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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Gastroenterology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kenneth D Flora ORGastroenterology1730181439
Jeffrey Stuart Wenger FLGastroenterology1801898655
Zdenek Bocek WAGastroenterology1790787513
Richard S Aycock TNGastroenterology1790787455
Mark David Scheidler INGastroenterology1609878214
Robert Anthony Callon INGastroenterology1457353070
Louis D Bell SCGastroenterology1932101656
Mohammad Habib Bawani ILGastroenterology1407858152
Michael D Weinman GAGastroenterology1962404673
Frederick H Weber ALGastroenterology1306848023
Clarence B Henry NYGastroenterology1245232917
Mark Joseph Lybik INGastroenterology1184626707
Luis Ivan Canales NYGastroenterology1518969260
Michael J Levinson TNGastroenterology1508868258
Robert Stephen Kanner FLGastroenterology1053313700
Tamton Mustapha NYGastroenterology1962404616
Andrew D. Bailey KYGastroenterology1083616759
Thomas Carter Towne TNGastroenterology1700888385
Gary A Wruble TNGastroenterology1215939897
Jeffrey A Steiner Md Pa FLGastroenterology1417959008
Myron Lewis TNGastroenterology1033111661
Brian S Dooreck FLGastroenterology1306848965
Brenda G. Ketcher ARGastroenterology1588666143
Allen R Kaufman IAGastroenterology1497757009
Terrence L Jackson TNGastroenterology1760484372
Daryl Foster Daugherty INGastroenterology1104828722
Lawrence John Born INGastroenterology1003818626
Robert Huffman Bishop INGastroenterology1700888336
Arthur Ramirez Baluyut INGastroenterology1669474292
Terri Blackstock ARGastroenterology1881696433
Peter S Yotseff FLGastroenterology1417959073
Gastroenterology Center Of The Midsouth Gastroenterology1811999394
Charles W Riccio KYGastroenterology1548262918
Stephen Kuehn FLGastroenterology1124020508
Bryan F Thompson TNGastroenterology1164424644
Bradford Warner Joseph FLGastroenterology1831191337
Karen S Sable ILGastroenterology1316949738
Jeffrey L St. John MAGastroenterology1750383170
Walter Reid Glaws ILGastroenterology1104828532
Everett P Kirch ILGastroenterology1225030687
Cynthia A Wait ILGastroenterology1447252804
Valley Gastroenterolgy Consultants Medical Center, Inc. Gastroenterology1487656864
Hanson Tsung-han Lee CAGastroenterology1730181116
Murry Langfitt FLGastroenterology1558363937
Harsh V Gupta ILGastroenterology1295727436
Raghuveer M Reddy TXGastroenterology1619979101
Lawrence D Wruble TNGastroenterology1093717589
Thomas L Warren KYGastroenterology1821090325
Jeffrey A Steiner FLGastroenterology1356343859
Kevin Liebovich ILGastroenterology1235131673
James Lee Rosenberg ILGastroenterology1003818469
Dinesh Madhok FLGastroenterology1366434409
Sung J Yoo CAGastroenterology1437141587
Jesse Andrew Green PAGastroenterology1952393027
Michael J Zerega MOGastroenterology1073505178
Bharat K Misra FLGastroenterology1194717116
Yolandra L Johnson ILGastroenterology1326030511
Chris E Lascarides NYGastroenterology1447242649
Shoukath Ansari NCGastroenterology1942292040
Dale Merrell FLGastroenterology1871585885
Hassan Adrian Hassan VAGastroenterology1154313377
Jonathan David Eisner VAGastroenterology1881686004
Ronald Robinson NYGastroenterology1881686913
Young Sung Hong VAGastroenterology1235121369
Myung Woong Kim VAGastroenterology1053303180
Antony Maniatis FLGastroenterology1942292099
David Seth Shields NJGastroenterology1205828365
Norwalk Medical Group, Pc CTGastroenterology1700878733
David Robert Riedel ILGastroenterology1073505004
Gastrointestinal Care Consultants Pa TXGastroenterology1346232303
Mahfuzul Haque NCGastroenterology1063404911
Martin E Avalos FLGastroenterology1033101985
Piedmont Healthcare, P.a. Gastroenterology1912999897
Andrew Coronato NJGastroenterology1497747489
Renard Rawls FLGastroenterology1376535377
Taiseer Jumha Shatara INGastroenterology1548252463
Pierre A Nader WAGastroenterology1962494898
Vipul Thakorbhai Amin ALGastroenterology1720070659
Timothy Lebron Huggins TXGastroenterology1033101829
Lisa Odabasi VAGastroenterology1639161458
Paul Kenneth Lerer NJGastroenterology1336131176
Todd L Sack FLGastroenterology1366434136
John M Petersen FLGastroenterology1275525016
Abhijit Roychowdhury FLGastroenterology1821080680
John Martin Vainder ILGastroenterology1508858226
Neil D Fagen CAGastroenterology1700878428
Richard F Caruso DEGastroenterology1548252265
Richard F Caruso Md Pa Gastroenterology1023000759
Andy Stuart Barnett ORGastroenterology1194717819
Sudha M Praba CAGastroenterology1730171489
Borys Buniak NYGastroenterology1497747091
Barry Sanders TXGastroenterology1003808601
Vijayaprasad Tummala ALGastroenterology1104818616
Phillip K Kiyasu ORGastroenterology1124010673
Michael C Diaz TNGastroenterology1427040021
Zaheer G Ahmad MIGastroenterology1467444018
Frederick Daniel Landis INGastroenterology1023000627
Michael Karl Mckinney AZGastroenterology1528050135
Trent William Nichols PAGastroenterology1871585497
Richard S Sprague FLGastroenterology1760474381
