Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John C Canon 28659, NCFamily Practice1699778639
Tracy Donald Chapman 28655, NCFamily Practice1285637413
Donald A Dewhurst 28734, NCFamily Practice1578566592
Gerald Lee Points 28403, NCFamily Practice1194728378
Karen Linnear Smith 28376, NCFamily Practice1033112164
Thomas R Leonard 28327, NCFamily Practice1194728949
Richard C Wolonick 28352, NCFamily Practice1760485726
Maxine Blue 28372, NCFamily Practice1750384400
Godfrey Ohadugha 28311, NCFamily Practice1902809510
William Sanderson 28303, NCFamily Practice1902809619
Cathy M Judge Swaney 27284, NCFamily Practice1538162243
Nancy Henderson-hines 28311, NCFamily Practice1336142959
Donald L Lendle 27106, NCFamily Practice1083617716
Tracy Elizabeth Bullard 28348, NCFamily Practice1255334736
Virginia Baity Ervin 28086, NCFamily Practice1205839529
Ram Mohan Bongu 28301, NCFamily Practice1760485080
John M Ray 28304, NCFamily Practice1134122500
Jessica Tucker 28391, NCFamily Practice1740283001
Jill Jimison Lambert 27330, NCFamily Practice1891798518
Kreig A. Spahn 28655, NCFamily Practice1265435689
Diane Fuller Hawes 27402, NCFamily Practice1457353724
Thai Quoc Trinh 27616, NCFamily Practice1558363697
Iris J Evans 28463, NCFamily Practice1578565727
Kevin P Howard 27288, NCFamily Practice1588666705
Paul W Sasser 27288, NCFamily Practice1255333464
Terry G Daniel 27288, NCFamily Practice1578565776
Robert F Cadogan 28304, NCFamily Practice1598767691
Katie O Gilbert 28401, NCFamily Practice1023010105
Stephen Lesher Leighton 27101, NCFamily Practice1831193721
Dana Leann Garrett 27330, NCFamily Practice1205830239
Stephen H Cox 27505, NCFamily Practice1902800949
Marcia H Ballard 28327, NCFamily Practice1558365403
Martina Dockery Monroe 28376, NCFamily Practice1699779454
Guyton Joel Winker 28160, NCFamily Practice1740284512
Harrill Gene Washburn 28160, NCFamily Practice1255335022
Kathryn D Dewey 27949, NCFamily Practice1386648111
Rhonda L Larimore 28803, NCFamily Practice1033113717
Nancy Cornwell Winker 28139, NCFamily Practice1891799581
Leonardo Figueroa 28303, NCFamily Practice1780688440
Samuel Sherman Spicer 28403, NCFamily Practice1952305617
David A Howell 29512, NCFamily Practice1285638841
Elizabeth Bryan 28328, NCFamily Practice1346244977
Brian Wayne Bell 28043, NCFamily Practice1518961275
Elizabeth A Deaton 28412, NCFamily Practice1447254438
Matthew M King 27509, NCFamily Practice1124022827
William Lee Bell 27325, NCFamily Practice1619971694
Lalisa Ann Carpenter 28752, NCFamily Practice1508860271
David R Parker 28305, NCFamily Practice1376547356
Jonathan D. Rowson 28364, NCFamily Practice1194729830
Chong Lieu 28117, NCFamily Practice1659375178
Myra Jane Hall 28315, NCFamily Practice1811991342
Eugenia Brooks Howie 28340, NCFamily Practice1780688119
Pierce Overman 28547, NCFamily Practice1588668982
Daniel Francis Zinicola 28457, NCFamily Practice1811991219
Alfred Herman Woodworth 28403, NCFamily Practice1174528558
Stanley Gill Minor 28403, NCFamily Practice1083619498
David Milo Turnbull 28403, NCFamily Practice1437154812
Thomas Dale Tate 28403, NCFamily Practice1316942527
Randall Scott Keith 27041, NCFamily Practice1477558542
Joan Aimee Queng 28771, NCFamily Practice1215932298
Brenda Mercer Allen 28340, NCFamily Practice1134124589
Seymore Albert Abrons 28401, NCFamily Practice1942205307
Kelly Kirkman Grant 27403, NCFamily Practice1649274002
Eleanor Latrelle Lowe 28645, NCFamily Practice1578568465
Diane Elise Harris 28403, NCFamily Practice1396740940
William Stephen Luking 27320, NCFamily Practice1629073176
Mark E Meijer 27573, NCFamily Practice1407851983
