Providers with Taxonomy: Gastroenterology in the state of Kentucky

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Gastroenterology
in the state of Kentucky:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Laszlo J. Makk 40245, KYGastroenterology1235135955
Jeffrey K Riggs 42240, KYGastroenterology1962473538
William B Evans 40217, KYGastroenterology1053420158
Charlene Ann Vestermark Hauser 76544, KYGastroenterology1558688465
Hammad Liaquat 46970, KYGastroenterology1194031054
Kings Daughters Medical Specialties Inc 41101, KYGastroenterology1972830404
Kartika Bellam Reddy 40217, KYGastroenterology1548584311
Owensboro Health Medical Group Inc 42303, KYGastroenterology1265747752
Mardeli Catalina Saire Mendoza 71101, KYGastroenterology1376855452
Patrick Carroll Mckenzie 84132, KYGastroenterology1699112086
Dhruv Chaudhary 15212, KYGastroenterology1679968200
Muhammad-hani Fa Dawwas 40207, KYGastroenterology1225404775
Jonathan Obert 47150, KYGastroenterology1063703007
James R Curtiss 24502, KYGastroenterology1467442442
Dustin Albert 42223, KYGastroenterology1689968463
Gastroenterology Health Partners, Pllc 47150, KYGastroenterology1982963872
Rohit Anand 98632, KYGastroenterology1902243025
Uday T.r. Shankar 41701, KYGastroenterology1881660538
Lake Cumberland Physician Practices Llc 42503, KYGastroenterology1689115172
Kings Daughters Medical Specialties Inc 41101, KYGastroenterology1861718199
Jeffrey A Tuvlin 40207, KYGastroenterology1033215520
Vinay Patel 28025, KYGastroenterology1013048016
Kristin A Gaffney 37075, KYGastroenterology1720241318
Gps Physician Group, Pc 35071, KYGastroenterology1881109452
Kinan Rahal 34232, KYGastroenterology1639278708
Wesam M Frandah 25701, KYGastroenterology1457589426
St Claire Medical Center, Inc., 40351, KYGastroenterology1740581198
Ahmed Al-chalabi 43560, KYGastroenterology1801286711
Kentucky Mso Llc 40324, KYGastroenterology1164867883
Vihang Vijaykumar Patel 80210, KYGastroenterology1184967598
Anish Chopra 46383, KYGastroenterology1962616409
Laurie Haas 40509, KYGastroenterology1013001841
Kristian Harold Wall 44266, KYGastroenterology1669764916
James Stormer Pezzi 40504, KYGastroenterology1053339119
Fairview Physicians Network Llc 42240, KYGastroenterology1821385329
Brett C Davis 42303, KYGastroenterology1396774782
Nihar U Shah 94705, KYGastroenterology1285998609
Mohammad Naeemullah Khan 85006, KYGastroenterology1295778215
Murray calloway County Public Hospital Corporation 42071, KYGastroenterology1629202858
Rawel Singh Randhawa 95330, KYGastroenterology1689781361
Tri state Gastroenterology Associates, Psc 41017, KYGastroenterology1306843842
The Medical Specialists Of Ky, Psc 40741, KYGastroenterology1487648200
Ashland Gastroenterology Psc 41101, KYGastroenterology1205823721
Michael R Fisher Do, Psc 42431, KYGastroenterology1548258395
Cumberland Gi, Psc 40701, KYGastroenterology1578557708
Gastroenterology Associates Of Hazard Psc 41701, KYGastroenterology1265408900
Purchase Gastroenterology Associates Psc 42066, KYGastroenterology1639131246
Hardin Professional Services, Llc 42701, KYGastroenterology1306894704
Western Kentucky Gastroenterology, Llc 42103, KYGastroenterology1295777084
Cincinnati Healthcare Group Psc, Dba Patient First Physicians Group 41017, KYGastroenterology1588680391
Cincinnati Healthcare Group Psc, Dba Patient First Physicians Group 41030, KYGastroenterology1912925736
Cincinnati Healthcare Group Psc, Dba Patient First Physicians Group 41017, KYGastroenterology1740394642
Buffalo Trace Gastroenterology Pllc 41056, KYGastroenterology1508971722
Anand Psc 40741, KYGastroenterology1801818422
Womens Gastroenterology Consultants, Psc 40509, KYGastroenterology1013001858
Cumberland Gastroenterology, P.s.c. 42503, KYGastroenterology1295823698
Bb Borkar Psc 40204, KYGastroenterology1205924446
Cumberland Clinic, Pllc 40741, KYGastroenterology1457432247
Cumberland Gastroenterology, P.s.c. 42633, KYGastroenterology1720160526
Jeffrey K. Riggs, D.o., Pllc 42240, KYGastroenterology1841374428
Paul B Warfield Md Pllc 40383, KYGastroenterology1730264425
Midwest Gastroenterology Associates 40202, KYGastroenterology1982708475
Commonwealth Gastroenterology Associates, Pllc 40503, KYGastroenterology1285707885
Audubon Gi Psc 42420, KYGastroenterology1639242613
