Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Glyced Flores-dejesus 00907, PRFamily Practice1215930706
Gerard Ramos-martin 00730, PRFamily Practice1689677924
Jorge E Corzo 00921, PRFamily Practice1790787000
Surilo I Acosta Cadena 00961, PRFamily Practice1437152964
Marina Almenas Morales 00926, PRFamily Practice1992709638
Velia M Ayala 00960, PRFamily Practice1093710915
Evaristo Quinones 73503, PRFamily Practice1043215965
Manuel A Rodriguez Rios 00687, PRFamily Practice1871598599
Itzia Gonzalez Muriel 00982, PRFamily Practice1487651014
Sonia M Correa Marra 00736, PRFamily Practice1619973344
Instituto De Medicina De Familia Del Sur 00716, PRFamily Practice1255338877
Antulio Casiano Sosa 00729, PRFamily Practice1215934260
Olga T Sanabria-torres 00693, PRFamily Practice1245238641
Critical Care Medicine Services, Inc. 00921, PRFamily Practice1669470514
Agustin Lopez-marrero 00754, PRFamily Practice1801894787
Health Administration Services, Inc. 00921, PRFamily Practice1356349229
Raul A Rodriguez Almodovar 00693, PRFamily Practice1003815879
Jose Radames Muniz 00736, PRFamily Practice1215936505
Lizette Santiago 00909, PRFamily Practice1710986070
Eddie Ortiz 00957, PRFamily Practice1669471702
Marian Torres 00921, PRFamily Practice1285633206
Jose Luis Lopez 00646, PRFamily Practice1407855372
Jose O Rodriguez-ramos 00631, PRFamily Practice1154321982
Pablo Del Valle 00771, PRFamily Practice1063411247
David Molina Gonzalez 00627, PRFamily Practice1043202468
Pablo E. Monserrate 00738, PRFamily Practice1457344384
Leslie Hoy 00961, PRFamily Practice1043203755
Saul Irizarry Vazquez 00698, PRFamily Practice1871585265
David T Sicard Figueroa 00784, PRFamily Practice1639162308
Luis Santos Perez-toro 00961, PRFamily Practice1316930027
Josue Canales Torres 00646, PRFamily Practice1124011580
Mayra Luz Soto-goitia 00961, PRFamily Practice1851386338
Julio Armando Marrero-guadalupe 00739, PRFamily Practice1922093368
Elizabeth Carcache 00637, PRFamily Practice1487649703
Marco Antonio Corchado Barreto 00662, PRFamily Practice1750376406
Fernando Bordet Villa 00729, PRFamily Practice1134114705
Grupo Medico Del Noreste 00729, PRFamily Practice1639164262
Jose Ramon Santiago-torres 00714, PRFamily Practice1275529778
Jose R. Rivera-toledo 00631, PRFamily Practice1699761817
Elisa Del Socorro Cruz-arrigoitia 00631, PRFamily Practice1285620476
Hector L. Rivera-rivera 00631, PRFamily Practice1790771079
Carlos A Cabrera 00674, PRFamily Practice1902893316
Richard M Deandino 00979, PRFamily Practice1881681195
Ivan Rafael Rodriguez Colon 00777, PRFamily Practice1821085739
Luz M Acevedo-vargas 00987, PRFamily Practice1730176595
Norma Estela Sanchez De Los Santos 00965, PRFamily Practice1093703712
Francisco Juan Colmenares 00612, PRFamily Practice1194713412
Jose R Oyola Morales 00959, PRFamily Practice1154319523
Edgar Jacinto Ramos Mendez 00617, PRFamily Practice1518956457
Roberto Wah Chiang 00794, PRFamily Practice1346239118
Jaime Osvaldo Rodriguez-arias 00716, PRFamily Practice1114916905
Felix Ramirez Perez 00771, PRFamily Practice1184613796
Betsy Rodriguez Laboy 00698, PRFamily Practice1326037904
Sonia Enid Ortiz Flores 00738, PRFamily Practice1982693339
Francisco Manuel Murphy-rivera 00601, PRFamily Practice1770572018
Felix Manuel Casiano-cabrera 00617, PRFamily Practice1568451722
Pedro Carlos Martinez Rivera 00725, PRFamily Practice1285623421
Marta Rosario 00956, PRFamily Practice1861482895
Wilfredo Velazquez Capo 00968, PRFamily Practice1669462651
Carlos A Disdier Rodriguez 00638, PRFamily Practice1225028764
Mayra E Martinez Medina 00638, PRFamily Practice1093705543
Zaida I Carrion 00617, PRFamily Practice1043200595
Gemefa Inc. 00778, PRFamily Practice1164413910
Cesar Rafael Leroux Peguero 00725, PRFamily Practice1184615924
Aaron A Hernandez Ramirez 00680, PRFamily Practice1366433187
