Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jennifer Butler 18964, PAFamily Practice1447253489
Maureen Stanek Polakowski 17702, PAFamily Practice1023011210
James Steven Baldys 17702, PAFamily Practice1306849518
Vincent J Thompson 19145, PAFamily Practice1174526180
Brenda J. Carrier 16507, PAFamily Practice1972506129
Kelly M. Laverdure 19178, PAFamily Practice1568465656
Conemaugh Health Initiatives 15905, PAFamily Practice1457354623
Michael Andrew Welsh 19348, PAFamily Practice1306849435
John Bernard Junod 19053, PAFamily Practice1205839339
John Notaro 15001, PAFamily Practice1871596965
Tri Rivers Surgical Associates, Inc 15237, PAFamily Practice1588667679
John N. Boll 17701, PAFamily Practice1073516944
John Charles Eisley 15063, PAFamily Practice1811990674
Leonard M Haltrecht 19008, PAFamily Practice1265435069
John Alan Holets 15063, PAFamily Practice1427051275
Jill Van Earl 17529, PAFamily Practice1982607818
Christine M Zabel 19008, PAFamily Practice1689677486
Nazareth Physician Services Inc 19111, PAFamily Practice1861917544
Neal Malcolm Davis 18407, PAFamily Practice1437152113
Jennifer Oconnor 18914, PAFamily Practice1790788594
Neilson Mathews 18104, PAFamily Practice1114920915
Alternamed, Llc 17921, PAFamily Practice1235132176
Karen Duzick Kepner 17921, PAFamily Practice1831192772
Tracey Roesing 19046, PAFamily Practice1134122286
Michael F Robatin 18704, PAFamily Practice1649273574
Gregory George Hill 19464, PAFamily Practice1528061090
Catherine Jean Cannariato 14850, PAFamily Practice1205839933
T Wangdi Sherpa 17067, PAFamily Practice1124021845
Bruce E Yeamans 17067, PAFamily Practice1467455188
Christopher Colosimo 16365, PAFamily Practice1376546952
Allan Charles Johnson 16510, PAFamily Practice1235132812
Mona M Counts 15349, PAFamily Practice1710980446
Gerald W. Kahler 16323, PAFamily Practice1427051119
John Crawford 16646, PAFamily Practice1508869082
Douglas Edward Bice 17406, PAFamily Practice1174526685
John T Kane 19057, PAFamily Practice1760485197
Megan C Kane 19057, PAFamily Practice1629071048
James R. Steele 16510, PAFamily Practice1104829522
Marianne J. Suprys 16335, PAFamily Practice1306849625
Tara Devoy 19341, PAFamily Practice1801184684
Laura Anne Murray 19131, PAFamily Practice1306849666
Wolf Creek Medical Associates 16127, PAFamily Practice1376546754
Dean W. Spencer 16335, PAFamily Practice1043213465
John B. Zinnamosca 16335, PAFamily Practice1629071931
Sheetal J Gade 17552, PAFamily Practice1164931630
David A. Glusko 15552, PAFamily Practice1295737518
Ramon David Baker 18058, PAFamily Practice1952303224
Matthew Odonnell 19031, PAFamily Practice1851393128
Daniel S Martin 19064, PAFamily Practice1598767816
Nelson E Ziets 19073, PAFamily Practice1881696045
William T Ingram 19036, PAFamily Practice1205838463
Anthony J. Mela 19145, PAFamily Practice1447252697
Scott Kurzrok 19083, PAFamily Practice1073515375
Jane Chen 19141, PAFamily Practice1881696151
David R. Jones 19073, PAFamily Practice1316949662
John L Behm 15090, PAFamily Practice1437151677
Rebecca A. Johnson 16001, PAFamily Practice1285636407
Mitchell F Shmokler 19083, PAFamily Practice1003818204
Elliott L Schaffer 19083, PAFamily Practice1326040528
Giorgos K Bidales 16550, PAFamily Practice1548528581
Pma Medical Specialists 19008, PAFamily Practice1043212137
Joseph F Mambu 19002, PAFamily Practice1518961408
Amy R Diamond 15370, PAFamily Practice1821092792
Deborah Ann White 15108, PAFamily Practice1902800782
Russell Carlisle Hess 17344, PAFamily Practice1447254297
Steven L Delaveris 17403, PAFamily Practice1104820968
Philip Frank Iozzi 16066, PAFamily Practice1215931019
