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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Bertha E. Arenas 78215, TXFamily Practice1598768541
Pedro Esmeralda Estorque 76201, TXFamily Practice1548263593
Russell Bell 75771, TXFamily Practice1568465755
Stephen G Dalton 79424, TXFamily Practice1396748554
Nancy Morgan 78746, TXFamily Practice1568465581
Larry Burch 75839, TXFamily Practice1487657664
Wayne Brown 75801, TXFamily Practice1336142512
Ronald W. Jones 75189, TXFamily Practice1366445538
Sandra Ribbeck 78745, TXFamily Practice1902809163
Shackelford County Rural Health 76430, TXFamily Practice1215930342
Steven P Margolin 78756, TXFamily Practice1598768475
Curtis W. Cutrell 75482, TXFamily Practice1568465433
Scott W Wyrick 75503, TXFamily Practice1114920972
Filippo Masciarelli 76201, TXFamily Practice1639172430
Annette B Horne 75482, TXFamily Practice1427051333
Mark W Schneider 76043, TXFamily Practice1760485676
Roberto Miranda 78754, TXFamily Practice1891798633
Paul D Keinarth 78756, TXFamily Practice1730182601
Francisco Chacon 76244, TXFamily Practice1386647162
Aimee L Flournoy 76043, TXFamily Practice1811990716
Laura K. Kosub 75482, TXFamily Practice1457354227
William Mark Miller 75482, TXFamily Practice1386647121
Joseph Fischer 78717, TXFamily Practice1417950189
Carol Boronkay 75032, TXFamily Practice1770586612
Westley Eugene Raborn 75150, TXFamily Practice1013910082
Don Martin O'neal 75482, TXFamily Practice1790788750
Rafael Armendariz 79915, TXFamily Practice1346243235
Daniel J Merki 79119, TXFamily Practice1306849088
Peter Milder 71301, TXFamily Practice1952304776
Madhavi A Reddy 77024, TXFamily Practice1588667471
William D Pickard 77642, TXFamily Practice1922001882
Sheila Mcguckin Bradley 77042, TXFamily Practice1730182890
Milton L Brownlow 76384, TXFamily Practice1649273392
Francisco Alonzo Leal 77833, TXFamily Practice1487658712
Edward Cutshaw 75855, TXFamily Practice1265435366
Odis Wayne Gossett 77627, TXFamily Practice1477556322
David L Sawisky 77627, TXFamily Practice1770586620
Riaz Ul Haque 70065, TXFamily Practice1881697852
Arielle Danielle Olivares 77035, TXFamily Practice1568921013
Ichabod Lafayette Balkcom 75482, TXFamily Practice1922001817
Charles Jones 75482, TXFamily Practice1962405696
Paul A Schmidt 76043, TXFamily Practice1073516704
Bruce Woodall 75156, TXFamily Practice1588667182
Willi E. Martens 76102, TXFamily Practice1477556009
Maria M Cuadros 75254, TXFamily Practice1427051028
Hal D Huffman 76450, TXFamily Practice1295738870
Peter S Brown 76450, TXFamily Practice1588667158
Perry E Bassett 79124, TXFamily Practice1245233857
Jocelyn B Dunham 75022, TXFamily Practice1518960210
Eric Karl Tondera 77079, TXFamily Practice1407859101
Michael Smith 75801, TXFamily Practice1750384459
Thomas Joseph Miller 76015, TXFamily Practice1003819798
Ronald M Pucillo 77479, TXFamily Practice1548263106
Ann Abraham 78758, TXFamily Practice1437152048
Barry Lynn Moak 79601, TXFamily Practice1063415677
Bonny A Macfarlane 79109, TXFamily Practice1144223744
Allison Becker Ochsner 77581, TXFamily Practice1760485254
Monica Olivier Do Pa 75057, TXFamily Practice1801899380
David Warren Buller 75644, TXFamily Practice1285637843
Lewis Roy King 75644, TXFamily Practice1841293487
Ralph E. Casazza 77042, TXFamily Practice1851394381
Yong Sik Kim 77055, TXFamily Practice1679576094
Michael Paul Vik 78746, TXFamily Practice1528061884
Leigh Susan Mccary 78746, TXFamily Practice1033112396
Grady Mark Mcmahan 75401, TXFamily Practice1205839537
Carol L Starr 75216, TXFamily Practice1740283076
Anna Denise Woods 77833, TXFamily Practice1710980099
