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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Gastroenterology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
J Patrick Waring GAGastroenterology1174527741
Jacinto Del Mazo GAGastroenterology1104891316
Jacqueline Vanita Boodhoo GAGastroenterology1376707562
Jai Eun Min GAGastroenterology1508123019
James Cannie Barlow GAGastroenterology1568465276
James F Linnane GAGastroenterology1548368715
James S Strohecker SCGastroenterology1164403945
Jasna Ikanovic Beard GAGastroenterology1811271083
Jawad Ilyas GAGastroenterology1629276159
Jay H Garten GAGastroenterology1831189950
Jaydeep Suresh Bhat GAGastroenterology1063698249
Jenifer Ann Curtis GAGastroenterology1699799775
Jennifer A Christie GAGastroenterology1750312252
Joel Camilo MOGastroenterology1144234733
Joel Patrick Wedd GAGastroenterology1124285549
John E Burney GAGastroenterology1053315820
John Robert Molinaro GAGastroenterology1083677645
Joseph S Rice SCGastroenterology1538140652
Joyce Choi Peji GAGastroenterology1538152160
Julia J Liu GAGastroenterology1932165222
Julia F Massaad GAGastroenterology1437335288
Jung Whun Suh GAGastroenterology1952512105
Justin Brett Mendel GAGastroenterology1669791836
Kabir A Quadir GAGastroenterology1518011915
Kathryn Mettler GAGastroenterology1174533947
Kavita Rani Kongara NYGastroenterology1952370959
Kavya M Sebastian GAGastroenterology1497932073
Kelly L Carson GAGastroenterology1801859327
Kenny M Frontin GAGastroenterology1740280627
Kevin Edwin Woods GAGastroenterology1851437065
Kim Loan T Nguyen GAGastroenterology1518159037
Kiran J Kanji GAGastroenterology1649274234
Lance L Stein GAGastroenterology1568558062
Laurie-ann Douglas GAGastroenterology1801378963
Leslie Steven Leighton GAGastroenterology1386943959
Lori Jean Lucas GAGastroenterology1922069129
Luis Galvez GAGastroenterology1326039231
Mahmoud Baidi Barrie GAGastroenterology1144250770
Manan B Shah GAGastroenterology1457548513
Marc Abou Georgi SCGastroenterology1902096480
Marc Rosenberg GAGastroenterology1427033083
Marc Bryan Sonenshine GAGastroenterology1376681411
Mark Douglas Edge GAGastroenterology1750372777
Mark Allen Lijewski SCGastroenterology1487625471
Mark A Sims GAGastroenterology1932103504
Mary Flynn VAGastroenterology1992094221
Max A Shapiro GAGastroenterology1770768780
Meena Anand Prasad GAGastroenterology1376785733
Michael C. Flood GAGastroenterology1437182391
Michael H Frist GAGastroenterology1811164361
Michael R Galambos GAGastroenterology1356345011
Michael S. Landy GAGastroenterology1467524017
Michael Levine GAGastroenterology1154305191
Michael Dan Perrino INGastroenterology1124118997
Michelle Patrice Clermont Gastroenterology1174966204
Michelle D Stevens GAGastroenterology1750498705
Mohammed Asker Razvi Gastroenterology1720345135
Nader A Dbouk TNGastroenterology1710199831
Nandhakumar Kanagarajan GAGastroenterology1902819667
Navid Madani NCGastroenterology1841211687
Neal K Osborn GAGastroenterology1124005442
Neal Chhitu Patel GAGastroenterology1689838575
Ngozi Ivunanya Okoro MNGastroenterology1730367756
Nicole Michelle Gordon GAGastroenterology1982686523
Nikrad Shahnavaz GAGastroenterology1972761534
Nina Singh GAGastroenterology1881850261
Niraj Khandelwal GAGastroenterology1619186228
Nitin Gupta MAGastroenterology1013113364
Nizar P Hallak WIGastroenterology1861627697
Norman Lynn Elliott GAGastroenterology1114918109
Norman Gitlin GAGastroenterology1669463543
Nyla Hazratjee SCGastroenterology1942443619
Olaitan Adeniji GAGastroenterology1255321089
Olakumbi Otulana SCGastroenterology1760769699
Paresh P Kamat GAGastroenterology1740518612
Parit Mekaroonkamol GAGastroenterology1922311026
Paul S Bierman TNGastroenterology1144245234
Peter J Kobes SCGastroenterology1447222690
Qiang Cai GAGastroenterology1932112653
Rachel P. Mepani GAGastroenterology1154411353
Rahul S Nayak GAGastroenterology1770762452
Randy J Yanda GAGastroenterology1407850076
Ravi Siddharth Vora GAGastroenterology1295025237
Richard Friedman GAGastroenterology1518958537
Robert A Cohen GAGastroenterology1881606648
Robert Carter Davis NCGastroenterology1679564793
Robert Michael Eisenband GAGastroenterology1053301390
Robert Michael Rourk NCGastroenterology1487609145
Robin E Rutherford GAGastroenterology1598777377
Rodney L Harris GAGastroenterology1326114125
Ross Barrett Deppe Gastroenterology1114260528
Russell Kramer GAGastroenterology1861476830
Samuel M Willis SCGastroenterology1770586588
Sanjay Parikh GAGastroenterology1679558241
Saurabh Chawla GAGastroenterology1679759906
Seema Maroo GAGastroenterology1508887985
Shahzad Ahmed CAGastroenterology1114260833
Shani Hadiya Woolard GAGastroenterology1952628349
Shanthi Srinivasan GAGastroenterology1578575270
Sheela S Reddy GAGastroenterology1326334608
Sreekala P Satheesh GAGastroenterology1881885911
Srikrishna Vidyadhar Patnana GAGastroenterology1134478662
Srinivasa Rao Ayinala GAGastroenterology1285624148
