Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Nichole F Patrick 48085, MIFamily Practice1972016913
Marshall W Stepanian 44512, MIFamily Practice1528061678
Howard Brody 48824, MIFamily Practice1528061496
Willi E. Martens 76102, MIFamily Practice1477556009
Louis T Praamsma 49010, MIFamily Practice1720081458
Marshall Barnett Sack 48375, MIFamily Practice1629071170
John M. Stafford 49085, MIFamily Practice1730182247
Glenn E Merz 49442, MIFamily Practice1003819400
David A Vanwinkle 49444, MIFamily Practice1164425567
Robert P Vermaire 49442, MIFamily Practice1174527402
Jeffrey A Crandle 49444, MIFamily Practice1821091216
James C Flick 49442, MIFamily Practice1255334603
Donza Thomas Worden 49726, MIFamily Practice1225031594
Sharon Kay Spanbauer 49221, MIFamily Practice1487657110
Sylvia G Mustonen 48214, MIFamily Practice1306848619
Robert H Mackie 49783, MIFamily Practice1891797098
David Thomas Ottenbaker 49417, MIFamily Practice1386648624
Daniel B Powers 49417, MIFamily Practice1285636324
John Patrick Ockenfels 49783, MIFamily Practice1457353633
Bay Area Family Care Of Traverse City Plc 49686, MIFamily Practice1407858798
Paul A Haight 49456, MIFamily Practice1477555621
Timothy Norman Tetzlaff 49783, MIFamily Practice1326040544
Terry L Malloy 49783, MIFamily Practice1245232453
Mark Richard Shebuski 49931, MIFamily Practice1548262736
Marilynn S. Dewald 49931, MIFamily Practice1548262702
Joseph A Bruno 49048, MIFamily Practice1487658746
Denise Hillard Balon 48178, MIFamily Practice1861494965
Patricia Anne Barber 48075, MIFamily Practice1396747499
Daniel D Hardie 49855, MIFamily Practice1669476925
Barbara Ellen Falor 49256, MIFamily Practice1407850357
Shivaprasad K Shetty 49256, MIFamily Practice1235133190
Braswell Drue Deen 48075, MIFamily Practice1003810839
James P Ranta 49345, MIFamily Practice1841294592
John Arthur Crayne 48144, MIFamily Practice1952305542
George S Bruins 49508, MIFamily Practice1265436836
Eric C Bouwens 49508, MIFamily Practice1336143965
Larry A Poel 49417, MIFamily Practice1134121270
Raymond P Rabideau 49417, MIFamily Practice1356345698
Elizabeth Hengstebeck 48824, MIFamily Practice1457355042
Basem Almasri 48066, MIFamily Practice1326040510
Marie Vander Linde 49508, MIFamily Practice1467456129
Stacey Lyn Bartell 48178, MIFamily Practice1669476933
Ann K Kuenker 49684, MIFamily Practice1609870104
Mary Margaret Stuner 48891, MIFamily Practice1033113568
Barry Kitts 49345, MIFamily Practice1508860941
Mark C Stevens 49855, MIFamily Practice1881698249
Sara Reid Hinderer 48601, MIFamily Practice1033113444
Leanne M Hatfield 49855, MIFamily Practice1952305336
Alfonso Acosta 48324, MIFamily Practice1629072038
Joseph Paul Van Ark 48837, MIFamily Practice1104821438
Nancy Ann Crummel 49684, MIFamily Practice1922003367
Quan D Nguyen 48837, MIFamily Practice1598760837
Marites Q Ansay 49935, MIFamily Practice1609871904
Roger Holman 49404, MIFamily Practice1073518270
Laura Louise Curtis 48879, MIFamily Practice1659376762
Timothy L Beechnau 49451, MIFamily Practice1083619936
Lee Michael Sterenberg 49417, MIFamily Practice1003811092
Alan Silber 48135, MIFamily Practice1366447260
Alpena Medical Arts Pc 49707, MIFamily Practice1811992704
Kathi Rubles 48076, MIFamily Practice1437154325
Elizabeth L. Hale 46350, MIFamily Practice1871598243
Michael J Bultje 49519, MIFamily Practice1144224882
David Francis Lieuwen 49546, MIFamily Practice1043214414
Gerri Lynn Hagadon-szakal 48867, MIFamily Practice1831193358
Hart Family Medical Associates Pc 49420, MIFamily Practice1093710675
Lisa K Million 49203, MIFamily Practice1902802473
Paul D Heilborn 49203, MIFamily Practice1841296332
