Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Narendra G Desai 22030, VAFamily Practice1780687715
Stephen W Rex 22306, VAFamily Practice1861495871
Fred Merkel 24244, VAFamily Practice1083617179
Bryan N. Baines 23602, VAFamily Practice1205839461
Eleanor Hess 24210, VAFamily Practice1982607099
Minesh Shah 24531, VAFamily Practice1518960673
Michael Andrew Filak 20121, VAFamily Practice1487657136
James Bryston Winegar 24244, VAFamily Practice1578566360
Cynthia Dean 24282, VAFamily Practice1023011814
John Bernard Junod 19053, VAFamily Practice1205839339
Raymond S Weinstein 20110, VAFamily Practice1962405571
Sarah M. Bushey 23606, VAFamily Practice1669475257
Diane L Rowell 24523, VAFamily Practice1356344964
Valencia Jones Williams 23866, VAFamily Practice1871596320
Susan Harwood Kissell 24112, VAFamily Practice1386647832
Kevin Richard Dmytriw 23834, VAFamily Practice1598768038
Mitchell B Miller 23456, VAFamily Practice1902809437
James Travers Edwards 23601, VAFamily Practice1720081250
Ellen Hodges 22306, VAFamily Practice1376546689
James T. Milam 24541, VAFamily Practice1275536567
Carol Baker O'leary 22630, VAFamily Practice1184627424
Joylyn Marie Grant 22306, VAFamily Practice1962404277
Edward M Friedler 22003, VAFamily Practice1538161831
David Phillip Parker 22031, VAFamily Practice1255334983
Carrielyn A. Rhea 23093, VAFamily Practice1992160717
Tammy Jibben Wingo 23901, VAFamily Practice1639172182
Alexander Macleod Wilgus 24501, VAFamily Practice1194728089
James E. Lacey 21014, VAFamily Practice1184627747
Hyegin Helen Cho 20152, VAFamily Practice1982607297
James Frost Bampton 23230, VAFamily Practice1316940935
Ashok D Ajgaonkar 22911, VAFamily Practice1649272931
Thompson Family Medical Center, Pc 24531, VAFamily Practice1568464709
Mercedes Quintos-gomez 22003, VAFamily Practice1164424388
Chanda R Athale 22003, VAFamily Practice1407858608
Sandra Akiko Troeschel 23606, VAFamily Practice1902800279
Susan E Bienert 22310, VAFamily Practice1285638569
Steven Mark Adkins 24290, VAFamily Practice1427052786
Brett A Wohler 22310, VAFamily Practice1174525232
Andrew E Wise 22310, VAFamily Practice1952303018
William James Pettit 22310, VAFamily Practice1629070685
Angela Harden-mack 22601, VAFamily Practice1750383840
Elizabeth N Kosmas 24450, VAFamily Practice1407850423
William Lyle Mcclung 24450, VAFamily Practice1043214067
Efrain Segarra 23061, VAFamily Practice1497759419
Francis Nott Bain 23063, VAFamily Practice1629072608
Elizabeth H Hubbard 24352, VAFamily Practice1972507721
James H Walker 24426, VAFamily Practice1306840194
Robert Saunders 20176, VAFamily Practice1194729970
Shannon Finch 24201, VAFamily Practice1235133018
Glen Edward Tate 24352, VAFamily Practice1720082555
Mark George Janczewski 22003, VAFamily Practice1124022843
Pamela R Webb 22560, VAFamily Practice1013911684
Raymond L Claterbaugh 24457, VAFamily Practice1548264187
William E Boyd 24426, VAFamily Practice1255335899
Quin E Chadwick 23924, VAFamily Practice1629072293
Dane Lee 24211, VAFamily Practice1952305609
Stanley L Brittman 23707, VAFamily Practice1558333401
Catherine M Pipan 22033, VAFamily Practice1326040569
Donna M Good 24426, VAFamily Practice1679577217
Randall H Suslick 23924, VAFamily Practice1841294493
Roberta Proffitt Lavin 20889, VAFamily Practice1184628687
Jennifer Lynn Crockford 23502, VAFamily Practice1023012531
Dana Lynne Bachtell 23666, VAFamily Practice1376547737
Scott J. Banning 23606, VAFamily Practice1487659801
Suzanne Obrien 20164, VAFamily Practice1831194117
Edwin G Robinson 23226, VAFamily Practice1306841564
Raymond Paul Marotta 22901, VAFamily Practice1871598995
