Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Wendy Tipton Oberdick 37660, TNFamily Practice1659374601
Julie A Perrigin 37055, TNFamily Practice1750384780
Kay P Murphy 37098, TNFamily Practice1174526115
John R Salyer 37055, TNFamily Practice1952304966
Patrick N Andre 38358, TNFamily Practice1386647303
Kathy Y White 38109, TNFamily Practice1184627192
Cynthia Fernandez Shaffer 37363, TNFamily Practice1891798047
Fred Merkel 24244, TNFamily Practice1083617179
Daniel B Drinnen 37055, TNFamily Practice1558364794
Milford J Huffnagle 37055, TNFamily Practice1780687897
Viorel Manole 37642, TNFamily Practice1639172711
Eleanor Hess 24210, TNFamily Practice1982607099
Gregg Erwin Mitchell 38301, TNFamily Practice1871596973
David Schilling 37642, TNFamily Practice1295738383
Tammy Monk 37620, TNFamily Practice1558364620
Toby Andrew Hampton 38344, TNFamily Practice1831192699
Leon Eldon Everett 38464, TNFamily Practice1609879501
James Bryston Winegar 24244, TNFamily Practice1578566360
Aruna Shah 37660, TNFamily Practice1316940091
Parvati Ananthula 37660, TNFamily Practice1669475448
Edward Monty Stirman 37660, TNFamily Practice1043213994
Emily Morawski 37660, TNFamily Practice1538162490
Joshua Drew Whitledge 38257, TNFamily Practice1871596767
Thomas Rogers 37664, TNFamily Practice1891798575
Linda W Mcmillan 37076, TNFamily Practice1801899729
Delia Grace Rhinehart 38201, TNFamily Practice1821091505
Janet Cradic 37660, TNFamily Practice1497758551
David Christopher Martin 38201, TNFamily Practice1902809718
Warren Jones 37663, TNFamily Practice1841293586
Thomas Anderson Smith 37398, TNFamily Practice1023011764
Thomas P Jaselskis 37087, TNFamily Practice1134122732
Foley Clinic Corp 37027, TNFamily Practice1659374155
Mckenzie Clinic Corp 38201, TNFamily Practice1174526701
Madison Clinic Corp 37027, TNFamily Practice1902809544
White County Physician Services Inc 37027, TNFamily Practice1417950122
Mary Catherine Dunn 37204, TNFamily Practice1073516779
Payson Healthcare Management Inc 85541, TNFamily Practice1093718694
Jeffrey Lundy 37082, TNFamily Practice1316940893
Terry Andrew Colotta 38201, TNFamily Practice1659374296
Eufaula Clinic Corp 37027, TNFamily Practice1366446692
James Mccoy 37660, TNFamily Practice1124021407
Bendik Clark 37601, TNFamily Practice1578566824
Meike Alexandra Bridgeman 38201, TNFamily Practice1962405373
Robert Geer 37660, TNFamily Practice1346243631
Myra Watts 37663, TNFamily Practice1417959727
Whitney Hatfield 37813, TNFamily Practice1588019210
Martin Clinic Corp 38237, TNFamily Practice1568465102
Hugh Harold Jarnagin 37919, TNFamily Practice1801349626
David E. Mcray 37130, TNFamily Practice1528061223
Mark Jenkins 37642, TNFamily Practice1558364810
Rina Marie Prosser 38242, TNFamily Practice1083617641
Michael Lee Bryant 38201, TNFamily Practice1154324960
San Miguel Clinic Corp 87701, TNFamily Practice1114920717
Christopher Neglia 37660, TNFamily Practice1679575963
Marianne E Filka 37601, TNFamily Practice1174525307
Jeffrey Vaughn 37660, TNFamily Practice1134121320
Steven Mark Adkins 24290, TNFamily Practice1427052786
Gary W Hunt 30513, TNFamily Practice1265436539
Deborah Reiff 37660, TNFamily Practice1346242302
Lois Windes 37660, TNFamily Practice1215939277
Jericho P Borja 37922, TNFamily Practice1457355349
Kenneth Brenton Dodge 37064, TNFamily Practice1417951302
Vrinda Pankaj Kalaria 37411, TNFamily Practice1659375681
Sarah Jocelyn Greene 37232, TNFamily Practice1659375509
James W Cates 38506, TNFamily Practice1073517892
Catherine H Powers 37618, TNFamily Practice1891799631
Charles Bolick 37620, TNFamily Practice1609870583
Cynthia L Poortenga 37660, TNFamily Practice1811991631