Mark Sander Friedman NYGastroenterology1912999491
Hector Alberto Caballero CAGastroenterology1174515662
Nydia Sanchez FLGastroenterology1598757007
Thomas A Pugliese ALGastroenterology1306838818
Donald Foon Lum ORGastroenterology1376535724
Kenny C Su CAGastroenterology1437141918
David Newton Collins TNGastroenterology1417949900
Digestive Health Physicians, P.c. Gastroenterology1255323762
Jed L Kaplan ALGastroenterology1013909522
Michele C Woodley MOGastroenterology1063404598
Neil M Kassman NCGastroenterology1093707515
Cesar T Fernandez ALGastroenterology1659363109
Betty Francis Huang Kim ORGastroenterology1457343907
Franklin Charles Marinelli MAGastroenterology1780676155
Richard Wright KYGastroenterology1487646808
Alan J. Karp TXGastroenterology1982696324
Baroukh El Kodsi NYGastroenterology1811989247
Harold George Tepler NJGastroenterology1073505376
James W Penuel FLGastroenterology1427040864
Omalley & Hall Mds Pa NYGastroenterology1649262981
Perry J Milman NYGastroenterology1851383194
Mark S Okonski FLGastroenterology1952393209
Mitchell I Weinstein NYGastroenterology1942292206
Jeffrey Mark Raskin NJGastroenterology1508858879
Michael Gregory Phillips ORGastroenterology1366434656
James Kevin Regan ORGastroenterology1831182179
Manoj Kumar Mehta ILGastroenterology1962495200
Malery Shashidhara FLGastroenterology1649263872
Robert L Lindenberg CTGastroenterology1770576936
Howard M Regenbogen CTGastroenterology1497748651
Andrew I Tobkes FLGastroenterology1215920475
Joseph C Scirica CTGastroenterology1487647640
Morris R Hanan FLGastroenterology1770576076
Frank Martin Moix ARGastroenterology1518950823
Harold G Preiksaitis WAGastroenterology1962495283
Arundel Medical Group Inc Gastroenterology1366435596
Louis Duane Velez ARGastroenterology1730172099
Victor R Widner FLGastroenterology1912990284
Michele K Dodman MIGastroenterology1659364974
Alan Drew Savoy ORGastroenterology1306839543
Thaddeus Raymond Szydlowski PAGastroenterology1053304352
Andrew Blank NYGastroenterology1346233475
Robert F Kelliher MAGastroenterology1962495010
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca Gastroenterology1043203102
Greater Arizona Gastroenterology & Associates Pc AZGastroenterology1528051620
Jasmine Grace Jeffers GAGastroenterology1518950617
Robert F Kelliher Md Gastroenterology1518950666
Donald Petroski NJGastroenterology1336132489
Lehel Somogyi ORGastroenterology1700879863
Christian M Mendez WIGastroenterology1528051554
Richard N Redinger KYGastroenterology1346233376
Albert A Ramage SCGastroenterology1467445676
John M Wo INGastroenterology1972596906
Evelyn R Kessel FLGastroenterology1861485062
Richard Dubin NYGastroenterology1851384051
Digestive Disease Group Pa Gastroenterology1891788907
Regents Of The University Of Ca Gastroenterology1275526329
Dennis Patrick Sweeney ORGastroenterology1760475826
Douglas Craig Walta ORGastroenterology1023001195
Anne Hsiao-yuen Wang ORGastroenterology1922091099
Anand H Patel FLGastroenterology1467445551
Edward Croen NYGastroenterology1780677708
William X Coll CTGastroenterology1275526469
Eric A Ford CAGastroenterology1003809294
Lyn Jennifer Howard NYGastroenterology1083607287
William J Gilchrist SCGastroenterology1346233558
Matthew S Z Bachinski SCGastroenterology1881687093
Rafal Sadurski SCGastroenterology1487647699
Bryan T Green SCGastroenterology1861485963
Henry Leon Safier NYGastroenterology1255324174
Maury Keesler Morrison LAGastroenterology1356334213
Donald P Kotler NYGastroenterology1598758435
Michael Allen Lampert NYGastroenterology1073506937
Matthew B Grundfast GAGastroenterology1124011085
Robert Alan Nussbaum VAGastroenterology1659364511
David E Wexler NJGastroenterology1386637254
Chandrasekhar Polepalle OKGastroenterology1376536219
Joseph Duncan Fitterer WAGastroenterology1548253511
Sudhakar Jonnalagadda GAGastroenterology1043203011
Edward Lung NYGastroenterology1235122011
Paul D Thomas PAGastroenterology1003809807
Jitendra Ravji Parmar ILGastroenterology1740273556
Danelle Andee Jacobus TNGastroenterology1730172503
John Courtney Kaufman NYGastroenterology1841283546
David M Margolis MOGastroenterology1538152301
Richard Pratt Macdermott NYGastroenterology1497748073
Rakesh N Saxena Md Pc MIGastroenterology1790778363
Douglas Michael Levin OHGastroenterology1750374328
Michael Dale Brogan OHGastroenterology1922091594
Charles Winters TNGastroenterology1033102629
Heather White MOGastroenterology1770576381
Oak Ridge Gastroenterology Associates, Pc Gastroenterology1154314615
Charles F Bou-abboud WVGastroenterology1255324844
Daniel H Darmadi TXGastroenterology1407849946
Jyoti Rao TXGastroenterology1841283389
Marta Bergese OHGastroenterology1922091537
Brent Mark Myers FLGastroenterology1679566202
Lindsay Jones Barnes VAGastroenterology1265425870
Ravi Thiruvengadam CAGastroenterology1598758112
Ronald Keith Wray TNGastroenterology1184617649


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