Providers with Taxonomy: Gastroenterology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Gastroenterology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Huy Ngoc Trinh 95116, CAGastroenterology1326041658
Khanh Kim Nguyen 95116, CAGastroenterology1770585044
Kenneth Ballan 91505, CAGastroenterology1134123474
Huy Anh Nguyen 95116, CAGastroenterology1073517306
Ruel Tan Garcia 95116, CAGastroenterology1790789022
Kerry E Weiner 91505, CAGastroenterology1528062437
Fernando H Austin 92708, CAGastroenterology1174527774
Paul D Ephraim 91505, CAGastroenterology1912909037
Richard B. D. Chun 95661, CAGastroenterology1003818055
Ousama Alkhatib 32127, CAGastroenterology1093283905
Edward Palmer Laurance 91024, CAGastroenterology1790780799
Frank Edward Mayer 92037, CAGastroenterology1598760589
W. David Mello 91208, CAGastroenterology1376549733
Onuma And Lee Md's 94401, CAGastroenterology1427054733
John D Ponsiglione 92103, CAGastroenterology1760488795
Maurice Elihu 90067, CAGastroenterology1144226184
Richard Michael Dwyer 90057, CAGastroenterology1366449969
Neshan Tabibian 93291, CAGastroenterology1699772293
Jacob Korula 91007, CAGastroenterology1295732568
Sam Saeed Zamani 94598, CAGastroenterology1972500148
John R Carlson 93901, CAGastroenterology1164429965
Nathan Robert Elson 90404, CAGastroenterology1750388526
Harry Berj Matossian 95482, CAGastroenterology1316945702
Carlos A Rodriguez 93306, CAGastroenterology1164420840
Geoffrey Douglas Block 92270, CAGastroenterology1942208608
Steven G Johnson 93901, CAGastroenterology1265439038
Kusum G Stokes 95503, CAGastroenterology1386642130
John Bettinger 94904, CAGastroenterology1225037500
Barton H Ueki Md Inc 90602, CAGastroenterology1043219355
Stefan J Chin 94015, CAGastroenterology1891794152
Vino J Verghese 94010, CAGastroenterology1912906272
John H. Fisher 94015, CAGastroenterology1639179799
Rowena Garcia Chuapoco 94015, CAGastroenterology1578563789
Hartley Cohen 90017, CAGastroenterology1104826213
Mark M. Tsuchiyose 94015, CAGastroenterology1063412195
Shahid Hussain Sial 90017, CAGastroenterology1750381844
Sajen Mathews 92835, CAGastroenterology1326048323
Ramin Zabihi 92691, CAGastroenterology1508867193
Daniel Gregory Luba 93940, CAGastroenterology1790786002
Carlos C Say 95301, CAGastroenterology1871594085
Valley Gastroenterolgy Consultants Medical Center, Inc. 91773, CAGastroenterology1487656864
Hanson Tsung-han Lee 91007, CAGastroenterology1730181116
Sung J Yoo 91748, CAGastroenterology1437141587
Neil D Fagen 91356, CAGastroenterology1700878428
Sudha M Praba 92055, CAGastroenterology1730171489
Hector Alberto Caballero 91361, CAGastroenterology1174515662
Kenny C Su 91745, CAGastroenterology1437141918
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAGastroenterology1043203102
Regents Of The University Of Ca 95616, CAGastroenterology1275526329
Eric A Ford 95926, CAGastroenterology1003809294
Ravi Thiruvengadam 92501, CAGastroenterology1598758112
Stephen F Pearce 95928, CAGastroenterology1306839923
Mick Scott Meiselman 93401, CAGastroenterology1801897012
Roger Edward Mendis 95816, CAGastroenterology1861493413
Michael Madievsky 91356, CAGastroenterology1982696613
Kenneth S Hepps 91356, CAGastroenterology1154313880
Ohara & Associates: A Professional Medical Corporation 92618, CAGastroenterology1558353144
De Tan 95816, CAGastroenterology1851384044
Robert H. Goldklang 92024, CAGastroenterology1275527657
Edward C Paredez 92037, CAGastroenterology1518951714
Pardeep S Brar 95355, CAGastroenterology1538153713
Coastal Gastroenterology, A Prof. Corp. 92024, CAGastroenterology1346234333
Quang Quoc Phan 92843, CAGastroenterology1982698957
Gary M Van Deventer 93105, CAGastroenterology1285628933