James H. Schrenker 37620, TNFamily Practice1710981535
Kimberly Sturgill 37620, TNFamily Practice1568466399
Alfred Harkleroad 37620, TNFamily Practice1881698561
Linda Stover 38583, TNFamily Practice1609870393
Synthia L Beeler 37421, TNFamily Practice1154325934
Brett C Odum 37620, TNFamily Practice1336143163
Robert Carver Bone 37087, TNFamily Practice1063416899
Robert Northrop 37660, TNFamily Practice1740284314
Gary J Smith 37221, TNFamily Practice1659375228
Jerry Miller 37660, TNFamily Practice1053315697
Robert Lee 37660, TNFamily Practice1215931852
Linda Qualls 37660, TNFamily Practice1477557015
Mary Elizabeth Becker 37660, TNFamily Practice1518961135
Andrew Brockmyre 37620, TNFamily Practice1013911890
Andrea Lynn Hardison 37204, TNFamily Practice1003266867
William Robert Gailmard 38501, TNFamily Practice1124022884
Matthew Bolton 38555, TNFamily Practice1720082548
Hospice Advantage Eamc Llc 36830, TNFamily Practice1043760481
Mitzi Daniela Musick 37919, TNFamily Practice1780686865
Thomas J Walsh 37128, TNFamily Practice1871597435
Daniel Wayne Ross 37601, TNFamily Practice1538163506
Julie J Carpenter 38672, TNFamily Practice1497757520
Candace Susanne Brown 38105, TNFamily Practice1023012663
Audie B Marlar 38237, TNFamily Practice1447254164
Ronald James Varcak 38555, TNFamily Practice1013911577
Luis Pagoaga 38305, TNFamily Practice1225032956
Amylyn Lane Crawford 37660, TNFamily Practice1730183260
Jose Pinlac Velasco 37857, TNFamily Practice1861496390
Catherine M Raff 37660, TNFamily Practice1578567004
James Warner Clark 37681, TNFamily Practice1982608428
Melissa Geist 38501, TNFamily Practice1093719452
John W Minchey 38501, TNFamily Practice1457355828
Pamela L. Greer 37604, TNFamily Practice1598769903
Sarah E. Belcher 37604, TNFamily Practice1245234657
Kimberly Ann Howerton 38305, TNFamily Practice1922002336
Celeste V Peterson 37683, TNFamily Practice1942205349
Leigh Ann Ray 38501, TNFamily Practice1205831526
Linda S Morelock 37857, TNFamily Practice1558366963
Mary Jane Jamieson 37110, TNFamily Practice1912902396
Sullivan K Smith 38501, TNFamily Practice1356346605
Nancy G. Barbarito 37604, TNFamily Practice1376548677
Helen Redding 38501, TNFamily Practice1831194059
Dale E. Whitson 37604, TNFamily Practice1275538589
Christopher Samuel Sewell 38556, TNFamily Practice1881699981
Richard K Mcdavid 37604, TNFamily Practice1508861774
Lisa Ann Weaver 38478, TNFamily Practice1134124902
Thomas Francis Boduch 37763, TNFamily Practice1770588741
Leland Cleveland 37659, TNFamily Practice1780689828
Wallace F Burroughs 37303, TNFamily Practice1952306029
Toni B Ryan 37421, TNFamily Practice1801891999
Edmund Nowicki 82930, TNFamily Practice1902801897
Craig Alan Laman 37924, TNFamily Practice1073518098
Phyllis C Fisher 37650, TNFamily Practice1114922937
Julie Ellen Dalehite-stringfellow 38053, TNFamily Practice1841295854
Christina R Hutchins 37604, TNFamily Practice1245235423
Kimberly Lynn Farley 37067, TNFamily Practice1780689612
Rita E Plemmons 37604, TNFamily Practice1467457861
Agnes Shirley Parker 38116, TNFamily Practice1124023932
Linda Susan Gourley 37814, TNFamily Practice1508860917
Joseph Lee Bowers 37412, TNFamily Practice1861497851
Peter R Bockhorst 37660, TNFamily Practice1336143866
Wendy L Dusenbury 38104, TNFamily Practice1447255526
Lisa Renee Cook 37660, TNFamily Practice1538163076
Janice H Tillman 37687, TNFamily Practice1144225954
Advantage Family Healthcare, Pllc 37934, TNFamily Practice1184629735
Wesley Robert Hanson 37687, TNFamily Practice1104821743
Dyersburg Clinic Corp 38024, TNFamily Practice1093710568
Rose Dawn Widener 37055, TNFamily Practice1083610547
