Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lynne Ann Kline 21740, MDFamily Practice1679576888
Dennis M Hannon 20832, MDFamily Practice1053314815
Jonathan Maltz 20832, MDFamily Practice1326041179
Gwenneth O Cancino 21001, MDFamily Practice1487657227
Peninsula Cardiology Associates, P.a. 21804, MDFamily Practice1902809858
Fatima Yousef Hussein 20746, MDFamily Practice1245233717
John J Saxer 66223, MDFamily Practice1205839875
Fabrice Czarnecki 21204, MDFamily Practice1497758056
Joan Smith 21804, MDFamily Practice1245233840
Susan Joyce Keister 21502, MDFamily Practice1154324465
Paul S Kruszka 21226, MDFamily Practice1871596163
Kalpana Nmn De 21014, MDFamily Practice1942203211
Leslie Ann Tice 21204, MDFamily Practice1972505295
Regina Kundell 21702, MDFamily Practice1376546994
Susan Kosnik Ross 21620, MDFamily Practice1417950080
Paul Daniel Miller 21550, MDFamily Practice1194727487
Christian Edward Jensen 21629, MDFamily Practice1134121312
Teaette L Louderback-smith 21014, MDFamily Practice1831191097
Helene Dumont 20910, MDFamily Practice1568466456
Christie Lynn Tanner-gorman 21702, MDFamily Practice1033113857
Roberta Proffitt Lavin 20889, MDFamily Practice1184628687
Jimmie Julius Drummond 21213, MDFamily Practice1659375004
Paul Michael Patterson 20646, MDFamily Practice1285639617
Michael Gray 20814, MDFamily Practice1215931605
Kevin Edward Hohl 21769, MDFamily Practice1912902362
Suzanne Obrien 20164, MDFamily Practice1831194117
Michael Ray Behre 21769, MDFamily Practice1043215494
Potomac Family Medicine 21742, MDFamily Practice1255336483
Bradford Lewis Ebright 21236, MDFamily Practice1053316158
Ralph Lawrence Kugler 21742, MDFamily Practice1821093055
William Eugene Kutzera 21742, MDFamily Practice1053316273
Gloria Fern Moretz 21017, MDFamily Practice1013912039
Barbara Cheewei Choo 20002, MDFamily Practice1922003078
Theresa Anne Rupp 23936, MDFamily Practice1942205844
Kristine Carlsten Salvo 21236, MDFamily Practice1396740106
Karla Sellers 21114, MDFamily Practice1649274143
Caroline G Mansy 21804, MDFamily Practice1467457622
Kelli Alisa Strauss 21742, MDFamily Practice1033114244
Allen Wilson Ditto 21742, MDFamily Practice1497750707
Stephen Elliot Metzner 21742, MDFamily Practice1851396089
Patricia Dubyoski 21014, MDFamily Practice1487659082
Patricia A Chambliss 21122, MDFamily Practice1346245834
Maria Desiree Ferraris Araneta 20850, MDFamily Practice1679579148
Kelly Joyce Cowen 20854, MDFamily Practice1225033731
Karen M Donaldson 21213, MDFamily Practice1578569786
Lynne Ann Jacobs 20716, MDFamily Practice1962408955
Ihn Whan Roh 20746, MDFamily Practice1558367334
Mark Sivieri M.d. P.a. 21046, MDFamily Practice1255337002
Richard A Farson 20603, MDFamily Practice1679579361
Mark Vincent Sivieri 21046, MDFamily Practice1992701742
William H Carter 20121, MDFamily Practice1164428801
Barbara Pyle 21502, MDFamily Practice1861498412
Fleta H Sokal 21014, MDFamily Practice1306841945
David W Mcclure 21014, MDFamily Practice1275538878
Robert Duncan 21014, MDFamily Practice1255337416
Shilpi Khosla 21014, MDFamily Practice1114922655
Alfred D Sparks 21014, MDFamily Practice1629073267
Arnulfo B Bonavente 20772, MDFamily Practice1619973534
Richard Sanford Lamson 21205, MDFamily Practice1629073101
Julie Tinney 21014, MDFamily Practice1902801541
Kathyann Gibbs 21202, MDFamily Practice1083871107
Gary L Wagoner 21502, MDFamily Practice1225034853
Tibor E Frekko 20878, MDFamily Practice1700883329
Camille C Woodson 20744, MDFamily Practice1184621633
Louis Bernard Jacques 21244, MDFamily Practice1659378198
Janet Kaye Oneal 20895, MDFamily Practice1265439509
Murray Wilson West 21213, MDFamily Practice1275530545
