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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Gastroenterology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gary David Koenig MOGastroenterology1861485724
John J Kelly MOGastroenterology1922090935
Paul V Fahrenbach ILGastroenterology1699768416
Kirsten Jeanne Kinsman ORGastroenterology1598757049
Andree A Dadrat FLGastroenterology1366434607
David W Landau MOGastroenterology1861485476
Kristine J Krueger KYGastroenterology1891788824
Gerald Dryden KYGastroenterology1619969011
Luis S Marsano KYGastroenterology1700879731
Stephen A Mcclave KYGastroenterology1619960648
Wendy P Moeller NCGastroenterology1255324356
Mitchell Josephs NYGastroenterology1063413532
Herman B Kleinbaum NYGastroenterology1528069093
David Samuel Eskreis NYGastroenterology1265424550
Robert J Stoffa MOGastroenterology1871586644
Jagbir K Ahuja TXGastroenterology1083616700
Richard A Zak COGastroenterology1316930506
Loren H Marshall MOGastroenterology1295736668
Jeffrey E Mathews MOGastroenterology1285635656
Mark D Prince TXGastroenterology1629061171
The Iowa Clinic Pc Gastroenterology1346233178
Jeffrey D Stahl IAGastroenterology1013900844
David Paul Deysher PAGastroenterology1164414678
Walter Klein NJGastroenterology1821099078
Kenneth A Adams VAGastroenterology1639161300
Carl A Foulks NCGastroenterology1902898562
Abdul Jabbar INGastroenterology1437141835
Arif M Qazi FLGastroenterology1134111990
Integral Gastroenterology Center, P.a. TXGastroenterology1275534349
Kimberly Ann Dymond TNGastroenterology1649263419
Donald J Brust NVGastroenterology1255332656
Harminder Paul Singh NCGastroenterology1497757256
Hyman L Kirschenbaum NJGastroenterology1063405900
Joseph Gordon Edelson MIGastroenterology1598766255
Florin Gaidici AZGastroenterology1780686147
Gastroenterology Associates Ltd Gastroenterology1518959360
Oluwagbenga Serrano INGastroenterology1235131806
De Tan CAGastroenterology1851384044
Alfred Lee VAGastroenterology1689675837
Lawrence Bruce Cohen NYGastroenterology1023010956
Andrew William Black FLGastroenterology1851392351
Gastrointestinal Group Of North Jersey Pa Gastroenterology1578565552
Lisa Deborah Stevens NJGastroenterology1497756589
Robert David Shlien NJGastroenterology1154322246
Natarajan S Bala TXGastroenterology1912990417
Harry S Ojeas TXGastroenterology1528051042
Franz E Schneider TXGastroenterology1093708539
Basil Lucak NYGastroenterology1720071145
Morris Traube NYGastroenterology1679566095
Rickey L Snipes MIGastroenterology1477546869
Ather M Bukhari MIGastroenterology1992798391
Lawrence B Damiani MIGastroenterology1619960010
Ira Daniel Breite NYGastroenterology1306830732
Sukhdeep S Padda AZGastroenterology1437143872
Rosemary Perkins Ashby FLGastroenterology1194719500
Neil A Jacobson OHGastroenterology1124012547
Michael Kirsch OHGastroenterology1942294368
Frederick Schnure MAGastroenterology1881688232
James P Loveland OHGastroenterology1912991316
Gregg Brodsky MAGastroenterology1750375119
Franjo Vladic OHGastroenterology1770577199
Bruce A Jones MIGastroenterology1275526675
Ramon Fernando Roig MDGastroenterology1366435794
Donald Sutherland MAGastroenterology1497749725
Karen Susskind MAGastroenterology1154315471
Udayini Kodali TXGastroenterology1558355883
Howard Hamat TXGastroenterology1376537605
Mark Stechschulte OHGastroenterology1043204373
Joseph S Laney OHGastroenterology1952395287
Mark W Thurman OHGastroenterology1770577009
Richard T Sheets OHGastroenterology1316931652
Thomas C. Ransbottom OHGastroenterology1043204381
Gregory D Gibbons OHGastroenterology1861486102
Scott M Miller OHGastroenterology1659365997
James J Mohr OHGastroenterology1386638625
William J Provance FLGastroenterology1174517403
Gurunath Thota Reddy TXGastroenterology1427042753
James A Edison OHGastroenterology1871587105
Edward J Brand OHGastroenterology1780678011
Saeed Zamir ILGastroenterology1134113400
Marsha G Pierdinock GAGastroenterology1871587170
Leslie P Goldman CTGastroenterology1801880109
Clinton D. Polhamus TXGastroenterology1497749790
Charles E Kelly TNGastroenterology1780678979
Cherif M. El Younis NYGastroenterology1417941618
Steven E Hearne TXGastroenterology1730173832
Abdulhadi Quadri FLGastroenterology1811981913
Aamer Mirza NYGastroenterology1730173857
Michael Spencer Hall FLGastroenterology1689668824
Nora V. Bergasa NYGastroenterology1396739553
Thomas J Romano NYGastroenterology1720072846
Ira G Knepp GAGastroenterology1174517379
Edward C Paredez CAGastroenterology1518951714
Daniel Bradley Lord GAGastroenterology1245224344
Robert Mark Eisdorfer MDGastroenterology1891789046
Lawrence Alan Bassin MDGastroenterology1215921473
Kirk J Zachary CTGastroenterology1376537563
Philip Nagel ILGastroenterology1043204043
Instituto De Gastroenterologia De P.r. PRGastroenterology1942294012
Diagnostic Clinic Of Longview Pa Gastroenterology1386638468