Charles Alexander Evans 75904, TXFamily Practice1255334538
Sharon L Dennis 76015, TXFamily Practice1780687046
Tien M Truong 76015, TXFamily Practice1356344600
John S Vardiman 77706, TXFamily Practice1194728428
Laura L Rice 76015, TXFamily Practice1225030547
David C Gouldy 76015, TXFamily Practice1366444655
Mark Richard Dambro 76109, TXFamily Practice1528061009
Sweeny Hospital District 77480, TXFamily Practice1023011657
Koteshwara Nadipalli, Pllc 75061, TXFamily Practice1144605106
William A Thomas 76028, TXFamily Practice1942202213
Keith B Stout 77701, TXFamily Practice1053314393
Jeffrey K Gilbertson 76450, TXFamily Practice1134122724
Kimberlie J Gonzalez 77705, TXFamily Practice1275536740
Suzanne E Monday 75401, TXFamily Practice1003818337
Stanly T Selby 79745, TXFamily Practice1285637520
Southeast Texas Medical Associates, Llp 77702, TXFamily Practice1922001312
Matthew Rafalski 76707, TXFamily Practice1912900531
Kuangzoo Samuel Huang 77096, TXFamily Practice1154324655
Dee G Mccrary 75401, TXFamily Practice1942203278
Kendra Lewis 78613, TXFamily Practice1891166278
Timberland Medical Group 76086, TXFamily Practice1528061157
Tariq Rahman Mallick 75149, TXFamily Practice1760485478
Sandra Fowler 77702, TXFamily Practice1023010337
Julie Mcclure 77702, TXFamily Practice1922000215
Dean Halbert 77706, TXFamily Practice1497758767
Dana Henderson 77702, TXFamily Practice1508868811
James L Holly 77702, TXFamily Practice1922001296
Vincent Murphy 77702, TXFamily Practice1851394100
Dhana R Cox 79109, TXFamily Practice1639172232
Rucker Stephen Murry 75605, TXFamily Practice1427051051
Hector Lopez 79924, TXFamily Practice1346243847
Ronnie Mitchell 76092, TXFamily Practice1043212343
Arlington Premier Health Clinic Pa 76014, TXFamily Practice1023010386
Carrie Burns 77521, TXFamily Practice1952303299
Francis Kotzur 77627, TXFamily Practice1851393193
Robert D Johnston 77571, TXFamily Practice1649272907
Jean Bombach 77036, TXFamily Practice1689676827
Beena M. Trivedi 76117, TXFamily Practice1457353500
Jimmy Kien Teh Lu 75237, TXFamily Practice1477557718
Antonio Cadena 78840, TXFamily Practice1962404004
Veronica Cadena 78840, TXFamily Practice1255335592
Peter P. Chang 76904, TXFamily Practice1780688028
Tracie Dalene Updike 77642, TXFamily Practice1629070750
Ramiro Sanchez 77081, TXFamily Practice1841294196
Stephen D Blair 78746, TXFamily Practice1962404244
Rafael Raymundo Pardo 77521, TXFamily Practice1578565826
Michelle Fredricks 77521, TXFamily Practice1912909250
Adam Seth Miner 75080, TXFamily Practice1467454603
Nofal Musfy 77521, TXFamily Practice1295737427
Prospero V Arante 77657, TXFamily Practice1649272857
Christopher G Putney 78681, TXFamily Practice1295737245
Betty J Armbrecht 77406, TXFamily Practice1073515029
Karen Kay King 75218, TXFamily Practice1124022405
David Joseph Shin 77079, TXFamily Practice1851395115
Family Medicine Associates Of Round Rock, P.a. 78681, TXFamily Practice1730181793
Bruce G. Kinzy, M.d., P.a. 78163, TXFamily Practice1144222191
Mark Edmond Quiring 75455, TXFamily Practice1356343412
Bruce G. Kinzy 78163, TXFamily Practice1780686840
Elbert R. David 78681, TXFamily Practice1861494924
Flint K Deshazo 78681, TXFamily Practice1669474623
Patrick Edwin Clemons 78945, TXFamily Practice1801890827
Michael Vise Shelton 79762, TXFamily Practice1003810995
Amy Jean Gutierrez 78250, TXFamily Practice1851395750
Doris Elaine Ford 75605, TXFamily Practice1932103835
Suchita Reddy 76117, TXFamily Practice1154325132
Jane D Champion 78801, TXFamily Practice1578567517
Naomi R Warren 79756, TXFamily Practice1740284587