David Gerard Thimons 15009, PAFamily Practice1194729996
John Thomas Brennan 15501, PAFamily Practice1306840178
Shawn Leroy Bell 15552, PAFamily Practice1992709844
Lisa K Albert 19002, PAFamily Practice1336143254
Geraldine Amper 15904, PAFamily Practice1801890736
David M Caruso 15857, PAFamily Practice1427052117
Northwest Physicians Associates Pc 16335, PAFamily Practice1144224973
Bruce` R. Wolff 16335, PAFamily Practice1366446197
Laura J Siems 16693, PAFamily Practice1467456202
Robert Joseph Schmidt 15857, PAFamily Practice1780688481
Leonard Sax 19365, PAFamily Practice1770587438
Bethann Hamm 16214, PAFamily Practice1922002518
Paul D Hamm 16214, PAFamily Practice1275537862
David W Heeter 17003, PAFamily Practice1629072236
John Michael Brooks 16214, PAFamily Practice1801890421
George T Loose 17003, PAFamily Practice1447254065
Robert K Nielsen 17003, PAFamily Practice1770587396
Timothy S Brooks 16214, PAFamily Practice1558365189
Michael M Hall 15801, PAFamily Practice1780688366
Daniel T Mateer 17020, PAFamily Practice1225032873
Pamela Ann Null 15801, PAFamily Practice1841655669
Ralph W Dickson 17344, PAFamily Practice1093719734
Ronald Paul Leemhuis 16506, PAFamily Practice1083618540
Mid Erie Family Practice Llc 16501, PAFamily Practice1619971173
Chambers Family Health Pc 15825, PAFamily Practice1578567061
Wallace J Esper 16438, PAFamily Practice1992709489
Chad M Good 17201, PAFamily Practice1164426656
Phillip Gvozden 15901, PAFamily Practice1992709497
Jose C Acol 17225, PAFamily Practice1801890306
Summit Physician Services 17201, PAFamily Practice1306840814
David Kawika Robel 19559, PAFamily Practice1093719510
Elizabeth Ann George 17236, PAFamily Practice1215931654
Herman Wallace Brubaker 17201, PAFamily Practice1609870054
Michael C Gaudiose 17201, PAFamily Practice1578567939
William Lloyd Sprague 18103, PAFamily Practice1194729558
Thomas Edward Yablonski 18088, PAFamily Practice1154325629
Joseph Labricciosa 19008, PAFamily Practice1053315523
Craig H Fockler 15901, PAFamily Practice1104820687
Emilio Villegas 15642, PAFamily Practice1285638650
Dusty Isabel Mahosky Ukropec 19438, PAFamily Practice1972507341
Todd Victor Peterson 17201, PAFamily Practice1023012408
Philip Steven Perilstein 18974, PAFamily Practice1841294220
Joseph P Direnzo 19148, PAFamily Practice1811991292
Karla D Lowman 17201, PAFamily Practice1962406330
Martin Brian Getzow 18914, PAFamily Practice1194729566
Brian C. Knop 17331, PAFamily Practice1164426532
James Douglas Pollock 16501, PAFamily Practice1861497216
Daniel Lee Holt 15301, PAFamily Practice1922003375
Jack Todd Wahrenberger 15203, PAFamily Practice1396740767
Jean Marie Koh 15909, PAFamily Practice1992700371
Brian E Lieb 15722, PAFamily Practice1871598268
Elizabeth Ann Slaymaker 15229, PAFamily Practice1396740775
Richard Michael Kastelic 15905, PAFamily Practice1548265986
Paul Eugene Shields 16505, PAFamily Practice1508861949
Mark Ward Guy 15229, PAFamily Practice1417952854
Paul J Quesenberry 17201, PAFamily Practice1326043761
David M Engle 17003, PAFamily Practice1457356826
Enrique Koh 15931, PAFamily Practice1184629552
Brent A Smith 17033, PAFamily Practice1740285147
Gary E Pasqualicchio 16335, PAFamily Practice1558366971
Sean Michael Oser 17011, PAFamily Practice1720083140
Gary Lee Neer 16505, PAFamily Practice1700881125
Lynn C Johnston 15905, PAFamily Practice1114922564
Royal Koeller 15905, PAFamily Practice1033114400
Tamara Kay Oser 17011, PAFamily Practice1265437594
Robert L Barton 17042, PAFamily Practice1205831419
Mark Mitchell Malicki 15905, PAFamily Practice1083619209