Devendra K Sharma 48763, MIFamily Practice1396740817
Michael G. Burry 48150, MIFamily Practice1447256821
Jeffrey Elliott Kittle 49660, MIFamily Practice1477559888
Margaret Lynn Rorick 49749, MIFamily Practice1699771857
Pamela Nelson 49079, MIFamily Practice1033115183
Julie M Stevens 48858, MIFamily Practice1346246337
Zeeland Community Hospital 49426, MIFamily Practice1154327104
Zeeland Community Hospital 49426, MIFamily Practice1508862558
Emily Mei-yue Weng 48312, MIFamily Practice1700882669
Roger S Yim 48312, MIFamily Practice1790781656
Angela L. Harris, M.d., P.c. 48221, MIFamily Practice1467458257
Juliet Alfonso Santos 48180, MIFamily Practice1639175284
Dale G Terpstra 49464, MIFamily Practice1902802721
Michelle Khurana 48334, MIFamily Practice1801892690
Shawn M Pertunen 49770, MIFamily Practice1548266158
Suzanne Bentley Kirk 49202, MIFamily Practice1669479234
Mary Margaret Guerra 48085, MIFamily Practice1801892468
Gail Burke 49202, MIFamily Practice1710983309
Sujatha Prasad 49202, MIFamily Practice1942206545
Farzin Reza Namei 48080, MIFamily Practice1700883345
Erin E. Mazur 49202, MIFamily Practice1255338828
William P Prechel 48228, MIFamily Practice1912903139
Patricia Bauer 49686, MIFamily Practice1437155488
Total Wellness Urgent Care Pllc 49251, MIFamily Practice1740714849
Keith M Tobin 48150, MIFamily Practice1083611560
Diana Marie Loynes 49009, MIFamily Practice1588661987
Gerrit Vanderlugt 48880, MIFamily Practice1477550689
Michele Sturt 49770, MIFamily Practice1932106135
William Paul Penn 48150, MIFamily Practice1740287812
Evtishios James Daros 48439, MIFamily Practice1316944333
Tania M Lebaron 49601, MIFamily Practice1316945017
Edwin L Delange 48446, MIFamily Practice1073510723
Ronald D Simmons 49601, MIFamily Practice1427056191
Peggy K Werth 48180, MIFamily Practice1952309676
Thomas G Smith 49601, MIFamily Practice1245238989
Charlotte Zhong Yang 48706, MIFamily Practice1669479580
James R Whelan 49601, MIFamily Practice1396743068
Alan J Conrad 49601, MIFamily Practice1447258116
Dianne M Conrad 49601, MIFamily Practice1699773374
James Scott Boal 48154, MIFamily Practice1992703672
Debra A Lusty 49242, MIFamily Practice1477551067
Mary E Rupp 48116, MIFamily Practice1528066156
Ashwin N Raval 48192, MIFamily Practice1558369132
Lawrence Dustin Kimball 49242, MIFamily Practice1346248937
Karen Lindower 49242, MIFamily Practice1033117627
Ross D Miller 49242, MIFamily Practice1720086226
Eriberto Carrion 49055, MIFamily Practice1780682237
Bruce E Adams Do & Associates, P.c. 48091, MIFamily Practice1639177058
Christopher J Pogliano 49938, MIFamily Practice1043218324
Donald Dino Bignotti 48341, MIFamily Practice1659379758
Brighton Family Physicians Pc 48116, MIFamily Practice1649278748
Manisha Singhi Garg 48124, MIFamily Practice1740288984
Heidi Nichols 49221, MIFamily Practice1972501138
Indira Reddy 48036, MIFamily Practice1760480883
Hammoud Medical Center Pc 48127, MIFamily Practice1922006048
Lisa Langenburg 48036, MIFamily Practice1265430391
Pamela Rae Valka 48036, MIFamily Practice1174521207
Carolyn Dianne Leadholm-wittke 48603, MIFamily Practice1124026018
James E Hubbard 49938, MIFamily Practice1891793733
Patricia Lynn Frick 48603, MIFamily Practice1942208822
Helen Judith Decorte 48604, MIFamily Practice1447258330
Robert Peter Camara 48843, MIFamily Practice1942207931
Susan Rice Do Frank Lanzilote Do Family Practice Pc 48227, MIFamily Practice1659378487
Janetlynne Erickson 48328, MIFamily Practice1043696867
Maxcare Medical Group Pc 48212, MIFamily Practice1700247715
Belverly J Jones 48201, MIFamily Practice1306844998
Leslie Bennett-granata 49242, MIFamily Practice1093713679