Margarita R Collazo 00716, PRFamily Practice1205827854
Paquita Lee Moya 00778, PRFamily Practice1669463311
Marcelino Cintron 00778, PRFamily Practice1366433609
Rodolfo Orozco 00949, PRFamily Practice1730170010
Miguel A Nova 00719, PRFamily Practice1457342743
Sylvia Cabrera-otero 00956, PRFamily Practice1740271923
Sylcab Csp 00956, PRFamily Practice1285625483
Pedro Rafael Escalona Loubriel 00680, PRFamily Practice1629059621
Dra Carmen M Marrero Psc 00926, PRFamily Practice1386625705
Harry Lopez Rodriguez 00791, PRFamily Practice1396727541
Carmen Milagros Marrero 00926, PRFamily Practice1992787048
Enid M Mateo-reyes 00920, PRFamily Practice1982686051
Jorge Arturo Meaux 00959, PRFamily Practice1316929243
Maria Del Carmen Hernandez 00719, PRFamily Practice1104808799
Irivette Ojeda 00623, PRFamily Practice1215918164
Francisco J Chico Fuertes 00956, PRFamily Practice1881684744
Nestor R Ortiz 00778, PRFamily Practice1124009386
Maximino Miranda Colon 00778, PRFamily Practice1811988090
Liana A Moreno Ferrer 00979, PRFamily Practice1467433227
Francisco Jose Martinez 00966, PRFamily Practice1497745665
Ana T Qulies Ruiz 00660, PRFamily Practice1235112368
Luis F Rodriguez 00720, PRFamily Practice1770566572
Luis M Joy 00783, PRFamily Practice1679556476
Roberto Velez De Jesus 00791, PRFamily Practice1093799199
Dixon E Matos Montalvo 00680, PRFamily Practice1134103757
Radames A. Marin Vieira 00637, PRFamily Practice1285619619
Elfren F. Rios Santiago 00646, PRFamily Practice1336124627
Sandra Idanis Rios 00692, PRFamily Practice1285619437
Ana Mercedes Soto 00682, PRFamily Practice1679558845
Orley Johnson 00646, PRFamily Practice1033194907
Luis A Torres-seda 00959, PRFamily Practice1922083815
Antonio E. Sotomayor-sierra 00957, PRFamily Practice1770568586
William Marquez-mulero 00791, PRFamily Practice1477539815
Hiram Ortega 00602, PRFamily Practice1336125368
Harry Mercado 00983, PRFamily Practice1932186798
Wilfredo Jose Aviles 00674, PRFamily Practice1285611780
Angie G Figueroa 00637, PRFamily Practice1063499515
Juan J Sanchez Montano 00677, PRFamily Practice1790762847
Antonio Manuel Portilla 00745, PRFamily Practice1164400818
Armando Hernandez Marrero 00960, PRFamily Practice1861470437
Wanda I Ruiz 00717, PRFamily Practice1326026097
Carlos Manuel Rivera 00603, PRFamily Practice1114906161
Emilio Ramos-ducos 00901, PRFamily Practice1508845892
Hector L Caceres 00725, PRFamily Practice1881674745
Rebecca Rodriguez Rodriguez 00917, PRFamily Practice1679543813
Jose M. Vega Emmanuelli 00791, PRFamily Practice1780667550
Arleen M Rodriguez Ortiz 00602, PRFamily Practice1679557771
James Wilford Davison 00732, PRFamily Practice1467439273
Jose F Forina 00921, PRFamily Practice1487624615
Ignacio Coradin Ruiz 00718, PRFamily Practice1881679298
Juan R Pillot Costas 00656, PRFamily Practice1154307015
Tomas Humberto Rivera 00602, PRFamily Practice1417927237
Belinda Rodriguez-ruiz 00926, PRFamily Practice1376514612
Primary Medical Center Inc 00717, PRFamily Practice1417927898
Primary Medical Group,c.s.p. 00717, PRFamily Practice1174593545
Armando Riega 00766, PRFamily Practice1841261047
Nelson De Jesus Ramos 00920, PRFamily Practice1912978958
Abner Rodriguez 00698, PRFamily Practice1700857521
Francisco Nieves-santiago 00656, PRFamily Practice1407827066
Juan R. Ortiz Guevara 00791, PRFamily Practice1053383323
Ana A Padro- Diaz 00717, PRFamily Practice1568434850
Servicio Salud Del Norte 00612, PRFamily Practice1194797498
Perly Jusino Lugo 00682, PRFamily Practice1528030533
Raymond Joseph Tasch-ramirez 00956, PRFamily Practice1497727341
Humberto Acosta 00623, PRFamily Practice1528030236
Miguel A. Paladines 00985, PRFamily Practice1023081114
Luis A. Guzman-lugo 00956, PRFamily Practice1053385005
San Pablo Family Practice Inc 00961, PRFamily Practice1316911241
Jose E Rivera Mattei 00961, PRFamily Practice1093789711
