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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Gastroenterology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Daniel J. Peasley IAGastroenterology1821095027
Patricia L Raymond VAGastroenterology1063410413
Geoffrey Douglas Block CAGastroenterology1942208608
Richard A Zirin MAGastroenterology1548267883
Barry Michael Rubin MDGastroenterology1770580607
Himanshu P Desai OHGastroenterology1780681825
Ori Tzuk OHGastroenterology1588662597
Heidi V. Huck MIGastroenterology1336147610
Rafael E Rodriguez - Lopez PRGastroenterology1275530743
Suresh Bhalla ILGastroenterology1811995426
Stuart Charles Weinberger NYGastroenterology1235137902
Paul Auerbach NYGastroenterology1518965144
William Alexander Currie TXGastroenterology1093713596
Howard Paul Monsour TXGastroenterology1407853518
Michael Phillip Zelig FLGastroenterology1578561197
Sayed S Khatami OHGastroenterology1306844980
Mark Allen Miller TNGastroenterology1699773150
Radha Ann Tamerisa TXGastroenterology1366440653
Steven G Johnson CAGastroenterology1265439038
M Nayeem Akhtar PAGastroenterology1205833787
Jeff T Victor ILGastroenterology1104824887
Michael E Jones KYGastroenterology1083611636
James Allen Jacob INGastroenterology1760489884
Brian George Sperl INGastroenterology1720085871
Earl David Brown INGastroenterology1558368696
Joseph Scott Buckley INGastroenterology1710984877
Ernest Jonathan Orinion INGastroenterology1679570857
Gregory Todd Lemmel INGastroenterology1891792933
Michael Francis Elmore INGastroenterology1013914118
Michael Samuel Morelli INGastroenterology1760489942
Firas Al-kawas MDGastroenterology1295733384
Thaddeus J Grabowy NJGastroenterology1679570006
Frans Handoyo MOGastroenterology1205833431
David Michael Dresner INGastroenterology1417955667
James Cletus Strobel INGastroenterology1730187998
Lawrence Norman Goldman FLGastroenterology1780681635
Halim Ozgur Muslu GAGastroenterology1639177710
Michael F Uzer ILGastroenterology1295733475
Ronald P Markos PAGastroenterology1851399786
Christopher Y. Kim MDGastroenterology1922006931
Andrew H Zwick FLGastroenterology1003814922
Newburyport Gastroenterology Llc MAGastroenterology1437157369
Kusum G Stokes CAGastroenterology1386642130
Philip Mantia NYGastroenterology1487652343
Somasundaram Bharath NDGastroenterology1093714800
Michael Clarence Payne MAGastroenterology1760481501
David J Berger NYGastroenterology1871591677
Nadim Haddad DCGastroenterology1649278441
Stephen Kastor Overstreet KYGastroenterology1811995624
Manuel C. Iglesias ILGastroenterology1578562351
Imad A.r. Idriss NMGastroenterology1134127947
Healthtexas Provider Network TXGastroenterology1376541193
John P Moran ILGastroenterology1225036056
Ayaz Tariq Malik MAGastroenterology1154320984
Perry L Kamel ILGastroenterology1174522866
John Stephen Dobrota PAGastroenterology1457350167
Robert D Pfeffer NYGastroenterology1558360172
Brian M Kirsh OHGastroenterology1871592493
John S Farrell MOGastroenterology1194724724
Jack S Lissauer OHGastroenterology1720087356
Glenn M Short PAGastroenterology1881693521
Mark L Modic OHGastroenterology1336148022
Tanveer M Imam PAGastroenterology1942209697
Howard Deckter OHGastroenterology1073512729
Guillermo P Gubbins FLGastroenterology1336148972
Joel M Kichler PAGastroenterology1972502516
Justin Garth Rosemore MDGastroenterology1861491425
Gabrielle Adams NMGastroenterology1477552958
Peter Dsa ALGastroenterology1730188129
Man-siak Mak CAGastroenterology1609875004
Laura G Gitlin NVGastroenterology1023017696
Gordon Steven Fessler OHGastroenterology1649279217
Mario D Kamionkowski OHGastroenterology1285633792
Andrew Renny NJGastroenterology1447259957
Frank Wilson Jackson PAGastroenterology1164421673
Edgar J Vargas ILGastroenterology1295734895
Michael H Frankel OHGastroenterology1245239847
Mp Veera Md Pa Gastroenterology1306845904
John A. Balacki NYGastroenterology1578562179
Timothy Orphanides WVGastroenterology1023017530
Eric Jb Shapiro OHGastroenterology1104825629
Gastroenterology Association Of Cleveland, Inc. OHGastroenterology1639178163
Blake A Jones SDGastroenterology1659370930
A. Tariq Malik, Md, Inc. MAGastroenterology1477552750
John Bettinger CAGastroenterology1225037500
John Burdon NMGastroenterology1134128416
Howard Gogel NMGastroenterology1194724484
Edward James Jurkovic ILGastroenterology1558360842
Antoine Jakiche NMGastroenterology1609875996
Andrew Mason NMGastroenterology1265431563
Barton H Ueki Md Inc CAGastroenterology1043219355
Andrei C Gasic TXGastroenterology1184623407
Mark J Silversmith NHGastroenterology1104825587
Gi Health Professionals, Pc PAGastroenterology1982603155
Stefan J Chin CAGastroenterology1891794152
William H Sweatt TXGastroenterology1255330445
Johnasan M Gregory TXGastroenterology1699774869
Hannah Sheinin WAGastroenterology1023017274
Vino J Verghese CAGastroenterology1912906272
Frank T Kucer PAGastroenterology1487653747