Bruce Carl Becker 79761, TXFamily Practice1033113808
Christine W Wan 79762, TXFamily Practice1609870377
Richard H Hood 78017, TXFamily Practice1528062205
Reynaldo E Garza 78801, TXFamily Practice1255335170
Chad Lewis White 79520, TXFamily Practice1164426086
John Ming-kay Ma 77338, TXFamily Practice1912901737
Liem P Bui 77566, TXFamily Practice1124022967
Glenn R Graves 78745, TXFamily Practice1104820893
Joseph J Malleske 78745, TXFamily Practice1013911700
Eric W Weidmann 78745, TXFamily Practice1922002617
Douglas Mac Benold 78626, TXFamily Practice1366446056
Mark J Levy 78745, TXFamily Practice1801890595
Manuel J Martin 78745, TXFamily Practice1710981402
Rommana Aziz 75006, TXFamily Practice1972507671
Conroe Family Medicine, Pa 77304, TXFamily Practice1811991524
James Lloyd Shepherd 78626, TXFamily Practice1962406660
Samantha Lorel Hinds-campa 77304, TXFamily Practice1083618797
Jack Pieniazek 77304, TXFamily Practice1164426870
Samson Sao Sheih 77304, TXFamily Practice1700880424
Christopher C Chapman 77304, TXFamily Practice1164426888
Jason C Hubbard 76802, TXFamily Practice1699779348
Faith L Holmes 78759, TXFamily Practice1235133836
Ronald Fredrick Baker 79936, TXFamily Practice1427052042
Michael F. Ruggiero 77802, TXFamily Practice1700880051
Beverly A Zavaleta 78550, TXFamily Practice1225032113
Viki A. Forlano 76904, TXFamily Practice1376547216
Cerena H. Suarez 79912, TXFamily Practice1356345037
Michael David Williams 76065, TXFamily Practice1184628067
Vishal B Malpani 78702, TXFamily Practice1225030281
Patricia F. Lowe 78413, TXFamily Practice1629072566
Beau Brouillette 71351, TXFamily Practice1457353682
Sandra Isabel Steele 79935, TXFamily Practice1922002526
Russell B Skinner 75093, TXFamily Practice1881698538
Edmond Kalifey 71351, TXFamily Practice1568464790
Karin Kay Bergman 75034, TXFamily Practice1386646594
Balmore W Williams 77327, TXFamily Practice1932103629
Clayton H Nash 75503, TXFamily Practice1083618953
Cornelius W. Chinn 76903, TXFamily Practice1619971603
Richard B Lutton 78003, TXFamily Practice1114921152
Patricia Clark 76126, TXFamily Practice1427052752
Francisco J Salcido 79761, TXFamily Practice1093719767
Catherine Carrizales-pintor 78628, TXFamily Practice1891799599
Stephen K Erlewine 75551, TXFamily Practice1588668453
Thomas Randall Hines 79106, TXFamily Practice1336141670
Michael V Dao 76014, TXFamily Practice1205838588
J Steven Welch 76086, TXFamily Practice1942204847
Carolyn Davis 75460, TXFamily Practice1669476115
Connie Rae Barker 78258, TXFamily Practice1184628638
Louie Leyva 79936, TXFamily Practice1154325603
William J Crowley 77979, TXFamily Practice1609870161
Brown Clinic & Associates 75220, TXFamily Practice1932103421
James Scott Crockett 76661, TXFamily Practice1942204441
Jarrell Paul Reynolds 76834, TXFamily Practice1255335782
Suzanne D Black 77802, TXFamily Practice1720082167
Lake Jackson Clinic, P.a. 77566, TXFamily Practice1205830668
Rodney Kent Van Andel 75771, TXFamily Practice1154326544
William Brown 77301, TXFamily Practice1851396212
Randall Wagman 76063, TXFamily Practice1225033574
John Francis Nielsen 75633, TXFamily Practice1003811415
Peter F Gray Md Pa 75401, TXFamily Practice1679578082
Ngoc-diep T Nguyen 77566, TXFamily Practice1609871078
Sandra Ann Esparza 78664, TXFamily Practice1609871938
Lana Sue Cunningham 79601, TXFamily Practice1649275983
Barrett Keith Hays 78224, TXFamily Practice1225033509
William James Moran 78756, TXFamily Practice1114922325
Darrell R Pietsch 76710, TXFamily Practice1780689992


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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