Kurtis Scott Elward 22901, VAFamily Practice1144225277
Elizabeth A Buchinsky 20110, VAFamily Practice1164427118
Christopher R Heaton 20110, VAFamily Practice1770588725
Patricia W Henderson 24457, VAFamily Practice1316942451
Deborah C. Hawkins 22901, VAFamily Practice1790780856
Stephen R Rinehart 24651, VAFamily Practice1447255401
Paul S Buckman 24577, VAFamily Practice1598760555
Gahear F Hamlor 24577, VAFamily Practice1386649366
Deborah J Dougherty 22180, VAFamily Practice1760487821
Theresa Anne Rupp 23936, VAFamily Practice1942205844
Vincent J Buchinsky 20110, VAFamily Practice1902801947
Irene Jaffe 22203, VAFamily Practice1629073432
Ollie T. Adcock 23666, VAFamily Practice1164427852
Jason Mohan Bhan 20165, VAFamily Practice1841295896
Daniel Ray Smith 23230, VAFamily Practice1639173024
Nathaniel Carrie Kirkland 22664, VAFamily Practice1326043076
Benjamin Franklin Zambrana 23225, VAFamily Practice1841295441
Robbie Casper 23502, VAFamily Practice1508861170
Claudia A. Kroker-bode 24014, VAFamily Practice1568467009
Nghi V Nguyen 22030, VAFamily Practice1063417509
Johnna S. Thomas 23924, VAFamily Practice1770588212
Jacquelin S Daniel 23974, VAFamily Practice1083619563
Vonda T Stanley 23970, VAFamily Practice1982609475
Judith S Anderson 24577, VAFamily Practice1609871128
John Wilton Snyder 23413, VAFamily Practice1750387288
Teresa A.f. Moore 23947, VAFamily Practice1871599282
Margaret Mackey Potts 23947, VAFamily Practice1851397194
Gary M Davidson 22306, VAFamily Practice1609872993
Kimberly A Scott 23320, VAFamily Practice1104822295
Barry Byer 22046, VAFamily Practice1316943426
Allison Bae 22046, VAFamily Practice1619973724
Christopher J. Ciccone 23188, VAFamily Practice1659377356
Jeffrey N Greer 23112, VAFamily Practice1386640027
Rex B Ruiz 20121, VAFamily Practice1063418762
Janine R Brown 20121, VAFamily Practice1699771394
Mary Jo Hill 23188, VAFamily Practice1548266224
Laura Ellen Higdon 23604, VAFamily Practice1861498545
Hawes Campbell 23690, VAFamily Practice1669478418
Allen R. Fenderson 23462, VAFamily Practice1205832979
Joanne L. Christie 23602, VAFamily Practice1447256185
Smyth County Community Hospital 24368, VAFamily Practice1356347082
Donald D. Carver 23181, VAFamily Practice1841296571
Jessica Panteha Abedi Byrd 22601, VAFamily Practice1639175391
Apple Blossom Family Practice Pllc 22601, VAFamily Practice1043216708
John Hollingsworth 23692, VAFamily Practice1346246022
Lenore L Day 20121, VAFamily Practice1245236926
Pamela Marlene Capps 23181, VAFamily Practice1285630913
Russell Warren Williams 22554, VAFamily Practice1144226879
William H Carter 20121, VAFamily Practice1164428801
Thedra E Nichols 22911, VAFamily Practice1427055011
Jeffry T Waldman 20121, VAFamily Practice1548266117
Donald E. Carwile 24528, VAFamily Practice1861499493
Charles Raeburn Judy 24141, VAFamily Practice1720085392
Mark Hehman Ryan 23298, VAFamily Practice1104822444
Julie F Overholtzer 20121, VAFamily Practice1790781474
Patrick B. Higdon 23505, VAFamily Practice1003812785
Irene Parrish 23970, VAFamily Practice1639174113
David C Powers 23970, VAFamily Practice1215933494
Michael K Reynolds 23970, VAFamily Practice1104822386
David W Michie 23944, VAFamily Practice1336144807
Steve Fetcho 22908, VAFamily Practice1164427712
Cheryl Ann Brown 20121, VAFamily Practice1194721894
William G. Jones 24528, VAFamily Practice1366449704
Russell Lewis Davis 24141, VAFamily Practice1033116561
Peter Hill 22827, VAFamily Practice1134126626
Stephen W. Eakin 24517, VAFamily Practice1770580128
Gabrielle K. Jackson 24501, VAFamily Practice1487651832
