Providers with Taxonomy: Family Practice in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Practice
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Katherine Funk 98902, WAFamily Practice1093718843
Alexandra C. Hunt 98281, WAFamily Practice1629071477
Christopher Webb Penoyar 98584, WAFamily Practice1184627259
Stephen H Kriebel 98331, WAFamily Practice1659374114
Fred Dee Price 99212, WAFamily Practice1457354052
Brian K. Barstad 55037, WAFamily Practice1871596346
Janet Gail Hansom 98274, WAFamily Practice1568465870
Lucia C Muller 98274, WAFamily Practice1639172935
Roger Paul Estep 98274, WAFamily Practice1033112479
Guilford H Traylor 98274, WAFamily Practice1679576979
Steven H Johnson 98274, WAFamily Practice1699778993
Jonathan C Gamson 98274, WAFamily Practice1639172927
Jennifer Kooiker Benson 98274, WAFamily Practice1801899182
Andrew Parker 98282, WAFamily Practice1366826240
Leslie A. Estep 98273, WAFamily Practice1457354896
Family Care Network, Pllc 98274, WAFamily Practice1912900234
James Ivan Maeda 98841, WAFamily Practice1538162854
Frontier Behavioral Health 99202, WAFamily Practice1861495327
Ron Whitten-bailey 99336, WAFamily Practice1063415644
Anita Marie Meyer 98273, WAFamily Practice1902808207
Lance Dee Brigman 98632, WAFamily Practice1235131590
Tony W Butruille 98826, WAFamily Practice1609870476
Asma A Weber 98382, WAFamily Practice1962406702
Karl Stanley Kranz 98826, WAFamily Practice1023012721
Marilyn Jane Hedges 98826, WAFamily Practice1124022835
Randall Gray Griffith 98372, WAFamily Practice1073517793
Floy Evon Detwiler 98802, WAFamily Practice1306840020
Sue H Oshiro-zeier 98683, WAFamily Practice1982608923
John A Zeier 98663, WAFamily Practice1013911080
Hudson's Bay Medical Group, Inc., P.s. 98663, WAFamily Practice1942204664
Aloysius Yinug 98292, WAFamily Practice1730183708
Angela Kay Stapleton-mackenzie 98104, WAFamily Practice1518969575
Sean M Mclaughlin 98201, WAFamily Practice1447252556
Cherie L Smith 98465, WAFamily Practice1700880432
Clarisse E Noel 98382, WAFamily Practice1285638635
Geoffrey Dana Richardson 98826, WAFamily Practice1316941727
Sheila Z Kennedy 98002, WAFamily Practice1083618409
Mark C Holland 98270, WAFamily Practice1578568812
Thomas N Shelton 98375, WAFamily Practice1467457564
James William Hartley 98274, WAFamily Practice1972508836
James C Coghlan 98133, WAFamily Practice1922003896
Peggy A Hosford 98584, WAFamily Practice1205831179
Robert M Alston 98373, WAFamily Practice1679578512
Philip O Smith 98270, WAFamily Practice1285639245
Rae Boyd 98274, WAFamily Practice1144225236
Harold G Clark 98270, WAFamily Practice1831194745
Lisa M. Evans 98632, WAFamily Practice1891790580
Jerry Fisher 98661, WAFamily Practice1568467223
Robert Eastwood 99161, WAFamily Practice1659376440
Kenneth L. Galewyrick 59860, WAFamily Practice1588669576
James B Graber 98032, WAFamily Practice1861497919
Roy E Gondo 98902, WAFamily Practice1669476131
Agnes Shirley Parker 38116, WAFamily Practice1124023932
Peter E Logerfo 98373, WAFamily Practice1902801889
Lindsey Marie Parden Anagnostopoulos 98108, WAFamily Practice1477921617
Samuel L Slonim 98003, WAFamily Practice1881699437
Robert G. Morasch 99362, WAFamily Practice1669478137
Marse L Mcnaughton 98418, WAFamily Practice1073519492
Margaret Julie Koepping 99040, WAFamily Practice1134125594
Daniel H Stoop 99218, WAFamily Practice1780680173
Edgar A Figueroa 99006, WAFamily Practice1487650883
Stephen M. Egge 98373, WAFamily Practice1295731578
Holli Banister 98373, WAFamily Practice1770589061
Amoy A Ng 98155, WAFamily Practice1497751721
Laurie L Kreiter 98155, WAFamily Practice1407852742
