Providers with Taxonomy: Gastroenterology in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Gastroenterology
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Wolfram Goessling 02114, MAGastroenterology1083696298
Paul Steven Sepe 02747, MAGastroenterology1528194958
Jenny Sauk 90095, MAGastroenterology1376703280
Randall Pellish 01805, MAGastroenterology1962629105
Jennifer Tome Higa 19111, MAGastroenterology1427378082
Annie J Kruger 20007, MAGastroenterology1649566100
Michal Ganz 01062, MAGastroenterology1811124522
Kristen Singer 19148, MAGastroenterology1457615692
Abbas Rupawala 02915, MAGastroenterology1649583782
Zeid Faeq Karadsheh 60660, MAGastroenterology1114163979
Vikram Rangan 02215, MAGastroenterology1124317235
Adarsh Thaker 90045, MAGastroenterology1316200777
Anna Leszczynski 01805, MAGastroenterology1942566732
Reliant Medical Group, Inc 01606, MAGastroenterology1720017528
Ira Paul Michaelson 58701, MAGastroenterology1649261256
Phillip S Ge 77030, MAGastroenterology1194014266
Gis Services 2, Llc 02302, MAGastroenterology1194287888
Rodney E Infante 75235, MAGastroenterology1477817849
Xiao Tan 02114, MAGastroenterology1801181854
Motaz Hamzah Ashkar 55905, MAGastroenterology1538423132
Joy Liu 60611, MAGastroenterology1558742072
Alice Gabrielle Cheng 94063, MAGastroenterology1093079550
Sai S. Veerisetty 70433, MAGastroenterology1447698147
Tanya Sahay Bruckel 14642, MAGastroenterology1063731537
Alison Verdone 02302, MAGastroenterology1639730278
Erik Aron Holzwanger 02111, MAGastroenterology1457747776
Tahereh Ghaziani 94305, MAGastroenterology1871741769
Connie Yingyi Huang 01970, MAGastroenterology1578901088
Nitin Aggarwal 01824, MAGastroenterology1407145402
Amporn Atsawarungruangkit 02903, MAGastroenterology1508217944
May Min 02903, MAGastroenterology1063807717
Gps Physician Group, Pc 35071, MAGastroenterology1881109452
Mohamed Mahmoud 01655, MAGastroenterology1962701326
Abhinav Vemula 75028, MAGastroenterology1508109281
Adjoa Anyane-yeboa 02114, MAGastroenterology1851666978
Rishabh Sachdev 21401, MAGastroenterology1346650470
Ammar Nassri 01970, MAGastroenterology1548689409
Samuel J Miller 02215, MAGastroenterology1619407855
Caroline Renee Jouhourian 01863, MAGastroenterology1538470372
Jay Luther 02114, MAGastroenterology1871793786
Alexander Michael Goldowsky 02118, MAGastroenterology1114455748
David Goldenberg 94305, MAGastroenterology1366855405
Zachary Andrew Borman 20815, MAGastroenterology1922412436
Andrew Charles Storm 55905, MAGastroenterology1427357839
Rajab Idriss 36608, MAGastroenterology1184112856
Hassan Ghoz 32224, MAGastroenterology1497136840
Francis A Farraye 32224, MAGastroenterology1427035286
Manida Wungjiranirun 97239, MAGastroenterology1376982421
Hawwa Alao 58201, MAGastroenterology1376774752
Tarun A Patel 08053, MAGastroenterology1912285255
Deepika Devuni 01655, MAGastroenterology1053501080
Jaroslav Zivny 01655, MAGastroenterology1144203076
Isabel A Zacharias 01655, MAGastroenterology1265603948
Krunal Patel 01655, MAGastroenterology1295056950
Curtis Tran Barry 01655, MAGastroenterology1326068479
Gustavo Churrango 01655, MAGastroenterology1356786925
Kathleen Viveiros 02111, MAGastroenterology1376664938
Anupam Singh 01655, MAGastroenterology1437187259
Kanishka Bhattacharya 01655, MAGastroenterology1457333510
Jean Marie Houghton 01655, MAGastroenterology1477536399
Stephen David Zucker 02115, MAGastroenterology1598713711
Christopher Allen Marshall 01605, MAGastroenterology1942306261
Anwar Dudekula 01655, MAGastroenterology1922145200
Dominic J Nompleggi 01655, MAGastroenterology1629050877
Savant Mehta 01604, MAGastroenterology1649208190
Vikas Gupta 10021, MAGastroenterology1740693605
Gyongyi Szabo 01655, MAGastroenterology1649253568
Abraham L Brass 01655, MAGastroenterology1710946082
Neil B Marya 01655, MAGastroenterology1790046092
Wahid Y Wassef 01655, MAGastroenterology1922080803
Andrew P. Wright 92354, MAGastroenterology1457646119
Anita Krishnarao 01655, MAGastroenterology1114365921
Brisas Marie Flores Truncali 02118, MAGastroenterology1396126637
Kraig L Young 96813, MAGastroenterology1093058943
Jorge Sotelo 01082, MAGastroenterology1225045396