Kathryn J Lynch 28771, NCFamily Practice1033115563
Tamara L Link 27518, NCFamily Practice1912903410
Stephen Brian Irvin 27531, NCFamily Practice1053316562
Shane O Summers 28601, NCFamily Practice1497751671
Donna L Spence 27858, NCFamily Practice1578569950
Robert Eric Hart 28601, NCFamily Practice1326044504
Michael Lawrence Fisher 28645, NCFamily Practice1104822196
Sondra Louise Mckellar 28443, NCFamily Practice1780680801
Benjamin W Reese 28144, NCFamily Practice1417953423
Patricia June Johnson 28771, NCFamily Practice1528064698
Eugene Reynolds 28052, NCFamily Practice1518963594
Gus D Prince 28374, NCFamily Practice1932105889
Lee Dennis Barro 28016, NCFamily Practice1316943384
Douglas E Lam 28374, NCFamily Practice1396741211
Eva Mae Stassen 28216, NCFamily Practice1265438089
Harry Mario Coletta 27052, NCFamily Practice1639175219
Sharon A. Reilly 27217, NCFamily Practice1427055060
John W Jameson 28374, NCFamily Practice1902802853
Alfred Sidney B Bunao 27330, NCFamily Practice1700882214
Deanna L Scherock-wright 28655, NCFamily Practice1275539694
Roger R Hill 28655, NCFamily Practice1639175706
Julia E Norem 28304, NCFamily Practice1881690402
David Parker Sparks 28613, NCFamily Practice1033116488
John Christopher Perry 27932, NCFamily Practice1962409326
William Gainey Morrozoff 28371, NCFamily Practice1437156767
Kenneth Edward Locklear 28377, NCFamily Practice1275530594
Mary J. Britton 28602, NCFamily Practice1053318246
James R Johansen 28152, NCFamily Practice1538166673
Karen Kinney Schneider 27607, NCFamily Practice1225035405
Erich Gerhard Buehler 28704, NCFamily Practice1518964576
Brian Ray Forrest 27502, NCFamily Practice1376540112
Linda Still Winegardner 28078, NCFamily Practice1336147024
Dorothy W Butler 27834, NCFamily Practice1467450114
Robert Adam Cook 28787, NCFamily Practice1629075445
Christopher W Groner 28642, NCFamily Practice1306843123
Eric C Troyer 28088, NCFamily Practice1962409748
Bonnie Carol Hutchins Hill 28144, NCFamily Practice1881692432
James E Kenney 27536, NCFamily Practice1639177249
Peter C Russ 28043, NCFamily Practice1568460921
Mark Monroe Mayes 28621, NCFamily Practice1427056571
Anu Bommareddi 27607, NCFamily Practice1598763567
John L Burkard 27607, NCFamily Practice1730187618
Corinne L Griffith 27607, NCFamily Practice1285632166
Karen Ann Cooper 29036, NCFamily Practice1851398747
Dennis Michael Mahan 27565, NCFamily Practice1477550473
Julia Teck 28304, NCFamily Practice1821582024
Nagaraja Vishakantaiah 27106, NCFamily Practice1376541581
Elena Hendren 28304, NCFamily Practice1023423795
Daphne Joan Cates 27330, NCFamily Practice1164429205
Bill Jack Parker 28658, NCFamily Practice1407854441
William Lewis Gerling 28792, NCFamily Practice1295734028
John James Lammie 28310, NCFamily Practice1144229857
Paul Dwayne Collins 28372, NCFamily Practice1023017514
Danny L West 28372, NCFamily Practice1639178106
Wade K. Grainger 28803, NCFamily Practice1518966928
William E. Hall 27330, NCFamily Practice1104825603
Thomas M. Whyte 27203, NCFamily Practice1629077862
Timothy Alan Highley 28791, NCFamily Practice1366441560
Josephine R Brown 28304, NCFamily Practice1235138462
Kristen Wert Kaplan 27358, NCFamily Practice1265431225
Domenic A Palagruto 28461, NCFamily Practice1215936356
Diana M. Mckeithan 28340, NCFamily Practice1790784619
Janet Wilder Bowen 27529, NCFamily Practice1518967405
Delores R. Williams 28304, NCFamily Practice1619976537
Christine A. Plummer 28304, NCFamily Practice1326047242
Ann A Lewis 28328, NCFamily Practice1578563201
Abdul Sadat 27614, NCFamily Practice1881694370