Glenn Bryan Davis 15904, PAFamily Practice1851396154
Arthur Francis Caputo 18105, PAFamily Practice1750386959
Chris Paul Lupold 17572, PAFamily Practice1063417178
William J Paronish 15714, PAFamily Practice1104821057
Immediate Care Medical Center,inc 18704, PAFamily Practice1316942345
Marcia Lynn Beckley 14850, PAFamily Practice1447255575
Paul M Marion 18951, PAFamily Practice1962407015
Jayantilal Raojibhal Patel 19007, PAFamily Practice1730184888
John Karduck 15946, PAFamily Practice1174528228
Edward Dunham Develin 17319, PAFamily Practice1881699916
Robert M Gordon 18103, PAFamily Practice1225033384
Nancy E. Bies 15220, PAFamily Practice1295730364
Donald Michael Baxter 19611, PAFamily Practice1134124142
Jeffry Ross Wahl 16037, PAFamily Practice1063417087
Michael Cordas 17109, PAFamily Practice1538164454
Heidi Susan Bee 16137, PAFamily Practice1003811829
Frank Clark Pregler 16504, PAFamily Practice1942205729
David R. Johnson 16148, PAFamily Practice1891790648
Thomas G Wilson 18951, PAFamily Practice1831194505
Kavita P. Dave 17011, PAFamily Practice1386649051
Vanessa M. Perez 19611, PAFamily Practice1235134925
Jane M Walter 17901, PAFamily Practice1629073317
Patrick John Murphy 16505, PAFamily Practice1891790598
Mary Bertha Russo-colt 16501, PAFamily Practice1790780427
Michele Joan Tomczak 16504, PAFamily Practice1598760225
Nathan M Moore 16441, PAFamily Practice1497750129
Carl Nelson Liedman 19124, PAFamily Practice1164427910
Kevin Martin Kuric 16506, PAFamily Practice1922003581
Hanna Dmochowska 16504, PAFamily Practice1992700553
Cassie J Harrington 16510, PAFamily Practice1538164199
Debora J Radder 16510, PAFamily Practice1598760159
James Edward Mckendree 15905, PAFamily Practice1992700504
Adelaida Merker 19115, PAFamily Practice1104821727
Thomas Eugene Mcguire 16428, PAFamily Practice1407851967
Richard Lawrence Decker 16507, PAFamily Practice1457356016
Margaret Shanley 16428, PAFamily Practice1346245909
Sam Kurien 16510, PAFamily Practice1649275272
Kimberly A Konieczki 16507, PAFamily Practice1205831740
Christine Potterjones 18091, PAFamily Practice1417952961
Andrew R Blumenthal 19422, PAFamily Practice1598760043
Timothy James Dennen 18614, PAFamily Practice1225033772
Elizabeth A Bradley 19072, PAFamily Practice1023013513
Jay S Grossman 19046, PAFamily Practice1588660021
Sheila S Grossman 19046, PAFamily Practice1821094368
Kenneth L Jacobson 19031, PAFamily Practice1811993363
Donna L Knupp 15217, PAFamily Practice1356347819
Ruth Ann Seilhamer 15146, PAFamily Practice1184620650
Evan Kessler 19446, PAFamily Practice1164428645
William Koehler 19006, PAFamily Practice1740286228
Susan Pak-lee 19053, PAFamily Practice1093711574
Heather Collins 19046, PAFamily Practice1497750905
Elisabeth M.c. Cousens 18976, PAFamily Practice1922003433
Dominic Mcfadden 19422, PAFamily Practice1619973039
John Ho 07834, PAFamily Practice1518963933
Alexander G Paterson 15547, PAFamily Practice1053317412
Rouhangiz Hoorazar Radfar 15226, PAFamily Practice1972509347
Jennifer Orr 19090, PAFamily Practice1538165915
John Peniston 19053, PAFamily Practice1265438642
Edward T Bigos 19610, PAFamily Practice1003812496
Julia C Tiernan 19422, PAFamily Practice1942206347
Scott A Dietrich 19567, PAFamily Practice1194721506
Irwin H Wolfert 19002, PAFamily Practice1447256763
Fulton County Medical Center 17233, PAFamily Practice1326044694
Franklin P Bizousky 15767, PAFamily Practice1649276882
Paul L Ravetz 18974, PAFamily Practice1417953894
Steven M Rosenberg 19053, PAFamily Practice1083610471


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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