Patrice Chance Malena 23602, VAFamily Practice1508863853
John P Bryant 23690, VAFamily Practice1952308249
Anup J Gokli 23141, VAFamily Practice1407853542
Family Medicine Of Albemarle, Inc. 22901, VAFamily Practice1164429189
William Leonard Lang 20176, VAFamily Practice1508863622
Gregory J Alba 24540, VAFamily Practice1497752505
Dennis Thomas 23141, VAFamily Practice1730186883
Louise C Ritz 20190, VAFamily Practice1033116108
Jane T. Settle 23298, VAFamily Practice1811994882
Violet P. Esposito 24557, VAFamily Practice1841297678
Richard Claude Cole 24171, VAFamily Practice1972500668
Ralph Lewis Kramer 24171, VAFamily Practice1235136920
Chickahominy Family 23141, VAFamily Practice1043217912
Soeria Damirchi Sanderford 23229, VAFamily Practice1679570550
Joseph Baum 24091, VAFamily Practice1568469476
Francis C. Carter 24517, VAFamily Practice1154329779
Margaret Mountcastle 23141, VAFamily Practice1497753032
Randolph Harris Palmore 23221, VAFamily Practice1053319608
Patricia Richardson 24501, VAFamily Practice1053319640
Richard Anthony Campana 23185, VAFamily Practice1447258033
Grace J. Stonerock, Md, Pc 20109, VAFamily Practice1659379105
Allen Kinne Howe 20191, VAFamily Practice1548268857
Robert Powell 23970, VAFamily Practice1104824382
Victor H Bell 24153, VAFamily Practice1558369827
Charles K Sparrow 23231, VAFamily Practice1255339305
John P Kowalski 23231, VAFamily Practice1285632497
Hamdy I Sayed 23231, VAFamily Practice1992703110
Barbara K. Gilbert 24641, VAFamily Practice1972501062
Virginia L. Blanks 24121, VAFamily Practice1588662613
Nzinga Z Teule-hekima 23601, VAFamily Practice1851399901
Jorge Minera 20186, VAFamily Practice1750389987
Tracy Kennedy 24450, VAFamily Practice1730187709
William C. Crow 24501, VAFamily Practice1083612931
Charles E. Driscoll 24501, VAFamily Practice1093713950
Suzanne K Krzyzanowski 24501, VAFamily Practice1538167416
Todd H Dehli 24121, VAFamily Practice1679571558
Janice E Luth 24121, VAFamily Practice1912905894
Alice Greenbaum Coakley 22305, VAFamily Practice1518965417
Steven J Tang 20155, VAFamily Practice1497752604
Renae Mason 23453, VAFamily Practice1548267701
Debra C Welk 24486, VAFamily Practice1588662795
Douglas C Root 22980, VAFamily Practice1770580987
Raena M. Pettitt 24502, VAFamily Practice1124025085
Dora Lavalle Livingston 23456, VAFamily Practice1194723783
Graham H. Powers 23970, VAFamily Practice1518965177
Melody Counts 24361, VAFamily Practice1811994700
Kathryn L Sparhawk 24121, VAFamily Practice1659379774
Douglas Allyn Pote 24340, VAFamily Practice1194722652
Samuel Hughes Melton 24266, VAFamily Practice1548268196
Patricia H Hayes 24121, VAFamily Practice1386642403
Kenneth Landis Hurst 17601, VAFamily Practice1235136755
Elizabeth Ann Shockley 27030, VAFamily Practice1861499691
Amie R Munson 22932, VAFamily Practice1528066545
Sandy J Robertson 24563, VAFamily Practice1255339123
Anita Shabnam Chatman 20105, VAFamily Practice1730187642
Stephen M. Norfleet 23606, VAFamily Practice1972502797
Linda S Beahm 24121, VAFamily Practice1982602744
Richard H. Hosfield 23181, VAFamily Practice1518965342
Jesus L. Lizarzaburu 23690, VAFamily Practice1861490682
George Michael Pittman 40475, VAFamily Practice1033118864
Webb D. Jones 23185, VAFamily Practice1992704738
Nandini Koka 22180, VAFamily Practice1982602777
Carl J. Lindemann 23690, VAFamily Practice1275531063
Eugene M. Link 23606, VAFamily Practice1619975414
Stephen Maurice Ashe 23228, VAFamily Practice1952300634
Glenn Brian Mizrach 23228, VAFamily Practice1437158128


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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