Kimberly R Ferguson 37869, TNFamily Practice1316943814
Jean-claude I Wakim 75248, TNFamily Practice1114923562
Jack Glasser 42104, TNFamily Practice1760488191
George N. Graves 37327, TNFamily Practice1780680058
Mark Joseph Dalle-ave 37857, TNFamily Practice1801892054
Robert M Martin 37934, TNFamily Practice1922004159
William Kent 72112, TNFamily Practice1316943632
Joann A Ferland 37172, TNFamily Practice1124024344
Pierre Kindall Berry 38555, TNFamily Practice1639175573
Catherine Jean Hellmann 37748, TNFamily Practice1295731099
Primary Care Associates Pc 37748, TNFamily Practice1801892609
Jan Allison Sims 38024, TNFamily Practice1205832920
Robert Shearer Hellmann 37748, TNFamily Practice1851397657
Rual Swanson 37725, TNFamily Practice1174529432
Candice D Scharklet 37075, TNFamily Practice1639442056
Robert Gordon Roy 37030, TNFamily Practice1912902495
Erin E Edwards 42701, TNFamily Practice1366893224
Mary L Scott 38305, TNFamily Practice1245237601
Robert Eugene Rhea 37015, TNFamily Practice1962409433
Martha W Clinton 37862, TNFamily Practice1245237726
Mark Calarco 37067, TNFamily Practice1770580052
William Michael Lewis 37073, TNFamily Practice1316944648
Aly A. Bassal 37643, TNFamily Practice1275530560
Joseph Edward Bieberly 37650, TNFamily Practice1336146547
John R Clough 38570, TNFamily Practice1306843461
Martin Vernon Acree 38104, TNFamily Practice1043217060
Joyce B Brasfield 38104, TNFamily Practice1922005941
Erika Hazard Creech 38301, TNFamily Practice1477550283
Primary Care Clinic Of Gibson County, Pllc 38382, TNFamily Practice1174520829
Cecilia D Adams 38134, TNFamily Practice1104823020
Ernest Bradford Strange 37745, TNFamily Practice1821095761
Gary D. Oshaughnessy 37909, TNFamily Practice1083612493
Janis D Ebolum 37160, TNFamily Practice1710985072
Melody Camille Tharp 37716, TNFamily Practice1396743571
Cheryl Lynne White 38118, TNFamily Practice1760480040
Doreen Eleanor Feldhouse 38024, TNFamily Practice1922006055
Mary C Russell 37709, TNFamily Practice1447258652
Patsy Elaine Crihfield 38024, TNFamily Practice1386642429
Staci Kerr Stalcup 37865, TNFamily Practice1487652699
Monique Camille Casey-bolden 38024, TNFamily Practice1710985858
Kim K. Smith 37620, TNFamily Practice1194723130
Kelly Alexandria Harden 38059, TNFamily Practice1194723056
Ben Dean Coffey 37874, TNFamily Practice1669470621
Sheila M Thomas 38119, TNFamily Practice1518965128
John Paul Martin 37841, TNFamily Practice1902804537
Catherine Stroud Martin 37841, TNFamily Practice1356349906
Cheryl K Giles 38126, TNFamily Practice1275530222
Frank Clarke Holmes 37203, TNFamily Practice1851398077
William Kendall Mays 37701, TNFamily Practice1548268741
Circle Of Life Obstetrics And Family Care, Pllc 37841, TNFamily Practice1619974581
Cathy E Ammerman 37075, TNFamily Practice1124025747
Katherine Marie Jett 39202, TNFamily Practice1407854938
Tamara Faye Davis 37909, TNFamily Practice1528066719
Deborah Blakney Martin 38654, TNFamily Practice1144228669
Ericka Sullivan 45209, TNFamily Practice1063999126
Natalie Studdard 37236, TNFamily Practice1861948762
Stacey Drott Vance 37148, TNFamily Practice1952300790
Frederick R. Yarid 37814, TNFamily Practice1508865205
Elizabeth Daubner 37311, TNFamily Practice1366441990
Larry Austin Gilliam 37312, TNFamily Practice1699774216
Timothy Alan Fox 37934, TNFamily Practice1437158961
Jan Theodore Hahn 37771, TNFamily Practice1619976024
Deming Clinic Corporation 88030, TNFamily Practice1205835808
Hmc Medical Group 37027, TNFamily Practice1831198332


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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