Charles M Farr 93720, CAGastroenterology1205821592
Alaa Abousaif 92868, CAGastroenterology1235124108
Rose T Codini 92653, CAGastroenterology1144215880
George P Thomas Md Inc 91007, CAGastroenterology1356336101
Scott P Sainburg 92835, CAGastroenterology1184610552
Yeeshun F Miao 92835, CAGastroenterology1518953983
Steven Brozinsky 91911, CAGastroenterology1649266834
Mostafa A Hamdy 92227, CAGastroenterology1780670836
Martin Hyungil Lee 90006, CAGastroenterology1306832399
Edward L Singer 91911, CAGastroenterology1679569743
Maurice Dusol 93555, CAGastroenterology1326034273
Ananthram Pottipati Reddy 92071, CAGastroenterology1124014923
Rogelio Ramos Rabanera 90706, CAGastroenterology1144217589
Donald C Lipkis 92120, CAGastroenterology1790772978
Michael Jonathan Ringer 95350, CAGastroenterology1184611220
Richard Plotzker 95350, CAGastroenterology1861489908
William Griffiths 95350, CAGastroenterology1689661720
Mahomed Essop Suliman 92243, CAGastroenterology1912994989
Moothedath Menon 92307, CAGastroenterology1336134014
Martin S Liberman 94109, CAGastroenterology1376530006
Harvey William Olsen 94563, CAGastroenterology1780679647
Martin Carr 92835, CAGastroenterology1326034265
Paul Julius Spinka 96001, CAGastroenterology1457340937
Rokay Kamyar 91942, CAGastroenterology1770572109
Mohammad R Soleimanpour 91941, CAGastroenterology1194714527
Kenneth M Holt 90505, CAGastroenterology1932198108
Azam Sayeed Riyaz 90505, CAGastroenterology1184613382
James Alan Sattler 90505, CAGastroenterology1982693164
Thai Quoc Ha 90505, CAGastroenterology1174512172
Karl Ken Fukunaga 90505, CAGastroenterology1487644613
Frederick Anderson Rowe 94583, CAGastroenterology1215927405
Jeffrey M Shapiro 92868, CAGastroenterology1477543569
Digestive Care Consultants 90505, CAGastroenterology1720078892
Desert Medical Group desert Specialty Group 92270, CAGastroenterology1487645933
Norman J Goldberg 92161, CAGastroenterology1225019300
Michael Blam 90815, CAGastroenterology1801877733
Wendy Weiting Ho 90095, CAGastroenterology1750362570
Anil Raghunath Garde 92507, CAGastroenterology1205817681
Vance D Rodgers 93401, CAGastroenterology1427039916
Lisandro Quinones 90640, CAGastroenterology1215918743
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAGastroenterology1891777876
Ravindra Alapati 92801, CAGastroenterology1912989773
Joseph W Leung 95817, CAGastroenterology1861475287
Barry A Morguelan 90057, CAGastroenterology1225010663
Jill Lane 92037, CAGastroenterology1083602338
Trilokesh Dey Kidambi 91010, CAGastroenterology1679849574
Gary L Cushing 93401, CAGastroenterology1962483545
Nader Mirhoseni 92691, CAGastroenterology1588645964
Anthony Paul Albanese 95655, CAGastroenterology1215910187
Dick M Yip 92804, CAGastroenterology1851374631
Loren Alexander Fefer 95765, CAGastroenterology1063496503
John D Romm 90211, CAGastroenterology1083698583
Duke H Nguyen 92708, CAGastroenterology1679557797
Timothy Mccarter 92335, CAGastroenterology1386628402
Lillian Choi 92346, CAGastroenterology1790769818
Sumit Kohli 95405, CAGastroenterology1366426587
Henry I-tsai Kung 94598, CAGastroenterology1518941673
Rekha Cheruvattath 95823, CAGastroenterology1891779740
Thomas John Savides 92103, CAGastroenterology1588649081
Scott David Levenson 94070, CAGastroenterology1578548186
John J Duque 91910, CAGastroenterology1295710747
Zenowij Majuk 95065, CAGastroenterology1851376297
Martin Jay Spitz 94121, CAGastroenterology1871578021
Saleem A Desai 91325, CAGastroenterology1790760973
Sharmila R Patel 92506, CAGastroenterology1760467864
Joseph Battula Reddy 92120, CAGastroenterology1245215391
Won-seok Jo 92374, CAGastroenterology1245215144
Paul D Wetzel 93465, CAGastroenterology1366427221
Theodore W Schafer 92123, CAGastroenterology1609851591
