Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Glenda Carol Breakfell Petroff 70420, LAFamily Practice1609879659
M A Culasso, Llc 70458, LAFamily Practice1083617237
Robert Travis Kenny 70119, LAFamily Practice1972506095
Albert Glen Kerr 71269, LAFamily Practice1700889672
Michael O Fleming 71115, LAFamily Practice1184627986
Clois Darien Slaughter 71346, LAFamily Practice1184627838
Lawrence James Mcmanus 70458, LAFamily Practice1790788842
Peter Milder 71301, LAFamily Practice1952304776
Miguel A Culasso 70458, LAFamily Practice1255334314
Ana Maria H. Hebert 70072, LAFamily Practice1174526644
Darie S. Gilliam 70722, LAFamily Practice1174526883
Tracy P Broussard 70503, LAFamily Practice1619970308
Monica Andrews Butz 70403, LAFamily Practice1265435754
Mari Jessica Wirfs 70126, LAFamily Practice1770586323
Cathryn Elizabeth Wright 70596, LAFamily Practice1053314591
Emily Boriskie Graser 70501, LAFamily Practice1407859945
Lydia Mock Young 70809, LAFamily Practice1326041849
James M Deshotels 70118, LAFamily Practice1376546887
Patricia G Christy 70601, LAFamily Practice1376546739
Dawn Bravata Bauer 70118, LAFamily Practice1649273095
Dorien Rumsey Mahoney 70118, LAFamily Practice1386647667
Megan Arnold Louque 70471, LAFamily Practice1447253794
Richard Bernard Feucht 70520, LAFamily Practice1396747697
Cynthia Stewart Watson 70503, LAFamily Practice1497758841
David C Geier 52632, LAFamily Practice1649273913
Douglas Mehaffie 70056, LAFamily Practice1851393078
Elizabeth Nelson Britton 70805, LAFamily Practice1437153327
Randall Jude Faulk 70548, LAFamily Practice1043214976
Brian K Granger 70507, LAFamily Practice1487658274
Clara Basco Coutee 71351, LAFamily Practice1962406884
Donald J Reed 70507, LAFamily Practice1750385530
Eugene Benson Scott 71201, LAFamily Practice1437153228
Aimee B Daigle 70764, LAFamily Practice1659375376
Beau Brouillette 71351, LAFamily Practice1457353682
David J Guillot 71485, LAFamily Practice1215939558
Daniel Wayne Ross 37601, LAFamily Practice1538163506
Amelie Anne Hollier 70506, LAFamily Practice1194729657
Iris A Malone 70506, LAFamily Practice1912901406
Karl Neal Hanson 70065, LAFamily Practice1619971074
Lance Waldmeier 70668, LAFamily Practice1750386140
Julie Galley 70645, LAFamily Practice1083619480
Ken Thomas 70663, LAFamily Practice1881699015
Veronica Ann Eichaker 70112, LAFamily Practice1780689729
James Daryl Knecht 71457, LAFamily Practice1023013752
Bryan Anthony Picou 71457, LAFamily Practice1922003656
Deanna M Quinn-stevenson 70065, LAFamily Practice1467457481
Todd Patrick Shaffett 70403, LAFamily Practice1285639211
Alison Bordelon Nolan 70433, LAFamily Practice1982609764
Marion N Cash 71115, LAFamily Practice1881699353
Ricky L Jones 71115, LAFamily Practice1598760076
Sherin Hanna Mercer 71115, LAFamily Practice1659376143
Timothy E Mathis 71115, LAFamily Practice1730185927
Maureen Rose Lannan 70663, LAFamily Practice1023014313
John Edward Hogg 71457, LAFamily Practice1760488969
Marguerite B. Picou 71457, LAFamily Practice1033115159
Luris Sanchez 70570, LAFamily Practice1205832235
Charles Richard Carleton 71101, LAFamily Practice1457357469
Nick S. Pomonis 77630, LAFamily Practice1225034168
Sylvia Farrish Redd 71282, LAFamily Practice1891791794
Barbara Joan Liscum 70121, LAFamily Practice1720084510
Trenton L. James 70809, LAFamily Practice1508862210
David R Carver 70809, LAFamily Practice1235135948
Brad J. Gaspard 70809, LAFamily Practice1083610729
Edward E Jeffries 70809, LAFamily Practice1912903550
Louis R. Minsky 70809, LAFamily Practice1760488332
Dolores R. Hawthorne 71366, LAFamily Practice1295731818
Jane S Flynt 70663, LAFamily Practice1831196468
Amy Russell Ordeneaux 70803, LAFamily Practice1740286319
