Jill Ellen Crawford 40324, KYFamily Practice1134127418
Ronald F Centner 40222, KYFamily Practice1346248549
Gus A Bynum 40324, KYFamily Practice1023016391
Misha R. Glendening 42038, KYFamily Practice1215935416
Richard D Welch 42103, KYFamily Practice1942208061
Nancy Guttman 41056, KYFamily Practice1477551596
Ashley J Bennett 42103, KYFamily Practice1912905985
David John Doukas 40208, KYFamily Practice1902804800
Thomas Allen Smith 41240, KYFamily Practice1699772319
Kenneth Lee Oder 40299, KYFamily Practice1710984273
James Edward Buckmaster 42420, KYFamily Practice1366449159
Luther Daniel Hall 41101, KYFamily Practice1669470258
Cedric Craig 40324, KYFamily Practice1346247525
Miriam Moosnick 41042, KYFamily Practice1972502722
Harold V Markesbery 41002, KYFamily Practice1518966092
Denise Robinson 41011, KYFamily Practice1508865932
Laura M Greene 41017, KYFamily Practice1831198126
George Edward Burnette 41339, KYFamily Practice1003815390
Kim D Clawson 40347, KYFamily Practice1356340731
Steven M Gauze 41224, KYFamily Practice1083613079
Brenda A El-shiekh 42701, KYFamily Practice1447259551
William Michael Hughes 40258, KYFamily Practice1629078514
Kyle Joseph King 40108, KYFamily Practice1982604625
Miriam Mercado Reyes 40220, KYFamily Practice1063412724
Lauren E Bickel 42303, KYFamily Practice1972503639
Monica L Bell 40223, KYFamily Practice1821098484
Christy M. Yates 40223, KYFamily Practice1174523682
Bill J Bryant 42303, KYFamily Practice1811997166
Dana C Shaffer 41501, KYFamily Practice1922008176
Nancy M Powell 42367, KYFamily Practice1326049354
Beth Ann Holmes 40517, KYFamily Practice1376544221
Edgar Emeric 40517, KYFamily Practice1619978566
Phillip Harrell Yunker 41056, KYFamily Practice1215936612
Cheryl Swayne 41015, KYFamily Practice1154320588
Theresa Furnish 41017, KYFamily Practice1518966936
Mindy Sydnor 41073, KYFamily Practice1841299260
Steven Neus 41043, KYFamily Practice1801895396
William Kelly Vincent 42330, KYFamily Practice1801897855
Anthony David Starkey 42025, KYFamily Practice1801896196
Clem Everett Nichols 40222, KYFamily Practice1932100658
Kenneth Reed Gravett 40065, KYFamily Practice1548261191
W Norris Jennings 40216, KYFamily Practice1396746541
Larissa L Bailey 40729, KYFamily Practice1598766768
Karen M Small 42141, KYFamily Practice1457352957
Dennis Andre Ulrich 40729, KYFamily Practice1063413581
Steve T Vogelsang 40383, KYFamily Practice1790786903
John O Faurest 40216, KYFamily Practice1275534414
Stephanie R Jones 42629, KYFamily Practice1396746533
Michael Carl Hess 40214, KYFamily Practice1083615207
James P Roach 40347, KYFamily Practice1619978830
Gary G Spencer 42240, KYFamily Practice1740282714
Shellie D Hardcastle 42101, KYFamily Practice1033111901
Howard G Maddux 42064, KYFamily Practice1578565156
Ellen E Hedges 42445, KYFamily Practice1093717670
Wyetha S Wood 42445, KYFamily Practice1790787315
Gary V James 42064, KYFamily Practice1083616619
Alicia H Clark 42064, KYFamily Practice1801898440
William S Foley 40383, KYFamily Practice1235131699
Robby K Hutchinson 40383, KYFamily Practice1750383204
Kenneth Morris Slone 41822, KYFamily Practice1053313577
William Powers 40065, KYFamily Practice1992797021
Ronald E Waldridge 40065, KYFamily Practice1356333553
Paul A Goodlett 40065, KYFamily Practice1770575979
Ron E Creque 40065, KYFamily Practice1194717397
Peter T Rock 40741, KYFamily Practice1053303735
Amy Ketterer 19428, KYFamily Practice1225020506
Steven Hall 40330, KYFamily Practice1609868033
Masuda Ahmad 40831, KYFamily Practice1275525552
James W Morris 41002, KYFamily Practice1255324471
Michael Vernon Lang 42164, KYFamily Practice1518950807
Sarah Margaret Belhasen 41240, KYFamily Practice1679566731
Kenneth E Hines 40342, KYFamily Practice1174516306
Lisa Rae Gergen 41017, KYFamily Practice1497748263
Raven Whitney Ray 42420, KYFamily Practice1033577812
Angela D Thomas 40222, KYFamily Practice1730172396
David J Hays 40741, KYFamily Practice1215929997
Nicholas Roger Jurich 41653, KYFamily Practice1952393282
Ronald D Weddle 40219, KYFamily Practice1326049552
Gamani Kyaw Thu 41101, KYFamily Practice1891700662
Albert E Leis 40216, KYFamily Practice1831191592
Gilbert E Marchal 40216, KYFamily Practice1861493074
James Robert Eisenmenger 40216, KYFamily Practice1578564795
Daniel Lee Arnold 40216, KYFamily Practice1205838133
Ronald Edwin Waldridge 40065, KYFamily Practice1699767723
Michael J Miller 41042, KYFamily Practice1790777241
Carol B Peddicord 42602, KYFamily Practice1912990607
Ricky E Collins 41858, KYFamily Practice1659364024
Patricia Ann Provost 40202, KYFamily Practice1710971031
Alex F. Argotte 40031, KYFamily Practice1932193349
Mildred P Sizemore 41465, KYFamily Practice1679567945
Deborah Lynn Hatfield 41503, KYFamily Practice1225022411
Kathleen Marie Stevens 40121, KYFamily Practice1912991969
Katherine Belle Gish 41858, KYFamily Practice1972597052
Amy Elizabeth Coleman 40509, KYFamily Practice1710971775
William C Powell 42602, KYFamily Practice1427042407
Richard D. Larson 40212, KYFamily Practice1134113822
Steven H Gray 40241, KYFamily Practice1326033887
Nison I Abayev 40272, KYFamily Practice1124012653
Kay C Stephens 40475, KYFamily Practice1013902584
Glenn Ruben Womack 41041, KYFamily Practice1639164536
Rae Jean Jessee 41056, KYFamily Practice1154316065
Julia Renee Womack 41041, KYFamily Practice1588659494


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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