Houssam Al Kharrat TXGastroenterology1295734424
Lenkala R Mallaiah FLGastroenterology1891794954
Radheshyam M. Agrawal PAGastroenterology1518966670
Jeffrey Stephen Crespin NYGastroenterology1164421277
Rama Marepally INGastroenterology1922007996
Lornette B Mills MDGastroenterology1689673741
Khadar Baig MDGastroenterology1497754550
Michael Sperling VAGastroenterology1508865569
Michel Ghastine OHGastroenterology1417956475
David M Sack CTGastroenterology1710986898
Nav Grandhi OHGastroenterology1497754469
Inland Empire Gastroenterology Ps WAGastroenterology1750380812
Seetaramayya Nagula MDGastroenterology1114926284
Stuart H. Borken MNGastroenterology1487653564
Allan Peck OHGastroenterology1588663561
Rajesh R Panchwagh PAGastroenterology1376542373
Alex Olabode Williams VAGastroenterology1548269483
Ghanshyam N Patel MIGastroenterology1558360669
Housein M Wazaz CTGastroenterology1629077714
Stacey A Weiland PAGastroenterology1649279746
John J Michel PAGastroenterology1902805971
David S Mize PAGastroenterology1811996887
Maritza Palusiak OHGastroenterology1184623159
Bruce Waldholtz VAGastroenterology1871592840
Stephen Caplan VAGastroenterology1124027149
Robert M Lynn NMGastroenterology1679572697
Douglas H. Howerton VAGastroenterology1295734283
Gary Payman VAGastroenterology1265431266
Tariq Shakoor OHGastroenterology1952300899
Ronald J. Weisenberger OHGastroenterology1124027065
Adam B Lowe AZGastroenterology1184624025
Victor W Groisser NJGastroenterology1346240207
Daniel Charles Mausner NYGastroenterology1912907882
Michael Paolucci TXGastroenterology1639179500
John J Imbesi NJGastroenterology1487654349
John M. Tune TXGastroenterology1770583676
West Hills Gastroenterology Associates Pc ORGastroenterology1932109840
Woo Kwang Song NJGastroenterology1922008879
Kenny M Frontin GAGastroenterology1740280627
Curtis J Larson OKGastroenterology1659371540
Kester I.h. Crosse MDGastroenterology1063411908
Adinarayana Divakaruni MDGastroenterology1699774570
Vijay Narayen MDGastroenterology1538168422
Dean Nick Cassimatis NYGastroenterology1821097742
Seth Alan Levin NYGastroenterology1528067444
Swarnjit Nmi Singh AZGastroenterology1134128069
Brendan H Levy AZGastroenterology1548260474
Murali Authur Perumal NYGastroenterology1538169461
Rajan Khosla AZGastroenterology1770583601
Inland Empire Gastroenterology Ps WAGastroenterology1851391783
Michael Peter Krumholz NYGastroenterology1700886645
Thomas Aquinas Scileppi NYGastroenterology1598765430
Warren Finkelstein NJGastroenterology1376543223
Raymond Patrick Kenny NJGastroenterology1982604831
David Magier NYGastroenterology1285634196
Charles Francis Wolter INGastroenterology1427058221
James A Whitaker KSGastroenterology1124028931
Daniel J Alpert NYGastroenterology1063412708
Utah Digestive Health Institute Gastroenterology1972503696
Internal Medicine Specialists, Pa Gastroenterology1770583528
Gastroenterology Consultants Of Greater Lowell Pc WAGastroenterology1477553287
Estephan N Zayat KSGastroenterology1558361261
Leka Gajula TXGastroenterology1033119748
Anthony Masciarelli NJGastroenterology1932109717
Nestor S. Aponte-reyes PRGastroenterology1003816802
Michael W Lievens KSGastroenterology1225038029
James Lewis DCGastroenterology1396745212
Ronald J. Hapke ORGastroenterology1841290699
Alex M Celluzzi NJGastroenterology1770583536
Andrew M Alloy NJGastroenterology1275533036
Jesus A Hernandez TXGastroenterology1568462398
Up Rao Md Pa TXGastroenterology1861492480
Robert F Meirowitz NJGastroenterology1639179252
Aloysius K Rho NJGastroenterology1710987334
Glenn L Osias NJGastroenterology1164422788
Suman Kaur ILGastroenterology1184624678
John L Holden ILGastroenterology1356341846
Omar Javier Perez Jimenez PRGastroenterology1891795381
Steven Peter Siegelbaum PAGastroenterology1144220633
Myron Burton Lezak ORGastroenterology1487654992
Nagaraja S Oruganti OHGastroenterology1568462240
Philip P Sweeney ILGastroenterology1225038920
Asim R Malik Md Pc NYGastroenterology1750381455
Sebastian Angelo Mazzotta NYGastroenterology1013917624
Paul Gray Lacey PAGastroenterology1265432876
Tri county Gastroenterology, Psc KYGastroenterology1851391486
Arumugam Sivakumar NVGastroenterology1578563102
Eliot Howard Zimbalist NYGastroenterology1063412609
John Daymond Mckee MSGastroenterology1972503456
Mary E Norris WAGastroenterology1881694362
Alva Dillon MSGastroenterology1699775171
Frank L Lanza TXGastroenterology1992705453
Digestive Specialists Of North Harris County Pa TXGastroenterology1962402420
Celeste A Taylor NMGastroenterology1760482236
Thomas S Mchorse TXGastroenterology1083614523
Michael Jay Loebenberg MSGastroenterology1790785277
Abraham Winkelstein TXGastroenterology1548260920
James John Betzhold NYGastroenterology1265432660
Wilford Perry Stokes LAGastroenterology1871593277
Catherine Roberts Bartholomew NYGastroenterology1689674095


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