Rashid Iqbal 94533, CAGastroenterology1942285879
Rangarao Panguluri 91706, CAGastroenterology1619952405
G I Medical Group Of Fresno Inc 93710, CAGastroenterology1275518078
Ronald N. Adamany 92691, CAGastroenterology1992780688
Neville Roy Pimstone 95817, CAGastroenterology1801871561
Randall Edward Lee 94553, CAGastroenterology1245216803
Edward Tze Wong 93534, CAGastroenterology1679559157
Ishaan Singh Kalha 93309, CAGastroenterology1295711539
Rahim A Raoufi 93436, CAGastroenterology1356327597
Edward J Block 92691, CAGastroenterology1811973860
Maurice Gourdji Md Inc & Lucien R Jacobs Md Inc 91356, CAGastroenterology1184600074
Pilsoo Oh 90020, CAGastroenterology1043296866
Nicholas Niven 95065, CAGastroenterology1225015993
Digestive And Liver Disease Specialists A Medical Group Inc 92801, CAGastroenterology1760469209
Syam P Gaddam 92840, CAGastroenterology1275510711
Won Kye Yu 92868, CAGastroenterology1720065303
Jae K Lee 92691, CAGastroenterology1194702563
Renan Dureza 95991, CAGastroenterology1851378228
R Jeffrey Heilpern Md Inc 92270, CAGastroenterology1053398164
David Limsui 93720, CAGastroenterology1568449650
Michael J Santoro 92691, CAGastroenterology1396722435
William J Sandborn 92103, CAGastroenterology1639157563
Marwan A Balaa 95124, CAGastroenterology1689652935
David Et Stein 95124, CAGastroenterology1760461719
Harjot Sidhu 95204, CAGastroenterology1902885924
Parviz D. Afshani 90404, CAGastroenterology1083693766
Yeong An Sheu 91505, CAGastroenterology1700865177
Alissa Gail Speziale 92123, CAGastroenterology1235118597
Jason Haeshik Shin 91767, CAGastroenterology1316926678
Thomas Larson 95065, CAGastroenterology1427038017
Thomas W Eastman 92028, CAGastroenterology1952381659
Thomas J Harpole 92028, CAGastroenterology1780664045
Amer N Rayyes 92691, CAGastroenterology1205816469
Harjot Gill 90710, CAGastroenterology1528047180
Dina Zayour Ezzeddine 94549, CAGastroenterology1598749715
Martha E. Hierro 90404, CAGastroenterology1770562431
Ronald Jeffrey Heilpern 92270, CAGastroenterology1760468896
Joseph Boyd Palascak 95065, CAGastroenterology1407833254
Paramvir Singh Rahal 93311, CAGastroenterology1003893223
Jorge Gutierrez 92262, CAGastroenterology1215914221
Lucien Richard Jacobs 91356, CAGastroenterology1639155658
Rajeev Attam 90242, CAGastroenterology1184694309
Nazir Ahmad Rahim 95630, CAGastroenterology1437134319
Catherine Therese Frenette 92037, CAGastroenterology1417935081
John G. Kuldau 92037, CAGastroenterology1568442697
Jorge Ernesto Rodriguez 90036, CAGastroenterology1801874375
Gilbert Simoni 91360, CAGastroenterology1316922958
Charles G. Cox 95370, CAGastroenterology1760467443
Khoi M Tran 92627, CAGastroenterology1821076316
Will Harley Lane 94598, CAGastroenterology1548244684
Maurice Gourdji 91356, CAGastroenterology1699751586
Joel A Sach 91356, CAGastroenterology1871571802
Bankim H Dalal 93277, CAGastroenterology1174500607
Jack C Feng 92691, CAGastroenterology1710964481
Rudolph A. Bedford 90404, CAGastroenterology1902885684
Richard F. Corlin 90404, CAGastroenterology1649259268
Marc H. Harwitt 90404, CAGastroenterology1285613943
Thomas L. Kun 90404, CAGastroenterology1508841321
Joel A. Sach, M.d., Inc. 91356, CAGastroenterology1043298078
Gary Merle Wernick 92374, CAGastroenterology1033189808
John J Hong 92028, CAGastroenterology1023088630
Surinder Kaur Mann 95655, CAGastroenterology1861462145
Anthony Stephen Tornay 92270, CAGastroenterology1316918642
Ripudaman S Beniwal 95336, CAGastroenterology1528039799
Mahesh G Modi 95377, CAGastroenterology1376514489
Eric Alan Lavery 92134, CAGastroenterology1720059843
David Chung 90502, CAGastroenterology1851362974


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