Jose Javier Ruiz-cales 00969, PRFamily Practice1114992708
David A Bushberg 00926, PRFamily Practice1346215860
Laura E Zepeda 00926, PRFamily Practice1609841121
Ismael Toro Grajales 00961, PRFamily Practice1063487171
Luis Jorge Rodriguez-saenz 00736, PRFamily Practice1275508319
Grupo Medico Geriatrico Inc 00961, PRFamily Practice1215903992
Leyda Z Oquendo-velez 00961, PRFamily Practice1124094768
Carlos A. Bujosa 00969, PRFamily Practice1053387506
Edgardo Soto Quinones 00969, PRFamily Practice1881660017
Antolin J Padilla 00976, PRFamily Practice1235105495
Jose Rolando Pena 00745, PRFamily Practice1982670931
Jorge Guzman-ortiz 00687, PRFamily Practice1356317382
Ilia E Zayas-toro 00961, PRFamily Practice1598732190
Orlando Vallejo-rodriguez 00909, PRFamily Practice1053388462
Luis A Martinez-rivera 00915, PRFamily Practice1952378150
Samuel Borrero De Jesus 00757, PRFamily Practice1740257856
Jose L Ruiz 00612, PRFamily Practice1457329484
Jose Antonio Carrasquillo 00921, PRFamily Practice1629045612
Domingo Luis Caceres Ortiz 00983, PRFamily Practice1821065962
Mayra Y. Cintron Nazario 00725, PRFamily Practice1366410300
Higinio A. Vega-ojeda 00669, PRFamily Practice1992773931
Jose Arturo Silvagnoli 00921, PRFamily Practice1407824451
Georgina Aguirre 00716, PRFamily Practice1932177367
Luis E Tavarez Alarcon 00638, PRFamily Practice1306814710
Julieta Montilla Adsuar 00918, PRFamily Practice1811966633
Marta Maria Gonzalez 00771, PRFamily Practice1699744458
Janet Igdalia Velez Maldonado 00920, PRFamily Practice1427017383
Yanira Fernandez Esteves 00926, PRFamily Practice1427017193
Annette Del Toro 00791, PRFamily Practice1205895992
Jose Alberto Mulero Fernandez 00926, PRFamily Practice1952360554
Ariel Cruz Igartua 00920, PRFamily Practice1962462184
Agustin Cayere-morales 00757, PRFamily Practice1881653160
Antonio Capella-hernandez 00725, PRFamily Practice1255391108
Arnaldo Reyes-ortiz 00791, PRFamily Practice1508831496
Luis A Catoni 00771, PRFamily Practice1780653923
Hector L Pesquera Sevillano 00920, PRFamily Practice1588633713
Jaime R. Aponte Lopez 00623, PRFamily Practice1558336552
Rafael A. Aquino-hernandez 00610, PRFamily Practice1720055684
Jose A Alcazar Sabathie 00717, PRFamily Practice1992777817
Alvin Romero-cales 00784, PRFamily Practice1427024488
Sergio Chevere Mourino 00717, PRFamily Practice1528038973
Joselito Romero Lopez 00662, PRFamily Practice1508830043
Iraida Del Rio Rodriguez 00717, PRFamily Practice1235109687
Pedro Jaime Zayas Santos 00915, PRFamily Practice1508838590
Jose A. Monge-canales 00987, PRFamily Practice1679540017
Rebecca Rodriguez-negron 00725, PRFamily Practice1881669976
Melvin Hipolito Maldonado 00920, PRFamily Practice1902865843
Sissi Michelle Barreto 00773, PRFamily Practice1295704260
Los Angeles Medical Clinic Corp 00909, PRFamily Practice1912970351
Georgina Arroyo Zengotita 00772, PRFamily Practice1700858610
Ricardo Perez 00969, PRFamily Practice1144280108
Jesus Boanerges Sarmiento 00674, PRFamily Practice1427018340
Marylia Manzano-rivera 00953, PRFamily Practice1528028222
Francisco Murcia-valcarcel 00912, PRFamily Practice1891756201
Luis Jaime Acevedo-marty 00603, PRFamily Practice1164483095
Ileana Aviles 00927, PRFamily Practice1790746436
Nydia I. Sepulveda-pagan 00601, PRFamily Practice1376504993
Ginnette Sanchez 00935, PRFamily Practice1790747103
Manuel E Diaz 00602, PRFamily Practice1548222417
Denia E. Gonzalez 00687, PRFamily Practice1124080718
Jorge Vera Quinones 00676, PRFamily Practice1811950710
Marie L Rivera 00687, PRFamily Practice1396709028
Roberto Grana 00969, PRFamily Practice1114981578
Jose Miguel Hernandez 00935, PRFamily Practice1912961970
Doris Padilla-longo 00725, PRFamily Practice1215991187
Jose Cruz Rivera 00716, PRFamily Practice1255396826


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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