Providers with Taxonomy: Gastroenterology in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Gastroenterology
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael F Uzer 61938, ILGastroenterology1295733475
Jeffrey Mark Jacobs 62948, ILGastroenterology1174524136
Jagbir K Ahuja 76548, ILGastroenterology1083616700
Edward Doran 61356, ILGastroenterology1285622340
Neal Moller 93405, ILGastroenterology1467420257
Timothy R Edison 54956, ILGastroenterology1861425902
Robert S. Glickenberger 62702, ILGastroenterology1407966690
Akash Goel 10021, ILGastroenterology1659630192
Medicor Partners, S.c 60402, ILGastroenterology1710194477
Ravi K Prakash 60506, ILGastroenterology1053575399
Daksesh Bipin Patel 60202, ILGastroenterology1154526770
Jeffrey Theodore Brasky 60068, ILGastroenterology1891976981
Shoba Theivanayagam 52245, ILGastroenterology1730388067
Preeti Jhawar 44145, ILGastroenterology1750572749
Sugirdhana Velpari 08901, ILGastroenterology1437449675
Kyle D Rose 68114, ILGastroenterology1073811352
Mehrdad Saliminejad 90808, ILGastroenterology1891934832
Kunal Sanjay Dalal 28403, ILGastroenterology1497065338
Rupa Kumari Sharma 10016, ILGastroenterology1386887198
Ibrahim Habib 60506, ILGastroenterology1740589969
Adam Edward Mikolajczyk 60612, ILGastroenterology1275829798
Harold Joseph Boutte 60611, ILGastroenterology1487911038
Mohsen R Khan 46322, ILGastroenterology1316203367
Vijaya Rao 60637, ILGastroenterology1871892117
Aaron Harris Cohn 60030, ILGastroenterology1841586211
Tegpal Atwal 94574, ILGastroenterology1275751869
Anuhya Gampa 60201, ILGastroenterology1588045165
Nelson Moy 46845, ILGastroenterology1891951406
Simon Peter Crass 46845, ILGastroenterology1336450766
Efesomwan Aisien 46845, ILGastroenterology1972867661
Bianca W Chang 90048, ILGastroenterology1396188363
Angela Lam 94115, ILGastroenterology1578925517
Catherine Louise Ly 44195, ILGastroenterology1750523783
Kristin Marie Mcbeath 55369, ILGastroenterology1073855367
Shaham S Mumtaz 60190, ILGastroenterology1487996526
Olufemi Kassim 02118, ILGastroenterology1174961999
Srinivas Reddy Puli 76104, ILGastroenterology1326069824
Manuel E. Alva 60402, ILGastroenterology1255405452
Abdul Monem Swied 62702, ILGastroenterology1033642509
Thomas Rudolph Wagner 53226, ILGastroenterology1861841488
Asad S Aziz 60169, ILGastroenterology1538140082
C. Jonathan David Foster 08012, ILGastroenterology1598052748
Nikos George Christopoulos 60004, ILGastroenterology1881708444
John N Gaetano 60030, ILGastroenterology1588977722
Edmundo Alejandro Rodriguez 62062, ILGastroenterology1912117912
Allyce Caines 48202, ILGastroenterology1114345501
Anna Duloy 80045, ILGastroenterology1174885347
Dhiraj Gulati 60504, ILGastroenterology1598920274
Andrew Hoyt Moore 60201, ILGastroenterology1053840009
Wael Ismail Youssef 85013, ILGastroenterology1124173349
Justin Kosirog 73104, ILGastroenterology1255726238
Adjoa Anyane-yeboa 02114, ILGastroenterology1851666978
Elyse Ryding Johnston 15240, ILGastroenterology1396009452
Kavan Girishbhai Patel 08755, ILGastroenterology1437541406
Frank G Martini 60030, ILGastroenterology1588642136
Tommy Pacana 60504, ILGastroenterology1093018285
Alexander A Lemmer 30309, ILGastroenterology1104168681
Krupa Mahesh Shah 60914, ILGastroenterology1174968846
Netanel Zilberstein 60612, ILGastroenterology1700312881
Anas Ismail Almoghrabi 60201, ILGastroenterology1487069597
Rush copley Medical Group, Nfp 60502, ILGastroenterology1093075848
Mohammad Qasim Khan 55905, ILGastroenterology1437569845
Kevin Liu 60611, ILGastroenterology1831517671
John Martin 55905, ILGastroenterology1609808534
Gastrointestinal Clinic Of Quad Cities, P.c. 52807, ILGastroenterology1942380605
Michael Northcutt 94010, ILGastroenterology1700204443
Jack S Harweger 61032, ILGastroenterology1396170205
Jonathan Mark Erlich 60631, ILGastroenterology1265796429
Diana Lin Snyder 85259, ILGastroenterology1477896363
Abby Renee Sapp 04856, ILGastroenterology1538400247
Mohammad H Khan 60611, ILGastroenterology1396810370
Kumkum Sarkar Patel 92835, ILGastroenterology1003178138
Nicole M Gentile 60010, ILGastroenterology1417241944
Damon Fu 46219, ILGastroenterology1689018822