Rebecca M Steele 48183, MIFamily Practice1093712507
Zakari Tata 48075, MIFamily Practice1871591313
Thomas Ward Bishop 48118, MIFamily Practice1760480966
Scott William Eathorne 48334, MIFamily Practice1760480974
Amy Catherine Roy 48846, MIFamily Practice1538166186
Allenwood Family Health Care, Pc 48180, MIFamily Practice1578610580
Saundra L Blanchard 49445, MIFamily Practice1407854177
Michele L Harma 54534, MIFamily Practice1982602926
Robert E Gardner 49938, MIFamily Practice1346248275
Angela S Mowery 49779, MIFamily Practice1699773580
Sandra Kay Wilbanks 48623, MIFamily Practice1356340103
Michael J Dorsa 78230, MIFamily Practice1043219827
Clarkston Lakes Family Medicine Llc 48346, MIFamily Practice1457359267
Ramesh Chandra Kilaru 48302, MIFamily Practice1083613764
Brian Frol 48127, MIFamily Practice1942209671
Karen Harlan 45212, MIFamily Practice1063411791
Farah Iftikhar 48195, MIFamily Practice1376542035
Gary Gazella 48127, MIFamily Practice1609875392
Arbor Lane Family Physicians Plc 48127, MIFamily Practice1205835931
David J Wilcox 49686, MIFamily Practice1073512539
Sally Miller 49686, MIFamily Practice1588663041
Tonya M Melton 48206, MIFamily Practice1518966001
Marcia Lynne Vanderbroek 48183, MIFamily Practice1144229535
Margaret Mary Okeeffe 48603, MIFamily Practice1235138702
Marcella Sue Welker 48603, MIFamily Practice1073512646
Woodland Urgent Care Llc 48219, MIFamily Practice1841299435
Robert M Knox 49112, MIFamily Practice1578562070
Maria Adela A. Cordoba-naguit 49286, MIFamily Practice1699774133
Rani Thangam Potti 48125, MIFamily Practice1811996333
Karen Barnes Mitchell 48075, MIFamily Practice1912906447
Clifford Alan 49686, MIFamily Practice1710986245
Steve Elliot Reiman 49071, MIFamily Practice1205835535
Deborah Jean Russell 49007, MIFamily Practice1790784130
Mark A Snider 48162, MIFamily Practice1003815465
Martin Friedrich Hoffmann 49071, MIFamily Practice1891794160
Kerwin T Farmer 49707, MIFamily Practice1942209010
Patrick R Brennan 48178, MIFamily Practice1770582793
David R Reames 48144, MIFamily Practice1942209978
Robert Gordon 48170, MIFamily Practice1588663413
Shylaja Khatiwala 48170, MIFamily Practice1205836137
Alexander Shelton Judy 49801, MIFamily Practice1730189663
Renee K Bell 49525, MIFamily Practice1750381463
Timothy Gerard O Callaghan 49431, MIFamily Practice1982604617
Cynthia Marie Trosin 48035, MIFamily Practice1346240124
Tatiana Masyk 49221, MIFamily Practice1184624934
Barbara A Zajdel 48331, MIFamily Practice1801896469
Omega S Paril 48506, MIFamily Practice1548260037
Veta Amy Ruck 48116, MIFamily Practice1225038987
Rebecca Alyce Boensch 48415, MIFamily Practice1063412690
Raymond D Tracy 49459, MIFamily Practice1588664064
S. H. Raythatha Md Pc 48726, MIFamily Practice1700886231
Frederick William Born 49085, MIFamily Practice1295735751
Heather M Plumer-haun 48050, MIFamily Practice1174523401
Ronald L Steury 48884, MIFamily Practice1659371029
James Thomas Kerby 49525, MIFamily Practice1649270935
David Carl Kirchinger 49509, MIFamily Practice1952301269
Christopher J Frocillo 48050, MIFamily Practice1518967835
Gary G Otsuji 48075, MIFamily Practice1558361972
David Michael Peck 48374, MIFamily Practice1326048448
Laura A Tinning 49506, MIFamily Practice1689674756
Brian L Glenn 48446, MIFamily Practice1841290970
Janet K Sutton 48706, MIFamily Practice1891795878
Promita Roychoudhury 48178, MIFamily Practice1083614002
Warren Urgent Care Pc 48093, MIFamily Practice1972503902
Shalini Singh 48374, MIFamily Practice1275534208
Katherine Gross Keller 49444, MIFamily Practice1427059484


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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