Internal Medicine Clinic Of Morgan City, Llc 70380, LAFamily Practice1821095407
Tina Marie Boudreaux 70506, LAFamily Practice1568468353
Megan Marie Hebert 70601, LAFamily Practice1912401621
Kevin Murphy 71106, LAFamily Practice1639175821
Judy Anne Jameson 71301, LAFamily Practice1497752018
Joseph E Bolger 71055, LAFamily Practice1013914357
Tina Trahan Wells 70769, LAFamily Practice1134126410
Lauren Ann Landry 71115, LAFamily Practice1336146612
Joni Ferguson Nickens 70806, LAFamily Practice1831196096
Mark Collier 70037, LAFamily Practice1861499972
Victor Gaston Theriault 70427, LAFamily Practice1396742318
Jack William Heidenreich 70394, LAFamily Practice1316944374
Michael Joseph Marcello 70394, LAFamily Practice1366449167
Wyche Taylor Coleman 71019, LAFamily Practice1710984513
Jesus Lao Chua 70538, LAFamily Practice1528066248
Nagaratna Reddy 70346, LAFamily Practice1770580508
Richard E Matis 70508, LAFamily Practice1740287481
Francine A Manuel 70508, LAFamily Practice1073510897
Andre Keath Perron 70508, LAFamily Practice1124026802
Nathan K Landry 70508, LAFamily Practice1427056985
Sharon D Adley 71108, LAFamily Practice1770581274
Barbara Terry Thompson 71418, LAFamily Practice1912905456
Linda K Oge 70506, LAFamily Practice1801894217
Yvonne H. Krielow 70591, LAFamily Practice1881692218
Roger Harvey Cook 70072, LAFamily Practice1043218340
Colleen Frantz Bodet 70115, LAFamily Practice1447258744
Steven Nathan Abramson 70769, LAFamily Practice1720086820
Richelle Denese Schiro 70448, LAFamily Practice1619975836
Rajinder Verma 71405, LAFamily Practice1720086812
Michael Bieller Harper 71103, LAFamily Practice1841298767
Christopher Daniel Naquin 70065, LAFamily Practice1760489579
Angela Fuller Doiron 70380, LAFamily Practice1073511960
Bryan Keith Melancon 70809, LAFamily Practice1922005206
Hamilton Medical Group, Apc 70508, LAFamily Practice1124026919
Stephen Dyer Downs 71301, LAFamily Practice1750389516
Ryan Joseph Mcguire 70115, LAFamily Practice1356340160
Acadia Healthcare Services Llc 70525, LAFamily Practice1376542506
Hector M. Cabrera 70114, LAFamily Practice1922007012
Lynn Bernaird Pennington 70808, LAFamily Practice1720087828
Angela M Langlinais 70560, LAFamily Practice1376542274
George B Cousin 70560, LAFamily Practice1275532186
Jose A Mata 70560, LAFamily Practice1962402859
Sonia M Alvarez 70006, LAFamily Practice1134129760
Sheila S. Perkins 70806, LAFamily Practice1871593533
Michelle F Cosse 70791, LAFamily Practice1790785376
Patrick Devincent Moore 70507, LAFamily Practice1982604419
John Charles Dugal 70506, LAFamily Practice1578563847
Randy James Daigle 70584, LAFamily Practice1558361865
Gordon B. Massengale 71269, LAFamily Practice1255331443
Dwight Thomas Curtis 70578, LAFamily Practice1902806128
Neal J Duhon 70578, LAFamily Practice1912907163
Dung T. Tran 70001, LAFamily Practice1386644342
Melvin G Bourgeois 70380, LAFamily Practice1154321297
Robert David Lesser 70002, LAFamily Practice1144221151
Heather Lynn Surcouf 70043, LAFamily Practice1619978541
Denham Springs Urgent Care Llc 70726, LAFamily Practice1396746111
Mark A Parent 70726, LAFamily Practice1245231091
Earl Ray Stagg 70601, LAFamily Practice1508866963
Kent Humble 70578, LAFamily Practice1104826338
Corinne Kauffeld Rougeau 70808, LAFamily Practice1982604187
Lawrence A. Giambelluca 70037, LAFamily Practice1992704076
Mary Catherine Hess 39466, LAFamily Practice1346249570
Steven Alan Durocher 30666, LAFamily Practice1962402461
Angela L Hardee 70542, LAFamily Practice1386644466
Abayomi G Oshinowo 30286, LAFamily Practice1417956467
Dorotha W Kubricht 70722, LAFamily Practice1255331468
Julia Kathleen Bull 70508, LAFamily Practice1659372134