Hamburg Gastroenterology, Pllc 40509, KYGastroenterology1316011059
Tri state Digestive Disease Assoc Psc. 41101, KYGastroenterology1851467237
Bluegrass Gastroenterology, Psc 42003, KYGastroenterology1770643561
Cincinnati Healthcare Group Psc, Dba Patient First Physicians Group 41017, KYGastroenterology1942366109
Arthur A. Gaing, M.d.,pllc. 41101, KYGastroenterology1780736421
Arthur A Gaing, M.d. 41101, KYGastroenterology1194876227
Lake Cumberland Gastroenterology And Internal Medicine Assoc. Inc. 42503, KYGastroenterology1407993074
James R Curtiss Md Llc 42103, KYGastroenterology1528108776
Colon And Digestive Care Specialists, Pllc 40206, KYGastroenterology1730219338
Gastroenterology Consultants 40503, KYGastroenterology1366568651
Jason Samuel Chartered 42420, KYGastroenterology1629143342
Gastroenterology Associates Of Central Ky Psc 40422, KYGastroenterology1932228137
Bluegrass Gastroenterology Associates P.s.c. 40601, KYGastroenterology1376767418
Kentucky Motility Services, Llc 40509, KYGastroenterology1003035171
Brenda Jean Jobson Do Pllc 42503, KYGastroenterology1154524478
Western Baptist Medical Ventures, Inc 42003, KYGastroenterology1073703054
Baptist Physicians Southeast, Inc. 40701, KYGastroenterology1407044217
Dr Monte G. Finch 42071, KYGastroenterology1477738763
Western Baptist Medical Ventures, Inc. 42003, KYGastroenterology1639356769
Nagy H. Morsi, Md, Psc 42104, KYGastroenterology1821269689
Commonwealth Specialists Of Kentucky Llc 40601, KYGastroenterology1770741498
Corbin Digestive And Liver Disease Center, Pllc 40701, KYGastroenterology1811152184
Kentucky Gastroenterology Psc 40475, KYGastroenterology1093971541
Mardini & Associates Md, Psc 41101, KYGastroenterology1154571172
Paducah Gastroenterology Associates, Psc 42003, KYGastroenterology1568601672
Kevin A Moreman Md Psc 42701, KYGastroenterology1164663266
Shiela Rhoads, M.d., Pllc 40031, KYGastroenterology1881920759
Digestive & Liver Clinic, Pllc. 40741, KYGastroenterology1770813164
Daniell B. Hill, M.d., Psc 40383, KYGastroenterology1447565544
White Pillar Care Inc 40502, KYGastroenterology1801196209
Andrew D Bailey Md 40207, KYGastroenterology1104123041
Saint Joseph Medical Foundation, Inc 40509, KYGastroenterology1801182654
University Of Louisville Physicians, Inc. 40202, KYGastroenterology1386919496
Summit Medical Group 41017, KYGastroenterology1164788261
Baptist Health Medical Group Inc 40207, KYGastroenterology1093071128
Deaconess Clinic, Inc 42420, KYGastroenterology1154607398
University Of Louisville Physicians, Inc. 40202, KYGastroenterology1063779080
Baptist Medical Associates, Inc 40223, KYGastroenterology1982954020
Baptist Physicians Lexington, Inc. 40517, KYGastroenterology1790023216
Clark Regional Physician Practices Llc 40391, KYGastroenterology1144663220
University Of Louisville Research Foundation 40202, KYGastroenterology1548691926
University Of Louisville Research Foundation 40202, KYGastroenterology1790107779
Thomas J Moore Md Llc 40701, KYGastroenterology1962874628
Ephraim Mcdowell Health Resource, Inc 40422, KYGastroenterology1477879500
Gi Care Consultants, Pllc 40202, KYGastroenterology1871019869
Lake Cumberland Physician Practices Llc 42503, KYGastroenterology1174091383
Community Medical Associates, Inc. 40218, KYGastroenterology1639677545
Southend Gastroenterology Associates Pllc 40215, KYGastroenterology1932438272
Bellefonte Physician Services, Inc 41101, KYGastroenterology1912200114
Deaconess Clinic Inc 42420, KYGastroenterology1972165421
Clark Regional Physician Practices, Llc 40391, KYGastroenterology1114282605
St Claire Medical Center, Inc., 40351, KYGastroenterology1801395520
Associates In Gastroenterology Pllc 40215, KYGastroenterology1932439064
Baptist Health Medical Group Inc 40229, KYGastroenterology1780961300
Kentuckiana Gastroenterology Psc 40207, KYGastroenterology1336310135
Bahram Forouzandeh Md Psc 41653, KYGastroenterology1295918787
Western Kentucky Gastroenterology Associates, Llc 42101, KYGastroenterology1679501761
Kentucky Mso, Llc 40324, KYGastroenterology1679902340
Mercy Health Physicians Kentucky Llc 42003, KYGastroenterology1922243690
Tri county Gastroenterology, Psc 40207, KYGastroenterology1851391486
Gastroenterology Specialists Of Lexington 40504, KYGastroenterology1326156985