Tahnee Kaur Sidhu 02135, MAGastroenterology1114448149
Joann A. Kwah 10028, MAGastroenterology1770758609
Blanca Carolina Lizaola-mayo 85259, MAGastroenterology1114332194
Angel Gonzalez 77964, MAGastroenterology1518132711
Charles Casale 13326, MAGastroenterology1811074636
Suraj J Patel 02114, MAGastroenterology1053722470
Jacqueline N Chu 01863, MAGastroenterology1619359858
Newburyport Gastroenterology Llc 01950, MAGastroenterology1437157369
Gastrointestinal Physicians Pc 01970, MAGastroenterology1245231505
Robert F Kelliher Md 02081, MAGastroenterology1518950666
Heywood Medical Group Inc. 01440, MAGastroenterology1699762286
Hartford Physician Services Pc 06106, MAGastroenterology1164404117
Westfield Medical Corporation 01085, MAGastroenterology1912998444
Hallmark Health Medical Associates Inc 02155, MAGastroenterology1770563900
Greater Boston Gastroenterology 01702, MAGastroenterology1164498796
Gastroenterology Affiliates Of Southeastern Massachusetts, Pc 02301, MAGastroenterology1891761862
Digestive Health Specialists, P.c. 01824, MAGastroenterology1205895257
Hood Medical Group 76048, MAGastroenterology1225096472
Inter Med Associates, P.c. 01570, MAGastroenterology1053363291
Dartmouth hitchcock Clinic 03104, MAGastroenterology1386697803
Harbor Medical Associates, Inc. 02190, MAGastroenterology1124079561
Medical Affiliates Of Cape Cod, Inc. 02601, MAGastroenterology1770534927
Dartmouth hitchcock Clinic 03756, MAGastroenterology1548210198
Gastrointestinal Specialists, Llc 02302, MAGastroenterology1386694149
Digestive And Liver Disease 01604, MAGastroenterology1952358798
Brockton Hospital Specialty Physician Group 02302, MAGastroenterology1174560304
Hampshire Gastroenterology Associates, Llc 01062, MAGastroenterology1144269077
Harvardmedicalfacultyphysicians At Bethisraeldeaconessmedicalcenter In 02215, MAGastroenterology1225078801
Gastroenterology Group A Medical 70433, MAGastroenterology1245272541
Baystate Affiliated Practice Organization 01199, MAGastroenterology1043256043
Gi Liver Group Pc 01604, MAGastroenterology1528094737
Belmont Medical Associates, Inc. 02138, MAGastroenterology1649210410
South Shore Medical Center, Inc. 02061, MAGastroenterology1669411856
Mwa,pc 01020, MAGastroenterology1609821990
Pratt Medical Group, Inc 02111, MAGastroenterology1275570319
Evans Medical Foundation, Inc. 02118, MAGastroenterology1912954124
Brigham And Womens Physicians Organization Inc 02115, MAGastroenterology1356373799
Dedham Medical Associates Inc 02026, MAGastroenterology1720005234
Brigham And Womens Physicians Organization Inc 02115, MAGastroenterology1235157769
Needham Gastroenterology Associates Pc 02494, MAGastroenterology1699789339
Boston Food Allergy Center Llc 02111, MAGastroenterology1386019503
Merrimack Valley Gastroenterology, Pc 01845, MAGastroenterology1033130919
Gastroenterology Associates At Faulkner Llp 02130, MAGastroenterology1629189014
Mohammad Farivar, Md, Pc 02062, MAGastroenterology1679684534
Arthur J Esswein, Md Llc 02360, MAGastroenterology1710072202
David Siegenberg,md,pc 01867, MAGastroenterology1174607030
Franklin Gastroenterology Pc 01301, MAGastroenterology1285711101
Medical Associates Of Saugus Pc 01960, MAGastroenterology1568549772
Torre Morgan Md Pc 02138, MAGastroenterology1194895151
Milford Gastroenterology Associates Inc. 01757, MAGastroenterology1699885798
Alexander Kopp, Md, Pc 02462, MAGastroenterology1730257080
Baystate Medical Practices, Inc. 01199, MAGastroenterology1982761094
Subhash C Bowry Md Pc 02148, MAGastroenterology1386701027
Medical Consultants, Inc. 05201, MAGastroenterology1962569897
North Suburban Internal Medicine & Gastroenterological Associates 02148, MAGastroenterology1548310949
William G Jackson, M.d., Llc 01952, MAGastroenterology1821141219
New England Consultants In Gastroenterology And Hepatology Pc 01701, MAGastroenterology1821133885
Atrius Health, Inc. 01803, MAGastroenterology1225183726
Atrius Health, Inc 02215, MAGastroenterology1225175979
Lawrence Handler, M.d., P.c. 01760, MAGastroenterology1215057971
Newman & Hahn, M.d., P.c. 01915, MAGastroenterology1619098027
Gastroenterology Healthcare Associates Pc 02462, MAGastroenterology1639399876
Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, Inc 01960, MAGastroenterology1538373295
Coordinated Primary Care, Inc. 01453, MAGastroenterology1992910269
Cape Cod Gastroenterology Assoc Pc 02601, MAGastroenterology1801092697
Carlos Fernandez del Castillo, Md 02114, MAGastroenterology1699969006
Thomas J Kenney Md Inc 02124, MAGastroenterology1215124904
Richard F. Sawyer, Jr, Md, Pc 01841, MAGastroenterology1952590663
Gi Clinic Pc 02601, MAGastroenterology1699958009
Eric R Cohen Md Pc 02169, MAGastroenterology1952570087
John W. Dalton, M.d., P.c. 02169, MAGastroenterology1710157508
Canan Avunduk, Md. Phd 02176, MAGastroenterology1316108079
Madan Zutshi, P.c. 02149, MAGastroenterology1376707232
Atrius Health, Inc. 02169, MAGastroenterology1245444900
Digestive Disease Associates Pc 02360, MAGastroenterology1174700421
Mark C. Nitzberg, P.c. 01844, MAGastroenterology1992900013
New York University 10006, MAGastroenterology1285826438
T.k. Thomas, M.d. 01550, MAGastroenterology1457502171
Pioneer Valley Gastroenterology Associates, Pc 01040, MAGastroenterology1326286998
Signature Healthcare Medical Group 02302, MAGastroenterology1063655017
Wankin J Yu Md 01453, MAGastroenterology1861626392
Emerson Practice Associates Ii 01742, MAGastroenterology1427383645
North Worcester Gastroenterology, P.c. 01453, MAGastroenterology1245567049
Digestive Health Associates Pc 02180, MAGastroenterology1144558974
Digestive Health Specialists, P.c. 01824, MAGastroenterology1265764104
Carlo Cecchetti Md Pc 02176, MAGastroenterology1396068102
Baystate Medical Practices, Inc 01199, MAGastroenterology1104145838
Baystate Medical Practices, Inc 01199, MAGastroenterology1831418565
Greater Boston Gastroenterolgy, Pc 01702, MAGastroenterology1366731291
Richard Sawyer, Inc. 01841, MAGastroenterology1659663003
Gastrointestinal Specialists, Llc 02302, MAGastroenterology1316223894
Veronica Deyeso Md Pc 01201, MAGastroenterology1225315948
Mount Auburn Gastroenterology Associates 02138, MAGastroenterology1144593757
Pratt Medical Group, Inc 02111, MAGastroenterology1013237809
Joseph Cobb Md Llc 02540, MAGastroenterology1033359179
Mercy Medical Group, Inc. 01104, MAGastroenterology1316213143
Tsapman J. Lee Md Llc 02180, MAGastroenterology1184983959
Steward Medical Group, Inc 02747, MAGastroenterology1821349317
Rong J Guan, Md Llc 02111, MAGastroenterology1003169327
Elliot J Feinberg Md 01453, MAGastroenterology1225378383
North Worcester Gastroenterology Pc 01453, MAGastroenterology1801137492
Elliot J Feinberg Md 01453, MAGastroenterology1811230410
Granite Medical Group, Inc 02189, MAGastroenterology1760818116
Center For Digestive Wellness Pc 01453, MAGastroenterology1346679867
Sturdy Memorial Associates, Inc. 02703, MAGastroenterology1114349834
Bariatric Endoscopy Institute Llc 02215, MAGastroenterology1730505298
Worcester Gastroenterology Partners Inc 01608, MAGastroenterology1487072302
Haverhill Gi Inc 01830, MAGastroenterology1902226780
Cambridge Digestive Health Pc 02138, MAGastroenterology1649673724
Southcoast Physicians Group, Inc. 02720, MAGastroenterology1346634052
Atrius Health, Inc. 02189, MAGastroenterology1902290901
Atrius Health, Inc. 02026, MAGastroenterology1306231519
Atrius Health, Inc. 02169, MAGastroenterology1558756759
Atrius Health, Inc. 02062, MAGastroenterology1467847632
Atrius Health, Inc. 01824, MAGastroenterology1174746275
Atrius Health, Inc. 02138, MAGastroenterology1427271584
Atrius Health, Inc. 02481, MAGastroenterology1972717635
Atrius Health, Inc. 02155, MAGastroenterology1447464102
Atrius Health, Inc. 02467, MAGastroenterology1952518391
Atrius Health, Inc. 01915, MAGastroenterology1114265634
Norfolk Gastroenterology, Pc 02056, MAGastroenterology1306221981
Atrius Health, Inc. 02215, MAGastroenterology1871639914
Pentucket Medical Associates, Llc 01830, MAGastroenterology1609872886
Southwestern Gastroenterological Associates, P.c. 02062, MAGastroenterology1992816839
New England Consultants In Gastroenterology And Hepatology Pc 01702, MAGastroenterology1942654850


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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