Zack Zeke Martin GAGastroenterology1427042514
Paul William Roderick RIGastroenterology1831183904
Steven Jay Wolfson PAGastroenterology1629062658
Myriam Villafana-suarez PRGastroenterology1346234358
William Gordon Tanner GAGastroenterology1114911294
Coastal Gastroenterology, A Prof. Corp. CAGastroenterology1346234333
Robert K Schellenberg NCGastroenterology1306830187
Jon David Gibson IAGastroenterology1720072507
Quang Quoc Phan CAGastroenterology1982698957
Henry P Nathan NCGastroenterology1437143310
Filiberto Colon NCGastroenterology1346234226
James M. Mertesdorf NCGastroenterology1891789756
Nikhil S Shah TNGastroenterology1104810027
Daniel Drake Center For Post acute Care, Llc OHGastroenterology1558355487
Mark A Linkow COGastroenterology1639163587
Glenn Steven Pfitzner NCGastroenterology1992799969
Eugene Hiroshi Kamemoto HIGastroenterology1821082736
Ying K Amorn OHGastroenterology1518951466
The Medical Specialists Of Ky, Psc Gastroenterology1487648200
Rick Y Ho TXGastroenterology1962496794
Swaminath K. Iyer NYGastroenterology1700870474
George Lyman Powers RIGastroenterology1255325932
Stephen M Krigsman NYGastroenterology1881688646
Fred H Goldner TXGastroenterology1932193695
Joseph Aboujaoude NYGastroenterology1750375416
Michael K Bay NMGastroenterology1437143195
Robert Wolfgang RIGastroenterology1871587550
Morris Paul Elevado RIGastroenterology1417941105
Leena Tarigopula OHGastroenterology1023002714
Clifford Appel CTGastroenterology1366436065
Todd D Heller MDGastroenterology1053305763
Thomas Kepczyk TXGastroenterology1629062344
Carlos Neghme TXGastroenterology1215921937
John D Eckrich MOGastroenterology1902890643
Stephen William Wilde GAGastroenterology1023002763
Barry Levenson WAGastroenterology1356335905
Gary M Van Deventer CAGastroenterology1285628933
Gerald Hofkin MDGastroenterology1467446906
Lila Tarmin MDGastroenterology1669466108
Michael Siuta MDGastroenterology1740274281
Jeffery S Cooley MAGastroenterology1417941030
Ronald Rasor FLGastroenterology1144214768
Raul Marquez Santiago PRGastroenterology1063406643
Albert Steven Fleisher MDGastroenterology1710971254
Serge-alain Awasum TXGastroenterology1164416608
John Anthony Woltjen MOGastroenterology1427042068
Douglas J Springer TNGastroenterology1336134816
Fredric R Mishkin TNGastroenterology1134114614
Ngoclan Thi Dinh FLGastroenterology1205821782
Enrique Antolin Robles DCGastroenterology1154315653
John Christian Southerland FLGastroenterology1053305565
Juan R. Colon-pagan PRGastroenterology1154316685
Luis A Arturi PRGastroenterology1063407591
Fernando Ramos-mercado PRGastroenterology1972598407
Filiberto Colon-rodriguez PRGastroenterology1225023757
Isaac Kalvaria FLGastroenterology1821082330
Charles S Narasi NYGastroenterology1649264151
J. Michael Spear TNGastroenterology1871588368
Thomas Henry Mcgreen RIGastroenterology1043205537
Jose C Jimenez PRGastroenterology1508851049
William A Sodeman OHGastroenterology1346235835
Douglas E Homoky TNGastroenterology1073508560
Janet B Dickinson CTGastroenterology1942295449
Loc T Le MDGastroenterology1194710517
Edward Zimmerman MDGastroenterology1003801424
Feras Zabad TXGastroenterology1982699310
Isadore Phillip Gutwein NYGastroenterology1053306480
Braden Kuo MAGastroenterology1225023658
Craig Allen Peller FLGastroenterology1548255953
Charles M Farr CAGastroenterology1205821592
Marcia R Cruz-correa PRGastroenterology1962497164
Wake Internal Medicine Consultants, Inc. Gastroenterology1699760926
Charles F Barish NCGastroenterology1295720555
Patrick R Storms TXGastroenterology1508851882
Edward P Toffolon CTGastroenterology1881689255
Huitt Everett Mattox GAGastroenterology1548255920
Robin A Rittgers GAGastroenterology1588659973
Ahmed M Hasan PAGastroenterology1477548865
Darrell E Schwertner GAGastroenterology1952396350
Ruben Lugo Zambrana PRGastroenterology1225023567
Clement Demasi FLGastroenterology1376538546
James L Lapis TNGastroenterology1891780987
Anne Wuerth MIGastroenterology1487649588
Mark R Versland CTGastroenterology1639164775
Alan G Carnell TNGastroenterology1548255649
Philip Barton Miner, Jr. OKGastroenterology1003801234
Gastroenterology Centre C.s.p. Gastroenterology1992790133
R. Douglas Strickland TNGastroenterology1629063813
Teresa L Hatten GAGastroenterology1831184944
Daniel O Siegel COGastroenterology1174518344
Jeffrey S. Levine TNGastroenterology1245225333
Daniel Scott Kosches FLGastroenterology1316932296
Dale L. Coy ILGastroenterology1770578858
Bulent Ender NCGastroenterology1578558631
Alaa Abousaif CAGastroenterology1235124108
Henry Sidney Pohl NYGastroenterology1982699054
Michael S Ader NYGastroenterology1760477830
John W Duval TNGastroenterology1902891914
Nicholas A. Kozlov FLGastroenterology1912992975
Balu B Shetty PAGastroenterology1033104948


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