Baldeep Singh Pabla 37232, ILGastroenterology1770921553
Punitha Shivaprasad 08053, ILGastroenterology1609111699
David Gerard Rzepczynski 53121, ILGastroenterology1497862817
Lindsey A Keller 60014, ILGastroenterology1871968305
Munish Ashat 46202, ILGastroenterology1649687831
Jennifer Michelle Ray 63104, ILGastroenterology1144649120
Chetan Mittal 46845, ILGastroenterology1407140015
Hina Alamgir Omar 60016, ILGastroenterology1972846871
Stephen Steiner 60640, ILGastroenterology1023102951
Amanda Guentner 60611, ILGastroenterology1346533213
Mark Stephen Fedder 62062, ILGastroenterology1922009943
Carol Sumi Murakami 75390, ILGastroenterology1821085390
Shivaprasad Marulendra 08534, ILGastroenterology1205810926
Mack E Mccain 62948, ILGastroenterology1558321190
Michael Ansstas 63136, ILGastroenterology1851658728
Shailesh Bajaj 46804, ILGastroenterology1518902097
Sebastian Georg Christopher Strobel 54601, ILGastroenterology1346444759
Gregory Szych 38301, ILGastroenterology1841268521
Ahmad A Karadaghy 62002, ILGastroenterology1619963063
David Robert Riedel 62002, ILGastroenterology1073505004
Manish Kumar Dhamija 60612, ILGastroenterology1699977413
Shakil A. Karim 43055, ILGastroenterology1720039019
Silviu Alexandru Locovei 49048, ILGastroenterology1679734271
Adrienne Fregia 60461, ILGastroenterology1477653111
Tilemahos D Spyratos 60461, ILGastroenterology1295055291
Joseph Anthony Lagattuta 60188, ILGastroenterology1053388520
Michelle M Lipman 60521, ILGastroenterology1376548289
Asad Rafiq 60188, ILGastroenterology1295879666
James Stephen Radke 53105, ILGastroenterology1518953025
Estefania Michelle Flores 52242, ILGastroenterology1891281614
Bachar Hamad 60435, ILGastroenterology1780690040
Fares Hamad 60487, ILGastroenterology1275831521
Phithao J Nguyen 60010, ILGastroenterology1740261585
Kavita Singh 60612, ILGastroenterology1255597985
Marc Daniel Sheinman 60625, ILGastroenterology1215377486
Eduardo J. Villa 60625, ILGastroenterology1447347802
Karen Hsia Ma 60126, ILGastroenterology1124464789
Gastrointestinal Health Associates 60134, ILGastroenterology1942207907
Associated Gastroenterology Consultants, Inc. 61356, ILGastroenterology1619965266
Gastroenterology Associates Sc 60657, ILGastroenterology1104815018
Ksb Medical Group, Inc. 61021, ILGastroenterology1073592119
Heartland Clinic Llc 61265, ILGastroenterology1487634390
Therapeutic Endoscopy Associates Pc 60611, ILGastroenterology1629043344
Marshall Sparberg, Md, Ltd 60611, ILGastroenterology1063487692
Carle Clinic Assocation, P.c. 61801, ILGastroenterology1255380846
University Medical Diagnostic Associates, Inc. 60677, ILGastroenterology1861441537
Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group 60611, ILGastroenterology1538111299
Saint Francis Medical Center 61603, ILGastroenterology1306890033
Manuel Cesar Iglesias, M.d., S.c. 60160, ILGastroenterology1265479158
Chicago Lake Shore Medical Associates,ltd 60611, ILGastroenterology1912946120
Rush University Medical Center 60612, ILGastroenterology1073555769
Digestive Disease Consultants Ltd 61761, ILGastroenterology1306874102
Internal Medicine Associates 46410, ILGastroenterology1487685178
Ravinia Associates In Internal Medicine, Ltd 60035, ILGastroenterology1508899634
Melvin J Goldstein, M.d.,s.c. 60611, ILGastroenterology1023035938
Physicians Community Medical Center 60452, ILGastroenterology1568489300
Internal Medicine Subspecialty Associates Ltd 62526, ILGastroenterology1740209725
Lawrence E Gluskin Md Sc 60657, ILGastroenterology1982611612
Diversey Medical Center Sc 60659, ILGastroenterology1720096969
Hinsdale Gastroenterology Associates, Sc 60521, ILGastroenterology1073628046
North Shore Gastroenterology Sc 60076, ILGastroenterology1821104019
Saint Anthony's Physician Group 62002, ILGastroenterology1750497319
Specialists In Gastroenterology 60123, ILGastroenterology1184630915
Victorino S Yu, Md Sc 60629, ILGastroenterology1477660751
North Suburban Gastroenterology 60068, ILGastroenterology1114037041
Digestive Diseases Consultants Of Kankakee, Sc 60914, ILGastroenterology1407966302
Jorge Aliaga, M.d.,s.c. 60714, ILGastroenterology1366545857