Bobby D Witten 27263, NCFamily Practice1437159118
Aaron V Swisher 28637, NCFamily Practice1255331609
Claire Decristofaro 37604, NCFamily Practice1669472783
David A Teer 28301, NCFamily Practice1295735249
David Lee Abernethy 28645, NCFamily Practice1790785798
Lloyd Bridges 28105, NCFamily Practice1750381786
David Daniel Diloreto 28023, NCFamily Practice1255332243
Jennifer Roberson 28501, NCFamily Practice1043211998
Balichand Permashwar 28358, NCFamily Practice1831190776
Robin L Gusmann 27330, NCFamily Practice1669473484
Kathleen Elizabeth Moore 28906, NCFamily Practice1679945406
Vincent Francis Hillman 28269, NCFamily Practice1710988670
Leigh A. Montes 33027, NCFamily Practice1699775569
Janet Leone Britt 27371, NCFamily Practice1356341820
Bette M Ferree 27284, NCFamily Practice1992705693
Sally J Chapin 27505, NCFamily Practice1124029954
Tamara C Babb 28586, NCFamily Practice1891794871
Denise Ingram 28803, NCFamily Practice1346249380
Lester David Nave 27330, NCFamily Practice1407857212
Scott David Hoffman 27607, NCFamily Practice1902806235
Robert Dale Clark 28657, NCFamily Practice1376542597
Richard G. Gunter 29732, NCFamily Practice1831190586
Michelle R Nichols 27041, NCFamily Practice1457352122
Wanda J Boggs 27344, NCFamily Practice1881695419
George Huggin White 29732, NCFamily Practice1538160155
Kathleen Patricia Cotten 28803, NCFamily Practice1467453704
Otis Megel Lowry 27882, NCFamily Practice1205837457
Jose R Lopez 27030, NCFamily Practice1922009190
Melissa Lovette Hollifield 28562, NCFamily Practice1326049990
Tandeka Nix Burks 28301, NCFamily Practice1689675001
Stephen W Kimmel 27203, NCFamily Practice1134120595
Curtis J Eshelman 27834, NCFamily Practice1609877174
Sharyn N Conrad 27103, NCFamily Practice1730180928
Sasan Araghi 28301, NCFamily Practice1528069762
Eddie Resquites Hermosisima 28081, NCFamily Practice1902807068
Nadine B Skinner 27896, NCFamily Practice1760483820
Mary Lou Church 28697, NCFamily Practice1639170749
Christopher T Aul 28304, NCFamily Practice1043212020
William Campbell Cromwell 27615, NCFamily Practice1699777565
Paul F Meyer 27292, NCFamily Practice1235131095
Gabriel I Fernandez 28304, NCFamily Practice1902808850
Kelly Todd Jacobus 27292, NCFamily Practice1346242112
Deborah Nance Smothers 27262, NCFamily Practice1568464451
Peggy S Barnhill 28472, NCFamily Practice1407858301
Lawrence Max Linett 28405, NCFamily Practice1124020912
Roseanne Evans 27852, NCFamily Practice1104828953
William C Faltermayer 28601, NCFamily Practice1598767006
Edward H Lesesne 28721, NCFamily Practice1982696183
Nancy R Freeman 28721, NCFamily Practice1083606107
Marjorie S Levreau 28716, NCFamily Practice1326030529
Jason White 44087, NCFamily Practice1497747547
Sundararajan Sundararajan 27292, NCFamily Practice1093707291
Brian B Caffrey 28721, NCFamily Practice1790777902
Stewart Cooper 27106, NCFamily Practice1396737508
Samuel Carl Newsome 27021, NCFamily Practice1023000239
Timothy A. Barker 28117, NCFamily Practice1477545358
Daniel D. Bellingham 28625, NCFamily Practice1205828969
Albert Chao 28348, NCFamily Practice1225020068
William J Blackley 28677, NCFamily Practice1649262312
Mark Lewis Kiefer 28092, NCFamily Practice1134111719
Daniel Gregory Koch 28092, NCFamily Practice1861484453
Thomas J Rinkacs 28352, NCFamily Practice1477545036
Albert A Meyer 28403, NCFamily Practice1720070329
Shirley Elbinias-tan 28348, NCFamily Practice1083606685
Timothy Beittel 28405, NCFamily Practice1669464111
Robert R Kimball 28677, NCFamily Practice1518959063


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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