Robyn Phillips-madson 98155, WAFamily Practice1184620429
Leslie S Newton 98155, WAFamily Practice1124024476
Jane E Mckee 98070, WAFamily Practice1386640639
James H. Swegle 98274, WAFamily Practice1700882875
Irene Kimivo Kimura 98837, WAFamily Practice1366448359
Michael J. Fadich 98801, WAFamily Practice1447256433
Peter W. Bauer 98801, WAFamily Practice1922004910
David A. Kolde 98801, WAFamily Practice1407852403
Samuel W Richard 98642, WAFamily Practice1346246303
Eric Jon Headings Troyer 98122, WAFamily Practice1972509933
Nona L. Hanson 98274, WAFamily Practice1962408815
Lisa Jo Petersen 98801, WAFamily Practice1184620957
Melinda Lee Poso 98499, WAFamily Practice1235135013
Lyndel Cubberley 98493, WAFamily Practice1063418739
Dale T Fetroe 99326, WAFamily Practice1124025721
James Daniel Bass 98208, WAFamily Practice1518963404
Rhonda Marie Bass 98272, WAFamily Practice1023014925
Michael L Huggins 98122, WAFamily Practice1952308520
Richard Stcyr 98110, WAFamily Practice1023014651
Ray F Smith 98271, WAFamily Practice1205832078
Francisco Prada 99344, WAFamily Practice1609257690
Lois R. Niska 83706, WAFamily Practice1922004878
Julie A Moran 99006, WAFamily Practice1558367961
Steven D. Aguilu 98801, WAFamily Practice1851397830
Thuy-tien V Le 98405, WAFamily Practice1023015641
Francine G Buckner 98188, WAFamily Practice1669479002
Debbie C. Anderson 98632, WAFamily Practice1104823699
Jonathan W Grymaloski 98247, WAFamily Practice1790782209
Karen L Easton 98930, WAFamily Practice1891792198
Muhammad Ayub 98431, WAFamily Practice1386641694
Marie Teresa Stanford 98944, WAFamily Practice1285631598
Jeffrey John Emery 99202, WAFamily Practice1083611396
April R Biggs 98930, WAFamily Practice1154328458
Michael Lee Bartlett 98632, WAFamily Practice1356348502
Shawn J. Aaron 98632, WAFamily Practice1578560710
Sandra K Schorzman 99161, WAFamily Practice1871590141
Kiwan Paik 98133, WAFamily Practice1912904285
Loren B Betteridge 98418, WAFamily Practice1023015211
Healthpoint 98002, WAFamily Practice1730186966
Timothy A Randall 98632, WAFamily Practice1245237262
James T Crider 98632, WAFamily Practice1669479689
Kimberly Yu-yi Liu 98052, WAFamily Practice1467459487
Lewis C Weaver 99216, WAFamily Practice1285631200
Kristen Kay Knox 98072, WAFamily Practice1093712010
Gary T Wandschneider 99216, WAFamily Practice1811994833
Lynn Louise Albertson 98072, WAFamily Practice1366449381
Millicent Lanegraff 98072, WAFamily Practice1710984737
Steven Asher Montague 98072, WAFamily Practice1629075650
Marlene L Dicristina 98632, WAFamily Practice1558368597
Peter W Dicristina 98632, WAFamily Practice1093712044
John Alan Holley 98635, WAFamily Practice1447258157
Suzanne Laurel 98002, WAFamily Practice1699772434
Alison J Spencer 98513, WAFamily Practice1215934054
Jackie Sue Shuey 98402, WAFamily Practice1528065265
Anne-marie Bath Mccoy 98632, WAFamily Practice1720085475
Eric Robert Anderson 99202, WAFamily Practice1295732030
C. Kevin Bulley 98373, WAFamily Practice1083611768
Maury Daniel Hafermann 98826, WAFamily Practice1730186420
Denise R Cummings 98373, WAFamily Practice1851398739
Donald J Greggain 99403, WAFamily Practice1154328052
Lillian Wu 98002, WAFamily Practice1851398770
Daniel N Ostrander 99216, WAFamily Practice1285632935
Sally Saran Edwards 98072, WAFamily Practice1124026885
Sonja Maddox 98055, WAFamily Practice1295732113
Deborah Lynn Kasman 98072, WAFamily Practice1689672149
William Kirk Harris 98512, WAFamily Practice1588662068
Healthpoint 98011, WAFamily Practice1821096405
Jayme T. Mackay 99403, WAFamily Practice1902804594
Margene Deann Fields 98548, WAFamily Practice1205834520