Kimberly Lyn Zeren 21702, MDFamily Practice1003813072
Veena Mysore 20746, MDFamily Practice1053318089
Mickey O Mills 20747, MDFamily Practice1821095795
Mitchell Sender Gittelman 21804, MDFamily Practice1851398689
Kevin Michael Gil 20850, MDFamily Practice1669479309
Joselito Duran Magday 20705, MDFamily Practice1376541623
Patricia D. Scherer 21740, MDFamily Practice1083612188
Michael Scott Riebman 21401, MDFamily Practice1710985676
Allison L Evans-wood 21502, MDFamily Practice1841298809
Sophia Lynn Robinson 21217, MDFamily Practice1831197722
Jennifer Pullmann 21117, MDFamily Practice1003814997
Norman E Wood 21562, MDFamily Practice1114925179
Erica Cecilia Isles 21213, MDFamily Practice1831197110
Erwin R. Aldana 21208, MDFamily Practice1609874718
Debra Lynn Keller 21502, MDFamily Practice1841298908
Amie R Munson 22932, MDFamily Practice1528066545
Beverly June Davis Bye 21120, MDFamily Practice1306843644
Peter Scott Abbott 21874, MDFamily Practice1982603759
Lawrence Scott Gordon 21771, MDFamily Practice1467450296
Thomas P Lawrence 21811, MDFamily Practice1770582553
Michael James Lapenta 21401, MDFamily Practice1639178239
Jennifer Jean Mays 21237, MDFamily Practice1942209069
Patrick J Canan 21401, MDFamily Practice1306845375
Tracy L Adams 21401, MDFamily Practice1265431290
David Conrad Anderson 21054, MDFamily Practice1508866336
David Samuel Granite 20770, MDFamily Practice1508866229
Sybil D Pickard 20176, MDFamily Practice1174523898
Gerald Apollon 21157, MDFamily Practice1558361980
David Mark Posner 21042, MDFamily Practice1942200100
Adolph William Johnson 20904, MDFamily Practice1235139387
Ken S Shin 20746, MDFamily Practice1972503068
Steven Wilks 20814, MDFamily Practice1053311035
Angela Maria Calle 21401, MDFamily Practice1841291754
George Brinton Cavanagh 20716, MDFamily Practice1477554293
Victor Gong 21842, MDFamily Practice1871594689
Konni Elaine Bringman 20716, MDFamily Practice1194726000
Teresa Hanyok 21102, MDFamily Practice1821099730
Sharon Lynn Dudley-brown 21014, MDFamily Practice1427057272
Errol A Phillip 21403, MDFamily Practice1831198829
James W Ruppel 21012, MDFamily Practice1912906512
Rose M Wienhoff 21703, MDFamily Practice1326047630
Amy Arbaugh Martin 21157, MDFamily Practice1235138793
Robert S Eden 21401, MDFamily Practice1902806409
Charles Benford Sauls 22968, MDFamily Practice1548269889
Patricia A Czapp 20770, MDFamily Practice1447259411
75th Street Medical Pa 21842, MDFamily Practice1467453266
William Edward Behrens 21401, MDFamily Practice1841291564
James Martin Chamberlain 21658, MDFamily Practice1437150042
Candace Irene Chandler 21093, MDFamily Practice1407857022
Lyn Nguyen Dea 21401, MDFamily Practice1063413599
Patricia Polk Jett 21401, MDFamily Practice1609877018
Patricia Tomsko Nay 20852, MDFamily Practice1124029566
William John Hammerash 21797, MDFamily Practice1033110390
Karen Louise Mcclure 21146, MDFamily Practice1083615355
Jamie Lynne Harms 21658, MDFamily Practice1780685073
Margaret Decker Malaro 21617, MDFamily Practice1730180027
David B Mclean 20889, MDFamily Practice1962403279
Stephan Robert Izzi 21061, MDFamily Practice1629079173
George Hennawi 21239, MDFamily Practice1336140524
Jonathan Forman 21061, MDFamily Practice1861493926
Tik Ka Lisa Ng 20832, MDFamily Practice1376544486
Erika V. Barger 20755, MDFamily Practice1194727131
Peter G Uggowitzer 21074, MDFamily Practice1255333274
Sarita Sharma 21742, MDFamily Practice1902808835
Clyde E Gibb 21863, MDFamily Practice1578565370
Kathleen T. Ogle 21012, MDFamily Practice1912909318
Anthony Joseph Bollino 21502, MDFamily Practice1528060928
Margaret Barnes Matarese 20032, MDFamily Practice1477545507