Stanley Paul Riepe GAGastroenterology1922262658
Steven A Keilin GAGastroenterology1023157179
Steven J Morris GAGastroenterology1538143847
Sumalatha Satoor KYGastroenterology1457336679
Sumyra Kachru SCGastroenterology1093003394
Susan G Coe GAGastroenterology1609033315
Tanvi Ashok Dhere GAGastroenterology1790961662
Temitope Foster CAGastroenterology1356538615
Thomas S Claiborne GAGastroenterology1093719692
Thomas Chadwick Eustis GAGastroenterology1427001452
Thomas P Mcgahan GAGastroenterology1861455487
Thomas Marcel Montagne SCGastroenterology1326019316
Timothy Gilrane GAGastroenterology1427049477
Tommie Haywood GAGastroenterology1811979339
Valerie J Jagiella GAGastroenterology1164426722
Walter Scott Brooks GAGastroenterology1326039330
Walter James Douglass SCGastroenterology1962473777
Walter Greg Guthrie GAGastroenterology1609818541
Walter C Ifeadike TNGastroenterology1689684839
William Bizzaro GAGastroenterology1013907880
William L Boddie GAGastroenterology1700993722
William Bradley Creel GAGastroenterology1447461116
William E Norris GAGastroenterology1801988811
William M Strain GAGastroenterology1548264112
Yasmin Khadija Karim GAGastroenterology1609000793
Anca Pop TNGastroenterology1871515817
Medical Specialists Of The Palm Beaches Inc Gastroenterology1194768390
Palm Beach General Surgery Llc FLGastroenterology1801015177
Gastroenterology Associates Of Florida Llc Gastroenterology1700382736
Alexander Restrepo FLGastroenterology1558332874
Augusto Lopez-torres FLGastroenterology1578579223
Carlos A Leon FLGastroenterology1982694030
Charles Posternack FLGastroenterology1669595997
Frederick Stuart Sherman FLGastroenterology1255302584
Kayode Olowe NYGastroenterology1427246628
Lyle Hurwitz FLGastroenterology1467491977
Miles Medrano FLGastroenterology1366487514
Richard Franklin Merzer FLGastroenterology1346211422
Seth Steinberg FLGastroenterology1356381370
Stephen Edward Steinberg FLGastroenterology1831284165
Taryn Silverstein FLGastroenterology1215082102
Thomas Rosenfield FLGastroenterology1770539850
Todd Simon FLGastroenterology1225073489
Yakov Ilich Gitin FLGastroenterology1194742015
Muhammad Sohail Siddiq TNGastroenterology1124113832
Sturdy Memorial Associates, Inc. Gastroenterology1114349834
Attleboro Gastroenterology, Pc Gastroenterology1891803052
Mark A Robbin MAGastroenterology1215927074
Nithin Sripathi Karanth RIGastroenterology1154583953
Sonia Helen Uchman MAGastroenterology1528017373
Carlos C Say, CAGastroenterology1063722635
Carlos C Say CAGastroenterology1871594085
Cny Gastroenterology, Pllc Gastroenterology1336194265
East Alabama Gastroenterology & Medical Services Llc ALGastroenterology1710168257
Benjamin Andrew Brichler CAGastroenterology1912182312
Dileep K Atluri CAGastroenterology1245444983
Henry M Klotz NYGastroenterology1134283104
John Avanzato NYGastroenterology1689693004
Jonathan Taylor MAGastroenterology1205800158
Michael S Kelfer MAGastroenterology1306810296
Michael S Mahoney CAGastroenterology1497881965
Neil A Nedley CAGastroenterology1952336059
Rao R Meka LAGastroenterology1275608853
Steven Randall Kaptik WAGastroenterology1881893345
William A Webb ALGastroenterology1093942880
Atrius Health, Inc. Gastroenterology1225183726
Atrius Health, Inc Gastroenterology1225175979
Atrius Health, Inc. Gastroenterology1245444900
Atrius Health, Inc. MAGastroenterology1902290901
Atrius Health, Inc. MAGastroenterology1306231519
Atrius Health, Inc. MAGastroenterology1558756759
Atrius Health, Inc. MAGastroenterology1467847632
Atrius Health, Inc. Gastroenterology1174746275
Atrius Health, Inc. Gastroenterology1427271584
Atrius Health, Inc. Gastroenterology1972717635
Atrius Health, Inc. Gastroenterology1952518391
Atrius Health, Inc. Gastroenterology1114265634
Atrius Health, Inc. Gastroenterology1871639914
Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates Gastroenterology1003939703
Alphonso Brown MAGastroenterology1871579987
Digestive & Liver Disease Specialists Gastroenterology1194760553
Gastroenterology Specialists Of Augusta, Pc Gastroenterology1376569467
Kennebec Gastrointestinal Assoc. Gastroenterology1942214234
Georgia Gastroenterology Llc GAGastroenterology1477712115
University Health Care Physicians Llc Gastroenterology1568786192
Umg Gastroenterology Llc Gastroenterology1922407162
Gastroenterology Of Augusta, Llc Gastroenterology1437202991
Augusta Gastrointestinal Specialists Inc GAGastroenterology1689707432
Amol Sharma GAGastroenterology1124276761
Angela W. Hardy SCGastroenterology1669577003
Anthony Martin KYGastroenterology1528045259
Brian B. Baggott MEGastroenterology1407813306
Bryan Franklin Curtin GAGastroenterology1437425873
Charles Lewis Spurr GAGastroenterology1134157571
Fady Asslo MEGastroenterology1659653723
Gaurang Naginlal Shah FLGastroenterology1730143538
George Edward Davis MEGastroenterology1538144860


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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