Sam Child Eggertsen 98028, WAFamily Practice1457359507
Deborah Marie Benz 98226, WAFamily Practice1922006972
Diana Eugenia Moser 98840, WAFamily Practice1154329555
Norman E Wood 21562, WAFamily Practice1114925179
Marilee M. Jensen 98122, WAFamily Practice1215935960
Xin Wang 99201, WAFamily Practice1689671893
Elite Healthcare Medical Group, Pllc 98109, WAFamily Practice1881133189
Thomas Prenger 99216, WAFamily Practice1558368571
Robin L Mitchell 99216, WAFamily Practice1295732212
David W Little 99216, WAFamily Practice1396743043
Philip D Woolf 99216, WAFamily Practice1992702914
Albert E. Fiedler Ii 99350, WAFamily Practice1811996622
Elizabeth A Hadland 98042, WAFamily Practice1225037831
Perry William Reding 98607, WAFamily Practice1720087422
John A. Cranton 98597, WAFamily Practice1326047986
Donald F. Condon 99218, WAFamily Practice1134128697
Vicki L Black 98902, WAFamily Practice1609875038
Lindy Sue Griffin 98101, WAFamily Practice1912906439
Roger L Bracchi 98902, WAFamily Practice1811996127
Doug Shin Kim 98003, WAFamily Practice1720087067
Meneleo Trinidad Lilagan 99336, WAFamily Practice1598764979
Mark A Deramo 98902, WAFamily Practice1205835576
Norman William Moss 98902, WAFamily Practice1689673600
Jennifer Patricia Caso 99362, WAFamily Practice1396744322
Fabio Vasquez 98383, WAFamily Practice1528068483
Suzanne F Skinner 98188, WAFamily Practice1548260359
Healthpoint 98052, WAFamily Practice1891795621
Jeffrey Brown 98052, WAFamily Practice1912907783
Natalie L Nunes 98405, WAFamily Practice1134129935
Healthpoint 98030, WAFamily Practice1831199454
Timothy Manson 99216, WAFamily Practice1780684316
Whidbey Medical Clinic Pllc 98277, WAFamily Practice1548260177
Lucien T Megna 99352, WAFamily Practice1699775924
Kelly L Cote 99352, WAFamily Practice1780684019
Chulachak Jon Sukachevin 98607, WAFamily Practice1386644417
Susan Marie Reis 98290, WAFamily Practice1689674830
Martin Dubek 98274, WAFamily Practice1356341358
Heidi Rosemarie Graf 98277, WAFamily Practice1376543397
Kevin Mark Haughton 98506, WAFamily Practice1386645281
Devin Richard Sawyer 98506, WAFamily Practice1497756308
Hillary Brooks Allen-kissick 98502, WAFamily Practice1851392765
Lowell Richard Dightman 98506, WAFamily Practice1033110937
Lisa Ann Johnson 98506, WAFamily Practice1316948227
Kelvie A Johnson 98506, WAFamily Practice1023019858
Michael W Maples 98902, WAFamily Practice1467451419
Gregg K Vandekieft 98506, WAFamily Practice1922009885
Rebecca B Hoover 59802, WAFamily Practice1972502003
Margaret Anne Macleod 98902, WAFamily Practice1891793832
Patricia J Cox 98405, WAFamily Practice1942200530
Catherine W Amundson 98052, WAFamily Practice1487654257
David Antonio Becerril 98951, WAFamily Practice1902806771
Kathryn Ann Willits 76102, WAFamily Practice1245230028
Mark A Hoitink 99336, WAFamily Practice1790785962
Eric A Sohn 99208, WAFamily Practice1144220609
Amber L Gauthier 98532, WAFamily Practice1821534801
Community Health Of Central Washington 98902, WAFamily Practice1598764920
Michael G Mercado 98312, WAFamily Practice1376533760
Terri Leigh Squires 98122, WAFamily Practice1811997935
Debra M Gould 98908, WAFamily Practice1740289883
Russell G Maier 99352, WAFamily Practice1215936232
Kathleen Marian Farrell 98382, WAFamily Practice1285635086
Margaret L Miller 98506, WAFamily Practice1699776336
Kelly L Evans 98226, WAFamily Practice1700887338
Steven E Fredrikson 98366, WAFamily Practice1821099334
George S. Heffner 98030, WAFamily Practice1437150943
Jonathan Kaiser Ploudre 98274, WAFamily Practice1104827435


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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