Lauren B. Richter 21207, MDFamily Practice1366434227
Vincent Paul Wroblewski 21093, MDFamily Practice1780676775
Janet H. Paydo 21209, MDFamily Practice1720070725
Trang M Pham 21122, MDFamily Practice1083606081
Victor M. Plavner 21012, MDFamily Practice1104818004
Astrida A. Plucis 21401, MDFamily Practice1407848302
Rachel M. Sweeney 21012, MDFamily Practice1265424055
Simita U. Talwar 21114, MDFamily Practice1245222082
Eric L. Weisbrot 21202, MDFamily Practice1285626044
Robert Timothy Pace 20602, MDFamily Practice1326030040
Leonard Michael Zullo 21222, MDFamily Practice1740272525
Joyce Sung Szu Tsang Cheng 20007, MDFamily Practice1417949017
Sonya B. Williams 21012, MDFamily Practice1912999517
Jonathan C Patrowicz 21804, MDFamily Practice1801888318
James Charles Welsh 20007, MDFamily Practice1386636876
Hector Castro Asuncion 20837, MDFamily Practice1407848823
Gene E Green 21202, MDFamily Practice1154314326
Charles Donald Stegman 21853, MDFamily Practice1184616419
Carlos Eugenio Covarrubias Ponce 20910, MDFamily Practice1306839469
Lillian Marie Cardona 20874, MDFamily Practice1215920178
Vanitha Evangeline Abraham 17050, MDFamily Practice1124011101
Shylaja Unnikrishna Keshav 20724, MDFamily Practice1326031063
Benjamin Frank Papoi 20872, MDFamily Practice1750374492
Scott Howard Nagell 20176, MDFamily Practice1588657019
Harvey J Steinfeld 20764, MDFamily Practice1568455178
Stephen E Killian 21037, MDFamily Practice1285627778
Anthony Edward Crowley 20132, MDFamily Practice1134112642
Susan M Furr 20132, MDFamily Practice1902899420
Stephen Joseph Napolitano 20176, MDFamily Practice1548253065
Heather Jean Montgomery 20678, MDFamily Practice1427059559
Pamela B Sampson 20770, MDFamily Practice1508858374
Timothy S. Purdy 21502, MDFamily Practice1053312496
John Richard Lilly 20781, MDFamily Practice1528051711
Margaret Claire Mcmanus 21201, MDFamily Practice1124011846
Rodell E Cruise 21401, MDFamily Practice1881687762
Jeanna J Moats 21742, MDFamily Practice1417958075
Edith M. Rayfield 20747, MDFamily Practice1831181759
Linda Whitby 21037, MDFamily Practice1912999228
Daniel E Makas 21601, MDFamily Practice1316939432
William Alexander Dabbs 21401, MDFamily Practice1326049040
Sound Physicians Palliative Care Of Maryland, P.c. 20850, MDFamily Practice1487189122
Wafik I Zaki 21629, MDFamily Practice1033102975
Adebowale Prest 20735, MDFamily Practice1326030438
Rita Krishan Dhawan 21043, MDFamily Practice1134120793
John M. Lehigh 21791, MDFamily Practice1427040070
Joy Ann Saari 20176, MDFamily Practice1174516686
Nicole Kathleen Woodley 20176, MDFamily Practice1669465175
Paula Maria Kukulich 20176, MDFamily Practice1821081332
Robert Lowell Hetzel 20176, MDFamily Practice1811980329
Melissa Milburn Hebert 20176, MDFamily Practice1548253057
Colleen Kelly Wright 20176, MDFamily Practice1730172255
Emory J Linder 21085, MDFamily Practice1437142833
David G Freas 21054, MDFamily Practice1497748800
Julie Seif Sexton 21811, MDFamily Practice1275527681
Ian M Shantz 21054, MDFamily Practice1083607410
Karl Edward Schwalm 21550, MDFamily Practice1427042811
Princess Anne Family Practice 21853, MDFamily Practice1831183169
Kathryn Ruth Mcgill 20147, MDFamily Practice1437143740
Michael Gasparovich 21617, MDFamily Practice1598759706
Katherine Joyce Cole 22033, MDFamily Practice1508850660
Andrew P Mcglone 21401, MDFamily Practice1215921093
Robin Susan Woyach 20176, MDFamily Practice1598759425
Karleen M Leasure 21401, MDFamily Practice1073507802
Juanita Belle Bauman 21658, MDFamily Practice1871587568
Gregory Mark Dohmeier 21015, MDFamily Practice1396739033


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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