Patricia Ann Romano 71101, LAFamily Practice1770584955
Mark Allen Cimino 71055, LAFamily Practice1740282490
Allen C Richert 70663, LAFamily Practice1942202536
Roger G Grimball 70663, LAFamily Practice1366444093
Charles E Reed 71295, LAFamily Practice1013919604
Leslie Sullivan Elkins 70803, LAFamily Practice1922000553
Thomas Jeffrey Bernard 71106, LAFamily Practice1962404475
Michael Wayne Yorek 70809, LAFamily Practice1225030737
Ellen Shea Mullen 70560, LAFamily Practice1174515332
Gregory Alan Brian 71301, LAFamily Practice1184616252
Jennifer Gay Bennett 71269, LAFamily Practice1255323390
Jonathan David Hunter 71301, LAFamily Practice1619969532
John Wesley Magee 70301, LAFamily Practice1396738670
Stephen P. Harris 70301, LAFamily Practice1720071988
Francis A Robichaux 70301, LAFamily Practice1528051794
Jody M. Plaisance 70301, LAFamily Practice1588657878
Douglas B. Harris 70301, LAFamily Practice1679566830
George Nick Guzzardo 70065, LAFamily Practice1760474084
Kyle J. Guidry 70301, LAFamily Practice1619960812
Family Medicine Of New Orleans Llc 70068, LAFamily Practice1083607782
Joan Walker, M.d., Llc 71301, LAFamily Practice1083607774
Smita S Patel 70433, LAFamily Practice1043203615
Laurie Harmon 71463, LAFamily Practice1649651571
John Lucien Lenfant 70125, LAFamily Practice1669465647
John S. Ziegler 71220, LAFamily Practice1669465316
Brian Clinic, L.l.p. 71301, LAFamily Practice1003808155
David Juston Colvin 71115, LAFamily Practice1023010592
Brian Paul Schulte 70806, LAFamily Practice1902808587
Robert Mark Chasuk 70806, LAFamily Practice1942202627
Michael Prentice Davis 70002, LAFamily Practice1629061726
Kevin O Joseph 70070, LAFamily Practice1659364495
Deborah Elaine White 70503, LAFamily Practice1205829173
Wendy Anne Pratt 70433, LAFamily Practice1225021207
Ochsner Clinic Llc 70836, LAFamily Practice1407848443
Bryan Barootes 70601, LAFamily Practice1326040858
Christopher Collins Lee 70817, LAFamily Practice1356334866
Kevin Thomas Schlamp 70663, LAFamily Practice1336133677
Bruce L Craig 71467, LAFamily Practice1558355578
Georgette Boudreaux Guillory 70584, LAFamily Practice1518951086
Ronald David Menard 70809, LAFamily Practice1699760520
Laura Elizabeth Rogers 70508, LAFamily Practice1912992868
Stephen Wayne Higgins 71110, LAFamily Practice1871589499
Kenneth C Coignet 70072, LAFamily Practice1518953009
Bertha H Daniels 70056, LAFamily Practice1285620773
Steven R Deloach 70130, LAFamily Practice1235125733
Quynh T Lu-lewis 70067, LAFamily Practice1356337778
Christopher L Richards 70056, LAFamily Practice1376539551
William M Long 70058, LAFamily Practice1215923487
Dondria Rachelle Hollies 70115, LAFamily Practice1194712844
Dhaya N Kutnikar 71201, LAFamily Practice1265429963
Gregory John Allen 70454, LAFamily Practice1952398356
Christopher Michael Earnhardt 71055, LAFamily Practice1699762948
Sunset Medical Clinic Llc 70584, LAFamily Practice1093702367
Michael Scott Chanler 71055, LAFamily Practice1336136407
George G Matewere 70129, LAFamily Practice1548257363
Deidre L Stelly Md Apmllc 70517, LAFamily Practice1902894637
Pride Plaza Medical Llc 70501, LAFamily Practice1790773430
Peggy A Allemand 70648, LAFamily Practice1316935174
Russell P. Pavich 70535, LAFamily Practice1720076490
Alan P. Broussard 70517, LAFamily Practice1700874468
Kenya D. Knox-lewis 70056, LAFamily Practice1235486747
Mark Anthony Schneider 70508, LAFamily Practice1497741615
Michael F Mcsween 70094, LAFamily Practice1962497917
Marilyn Dianne Marshall 70510, LAFamily Practice1467446161
Deidre L. Stelly 70517, LAFamily Practice1144218868


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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