Louisville Gastroenerology Assoc 40217, KYGastroenterology1952474785
Heartland Digestive Disease Center, Llc 42701, KYGastroenterology1679623631
Gastroenterology Specialists Of Lexington Psc 40504, KYGastroenterology1174659122
Methodist Health, Inc. 42420, KYGastroenterology1457640898
Brett C Davis Md Pllc 42303, KYGastroenterology1447760939
Gibson General Hospital, Inc 42437, KYGastroenterology1720673817
Abigail Melissa Stocker 40202, KYGastroenterology1093988669
Abrar M Arshad 42101, KYGastroenterology1609860501
Adalberto Roman Castellanos 40504, KYGastroenterology1639198385
Adarsh Sai 19610, KYGastroenterology1467742940
Aditya Kalakonda 41097, KYGastroenterology1952742587
Aishwarya Rushyal Shyamraj 41017, KYGastroenterology1033485644
Alan J Cox 40217, KYGastroenterology1154305696
Alison Smith Sharpe 40207, KYGastroenterology1750647731
Alla Y Grigorian 40536, KYGastroenterology1275551244
Allan P Lam 41017, KYGastroenterology1225271026
Amy J Dichiara 41017, KYGastroenterology1336350990
Amy Coo Tiu 40504, KYGastroenterology1841338035
An-yu Chen 40504, KYGastroenterology1992731269
Anand Gupta 40207, KYGastroenterology1841299138
Andrew D. Bailey 40207, KYGastroenterology1083616759
Anita Torok 42066, KYGastroenterology1952595159
Anna Christina Lacson Dela Cruz 40536, KYGastroenterology1063650604
Arthur Aung Gaing 41101, KYGastroenterology1992813992
Ashirf Al-ghanoudi 41501, KYGastroenterology1316289564
Ashish K Tiwari 42103, KYGastroenterology1104119171
Ashok S Kanthawar 40741, KYGastroenterology1750350260
Ashok Kapur 40215, KYGastroenterology1356395859
Ashutosh Jayant Barve 40202, KYGastroenterology1194867747
Avinash Aravantagi 42103, KYGastroenterology1154577336
Bahaaeldeen Senousy Mohammed Ismail 40536, KYGastroenterology1932487782
Benjamin Chandler Bryson 42503, KYGastroenterology1184887432
Benjamin Rogers 40202, KYGastroenterology1619381191
Bhagwant B Borkar 42003, KYGastroenterology1861691875
Bhargab Dixit 40207, KYGastroenterology1427007772
Brandon Anthony Wuerth 40202, KYGastroenterology1245643006
Brenda Jean Jobson 40741, KYGastroenterology1831126887
Brian David Beauerle 40207, KYGastroenterology1376679613
Brian Michael Dobozi 40207, KYGastroenterology1437157393
Carole Proctor Whitledge 40206, KYGastroenterology1467547539
Carolyn Day 41017, KYGastroenterology1730571365
Carroll M Steinfeld 42431, KYGastroenterology1588761290
Chad Joseph Cooper 40536, KYGastroenterology1770876229
Chadwick Ward Hatfield 41017, KYGastroenterology1780714931
Charles W Riccio 42347, KYGastroenterology1548262918
Charles W Scowcroft 42003, KYGastroenterology1750336863
Cheryl Lucy Bascom 41101, KYGastroenterology1619073319
Chike C Anusionwu 41017, KYGastroenterology1821043217
Cory M. Fielding 42103, KYGastroenterology1154689040
Craig J Mcclain 40202, KYGastroenterology1225092349
Daniel G Fagel 41017, KYGastroenterology1518964147
Daniel Bernheim Penner 40059, KYGastroenterology1811124472
Daniell Hill 40383, KYGastroenterology1801980644
David Keith Johnston 40504, KYGastroenterology1093731846
David A. Mcmenamin 40391, KYGastroenterology1073568028
David Weston Powers 42003, KYGastroenterology1932410370
Deborah R Flomenhoft 40536, KYGastroenterology1619039781
Diane Michelle Settles 41101, KYGastroenterology1356462154
Dipendra Parajuli 40202, KYGastroenterology1104906148
Dirk Jacob Van Leeuwen 42303, KYGastroenterology1205941309
Donald Richberg Campbell 40536, KYGastroenterology1982042909
Donald Rauh 42103, KYGastroenterology1548266976
Donald A Saelinger 41017, KYGastroenterology1447295407
Donald A Weller 41056, KYGastroenterology1861490740
Douglas A Boyce 40217, KYGastroenterology1336123876
Earl Glen Robbins 40509, KYGastroenterology1811974298
Edgar Ruben Salas 40422, KYGastroenterology1265666770
Edward C Adler 40207, KYGastroenterology1780645564
Elizabeth Gun-wha Holt 40536, KYGastroenterology1053409318
Endashaw Mahmud Omer 40202, KYGastroenterology1700010675
Francis J Dufrayne 42303, KYGastroenterology1144314014
Frederick J Hardin 40223, KYGastroenterology1376649863
Garfield Alexander Grandison 45662, KYGastroenterology1598884041
Gary Bodnarchuk 42003, KYGastroenterology1033196084
Gerald Dryden 40202, KYGastroenterology1619969011


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