Stephen A. Schmidt Md Sc 62220, ILGastroenterology1407951478
Stuart Issleib 60616, ILGastroenterology1912006529
Elgin Gastroenterology Sc 60123, ILGastroenterology1932291101
Digestive Disorders & Liver Center S C 60194, ILGastroenterology1023106374
West Suburban Gastroenterology S C 60302, ILGastroenterology1487724852
John Venetos Md Ltd 60625, ILGastroenterology1568566081
Southern Illinois Physician Services, Pc 62226, ILGastroenterology1508953746
Gastroenterology Consultants Of Libertyville Ltd 60048, ILGastroenterology1053483909
Gastroenterology And Liver Disease Associates Llc 60714, ILGastroenterology1760550495
Midwest Digestive Disease Specialists,s C 60181, ILGastroenterology1356402465
K Qadir Sc 60504, ILGastroenterology1508922949
Gastroenterology And Internal Medicine Specialists, S.c. 60010, ILGastroenterology1942359161
Ramon A Garcia Md Pc 60647, ILGastroenterology1124178330
Gastroenterology And Internal Medicine Specialists, S.c. 60010, ILGastroenterology1366593931
Northshore Center For Gastroenterology, Sc 60048, ILGastroenterology1003954827
Winchester Endoscopy Center 60048, ILGastroenterology1336287168
Mid central Ill Gastro 61761, ILGastroenterology1992845358
Gloria Caruso M.d.p.c 60108, ILGastroenterology1164557666
George N Atia, M.d., S.c. 60010, ILGastroenterology1730214271
Lake Shore Gastroenterolgy Sc 60031, ILGastroenterology1215063144
Fmgc, S.c. 60101, ILGastroenterology1578691846
Gastroenterology Services, Ltd 60515, ILGastroenterology1205966678
Midwest Gastroenterology Associates Ltd 60181, ILGastroenterology1083745251
Lake Shore Gastroenterology 60202, ILGastroenterology1588780894
Lake Shore Gastroenterology 60076, ILGastroenterology1932225836
Lake Shore Gastroenterology 60031, ILGastroenterology1467578294
Lake Shore Gastroenterology 60076, ILGastroenterology1275659187
Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center 61938, ILGastroenterology1861510901
Southwest Digestive Diseases Consultants S C 60504, ILGastroenterology1366562480
Gastroenterology Association Of Olympia Fields 60475, ILGastroenterology1740301423
James A Gross Md Sc 60030, ILGastroenterology1306069513
Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants Limited 60643, ILGastroenterology1134345267
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois 60612, ILGastroenterology1609094739
Joseph Lagattuta Md Ltd 60108, ILGastroenterology1922212091
Center For Gastrointestinal Health, Sc 62208, ILGastroenterology1477753176
Samuel Castillo 60622, ILGastroenterology1881894095
Dyer Gi Clinics Of Illinois Llc 60194, ILGastroenterology1457542839
Vasantha Pai M.d. P.c. 62220, ILGastroenterology1558553024
Midwest Internists Of Illinois Llc 60452, ILGastroenterology1497949259
David N Butler Md Sc 60608, ILGastroenterology1417141235
Edgar J Vargas, Md Ltd 60622, ILGastroenterology1962690495
Digestive Diseases Services Of South Florida P A 33013, ILGastroenterology1700074226
Advanced Gastroenterology Llc 60560, ILGastroenterology1649451915
Nikos G Christopoulos Md Sc 60005, ILGastroenterology1295916252
Advanced Center For Endoscopy 60118, ILGastroenterology1568643336
David C Chua, Md Sc Ltd 60181, ILGastroenterology1225210214
Mark Fedder, Md, Pc 62062, ILGastroenterology1184806101
Eduardo Villa, M.d., S.c. 60070, ILGastroenterology1013190289
Lakeshore Gastroenterology And Liver Disease Institute S.c. 60614, ILGastroenterology1528237765
Digestive Health Consultants, Sc 60439, ILGastroenterology1477723633
Digestive Health Associates, P.c. 60450, ILGastroenterology1831369800
Hosep H Deyrmenjian, Md, Pc 60031, ILGastroenterology1043482250
S A Maslanka Jr Md Sc 60631, ILGastroenterology1942473616
Arturo Olivera Jr.,m.d. Ltd. 60056, ILGastroenterology1912173675
Northwestern Medical Associates,s.c. 60053, ILGastroenterology1205091238
South Suburban Gastroenterology, S.c. 60430, ILGastroenterology1417167040
Gastroenterology Clinics Sc 60506, ILGastroenterology1285857805
Jose A Albisu Md 60613, ILGastroenterology1336322262
Roseland Community Hospital Association 60628, ILGastroenterology1306029889


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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